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Neko-tachi no Miko

2:51 PM, US CST. 6.14.02 final update.

Ohhwahaha! HAHAHHA!! new site! new layout! YAY! ok, this page will not be deleted, however it will also no longer be updated. to view updates and my new stuff and my real page please go to

+ ::NekoTachi No Miko:: +

Enter at thine own risk..

The library of an artist..
Beware of The Cute Ones..
The Scribe's lab..
The Contribution Room..
The Gift table..
Read my Journal? You snoop!


As a note, all these images are of me. However, characters from LUNAR Silver Star Story Complete, Evangelion, Wild ARMS2, ect. are NOT mine. The fanarts are, but the characters are of their respective creators. SO DON'T TAKE THEM!!!!!! ..and don't sue me ^_^;;

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And even if you dont, please read it ^_^..
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