Middlesborough History

Fountain Square

Fountain Square Left Half

Fountain Square Right Half

Arthur Building

Hotel Cumberland

Hotel Cumberland

Shoffners Tourist Home

Shoffners Tourist Home

Shoffners Tourist Home

Shoffners Gulf

Harris Court

Manring Bargain Days

Hotel Middlesboro

Fountain Square Traffic Light

Fountain Square: No Traffic

Downtown in Front of Manring

Busy Downtown from 19th Street

New York Restaurant

Downtown Looking West

The Manring

Traffic Jam

Looking East

Hotel Cumberland

Hotel Cumberland Stationary

Doyle Byrd Political Card

Franklin Shumate 1949???

Elks Club Members

City Court

Digging the New Canal/Flood Control

Coal Camp

Coal Camp

Floyd Ball Swimming Pool

Coal Camp

Mother Horr's Restaraunt

Bartley Park

Colson Home

Post Card Ariel View of Fountain Square


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