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Middlesborough History
NEW FINDS FOR SPRING 2012: Some of these are new, some are just improvements. Eventually, they will all be moved to the proper years and places.

1890 Fire Aftermath

Alva Ball

Arthur Building

Arthur's Business Associates

Arthur Building

Booneway Inn

Unknown Boys

Early A.D. Campbell's and the Bijou

1863 Cumberland Gap

Cumberland Hotel

Digging the Canal

First Baptist and King's Daughter Hospital

1890 Fire View

1890 Fire View

Early Fountain Square

Jack Colson 1956

Early Land Auction

Early MHS Band

Early Middlesboro

New South Brewery

Middlesboro's Old Fire Truck

The Peace Store?

Presbyterian Church 1950's

Early South Cumberland

25th Street Looking East Toward Binghamtown

1950's Tannery Flood

The Hut Drive-in

Unknown Store

Central School Early PC

Cabin Near Cumberland Gap

Corner Cafe in Cumberland Gap

Cumberland Gap

Cumberland Gap

Cumberland Gap

Cumberland Gap

Downtown Middlesboro

KCL Stock Certificate

East Lothbury Avenue

National Bank

Looking Westward on Cumberland

Here are a few cousins and a lot of neighbors in Meldrum; about 1950.

New South Brewery in Color

Very Rare Photo of Young People at the Middlesboro Train Depot about 1925

Cumberland Gap in the Early 1950's

1890 Middlesborough Fire Aftermath

Cumberland Gap Horse and Wagon

Train Going Through The Gap

1950's Little Tunnel Inn

1915 View of Cumberland Gap

1910 Four Season's Brewery Employees

Jean Moss of Middlesboro and Friend in Italy, WW2

1960 Middlesboro Hotel

1960 Middlesboro Hotel

1900 News South Brewery

Area Baptising

Area Baptising

1951 Binghamtown Baptist Church Ladies Group

Goodyear Blimp Near Airport 1950's

Cumberland Gap Around 1946

Cumberland Gap from the Pinnacle

Cumberland Gap

Cumberland Gap Motel

The Old Mill

From Five Bridges Looking East

Hotel Middlesboro


Pinnacle Parking Lot

Portland Saloon Letterhead

Wilma and Kitty at the Airport

Footbal Fans from 1964

April 1892 Four Seasons Hotel Newspaper Advertisement

Arthur Building 1920's

Central School in Color

Cumberland Gap Rail Line

Odd: Family at Pinnacle


Odd Swastika Ad from Daily News

Large Scan of 1935 Downtown Middlesboro

Large Scan of 1935 Downtown Middlesboro

Outlook from Lake Hill

Early East Cumberland Avenue Church

View from Edgewood

Old Exeter Inn

Downtown Fire

Livery Stable

Martin Brothers 1920's

New South

New South

Uncle Warren Yeary Newspaper Story

Booneway Letterhead


Distant View of Binghamtown Service Station 1936

Cox Motor Company (Thanks to those who sent this to me!)

Cumberland Cleaners and Cadle's Ice Cream Stand (Thanks to those who sent this to me!)

First Baptist

View from Cudjoes

The Gap from about 17th Street

Cumberland Gap Railroad

Saddle of the Gap

Gap View

Hotel Middlesboro

Iron Furnace

Little Tunnel Inn

Little Tunnel Inn

Little Tunnel Inn

Downtown circa 1905

Downtown Late 1950's


Middlesboro Hotel

Middlesboro 1891

New South

US Post office

Sports center Chili

Train Station


From Bridge 1950's

Cumberland Gap

The Old Mill



Cudjoes in Color

Cumberland Gap

The First Cumberland Hotel

View from Bridge

Another Flood

Fountain Square 1925

View From Edgewood

View From Pinnacle

Hotel Cumberland In Color

Lee Majors and Students

Blimp or UFO Near Middlesboro

The Old Bend Above Cumberland Gap

Perry and Pope Drugs Downtown

The Princess Theater

Brownie Theater



Whited's Court on Old Pineville Pike

1912 White's Furniture Fire

1938 WPA, Cleo Partin Quillen, back row, second from right


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