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1965 Fate Magazine Article by Kyle Yeary

The John and Matilda Yeary family of Middlesboro always remembered the old stories of entertainment, history and mystery. Long before radio and television, families sat around the fire and listened to the haunt tales and memories of times past.

The article below appeared in Fate magazine in 1965 as written by my uncle Kyle Yeary. It was one of the many stories he related as told by his mother, Matilda Edens Yeary.

The background photograph on this page is of Kyle at the Edens' homeplace near Ewing, Virginia in 1966. Photograph was taken by his brother, Lige Yeary.

1965 Fate Magazine Cover

1965 Fate Magazine Contents

1965 Fate Magazine Article Page 66-67

1965 Fate Magazine Article Page 68-69


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