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TURK, WM. M. (or H.), of Adair, 19, single, to MISS SARAH "Sally" BLAIR, dau of John by note, of Adair, 16, single, on 13 May 1856, surety B.F.Carter.

TURNER, ACEY (Asa) to RODY HILL on 22 Feb 1841 by Karnes, (min.rets.only). dau of John Hill.

TURNER, CHARLES to MINERVA ROACH on 6 Mar 1842 by Janes, (min.rets.only).

TURNER, DAVID A. to REBECCA HUGGARD JANES on 31 Dec 1846 by W.J.Traylor, (min.ret.only), (see also marriage for Jos. Guin.)

TURNER, GEORGE to JULIA ANN POLLY on 1 Feb 1841 by Simpson, (min.rets.only).

TURNER, GEORGE W., son of Green B. by note, of Adair, 19, first mar, he and both parents born Adair, to ANN ELIZA WEST, of Adair, 17, first mar, she and both parents born Adair, her guardian present, on 5 Feb 1868 by James, surety W. H. Row.

TURNER, GREEN B. to SALLY ANN ROSS on 10 Oct 1844 by J.Blair, (min.rets.only).

TURNER, JAMES S., of Adair, 28, born Adair, to ELENOR KETON, of Adair, 19, born Cumberland Co., single, dau of Ervin Keton, on 11 Jan 1853 by Simpson, surety James Garnett.

TURNER, IRA to FRANCES ANN BRADSHAW, dau of Isaiah, on 19 Nov 1840 by J.Blair, (min.ret.only).

TURNER, JOHN M. to NANCY M. LOY on 3 Apr 1864 by Simpson at Michael Loy's, (min.ret.only).

TURNER, JOSEPH A. to MARTHA J. A. STRANGE on 6 June 1867 by S.Davis, (min.ret.only).

TURNER, MARTIN A., of Adair, 21, born Adair, single, son of John, to SARAH E. VANHOY, of Adair, 19, born Clinton Co., single, stepdaughter of Wm. Cumpton, on 21 Oct 1855 by J.Blair, surety Sinc. Wheat.

TURNER, THOMAS W. to MARTHA NELL on 26 June 1844 by Simpson, (min.rets.only).

TURNER, WILLIAM M. HENRY to AMANDA PATTESON on 2 July 1846 by Milam, (min.rets. only).

TURNER, WM. H. to SARAH F. FINN on 24 July 1867 by Cundiff, (min.ret.only).

TUTTS CYRUS P. to MARY ANN SUDDARTH on 5 Oct 1851 by Donelson, (min.rets.only).

TUTT, LUWELL M. to LOUISA J. KEEN on 13 June 1850 by Keen, (min.rets.only).

TUTT, THOMAS to SUSAN ANN MERCER on 9 Jan 1846 by Janes, (min.rets.only).

TUTT, THOMAS H. to JEMIMA C. NELSON, dau of Marbart? Womly? by note, bond only dated 20 Oct 1855, surety Morris Bailey.

TWEEDY, JAMES, of Adair, 17, consent note signed by John M. Tweedy, to ELIZABETH CARTER, of Adair, 18, single, her father present, on 17 May 1858 by W.Blair, surety George W. Carter.

VANCE, ABRAHAM to MARGARET S. TURNER on 22 Jan 1852 by Tucker, (min.rets.only).

VANCE, WILLIAM to ANN H. S. E. BRIDGEWATER on 25 Oct 1863 by Wallace, (min.ret.)

VANHOY, CHRISTOPHER C. to LUCY W. WAGGONER on 24 Dec 1866 by Monroe at W. W. Waggoner's, (min.ret.only).

VANHOY, THOMAS J. to MATILDA BROWN, dau of Stephen by note, bond only dated 10 Nov 1854, surety Win. J. Brown.

VAUGHAN, ISAAC N. to MARTHA J. HAYSE on 26 Dec 1861 by Simpson, (min.ret.only).

VAUGHAN, PHILLIP W. to MARTHA C. MASSIE on 10 May 1861 by Walls, (min.ret.only).

VIARS, JESSE S. to SUSAN ROY on 8 Apr 1862 by James at Susan Roy's, (min.ret.only).

VIGUS, CHARLES L., of Adair, 19, first mar, born Adair, father born Adair, mother born Ky., son of Jordan by note, to SALLIE M. FLETCHER, of Adair, 16, first mar, born Hart Co., parents both born Adair, her guardian present, on 10 June 1869 by W.Blair, surety George W. Carter.

VIGUS, JORDAN to SALLY JANE COMPTON on 25 Oct 1842 by Simpson, (min.rets.only). (His name appears in one record as Vigris).

VIGUS, JORDAN L. to MISS MARY CLIMPTON, her mother consents no note found, bond only dated 16 Feb 1854, surety John M. Yates.

VINZANT, MILTON S., of Barren Co., 25, to ELLEN HOLLAND, of Adair, 25, single, on 29 Mar 1860 by Roach, (min.ret.only).

VIGUS, WILLIAM T. to ZERILDA JANE WHITE on 28 Feb 1850 by Simpson, (min.rets. only).

VIRE, WM. H., of Adair, 21, to JANE HINTON, of Adair, 29, widow, on 29 Dec 1859 by Absher, (min.ret.only).

WAGGENER, EDMON P., of Adair, 25, born Columbia, single, to E. B. SMITH, of Adair, born Adair, single, on 20 Aug 1855, (min.ret.only).

WAGONER, RUBEN M. to ROSE ANNA CREEL on 8 Nov 1849 by G.Taylor, (min.rets.only).


WAGGONER, WILLIAM to ELLEN F. ROBERTS on 3 July 1850 by Burge, (min.rets.only).

WALBERT, DAVID to POLLY ANDERSON on 31 Oct 1848 by J.Blair, (min.rets.only).

WALBERT, DAVID, of Adair, 36, to ELISABETH GRISSOM, of Adair, 23, on 13 Feb 1860 by J.Blair, (min.ret.only).

WALBERT, JAMES M., of Adair, son of John L. by note, to MARThA JANE GRISSOM, of Adair, dau of Win, by note, bond dated 25 July 1856, min.ret.says married on 26 June 1856 by J.Blair, surety David Walbert.

WALDON, JACKSON, of Adair, to ANNA McNEELY, of Adair, on 15 Aug 1865 by Patton, (min.ret.only).

WALDEN, JOHN 0. (or A.), born Va., divorced, to MARTHA ANN HUBBARD (one record calls her a Holt), of Adair, 42, born Va., widow, on 9 Oct 1856 by Absher, surety William P. Breeden.

WALKER, H. C. to HARRIET A. DOHONEY on 5 Oct 1865 by G.Reed at Payton Dohoney' s, (min.ret.only).

WALKER, JAMES H. to LOUISA LEE on 13 Jan 1864 by Absher, (min.ret.only).

WALKER, LEWIS to ELIZABETH NELSON, dau of Joseph, on 24 Mar 1841.

WALKER, LYSANDER to SALLY FLOWERS on 27 Feb 1845 by Peak, (min.rets.only).

WALKER, MOREAN to TUZY BRADSHAW, dau of William, on 2 Nov 1840.

WALKER, S. Q. to LOUISA PEEBLES on 31 Oct 1867 by Cundiff at Elizabeth Peeble's, (min.ret.only).

WALKER, SAMUEL A., of Adair, to ELIZABETH COOMER, of Adair, on 28 Feb 1863 by Hill, (min.ret.only).

WALKER, WM. to MARY JANE KINNAIRD, not dated, recorded with marriages from 1845 and 1846, by Sutherland, (min.rets.only).

WALKER, WILLIAM W. (son of Polly Canterberry according to Burdette files), to MARY ANN SMITH, granddaughter of John P. and Mary Smith, on 25 Jan 1841.

WALKUP, MATHEW J., of Adair, 27, to MISS MILDRED GRYDER, 22, single, dau of Fanny F. by note, on 13 Jan 1858 by W.Blair, surety Froncis M. Stotts.

WALKUP, OLIVER G. to MARTHA C. TURNER on 26 Aug 1847 by Simpson, (min.rets.only).

WALKUP, ROBERT M. to LOUISA HICKS, dau of Joseph, on 17 Dec 1840 by Colgan.

WALKUP, WILLIAM to ELIZABETH A. STRANGE on 8 Sept 1842 by Simpson, (min.rets.only).

WALKUP, ZACHARIAH to JULIA A. E. LEFTWICH, dau of R. T. , bond only dated 10 Apr 1854, surety Silas E. Leftwich.

WALLACE, BENJAMIN N., of Adair, 23, to MARTHA B. PRICE, of Adair, 23, single, on 16 June 1857 by Price, surety Francis C. Johnson.

WALLACE, RICHARD W. to ROSANNAH M. HURT on 9 Sept 1848 by Lewis, (min.rets.only).

WALLER, WILLIAM F. to SARAH ANN JOHNSON (Johnston in one record) on 8 Feb 1842 by Colgan, (min.rets.only).

WAMPLER, A. H. to REBECCA JUDD, her guardian M.Miller consented, bond dated 5 Aug 18.57, min.ret.not dated, married by W. Blair, surety Squire H. Judd.

WARD, DAVID M. to MALISSA ROWE on 24 Feb 1867 by Cundiff, (min.ret.only).

WARF, JOHN, of Adair, to JANE M. CARNES, of Adair, single, on 19 Nov 1857 by Absher, surety Cornelius Burton.

WARRINER, WILLIAM (or Wilson in one record), of Adair, 27, born Cumberland Co.. widower, to SAMANTHA WHITE, of Adair, 23, born Adair, single, on 7 Jan 1856 by W. Blair, surety Paschal Willis.

WATSON ARCHIBALD to ELIZA (or Elizabeth) MARTIN, dau of James, 16 Jan 1840 by Steel, (min.ret.only).

WATSON, GREEN P., of Adair, 27, first mar, born Barren Co., parents born Adair, to LOUISA M. RICE, of Adair, 17, first mar, born Adair, father born Taylor Co., mother born Adair, dau of A.H.Rice by note, on 7 Apr 1869 by Absher at Dr. A. Rice's, surety David P. Rice.

WATSON, JAS. H., of Adair, 23, to NANCY J. HUMPHRESS, of Adair, 21, single, on 3 Feb 1859 by Knifley, (min.ret.only).

WATSON, JOEL to MARY A. HUMPHREYS on 29 May 1850 by Knifley, (min.rets.only).

WATSON, JOHNSON, of Adair, 19, to ELISABETH FISHER, of Adair, 24, on 29 Jan 1861 by Absher, (min.ret.only).

WATSON, JONATHAN to MARTISHA 0. FIELD on 7 Jan 1862 by Simpson at W.B.Field's, (min.ret.only).

WATSON, LINDSAY J. to HANNAH JANE TRABUE on 22 May 1843 by Lapsley, (min.rets.only).

WATSON, LYTTLE N., of Adair, 21, single, his guardian present, to LOUISA P. MONROE, of Adair, 19, single, on 28 Mar 1856 by Watson, surety Win. L. Watson.

WATSON, NATHAN W. to SALLIE M. WEST on 4 June 1866 by Simpson at L.A.Strange's, (min.ret.only).

WATSON, NELSON to ELIZABETH HARMON on 28 Feb 1850 by Absher, (min.rets.only).


WATSON, W. WARREN to MISS LOUIZA BIGGS on 15 Jan 1851 by ??, (min.rets.only).

WATSON, WILLIAM to AMANDA F. KINNAIRD on 12 Nov 1846 by Woodard, (min.rets.only).

WATSON, WILLIAM to CATHERINE WINFREY on 15 Mar 1866 by Monroe, (min.ret.only).

WATSON, WM. L., of Adair, 23, single, to ELIZABETH DUDGEON, of Taylor Co., 21, single, dau of William by note, on 3 Apr 1856 by Knifley, surety John Watson.

WATSON, WILLIAM L. to MARY A. BARNETT on 6 Nov 1867 by Monroe at Jefferson Barnett's, (min.ret.only).

WEATHERFORD, W. B. to MARY J. HUMPHRESS on 24 Dec 1861 at Joel Watson's.

WEATHERHEAD, DAVID G. to EMILY SEXTON on 14 May 1847 by J.Breeding, (min.rets.only).

WEBBER, CHRISTOPHER to CATHERINE LOVING on 21 Apr 1864 by James at Stephen Loving's, (min.ret.only).

WESLEY, GUIRY to SAMANTHA A. SQUIRES on 12 Feb 1862 by W.Blair, (min.ret.only).

WEST, ASA F. to JANE McCLISTER on 26 Dec 1847 by Epperson, (min.ret.only).

WEST, GIDEON RUFUS to SUSANA BUSBY on 1 Jan 1843 by J.Thompson, (min.rets.only).

WETHERINGTON, PETER BAINBRIDGE, of Casey Co., 22, first mar, born Casey Co., father born Adair, mother born Casey Co., to MAHALA C. SANDERS, of Adair, 18, frist mar, she and both parents born Adair, her guardian W.R..Sanders consents, on 15 Nov 1868 by P. Cassid, Catholic Priest, surety Josiah Hendrickson.

WETHINCTON, A. V. to CATHERINE KNIFLEY on 18 Feb 1866 at St. John's Church in Casey Co. by Patrick Cassid, (min.ret.only).

WEATHINCTON, RICHARD, of Adair, 45, widower, to MARTHA ANN CUNNINGHAM, of Adair, 28, dau of James by note, on 17 Sept 1857 by Absher, surety Francis M. Ross.

WHEAT, CLAYTON M. to ELIZABETH E. WHEAT on 29 Apr 1850 by Peak, (min.rets.only).

WHEAT, CYRUS, of Russell Co., 24, first mar, born Russell Co., father born Russell Co., mother born Adair Co., to MARY E. MORGAN, of Adair, 16, first mar, born Adair, parents born Cumberland Co., her father present, on 26 Dec 1869 by B.T.Vaughan, surety Anderson Morgan.

WHEAT, ELI to MILIA R. MOORE on 28 May 1863 by G.W.Taylor, (min.ret.only).

WHEAT, GRANVILLE A. to SUSAN E. MORSE (Moss in one return) on 24 Oct 1843 by J.C.C. Thompson, (min.rets.only).

WHEAT, GRIFFIN B., of Russell Co., 39, to MARY WHITE, of Adair, 26, single, on 7 July 1859 by Absher, (min.ret.only).

WHEAT, JOSEPH Z. to M. E. SMITH (Myra Ellen according to Adair Co. cemetery records) on 18 Sept 1850, (min.rets.only), by G.W.Taylor.

WHEAT, JOHN R., of Adair, 45 (or 54), born Adair, widower, to MILLY E. MEDARIS, of Adair, 27, born Adair, widow, on 5 Sept 1854, surety Isaiah Bradshaw.

WHEAT, OTHA to CYNTHA WHITE on 18 Nov 1842 by J.C.C.Thompson, (min.rets.only).

WHEAT, SAMUEL H., of Russell Co., 20, first mar, born Georgia, father born Adair, mother born Georgia, son of B.C.W.Wheat, to MARTHA E. OWENS, of Adair, 20, first mar, born Adair, father born NC, mother born Tenn., dau of Elizabeth Owens, bond dated 24 Dec 1869, min.ret.says married on 20 Dec 1869, by W. Blair, surety Sidney Barger.

WHEAT, SAMUEL M., of Adair, 20, first mar, born Adair, father born Bourbon Co., mother born Adair, son of Samuel Wheat, to NANCY B. COLLINS, of Adair, 18, first mar, born Adair, father born Pulaski Co., mother born Adair, dau of N. M. Collins, on 24 Oct 1869 by Rippetoe at Maxwell Collins, surety N. M. Collins.

WHEAT, SINCLAIR to CATHARINE F. GARNETT, her mother consents—no note found, on 8 Nov 1854, surety Joshua P. Owens.

WHEAT, VOLENTINE C. to ELIZA L. COLLINS on 13 Dec 1865 by Rippetoe at M. Collins' (min.ret.only).

WHEAT, WILLIS to AGNESS C. CHAPMAN on 13 June 1844 by J.P.Murrell, (min.rets.only).

WHEAT, Z. C. to MATILDA T. MILLER on 7 Feb 1859 by H.C.Reed, (min.ret.only).

WHEELER, JAMES to SALLIE M. PATTERSON on 13 Oct 1842 by J.Breeding, (min.rets.only).

WHEELER, JOHN B. to EMILY WILSON on 11 Nov 1847 by Wheeler, (min.rets.only).

WHEELER, WILLIAM D., of Adair, single, to MARY ANN WAGGENER, of Adair, 24, born "at W.W.Waggener 's", single, on 10 Sept 1855 by B.T.Taylor, surety James M. Wheeler.

WHEELE_, ELZY to MARY ANN GRIEVER on 12 Feb 1850 by Absher, (min.rets.only).

WHITE, ABRELL J. to GENNETTA T. (or Y.) WINFREY on 2 Sept 1842 by Colgan, (min. rets.only).

WHITE, ALBERT to POLLY STOTTS on 15 Nov 1842 by J.Blair, (min.rets.only).

WHITE, EUPHRATES C. to SALLY HURT on 17 July 1842 by Simpson, (min.ret.only).

WHITE, HIRAM C., of Adair, 30, to MARIAH SPARKS, of Adair, on 16 Sept 1860 by Morrison, (min.ret.only).

WHITE, JOHN W. to SARAH J. MONDAY on 19 Dec 1865 by Knifley at Sarah Monday's, (min.ret.only).

WHITE, JOHN W., of Adair, 22, first mar, born Adair, father born Va., mother born Taylor Co., to MARY E. BERNARD, of Adair, 16, first mar, born Russell Co., parents born Adair, dau of W.W.Bernard by note, on 9 June 1868 by Absher, suretY J.L.Hovious.

WHITE, SIDNEY C. to HESTER GADBERRY on 12 Apr 1848 by Absher, (min.rets.only).

WHITE, SIDNEY H., of Adair, to MARY N. TILMAN, of Adair, single, on 17 Jan 1861 by Morrison, (min.ret.only).

WHITE, SILAS H. to MISS T? L? EWING bond only dated 26 Sept 1854, surety Chesley J. Taylor.

WHITE, WILLIAM to MALINDA GRIDER on 18 Apr 1845 by Simpson, (min.rets.only).

WHITLOCK (or Willock), MANOAH T. (or S.), of Green Co., 23, to NANCY J. PERRY, of Adair, 20, dau of Hannah Perry by note, on 24 Nov 1856 by Keen?, surety Joseph Perry.

WICKLIFF, JOHN D. to L. ALLES TRABUE on 18 Dec 1866 by James at Elizabeth Trabue's (min. ret .only).

WILBORN SAMUEL A. to MARY N. BARDIN on 20 Jan 1865 by W.Blair, (min.ret.only).

WILBURN, WILLIAM to MARY A. BARDEN on 23 Jan 1861 by W.Blair, (min.ret.only).

WILCOX, BENJAMIN to MARY ANN SPARKS on 7 Nov 1843 by Janes, (min.rets.only).

WILCOX, GEORGE to ELIZABETH HUGHES on 23 Dec 1849 by J.Blair, (min.rets.only).

WILCOX, GEORGE A., of Adair, 21, first mar, he and parertsbornAdair, to ELLEN V.KELTNER, of Adair, 22, first mar, she and parents born Adair, dau of John, on 22 Dec 1869 by Barnes, surety R.H.Hamlett.

WILCOX, NOAH to ELIZABETH McCORKLE WALKER on 4 Mar 1847 by Traylor, (min.ret.only).

WILCUT, JOHN, of Adair, 18, to SALLY A. ENGLAND, of Adair, 28, born Adair, on 9 Nov 1859 by J.Blair, (min.ret.only).

WILCUT, JOHN F., of Adair, to ESTER N. SCOTT, of Adair, on 2 Aug 1862 by Patton, (min.ret.only).

WILKENSON, WM. R. to NANCY B. HUGHES on 17 Jan 1848 by Tucker, (min.rets.only).

WILKERSON, GILBERT C. to SUSANNAH COFFEY bond only dated 25 Feb 1854, surety Jesse Wilkerson.

WILKERSON, THOMAS to MARTHA FORBES on 1 or 4 Mar 1846 (two returns, each gives different date) by Kidd, (min.rets.only).

WILLEN, JAMES (Wilson in one return), 32, born Russell Co., to SARAH J. JUDD, of Adair, 19, born Adair, single, on 21 Dec 1852 by Epperson.

WILLIAMS, ALBERT, of Cumberland Co., 22, born Cumberland Co., to MARY ELENDER WALBERT, of Adair, 16, born Adair, single, dau of John S. by note, on 11 Jan 1855, surety John S. Walbert.

WILLIAMS, ALFRED to MARY ANN ROSE on 20 Dec 1851 by Janes, (min.rets.only).

WILLIAMS, C. W. to M. S. BREEDING on 2 Nov 1865 by Parrish at Jos. Breeding's, (min.ret.only).

WILLIAMS, CHARLES R., of Adair, 25, to PHOBE SMITH (Pheby in one record), of Adair, 21, single, her father consents no note found, on 14 Oct 1858 by Absher, James H. Robinson surety.

WILLIAMS, DREWRY to MARGARET BREEDING on 16 Oct 1845 by Epperson, (min.rets.only).

WILLIAMS, HARRISON, of Barren Co., 21, born Barren Co., to ELIZABETH JANES, of Adair, 29, born Barren Co., dau of William C. Janes by note, on 18 Feb 1855, surety John Mills Martin.

WILLIAMS, ISAAC N. to ELIZABETH ESTES, on 21 Dec 1865 by W.Blair at Warfield Estes, (min.ret.only).

WILLIAMS, ISAAC N., of Russell Co., 34, first mar, born Russell Co., father born NC, mother born Adair, to HELENA BRADSHAW, of Adair, 24, first mar, she and parents born Adair, on 14 Jan 1869 by F.N.Taylor at Alban Bradshaw's, surety Ceo. W. Flowers, Jr.

WILLIAMS, JAMES to MARGARET ANN NEET, dau of David Neet by note, bond only dated 7 Sept 1855, surety James H. Evans.

WILLIAMS, JOHN W. to MARY A. WINFREY on 10 June 1849 by Absher, (min.rets.only).

WILLIAMS, JOHN M., of Adair, 23, first mar, born Cumberland Co., father born Va, mother born Cumberland Co., to MATILDA J. ROSS, of Adair, 19, first mar, she and parents born Adair, her guardian John Blan? consented by note, on 4 Nov 1869 by Harvey at John Polston's, surety Charles W. McKinnev.

WILLIAMS, JOSEPH D., of Cumberland Co., 38, to NARSISSA M. RHEA, of Adair, 28, single, on 5 June 1860 by Reed, (min.ret.only).

WILLIAMS, ROBERT J. to MISS ELIZABETH STEPHENS bond only dated 15 Apr 1854, surety Jasper Stephens.

WILLIAMS, ROLLEY W. to MARY ELLIS WINFREY on 1 Apr 1849 by Pelley, (min.rets.only).

WILLIAMS, WILLIAM A. (or S.), son of Seth by note, to MARTHA B. PATTERSON, dau of Balab Patterson by note, on 2 Nov 1858 by Armstrong, surety Henry C. Williams.

WILLIAMS, WM. N. to MARY JANE ESTES on 2 Aug 1866 by W.Blair at Warfield Estest, (min.ret.only).

WILLIS, A. C. to M. E. WILLIS on 5 Jan 1864 by James at Paschal Willis?5, (min. ret.only).