Middlesborough History
The J.T. Hurst Collection-Photographs

J.T Hurst served for many years as the publisher for the Middlesboro Daily News. J.T. must have taken a huge number of photos during his journalistic career. Now, with his permission and that of the new owner of many of his photographs, Mike Marcum, over 100 of them are available for you to see.

Later on, there will also be a page devoted to his popular "Scenes From the Past" columns that ran in the Daily News. Some of the photos you see here were used in the column.

Most photos in this collection were taken after 1960, but a few go all the way back to the early days. We'll be adding names to some of the photos over time. If you see someone you know, please contact me and I'll tag them.

This is the WMIK radio station tower located where Middlesboro Mall is today. On a few occasions, some of the more brave teenagers would climb, or have someone climb the tower and tie a dummy near the top.

Closeup of the Old Daily News/WMIK Neon Sign Atop the Old Transmitter Building

1970's Bake Sale Downtown

1970's Art Show Downtown

Polio Drive during the 1960's

1970's Sidewalk Sale Downtown

Hardware Store

1960's Enix Jewelers near the Manring Theater

The 1959 CGNP Dedication Crowd

The 1959 CGNP Dedication Crowd Close-up

1977 Flood

1977 Flood

1960's Excello Shirt Group Photo

James Vanover TV Hospital

Harris Oil Fleet

1960's Binghamtown Gulf Service Station

Binghamtown Gulf Close-up

Southland Bowling Lanes: Fred Zimmerman Jr, Kenny Roark, and Two Friends

1960's Demonstration to Get a New High School

Classic 1950's View of Downtown

Middlesboro Hardware

Middlesboro Federal Downtown

The National Bank

Yoakum Drugs

Yoakum Drugs Close-up

Downtown Snow

Magic City Cleaners

Jackson Studios

Between 20th and 19th Street, North

Commercial Bank

Richardson Motors on 12th Street

Group of Young Men

McCauley's and Several Other Store Signs

Young Boxers

Henry Moody Road Crew

Theodore Russell Archery School

Big Wreck on 12th and Cumberland

Booze Bust


Pioneer Play

Veteran's Group

Jack Colson

Tannery Workers

Early Middlesboro Integrated Class

Middlesboro's Finest!

Middlesboro Marker Dedication in Front of The Cumberland Hotel

Ernie Jacobs at a Sidewalk Sale

Fireman Demonstrating Ladder Truck to Kids

Native Presentation by Students

Old Ice House

Early 1960's Downtown Near Hotel Cumberland

Early 1960's Downtown Near Hotel Cumberland

Early 1960's Downtown Near Hotel Cumberland

Early 1960's Downtown Near Hotel Cumberland

A.D. Campbell's Sidewalk Sale

Orr and Dixon Refrigeration

Tri-State Supply Near Present East End School

Woolworths After Remodeling

Overall View of the Tannery

Jim Brown Supply Flooded

First Baptist Group

Unknown Dozer Operator

Kirby Smith Sr.

Another View of the Booze Bust

Big Fish

This plane landed here as part of Vice President Nixon's trip to dedicate the national park in 1959.

Split Rail Craft Shop

Continental Hotel in Pineville

ARH Nurses and Patient

Fashion Show at Verrans

Downtown Art Show

1970's Pretty Ladies (Note the Clancy's Cups!)

Group of Business Men, Bo Green on the Right

Very Old Hardware Store, Difficult to See the name "Phone 89"

Henderson Settlement at Frakes


Construction of Hotel Middlesboro/Booneway Inn on Edgewood Road and St. Mary's Episcopal Church in the rear

American Association Building

Around 1940 Downtown Looking Towards the Manring

1970's Motorcycle Wigwam

Motel in Harrogate

Reams Hardware

Early A.D. Campbell's

Cumberland Cleaners

1950's Cumberland Gap

Book Promotion

Another Early A.D. Campbells

Early Schneider's

1972 National Bank Teller

Jackson Studio and Removal of the Neon Light!

Maytag Men

Frank Lee

Sharp's on 12th Street and 1959 Cadillac

National Bank 1960's

Sidewalk Sale

Unknown Fellow

Early Computer and Melissa Howard

Early Bradner Stadium (The old WMIK tower can be seen in the background.)



Early Mingo Miners

Harold Combs at Perry and Pope Drugs

Plumbing and Electrical Supply

Kanawha Steel

Plumbing and Electrical Supply Inside

Old Mill at Cumberland Gap

New National Bank Downtown

National Bank

Reams Lumber Company on 19th


Very Early A.D. Campbells Close-up


Wakin's Hardware

Alice's (Former Tri-Way and Later Parkway) Restaurant

Rada's in Old Suman's Building

The Sport Center and other Businesses

Manor Shopping Center

1970's Sidewalk Sale

White's Furniture

Park Theater

Unknown Fellows

1960 Commercial Bank

1970's Southland Bowling Lanes

Schneiders Packing House

Colonel's Restaurant


Written by Chuck Owens

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