Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Crow:
Love, Death and Resurrection

Last: Updated: 11/6/1999
Title: Love, Death, and Resurrection
Author: ShadowSmileSlayer (with the assitance of Shaych3)
Rating: R. Buffy/Willow
(For Graphic violence and romantic/sexual relationship between two women)
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Notes: I wanted to bring together my two favorite worlds, Buffy and the Crow, so here
we go. Italics indicate thought, where as *text* indicates a flashback. This Storyline
skews away from BTVS television just before Graduation Day.


As long as there have been demons, there has been the Slayer. One girl in all the world, a
Chosen one, born with the strength and skill to hunt vampires and other creatures of the
dark. When one Slayer dies, the next is called. In this world of magic and demons, mortals
lose their lives in hideous ways. Sometimes one of these victims carries with it a sadness
so great that it can't rest. And sometimes, just sometimes a Crow can carry that soul back
from the land of the dead, to set the wrong things right. But sometimes Vengeance isn't
the only way to set the wrong things right. Sometimes the only way is love.


Part One

[-Buffy's bedroom: 8:32pm-]

     Buffy Summers slid her arms into her black jacket slowly. She tossed her head back,
running her thin fingers through her shoulder length blonde hair. Damn it, she mentally cursed
herself as her nails caught in a tangle. Her body didn't want to work right. It was tired, being
dragged down by a heavy weight of sorrow. It was a weight that crushed her very soul,
suffocating her and causing her to drown in misery.
     Buffy felt a chill go up her spine; the whispers of her name drifting through her room.
Slowly she rose from her bed, its pillowy comfort lost, as she moved to the open window. I didn't
open the window yet, did I?
The Slayer leant out the windw slightly, her keen eyes detected a
shadow moving outside her window, she thought she was going insane.
     "Buffy..." it rang through the air again; louder, deeper, painfully real.
     The blonde girl's eyes were drawn to the knarled branches just outside her window. Her
eyes followed the twisted tuns of wood to the large tree that grew beside the house. Nothing...
she saw nothing. Angel used to visit me this way... perching on the branches like some
damned bird
. Buffy laughed mournfully at her joke, even as the tears stung her eyes. Ducking
her head out the window she quickly glanced around; only darkness greeted her eyes. Buffy
started to pull down her window frame, but her eyes caught something. There on one of the
large branches sat an unusually large bird. Where did that thing come from? she pondered. Its
black feathers almost sparkled in the moonlight. Its razor eged beak, sharp and deadly, seemed
to point accusingly at her. The creature cocked its head to the side, bobbing lightly in the night
air. Her eyes latched into its stare. She was lost in its eyes, drowning in their depths. The amber
ring around the large black pools seemed to draw her in, in to her own mind. They held her gaze,
beckoning her, as her mind flooded with images of her lost friend.
     "Willow..." tears finally gripped her body, "Oh God..."

[-Cemetery: 1:34am-]

     Buffy sat quiet, sniffling away her tears at Willow's tombstone. She had come to it every
night before patrol. To say she is sorry; to try and find strength. She wasn't too shocked when
Xander had decided to go ahead with his walk-about. Buffy could relate to his need to be alone
with his thoughts, time to deal with the loss of his love. Love... he loved Willow, as much as
anyone could love her, she told herself. Willow had always been a part of him; his best bud and
confidant. They'd even been a little hot and heavy for a while, too, she remembered with a smile
Even though she understood Xander's need for space, it had cut her to the quick when
he pulled away. He was just about the only thing she had left and she knew well how the ghosts
of the past can haunt a person's mind. Giles had buried himself in his work, barely there except
to toss her a few tips about whatever the latest demon to come to Sunnydale. Oz had moved to
Arizona with the band, running away from the pain of Willow's death. She was so alone, yet
even now, she sought solace from her Willow.
     Buffy's mind wandered back to her bedroom. The eye's of the crow, that had perched
outside her window, stuck like a splinter in her mind. A force beyond her comprehention had
trapped her mind. Images of Willow and their life together had played like a movie in her mind.
The bittersweet memories had all but broken her resolve for the night, almost made her break
her promise. Buffy had sworn when Willow was taken from her, that she would never stop until
the earth was cleansed of Faith, of demons, of all the evils that stole her best friend.
     The Slayer's lithe hand stroked the marble marker, and the tears returned to her eyes.
Why Willow? Willow was her everything. She had lived through her parent's breakup, Angel's
turning into Angelus and the fight that sent him to hell. She had survived his return as Angel and
the subsequent distancing between them. She wasn't sure she could be strong anymore; all the
sources of her strength had been ripped from her. Faith would pay dearly for what she did two
months ago, but right now she didn't have the strength or the stability to take on the dark-bitch of
a Slayer.
     The sound of cracking leaves startled the Slayer. Her eyes scoured the foliage and trees
behind the decrepit stones. There in the dark, she saw a pair of yellow eyes and the glint of
moonlight on fangs. Perfect, she thought a devilish smile played across her lips, I could use a
good kill before the night is through . She heard the growl, saw the flash of its fist and her Slayer
instincts took over. Its face contorted into a demonic mask, but it was more pale than most
vamps. He looks bad, even for a dead guy. The vamp must have been some other vamp's
lapdog, feeding off scraps its sire left it. Buffy dodged his pathetic spin kick and swept his feet
out from under him. Then the blonde pounced the demon, and clenched his hair in her hand.
     Buffy drilled down blow after furious blow to the vamparic features that polluted the once human
face. All her anger, frustration, rage, and sadness melded with her punches.
The vampire lunged up in desperation, knocking the slender frame from himself, and
jumping for her. Buffy, with cat like relfexes, pushed off her shoulders and sprung to her feet.
The bloodsucking demon bared its teeth, the yellow spikes dripping with saliva, its hunger
pulsing through it. The creature flung his right fist toward the Slayer's face, it needed a kill soon,
the hunger, it needed - craved - blood! With a smirk, Buffy sidestepped to the left, her right arm
wrapped around her attacker's forearm. She thrust her left palm foreward and, with a snapping
sound echoing through the cemetery, took the vamp to the ground.
     The vampire's fractured elbow left it thrashing about in pain. Buffy calmly withdrew a
stake from inside her jacket. Her eyes ran the length of the stake... Mr Pointy. Kendra, the first
Slayer to be called after she died in the Master's lair, had given her the night Druscilla had
murdered her. Buffy often thought fondly of Kendra, she was a sweet yet devoted Slayer.
Unlike a certain skank we all know and hate... her thoughts spat venomously. She was brought
back to reality whe she felt a hand trying to claw her hair. With a twist of the wrist she drove the
oak stake through the vamps back, a sigh escaping her lips as the demon exploded into dust.
     Vampires sure can fuck up a manicure, she reflected inwardly; her lips drooped as she
surveyed her chipped nails. Buffy scooped the stake from the ground. Those things don't grow
on trees, Buffy shook the oxymoronic statement from her head and glanced down at her watch.
2:00AM. I am starving! Don't think I have ever been so hungry before. Guess I can run down to
that 24 hour diner and grab something real quick. She looked at her watch again, Yeah, I'll get a
bite, come back here for a final sweep and then head home. A weird "caw" noise caused a hitch
in her step. She glanced around, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary, for a cemetery.
Had Buffy not been so distracted by her thoughts , she might have heard another of the dead
awakening. This one however, didn't have fangs.

     A shadow among the trees stepped into the moonlight. A set of hollowed eye sockets
looked on as Buffy Summers left the cemetery. Rotted flesh peeled back over sparse teeth as
black spit arched to the ground. The figure chuckled lightly to himself, letting his fingers slide
over the polished bone necklace in his hand. With a snort he fixed his dusty old hat on his
haggard head, and moved from the confines of the shadows. His darkened sockets watched as
a figure descended from the sky, its eye's shimmered with an energy beyond this world. He
watched still as it landed on a simple tombstone, pecking its deadly beak at the delicate marble.
Running a gloved hand down the slick feathers of the large bird, the skeleton knelt
beside the grave. Scooping up a fist full of earth, he let is slide between his boney fingers, like
the sands of time. He heard the thumping that came from the ground below him. The skeleton
stepped away from the grave, looking back to it he called out softly.
     "Wakey Wakey, little girl." the sing-song tone, deathly sweet, cut through the night.

     Her eyes were heavy... so heavy. She had to get them open, had to see what was
happening. Where am I, her mind whimpered? Dark, so dark. Her once vibrant red hair clung to
her eyes and was matted across her forehead. Drudging up the last bit of strength burried inside
her, the girl brushed at her eyes, moving the stringy locks from her face. No light, I am so
scared, please I have to get out, it;s so dark, have to get out . Her hands moved in front of her
feeling a silky resistance. Something had her, it had her trapped inside somewhere soft and silky.
God help me, I'm trapped. No air, nothing to breathe gonna suffocate! Her mind snappedshe
struck out against whatever was in front of her. Wood and metal alike splintered under her fists.
     Something deep inside her drove her on... have to get out. She felt her knuckles snap
and the bones of her hand splinter. Searing pain washed over her arms in hot waves. Doesn't
matter I have to get out of the dark. The young figure lunged at her confinement, feeling it give
way. She shoved harder, pushing all her fear into her captor, and with a deafening crash. She
was laying on her back looking up at the stars, surprisingly calm, the twinkling lights were
soothing in a way. Then realization hit her... God help me. Her pale young hands clawed at the
dirt falling in around her. Have to get out .
     She felt the slick mud beneath her as she climbed out of.... what is it?! Her eyes tried to
focus but pain flooded her mind. The pulsing in her hands forced her to look down at them. She
could make out their shape in the dim moonlight, her nails were dingy and split apart. her hands
were misshapen and splinters of bone were sticking through at her wrists. Her clothes were
soiled and old, the smell of death, earth, and mildew wafted to her nose. She wanted to vomit,
to purge herself of impurity.
     She tried hard to focus again, but it was nothing more than an exercise in futility. Her
body collapsed against something hard, smooth, and cold. Then she felt something wet dripping
down to her nose. She cast her eyes skyward, her blurry eyes tried to focus as the plump
droplets of rain fell on her face. Willow watched the gentle drops falling, caressing her face, one
word sprung forth in her mind.
     "BUFFFFYYYYYY..." she wailed, trying to push herself up to her knees.
     Buffy? Who is Buffy? What's going on?! A bright flash a lightening illuminated the
smooth surface she was leaning against. For the first time her eyes finally caught the scribing on
the structure. A clap of thunder rolled across the sky as the meaning of what stood before
formed in her mind.
     "Willow Rosenburg, Loved and Cared for by all around her. May she Rest in Peace"
     The teen's mind was swimming in an ocean of confusion. Nothing made sense. She had
just crawled from her .... Grave. Grave... the word sung out in her mind. Her teeth chattered
behind her frozen lips, her body limp, pale, and unmoving. Buffy... the word tried to work its way
to her consciousness. Nothing.
     A sound above her sent her sprawling backwards, nearly toppling back into her grave. A
loud caw chilled her to the bone and drew her attention to the top of her gravestone. A big black
bird. Its stare penetrated her, gazing deep inside, almost willing her to think. Buffy. The name
snapped in her head. Buffy. Who is she?
     *Buffy's hand was cradling her face as she felt the life draining from her.*
     Her stomach lurched and her head felt like it had been cleaved in two. No No... please
, she thought, her hands clawing her head. The crow let out another loud caw. Willow turned
away from the crow to where its eyes fell. A large figure melted out of the shadows. Willows
stomach turned as the sunken sockets of a skull stared blankly at her. Its sunken eyes and thin
wisps of silky hair made the cowboy hat and yellowed teeth all the creepier.
     "Hello little Willow" the voice boomed. The redheaded teen jumped back, shocked by
the intensity of the voice.
     "Who.... Who.... What... are you?" a whispered plea came.
     "I , my dear, am the one... and only... Skull Cowboy. How do ya do?" he crooned with a
small bow. Spitting an arc of slimy tobacco juice onto the ground.
     "Skull..." her voice dropped off. She snapped her eyes closed, squeezing them tight.
     Willow shook her head furiously, hoping when she opened them, the horrid vision before her
would be gone. When she finally opened them, her eyes locked onto its apparition.
     "Listen little one, you have been given another chance." Her eyes couldn't leave the
bony face of the vision before her.
     ~You are back to put the wrong things right~
     The sound rang through her head. Wrong things right? What wrong things? Was she
going insane? Was she dead? IS THIS HELL?!?!?!?? Her head started pounding again.
     ~I have brought you back from the land of the dead~
     The voice echoed through her mind -- the crow. The crow seemed to be feeding
thoughts into her head. What was it? Was this the powers of good? Of Evil? Please God Help
her mind screamed.
     "Back off little birdie..." the Skull Cowboy dismissed the crow with a wave of his hand,
"things are special this time." The Skeleton and crow's eyes met fiercely. The loud cawing
coming from its mouth was almost a soothing sound to the girl. Willow felt a weight on her
shoulder, the crow had perched there, crooning softly into her ear. The big black bird's beak
rubbed gently along her cheek, urging her once again. Willow's head was still reeling but her
body seemed to lung up, pulling her from the muddy earth. Dragging her weak frame up by her
own tombstone, the redhead felt it start to crumble beneath her fingers. Looking down, she could
see her fingers digging at the cement and her bloody nails slowly reshaping and closing.
     "What the hell am I?" she whispered, her eyes tearing over as she raised her completely
healed digits.

     The raven locks framed the ex-Slayer's face as she sat gazing at the flashing light of a neon
sign. It's message was lost on her as her mind replayed event's from her past. Her face was
a collage of feeling, from happiness, to sadness, to evil glee. Her lip's curled into a tiger's
grin as thoughts of Buffy played in her mind. The look on the Slayer's face that night,
always gave her a tingly feeling. That was the night she left Sunnydale, the night she had
turned so vile it almost scared her. But the woman was a survivor and she had done what
she needed. She had taken the money in a bank account the Mayor had set up for her and
fled. She wanted to be there for the Ascencion when the Mayor would feast on all her past
demon's. Yet, she couldn't stay, she had tried to force herself to believe it was because she
was afraid Buffy would come and shove a knife in her heart. That was part of it of course,
but something else told her she needed to go into hiding for awhile.

     On patrol again, just rolling around on patrol again Buffy hummed. It was so lonely on
patrol for her. She always took solice in the fact she wasn't alone in her divined duty, but
now Giles was the only one left to help her. He had pulled so far away though, yet
becoming extremly protective of her. True he didn't work for the Council anymore, neither
did she for the fact of it, but she knew in his heart he would always be her Watcher.
Willow's death was so unexpected though, anyone of them could die at any moment on a
hellmouth, but Willow was never thought of as a target. Giles was having a hard time
dealing though. Oh God why did she have to take Willow. Buffy knew exactly why, Faith
had killed her because Buffy cared so much about her.
     *Willow and Buffy were sitting in the library searching. Willow was trying hard to
find a spell or potion or anything that could stop the Ascencion. Buffy knew Willow was
taking the Ascencion personally, she was after all the member of the Scooby Gang who
dealt in magic. Buffy reached over and sat her hands on Willow's shoulders rubbing them
"Easy Will, stopping the Ascenion is a good thing, but your shoulders about about to split
apart" Buffy said with smile in her voice.
"Ah that feels soooooooo good, I mean nice, yeah nice like when friends rub each others
shoulders. There isn't anything wrong with two girls giving each other a shoulder rub, I
mean really we are under alot of stress here and stress sometimes makes me tense and
tense is bad and and ...... " Willow babbled
"You okay Will?" Buffy asked turning to sit on the table and look at Willow.
"Yeah Buffy, its just.... well with the Ascencion and everything, I mean we could all die.
And well, its just had me thinking, about what I would do if you were to die or something
happen, and its just made me realize...." the redhead trailed off.
"Yeah its had me thinking too.... " Buffy said trying not to look at Willow's eyes.
"Really?" Willow asked, switching to her concerned best friend mode.
Buffy chuckled slightly, "Thats my Willow..." she started "always there for me even when
she has her own problems." Buffy's hand touched Willow's face softly.
Willow blushed at the intamate contact from her friend. "Yeah well you know, I care
about you, I mean you are my best bud, but I worry about you and and ...." Willow felt
comforted looking into Buffy's big eyes.
"I know, that is what's had me thinking Will. After I came back after what happened to
Angel things were awkward between us, but you were the one to help me back into my
life. And then after he came back from Hell Angel and I haven't been the same. He's gonna
leave after the Ascension, when he told me that it hurt horribly and I didn't know what to
do, and once again you were the one to help me deal Willow. I know that I can live
without Angel, but Willow if anything happens to you I don't know what I would do...."
Buffy's voice trailed off but she kept her eyes locked into Willow's.
"Buffy I..." Willow started, not sure what her friend was trying to tell her, but knowing
exactly how she felt.
"Willow....." buffy started. She knew this would be it, no turning back, but she knew she
had to tell Willow before the Ascencion.
"I love you." The girls said in unison.
They stared at each a moment. Finally Buffy blinked, registering what had just happened.*
     Buffy winced at the thought. The pain seared through her sitll form like molten lava. The
darkness behind her eyes playing the scene over and over. Her precious Willow, the one
she loved more than anything, being ripped from her grasp by the Dark haird witch.

     Willows feet drug heavily across the ground. Her burial dress, tattered and soiled, twisted
around her legs. Her stumbling figure made its way through the woods clumsily. She had
to avoid the streets, the city. Willow didn't know what she was, barely who she was, but
she knew that public exposure was the last thing she wanted.
     The redhead's tired eyes tried to focus on the crow that flew over head. It seemed to urge
her forward. She wanted to collapse though, to lay back on the earth and slumber. Her
body was as if made of lead, and her head was a jumble of fear and confusion. The tatters
of her dress wrapped around her ankle and Willow fell to the ground. Anger and
frustration flew threw her as she tore the hem of her dress from her. Her legs unhindered,
she moved once again moved through the night.
     Again her eyes searched the sky for her crow. It sat perched on a tree branch, head
moving in one direction, like it was beaconing her. Moving a bit faster now, Willow
followed the crow as it took flight. A loud CAW rang through the shrill night air. Her legs
started to move faster, the aching weight of her legs draining away. Her body seemed to
move on its own. Moving through the forrest like a cat, leaping, bounding, sailing through
the air. Hurdeling fallen trees her form moved through the night. The night filled her,
exhilerated her, gave her strength its cold emptiness lost to her. Her eyes focused,
supernaturally sharp in the black that surrounded her. Her dirt encrusted red locks
bellowed behind her, the strands of hair pulling out, forming what could only be described
as a mane of blood. She leapt high into the trees, perching herself on a sturdy branch
coming out of a large oak tree. The crow perching itself on her shoulder, peering its dark
eyes at the street ahead.
     *Willow and Buffy walking home from school for a girls night on a friday
night giggling and pushing each other.*
     Willow flinched away from the vision.
     What was that!
     ~a vision, memory, the past~
     It was painful, scary, being shown the happiness from the past when you know you are
dead. When nothing you do can fix the tragedy. She was here to put the wrong things
right she understood that now. Though even that wouldn't fix the past. But she could
make them pay. She wasn't sure who yet, it wasn't all there, but she would find them.
The crow leapt from her shoulder and flew down to one of the houses in the distance.
Willow followed, suprised that her fall was graceful and she felt nothing as he feet touched
the earth. Moving swiftly she caught upto the crow, it sat upon a fence cawing toward the
large house. She scaled the fence quickly and moved soundlessly to the lattace at the side.
reaching out she twined her hand into it to pull herself up.
     *Willow was climbing down the lattace. She moved down it clumsily
slipping the last step. She feel back into Xander who had been wating for her. He stumbled
back with her laughing at her slightly. They were going to meet with buffy for a nights
     Patrol.... Buffy...... Slayer. The words were jumbled in her head, not sure quite what they
     The redheads hands grappled the lattace, swiftly pulling herself up the side of the
house. Slipping inside her eyes scanned the room. It was small, but familiar. She looked
into the mirror across the room, her face was muddied, her hair disheveled. She looked
fresh from the grave, how fitting. Her ears listened, nothing, no sounds from the house.
She knew this was her house, where she had grown up. No one was here though. Where
are they? Out of town visiting relatives? Vacation maybe? It didn't matter anymore. She
wasn't really their daughter now, she was dead. She starred hard at the mirror before her,
before turning away in disgust. She moved to the bathroom, she had to have a shower
before she did anything.
     Willow slowly removed the remains of her burial clothes. The cool air of the house rippled
across her naked form. How strange it was to her, she had just been in the cold of the
night and felt nothing, but now all her senses were alive. She could feel the air caressing
her skin, rolling over her taught body, peaking her pink nipples. A shiver ran up her spine.
Like someone just walked over my grave she thought with an almost insane chuckle. If
only she knew how right she was.

     Buffy was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice the large hole in the earth before
her. Another Vamp Another nightBuffy thought. Then she noticed the headstone marking
the open grave. It belonged to one Willow Rosenburg.
     "Willow...... no not Willow." Buffy bolted toward town. She had to get to Giles, Willow
couldn't be a Vampire, she was never bitten, never drank another Vamps blood. That
bitch Faith probably came back to town and dug her up, I wouldn't put it past her.
The Slayers legs hurled her through the night. She had to get to the Gile's. She had to
make sure she wasn't a Vampire.


     Willow once again stood before the mirror. She was shaking the last drops of water from
her red locks, watching her own eyes. She had no idea who she was, why she was brought
back, only that it had to do with Buffy. She wished she could remember, but it wasn't
there, like her mind had been formatted. Buffy was the only thing she knew, the only
thought. If only she could remember.
     Then a small glinting caught her eye, a chain was hanging part way out of the medicine
cabinet. Willow opened it slowly, watching the small chain dangel in the air. It was a small
cross necklace. She took it slowly in her hand...
     *She was struggling in the arms of a dark haired woman. Her grip on
her throat was vice like, crushing her air supply. She could feel the point of a knife at her
back. Buffy stood infront of her, she was following the dark haired woman. Willow was
being drug toward the school exit by the other woman. Faith.*
     The name rang in her head. Anger, fear, hate flashed through her eyes. Faith, that evil
bitch. She closed her eyes and gripped the cross in her palm.
     *Faith was dragging her through the hall. She could feel her feet
scuffling along the tiled floor. Her mind was swimming in a oxygen deprived haze. She
could feel the point of the dagger digging into her back. Buffy will be alright she thought.
She felt Faith snap her head back pulling her closer the dagger digging in even further.
     "Let her go Faith!" Buffy demanded.
     "Why B? Don't you wanna share your knew plaything?" She felt Faith's tounge slide up
the side of her cheek.
     "Guess not..." Faith continued "...well you know what they say, if I can't have her, then no
one's gonna have her." Faiths voice was dripping with evil honey and mock sympathy.
Willow felt the knife slide into her back.*
     Willow's back arched out, feeling once again the knife sliding into her back
     *Faith was twisting the knife, relishing the look on Buffy's face.
Willow fell back to the floor as Faith sprinted out the doors. Willow saw Buffy running for
her but it was to late. She knew she was dying. She could feel her life slipping away,
drowning in a sea of darkness. Buffy was cradling her now, utter terror on her face, tears
streaming down her cheeks. With what strenght she had left the red head lifted her hand
and touched her face gently. She mouthed the words 'I love you' before she closed her
eyes and felt the last bit of herself slip away. The darkness behind her eyelids seemed to
take on the shape of a large black



Part Two

     Giles was leaning against the back of his couch, his nose stuffed in one of his many books.
He had been researching something, but his mind kept wondering away and he couldn't
seem to remember where he was. He glanced down at the pages and with a sigh, closed
the book. He just couldn't concentrate, Willow still filled his mind. She had been like a
daughter to him. He had never told her of course, but looking back, he wished he had.
After her death, he swore he wouldn't let that happen to Buffy. He kept her constantly
training and out of as much unnessacary harm as possible. He knew he had been becoming
distant, his worry mixed with grief clung to his aura, and he didn't want to cause Buffy
anymore heartache.
     A loud banging sounded from his front door, almost pleading him to open it. He glanced
at his watch. One in the morning, that had bloody well better be Buffy. He shook his head
to clear the annoyance of the alliteration flowing through his mind and glanced through the
peep-whole. There standing in the night air was of course, Buffy Summers. Quickly the
Englishman unbolted the door and opened it. He was quite shocked when Buffy flung
herself into his arms and started sobbing uncontrollably.
     "Willow..." he heard her murmor.
     "Yes w-well Buffy, I know its been hard on all of us, but..." he started in a comforting
     "No you don't understand!" she began, pushing a bit further into his home. The cold night
air was chilling her once heated blood. She had ran all the way to Gile's home without
faulter. But now the tears were streaming and she was fighting for control of her senses.
"Her body..." she met Gile's eyes watching the pupils narrow as he focused on her. She
fought hard to choke back the tears.
     "Y-yes Buffy go on, what about her body?" Giles questioned.
     "It's... It's gone Giles, The dirt around her grave looked like it had been thrown up out of
the ground. And her casket, it looked like someone had taken an axe to it or something."
Once again she choked on her tears trying to get out all she had observed.
Giles face was a mask of anger, fear, hate, and confusion. His soul trembled his very being
at the thought that Willow's grave had been desacrated. And her body stolen no less. It
didn't make any sense his Watcher mind rang. There was no reason for her body to be
gone. She couldn't be a vampire, it had been 2 months since she had died.
     "Giles...?" The ex.-Watcher snapped his head to attention at the sound of her voice. He
watched the way her eyes bore into him. They were begging him to have an answer, some
kind of logic.
     "Yes... well um..." He stammered.
     "She can't be a vampire right? I mean she wasn't bitten and never drank vamp blood. Giles
she died in my arms!!! She can't be a vampire! I WON'T LET HER BE A VAMPIRE!!!
She turned away from him, strangling back the tears. To many tears had been shed, she
would let no more fall.
     Giles laid a hand on his charges shoulder. Gving her a comforting squeeze.
     "Yes Buffy... you are quite right, a vampire must rise soon after it has transformed to feed.
Plus, as you have pointed out already, she didn't die at the hands of a vampire."
     "Why would someone desecrate her grave like that?!?!? Someone would have had to DIG
her up. If it was Faith I swear to what ever God their is Giles, I will KILL her!!"
     "Buffy..." Giles removed his glasses and massaged the bridge of his nose. "I am not sure
why someone would do this. Most magics require live sacrafices, and demon's are
summoned to live bodies, they like to devour the soul before they claim the body." he
concluded in mild disgust.
     "What kind of sick son of a bitch would dig up a girl's body?"


unfinished more to come later