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Chinese Deities

Ao - The four dragon kings, gods of the rain and sea

Ch'ang-o - Goddess of the moon (wife of I)

Ch'eng-Huang - God of walls and ditches

Chih-Nii - Goddess of spinners (Daughter of Yu-Huang-Shang-Ti for whom she wove robes and clouds)

Ch-in-Shu-Pao - A guardian god

Erh-Lang - Guardian god who chased away evil spirits

Fan-K'uei - God of butchers

Feng-Po - The Earl of winds (carries winds in a goatskin flagon)

Feng-Po-Po - Goddess of winds (Replaced Feng-Po and rides through the clouds on a tiger)

Feng-Tu - Chief town of the land of the dead

Fu-Hsing - A god of happiness who's symbol is the bat. A deified human

Heng-Ha-Erh-Chiang - Guardian gods of the Buddhist temples

Hou-Chi - Ancient harvest god

Hauan-T'ien-Ti - Supreme Lord of the Dark Heaven

Hu Shen - God of hail

I - God of bowmen 'The Excellent Archer'

I-Ti - God of wine

Kuan-Ti - God of war and fortune telling

Kuan-Yin - Goddess of Mercy

K'uei-Hsing - God of examinations

Lao-Tien-Yeh - 'Father-Heaven' The Jade Emporor (Yu-Huang-Shang-Ti)

Lao-Tzu - Philosopher who was assigned divinity and was considered to be an incarnation of the Celestial Master of the First Origin. Compiled the book Tao te Ching (a collection of maxims)

Lei-Kung - God of thunder

Liu - God of crops

Lu-Hsing - God of salaries and employees

Lupan - God of carpenters

Ma-Mien - (Horse-face) Conducts people to hell (companion of Nin-Y'ou 'Ox-head)

Meng - Lives outside hell and provides the broth of oblivion which the dead must drink to erase their memories

Meng-T'ien - God of the writing brush

Men-Shen - Gods of the door. Pairs of gods who guard the doors of temples and houses

Mi-Hung-T'ang - The broth of oblivion

Niu-Y'ou - 'Ox-head' see Ma-Mien

Pa-Cha - A soldier in life, a deity who protected against locusts

Pa-Hsien - The Eight Immortals. Permitted to eat the peaches of immortality (P'an-T'ao) because of virtue

P'an-Chin-Lien - Goddess of prostitutes

P'an-T'ao - The peaches of immortality

Pi-Hsia-Yuan-Chun - Protectress of childbirth, women and children

Shen-T'u - Guardian god

Shou-Hsing - God of longevity

Shou-Ts'ang - Servant god of Kuan-Ti

Shui-Kuan - 'Agent of water' part of the triad of Taoist Gods including the 'Agent of Heaven' and the 'Agent of Earth'

Sun-Chiang - God of thieves

Sun-Pin - God of cobblers

T'ai-Yueh-Ta-Ti - The Great Emporor of the Eastern Peak

Tien-Hou - Empress of Heaven

T'ien-Kuan - 'Agent of Heaven' One of the triad of Taoist gods

Tien-Mu - Goddess of lightning

Tien-Wang - The Heavenly Kings. Buddhist gods who guard the four doors of the four directions

Ti-Kuan - 'Agent of Earth' One of the triad of Taoist gods

Ti-Tsang-Wang-Pu-Sa - God of mercy

Ts'ai-Lun - God of stationers

Tsai-Shen - God of wealth

Ta'ang Chien - God of writing

Tsao-Wang - God of the hearth

Tu-Ti - Gods of the locality (genii-locii)

Wang-Mu-Niang-Niang - Lady Wang keeper of the peaches of immortality (wife of the Jade Emperor)

Wen-Chang-Ta-Ti - God of literature

Yeng-Wang-Yeh - 'Lord Yama King' the foremost of the ten Yama kings or Lords of Death

Yu-Huang-Shang-Ti - The Jade Emperor 'Father Heaven'

Yu-Tzu - God of rain

Yun-T'ung - God of the clouds


Adapted from 'A guide to the Gods' by Richard Carlyon

I recommend this book for much much more information on these and other deities

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