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This site was created as a small cyber
tribute to two great athletes, Serena Williams and her
older sister, Venus Williams.
Enjoy the gallery.

ELLE, January 2001 cover
S & V with their Jack Russell
Close Up of Serena
Serena laying in the Grass
Venus Lounging in Blue & White Linens
S & V Standing Tall and Proud
Serena in Cashmere
S & V in Versace
S & V at SI Awards gala
'...Sisters Sledgehammer',ESSENCE magazine, May 2000
S & V in VOGUE, March 2001, The Dynamic Duo
S & V's AVON ad, 'dream big'
ESSENCE, '...Courting Destiny',June 2001
ESPN magazine, '...Breaking Point',July 2001
Serena, One of the Stylish Ones,VOGUE,August 2001
S & V, AVON brochure, 'Wellness...'
S & V,'So Fresh, So Clean..', DoubleMint Gum ad
Venus & The BodyGuard, PARIS MATCH, August 9,2001 issue
Venus, WILSON LEATHER ad, Fall 2001
S & V, Cover of TIME magazine,August 27, 2001
Serena, Doublemint Ad
Venus, PEOPLE magazine's 2001 BEST & WORST DRESSED, Sept 17,2001
S&V, The Dynamic Duo, VIBE November 2001
Venus, Doublemint Ad
Serena & Venus with Olympic Torch, JET, Dec.24-Dec.31, 2001
Serena & Venus, 17 New Voices Fro A New World, SEVENTEEN magazine, January 2002
Serena in Blue Skies, with taut abs, ESSENCE, May 2002
S & V, US magazine, June 24,2002
S & V, PARIS MATCH, June 20,2002
Serena, 2002 ESPY Awards, July 10,2002
Serena, The All England Lawn Tennis Clubs Champions' Dinner, July 2002
Serena,Twilight to Midnight, Harry Winston Press Release, August 2002
Serena: EBONY cover story, October 2002
Venus: latest Double Mint ad, Fall 2002
Serena: a *visual* response to Serena's catsuit
Serena & Venus: 8th Annual VH1/VOGUE Fashion Awards, October 2002
Serena & Venus: More 8th Annual VH1/VOGUE Fashion Awards, October 2002
Serena: TENNIS magazine's Female Player of the Year, February 2003
Venus: In a Cinch: Womens Wear Daily, April 2003
Serena: Cannes, France: One of the Best Dressed, May 2003
Venus: A Venus in Heels, ELLE August 2003
Serena: Cancer Support ad & US magazine article, Fall 2003
Serena: Charities Serena Supports, ad from November 2003 VOGUE
Serena: UPSCALE cover story, DEC2003/JAN2004
Venus & Serena: Runway Show, EBONY Dec 2003
Serena & Venus: PEOPLE magazine, June 2004
Serena & Venus: French Open: Another Route on their Journey, June 2003
Serena: AWESOME & French Open Bound, Sports Illustrated, May 2003
Oracene & Family: A Family Affair,EBONY's MOTHER POWER issue, May 2003
Serena: Trophy Girl, VOGUE April 2003
Serena: In A League of Her Own, January 2003
Serena: HERSTORY: Australian Open, January 2003
Venus: HERSTORY: Australian Open, January 2003
Venus: On Her Own, January 2003
Serena: Hollywood Swinging, December 2002
Serena: Heading West to L.A., December 2002
Venus: the start of V. Starr Interiors, November 2002
Serena:Sister Slam, a Q & A, SAVOY magazine,November 2002
Serena: Princess Cup, Tokyo, Japan, September 2002
After US Open: Hateration, Praise & In-Between, September 2002
Venus: Supreme Sister, September 2002
Serena: All Eyez On Her, Fall 2002
Serena: The Downside of Celebrity: The Stalker
Serena & Venus: US Open 2002
Serena & Venus: The New York Times, 'still outsiders',August 2002
Serena & Venus: VOGUE magazine, 'defining Glamour', September 2002
Serena: ESPN magazine, August 2002
Serena: Los Angeles Times, August 2002
US OPEN 2002: Heading Into the next Grand Slam...
WIMBLEDON 2002: The Power & The Glory
The Two & Only, Sports Illustrated, June 2002
After the FRENCH OPEN: The Naysayers, The Prophets & The Spectators Respond
Serena & Venus, The French Open, May 27--June 9,2002
Venus: Time Warp, ESPN Magazine, The Speed Issue, May 27,2002
Venus,Serena & Mother, PEOPLE, May 20,2002
Serena Victorious At NASDAQ 100 Open, March 2002
Venus Shining Like A Diamond, February 2002
Serena & Venus,Women of the Year, MS. magazine, December 2001/January 2002
The Supremes, TENNIS magazine, November 2001
Navratilova On Venus, Charlotte Observer, Sept 2001
S & V, various press, Fall 2001
San Francisco Chronicle,Is Venus An Icon on The Horizon?,July 22, 2001
ESSENCE magazine, 'Courting Destiny', June 2001
ESPN magazine, Breaking Point,June 2001, Chris Evert Compares the Williams' Games,June 2001
VOGUE, The Power Issue, March 2001
TIME, November 2000
Venus Williams TRADING CARD, TIME magazine,2001
Serena Williams TRADING CARD, TIME magazine,2001
Serena Williams' win-loss record
Venus Williams' win-loss record Profile: Serena Williams profile Profile: Venus Williams profile
United States Tennis Association


Hello. I am not in any way affiliated with Serena Williams, Venus Williams or anyone in the Williams family. I do not know how to contact them via phone, email or mail. Thanks for visiting the SERENA & VENUS WILLIAMS GALLERY and please keep all this in mind as you enjoy the webpage. Have a blessed day.
Sincerely, Riettier Michele Trabue

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