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The Respect for Life Centre- Chennai, India

Respect for Life Centre
37 Gandhimathi Street
Vetrinagar Extension
Chennai- 600 082
S India
Tel: 044 - 557 0353

What is the Respect for Life Centre?

It's a place desperate pregnant women can turn to that isn't an abortion clinic. It's a place where women can receive counseling and support from compassionate staff. It's a place where women can hand their unwanted infants over to people who care about them, a place where babies will be allowed to grow up in a loving environment. The Respect for Life Centre is an island of support in a nation with one of the highest abortion rates in the world. It's a place that doesn't exist, and it is desperately needed.

Our project for saving babies, especially unborn ones:

1) To take vigorous steps to prevent abortion and save unborn babies by educating the mothers through counseling.

2) To take care of the abandoned babies due to pressure from husband or in-laws or society.

3) To bring up and educate babies abandoned by families due to poverty, rape, or other reasons.

4) To serve women in crisis by attending to spiritual and material needs of the mother and child.

5) To provide retreats and prayerful experiences of support and renewal for those who are struggling through the difficulties encountered in unexpected and unwanted pregnancies.

6) To educate couples and those preparing for marriage to use the Natural Family Planning methods, especially the Billings Ovulation method and thus promote family welfare and responsible parenthood in a healthy and joyful way.

7) To protect human life and advance a sense of sacredness of all human life beginning with the fetus in the womb and extending to all those vulnerable to the threat of euthanasia.

A home for saving babies which includes a counseling and resource centre.

Further Info

Respect Life Centre is a Pro-Life, Pro-Family and Pro-Faith educational organization, founded in Chennai, India, in 1995.

Respect Life Centre stands for the Teachings of the Church in 'Humanae Vitae', 'Evangelium Vitae' and the 'Catechism of the Catholic Church'.

While promoting the Culture of Life the Mission of Respect Life Centre is to defend Faith, enhance life from its beginning to natural conclusion, save babies, un-wed mothers, elderly, handicapped..... Respect Life Centre condemns female infanticide, abortion, contraception and euthanasia.

The Mission of Respect Life Centre is to promote and defend the sanctity of Human Life and Family according to the teachings of the Church through Prayer, Service and Education.

We fight dissent i.e; fight error. We fight error to proclaim the truth. We proclaim the truth to save souls. Our method is by persuasion and by the principle of Non-Violence. We stand for evolution and not revolution. We believe in the prevention of evil by our active presence. We teach 'Billings Ovulation Method' (B.O.M.) to empower women.

We insist on Sex-Education to be given by the parents. It is their fundamental right and duty. We reject mere sex information given by dissenters. We believe in the right sex-education that promotes Chastity and Fidelity before and after marriage.

We believe in the'Gospel of Life' as a way of life and communion in communities, families and society by propagating dialogue with all cultures and all religions. We stand for Holiness of life in words, thought and deeds.

We organize speaking tours, conferences, seminars, rallies and exhibitions on Pro-Life.

This centre advances social communication as an ecclesial ministry and the members become efficacious for Salvation. The centre becomes an "Oratory" of communication and communion in each community and families to announce the GOOD NEWS OF LIFE to all people.

Respect Life Centre belongs solely to God, who uses it to proclaim the Gospel Of Life and to protect the dignity of all human life. Guidance is given to promote Pro-Life activities for organizations, societies, groups and movements.

Respect Life Centre (R.L.C.) publishes a monthly magazine 'Life Is For Everyone Today' and is sent to all the Archdioceses, Dioceses, Seminaries, Hospitals and Parishes of India.

Respect Life Centre (R.L.C.) is a Pro-Life Organization that believes in :-

1. LIFE is a great GIFT. We are the guardians of life not its proprietors.

2. We respect and defend it, from its beginning to its natural conclusion.

3. It is the belief of the Pro-Life activists that from the moment of conception Human Life involves God's creative action and has a special bond with the Creator.

4. Human Promotion requires respect for Human Life especially those who have no voice of their own like the fetus or those who are sick, handicapped or elderly.

5. The child in the womb is a Person with Rights and duties in potency.

6. Human Life is Sacred and we help all men and women to respect and love their own bodies.

7. We condemn strongly those countries where, demographic question is often used as an argument for the need to introduce abortion and artificial population control programmes.

8. Respect Life Centre(R.L.C.) is at the service of human promotion in social action, dignity of the human person preferential love for the poor, 'THE GOSPEL OF LIFE', health care, education, ethical and global aspects of globalization, removal of human inequalities caused by foreign debt and protection of the environment.

9. Pro-Life activists follow the method of Non-Violence like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and above all Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd.

10. Respect Life Centre of Chennai promotes the Sanctity Of Life - (GOSPEL OF LIFE) and has taken Mary the Mother of Jesus Christ as their Model. She is the Mother of Asia and Mother of New Creation.

11. We respect FAMILY, the vital primary cell of society as 'the Sanctuary Of Life'.

12. We respect and defend the WOMB of all women like that of Mary in whose womb Jesus the UNBORN CHILD was CARED, LOVED AND HONORED BEFORE AND AFTER BIRTH.

13. To promote the above we teach that womb is not the property of any particular religion. It belongs to all as a gift for the co-creation, development and education from the moment of conception till natural death.

14. We teach Billings Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning. It requires no extra expenses, easy to learn and has no harmful side effects. It respects the equal right of every woman to have a say in sexual relations with men. Every woman has a right to say "NO" or "YES' or "WAIT" in a friendly, respectful and reasonable human way. She has a right to respect her body and not become a slave or chattel.

15. Pro-Life is a LIFE-GIVING and LIFE-RECEIVING PROCESS promoting life even beyond physical death.

Want to help?

The Centre urgently needs funds. The approximate building cost of the Respect for Life Centre is 9,000,000 rupees, divided up like so:

Cost of 2 acres of land:
rs. 1,000,000

Constuction of home, counseling centre and resource centre:
rs. 6,000,000

rs. 2,000,000

Drops of rainwater eventually flood rivers. For the sake of pregnant women and their children, please give. The Respect for Life Centre is one of the first of its kind in India- a serious attempt to foster a consistent life ethic while helping women to choose life. Its existence depends on the generosity of its donors.

If you would like to make a donation of your time or money, contact the address located at the top of this webpage, or e-mail Sr. Jacqeline Puthota at

"Life is for everyone today."

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