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Connie's Links Page

Connie's Links Page

National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc

This is all workable links list.
If you find one that does not work, Please let me know.


And Jesus was with them on their
Day of Terror September 11, 2001.

The Origin of Taps
Lord of our lives, our hope in death, we cannot listen to Taps without our souls stirring.
Its plaintive notes are a prayer in music--of hope, of peace, of grief, of rest... Prepare
us too, Lord, for our final bugle call when you summon us home!
When the trumpet of the Lord shall sound and death will be no more."
--From the invocation delivered by Chaplain (Colonel) Edward Brogan (USAF, Ret.)
at the Taps Exhibit Opening Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, 28 May 1999

Arlington National Cemetery

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors
Civil War Soldiers and Sailors is a computerized database containing
very basic facts about servicemen who served on both sides during the
Civil War.
Source: National Park System


The 42nd Indindiana Volunteer Infantry

Indiana Society of Sons of the American Revolution

Indiana State Library
Databases and Index.....some are searchable

Indiana Newspapers

Marsha's Warrick Web

Warrick County Message Board-Rootsweb

WFIU: 50 Years of History and Memories

Susie Rose's Warrick Pages

Town of Newburgh
A Town dear to my heart, this is where I lived when my
oldest son's were born.

Browning Obituaries
Lots of Obits for Vanderburg and surrounding Counties in Indiana.

Tri-State Genealogy Society Home Page

Tennessee Genealogy at its best

Welcome to the RootsWeb Message Boards!

LDS Family History

Cyndi's Genealogy Home Page Construction Kit
This is a must, if you are going to publish your web page's
This has ideal's on how to make your home pages
to ideal's and suggestions where to get help.

Census On Line

Census -Lookups

Genealogical Prison Records

Plant Your Family Tree


KY Secretary of State Office Offers searchable Databases
All chain of title in the Commonwealth traces back to Virginia
land patents and Kentucky land patents.In fact, all Kentucky
deeds eventually trace back to an original patent recorded in the
Kentucky Land Office.
Source: KY Secretary of State

The Filson Historical Society of Louisville

Kentucky Room-Owensboro Area Obituary Search

Daviess County Public Library, Owensboro

Jefferson County Department of Historic Preservation and Archives,Louisville

Kentucky Department of Military Affairs, Military Records and Research Branch, Frankfort

Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort

Louisville Free Public Library, Louisville

Ky GenWeb County Selection Table

Butler County, KYGen Forum

Butler Co. KY-Genealogy Resources

Welcome to Butler County, Kentucky

Historical Maps of Kentucky and Her Counties

Logan County, Ky Gen Web

Muhlenberg County Genealogy

Kentucky Konnections

Daviess County KY Genealogy

Warren County, Kentucky

McDowell Publications, Genealogy & History Publishing Services

11129 Pleasant Ridge Rd. Utica, KY ,42376
1-502-275-4075 Central Time
1-800-285-4075 Central Time
McDowell Publications, Genealogy & History & Publishing Services

Gorin Genealogial Publishing

Cyndi's List U.S. Kentucky

Genealogy & Local History Online

Genealogy Resources on the Internet/Kentucky Resources

Kentucky History and Genealogy Information
Trace Kentucky history as it was divided
into the 120 counties we have today:
Great Links


Clan Kincaid DNA Project

Kincaid Family Genealogy Forum

Toney Kincaid My Kincaid
My Kincaid Genealogy Web Page

Search the KINCAID archives

Browse the KINCAID archives Search - the KINCAID archives

Kincaid -sure name Message Board

Family Web Page's

Tamara's Kincaid/Vincent/Gish Genealogy

Tamara's Kinkade in Civil War


Kinkade, Kirby, Moran, and related families

John H. Fuller Family

Connie's Poole Family Index

Poole Personal Web Sites at RootsWeb

Pool-sure name Message Board

Connie's Cole Family

Bill Knight's Home Page

Paula's Williams Family
Williams-Ford- Knight Connections, Check it out, you might find one of yours"s.

Connie's -Simmons-Knight -Baugh-Index

Baker Creek Pioneer Cemetery - Spencer County , IN
Be aware, slow loading, lots of search of our ancestors.
Some names to think about,LUCE- WILLIAMS, JONES, WILSON,

My Luce Family
Richard Simmons married Nancy Luce

Luce Documents

Larry sr. and Connie's ~ Hurley Family

Command On Demand SCAN
With the Virus's we are now reciveing in out E-Mails , we need a little extra protection
Try this Command On Demand Virus Scan , It is Great !!!

Panda ActiveScan - Free Online Virus Check

A Great Virus Scan and it removes it tooooooo.

Music playing on this page is Stephen Foster's
Melodies, No. 28 "Hard Times Come Again No More"
(1854) Written and Composed(Poetry and Music) by
Stephen Collins Foster, 1826-1864

The Music of Stephen Foster
Stephen Collins Foster (born 4 Jul 1826; died 13 Jan
1864.was the son of William Barcley Foster
(born: 7 Sep 1779; died 27 Jul 1855)and Elisa
Clayland [Tomlinson] Foster (born: Jan 1788; died Jan
1855) who were married in 1807.
He had three sisters (Charlotte Susanna, Ann Eliza,
and Henrietta)and four brothers
(James [who died in infancy], Dunning McNair, Morrison
and William).In 1850, he married Jane
Denny McDowell.

Among his most popular songs are: Oh! Susanna (1848),
De Campton Races (1850),
Old Folks at Home [aka Swanee River] (1851),
My Old Kentucky Home, Good-Night! (1853),
Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair (1854),
Gentle Annie (1856),
Beautiful Dreamer (1862),
and The Voices That Are Gone (1865).

Would you like to know more about Stephen Foster , who wrote the great song ,
My Ole Kentucky Home , then Please check out the URL below.
Public Domain Music

The Midi File/s has also been used with permission
from: Benjamin Tubb.
June 21, 2001.
From his website at
Public Domain Music

Email:Benjamin Robert Tubb

Click for Evansville, Indiana Forecast
"Click for Evansville, Indiana Forecast"

Click for Hopkinsville, Kentucky Forecast
"Click for Hopkinsville, Kentucky Forecast"


Calculate what day of the week a given date was.
It works for leap Years and also tells you whether
the date is in the past future or today.

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