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Joe Clark, HBSS
WMIK's Preachers of the 1950's

Several years ago while researching WMIK radio station, Bill Baker, one of the classic WMIK announcers of the 1950's, told me about Joe Clark taking photographs at the station. In 1950 Joe took the photos for Life Magazine for a series of religious themed editions of Life. I don't think they were ever in Life, but I'm not completely sure of that. Joe Clark did have many photographs published in Life and other magazines. He was an outstanding photographer.

As a reward for helping Joe Clark at the studio, Bill was given small copies. Bill graciously allowed me to scan them. The names are underneath each photograph. Some of the information on a few of the photos are missing so what is written is from memory. All the preachers and their families are local folks.

One other note about the photos is the condition of Big Mic (pronounced Mike). Big Mic was the RCA microphone used from the first day of broadcasting in 1948 until the 1980's. The screen is bent from a drop.

There is also a short audio clip of W.W. Nails probably from the 1960's. For more WMIK broadcast history, go to:

Reverend W.W. Nails

Here's a brief clip of Reverend Nails' sermon from the 1960's.

Reverend H.M. Shorty Sparks, preaching nine years, Baptist

(Reverend Shorty Sparks was one of my dearest friends. I put him on the air many times early on Sunday mornings at WMIK.)

Rev. Britain and Wife



Rev. Barnett

Rev. Britain

Rev. Britain and Mr. Claude Kelly

Rev. Britain

Rev. and Mrs. Britain

Mrs. Britain


First two on left are unknown, then Claude Kelly, Macas Brewer, Phyllis Young, and Don Young, baptist

Leonard Greene, and Rufus Barnett, Jesus Only

Edna Taylor, Treca Taylor, and Dora Ingram, baptist

Jesse Slusher, Clel Locker, and Don Mason, baptist

Uncle Jack Long, baptist

Arnold Hoskins, baptist

Jesse Slusher, Clel Locker, Don Mason, and Maxine Cowan, baptist

Millard Thompson, Jesus Only

Mrs. Goldie Thompson

Leonard Green, Rufus Barnett, and Ervin Barnett, Holiness

Uncle Jack Long, Baptist

Thomas Coots, Holiness, preaching four months

Mrs. Bee Bryant, Baptist

Claude Kelly, Baptist preacher not ordained

Herman Johnson, Baptist

Mrs. Jane Schooler and Charles Ray Schooler, Baptist

Maxine Cowan, Baptist

Willie Rowlett, preaching twenty five years


Mrs. Jim Smith, Baptist

Willie Rowlett


Albert Dawson, Helen Hatfield, and baby, Alan Ray Coots

Here's a short Joe Clark biography from the November 1950 issue of Life Magazine.


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