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STINSON, RILEY to P. A. BEATY on 7 Sept 1860 by James, (min.ret.only).

STINSON, WILLBURN, of Adair, 23, first mar, born Wayne Co., parents born US, to ELIZABETH THOMAS, of Adair, 18, first mar, she and parents born Adair, dau of Henry, on 18 Nov 1868 by Wallace, surety John W. Reynolds.

STONE, JAMES H., of Adair, 24, first mar, born Adair, father born Adair, mother born Cumberland Co., "1 think", to MARTHA R. EDRINGTON, of Adair, 18, first mar, born Adair, father born Adair "I think", mother born Va. "I think", dau of John by note, on 15 Jan 1868 by Wallace, surety George R. Page.

STONE, JOHN R., of Adair, 26, to ERMINE VIGUS, of Adair, 19, single, on 16 Jan 1860 by Morrison, (min.ret.only).

STONE, STEPHEN, of Adair, 47, to ELIZA COFFEY, of Adair, 40, single, on 16 June 1857 by J.Breeding, surety Sinclair Wheat.

STONE, STEPHEN R., of Adair, 24, to LUCILLA SUDDARTH, of Adiar, 22, single, her father consents, on 19 Oct 1858 by Absher, surety Sinclair wheat.

STONE, URIAH, of Adair, 27, to MARY E. HANCOCK, of Adair, 22, on 30 Oct 1859 by Absher, (min.ret.only).

STONE, WILLIAM to ELIZABETH STOTTS on 21 Apr 1842 by Simpson, (min.rets.only).

STONE, WILLIAM C. to MELVINA WAID on 20 Mar 1865 by W.Blair at Widow Waid's, (min.ret.only).

STOTTS, BENJAMIN to MRS. SARAH WHITE on 7 Sept 1851 by Williams, (min.rets.only).

STOTTS, BERRYMAN to MARTHA S. STOTTS on 10 Mar 1842 by Simpson, (min.rets.only).

STOTTS, FRANCIS M. to FRANCIS PATTERSON on 5 Jan 1847 by Simpson, (min.rets.only).

STOTTS, HIRAM, of Adair, 23, first mar, born Adair, father born Va., mother born East Tenn., to ELIZA EARLES, of Adair, 24, first mar, she and parents born Adair, dau of Obediah by note, on 9 Jan 1868 by J.Breeding at Obediah Earles' , surety John F. Jones.

STOTTS, JAMES A. to AMANDA SWIFT on 24 Apr 1842 by J.Breeding, (min.rets.only).

STOTTS, JOHN to ELIZABETH W. DOHONEY on 20 Dec 1848 by Milam, (min.rets.only).

STOTTS, JOHN to MANERVA H. REED on 10 Feb 1842 by J.Breeding, (min.rets.only).

STOTTS, JOHN, of Adair, to FEREBY FORBS, of Adair, on 13 Apr 1863 by Patton, (min. ret. only)

STOTTS, JAMES to NANCY JANE HUNLEY (Hulsy in one record) on 10 Sept 1850 by ???, (min.rets.only).

STOTTS, OLIVER to ELIZABETH MOORE on 25 May 1843 by Simpson, (min.rets.only).

STOTTS, SOLOMON to MARGARET EMELINE GOLIHER on 4 Apr 1843 by W. Blair, (min. rets.only).

STRANGE, A. C. to HULDA C. GRANT on 15 Mar 1864 by F.N.Taylor, (min.ret.only).

STRANGE, ARCHILLUS A., of Adair, 21, born Adair, to POLLY ANN POWELL, of Adair, 21, born Adair, single, on 17 Nov 1852 by Simpson, (min.rets.only).

STRANGE, LARKIN A. to MARY ANN SIMPSON on 9 Nov 1843 by Williams, (min.rets.only).

STRANGE, 0. A. to MARY JANE GRANT on 21 Nov 1867 by W.Biair at Eli Grant's, (min. rets.only).

STRANGE, S. W., of Adair, 26, first mar, physician, he and parents born Adair, to MARY J. BIRD, of Adair, 23, first mar, born Adair, father born Ky., mother born Adair, on 23 Mar 1869 by Alexander at James Breeding's, surety R. A. Baker.

STRANGE, W. C. A. to SALLY TURNER on 15 June 1843 by Simpson, (min.rets.only).

STREET, JAMES H. to SARIAH J. POWERS on 12 Apr 1864 by Hill, (min.ret.only).

STREET, WILLIAM to SALLY JONES (or Janes) on 8 Oct 1846 by J.Blair, (min.rets. only).

STULTS, ASA to LUCINDA JANE HANDCOCK, dau of Tomis M. by note, bond only dated 4 Oct 1856, surety Win. Rutledge.

STULTS, BENJAMIN B., of Adair, aged 23 or 33, single, to OCTAVIA E. BEARD,single, dau of Margaret Beard by note, on 22 Nov 1855, surety William Pickett.

STULTS, SAMUEL to ANNIE FINN on 18 Jan 1848 by Tucker, (min.rets.only).

STULTS, WILLIAM to LUCRETIA (or Lou) JANES on 15 July 1846 by G.Breeding, (min. rets.only).

SUBLETT, JOHN T. to MARTHA D. CRAIG (Cragg in one record) on 15 Mar 1849 by Burge, (min.rets.only).

SUDDARTH, JOHN W. to ELIZABETH ANN MURRELL on 24 Nov 1864 by S.L.Murrell, (min. ret.only).

SUDDARTH, SAMUEL G. to AMANDA F. BAKER, not dated, recorded with marriages from 1848, by Lewis, (min.rets.only).

SULLIVAN, GEORGE W., of Adair, 32, to ELIZABETH BAULT, of Adair, 40, on 19 Mar 1854 by Watson, surety James A. Beard. Note: The original marriage certificate can be found in Marriage Bond Book number 3.

SULLIVAN, JAMES to ABBY DENTON on 27 Sept 1847 by Absher, (min.rets.onlv).

SULLIVAN, WASHINGTON Y. to MARY A. HANCOCK on 24 Aug 1865 by W.Blair at J.M. Hancock's, (min.ret.only).

SUMMERS, B. F., of Barren Co., 23, first mar, born Missouri, father born Wayne Co., mother born Ky. to SARAH FRANCES ISBELL, of Missouri, 24, first mar, born Ky., father born Va."I think", mother born Ky., on 29 Oct 1868 by Cundiff, surety 0. B. Patteson.

SUTTON, JOHN to NANCY SCOTT on 2 Nov 1848 by Neal, (min.rets.only).

TARTAR, SHELLY (or Shelby), of Adair, 19, born Green Co., consent by his guardian, Powers Tarter, to MARY ANN RETHERFORD, of Adair, 21, born Adair, single, on 10 Aug 1853 by Tucker, surety Thomas Tucker.

TARTER, WILLIAM C., of Adair, 19, son of Alfred, to LOUISA J. BRAGG, of Adair, 23, her father present, on 6 Oct 1857 by Roach, surety James M. Bragg.

TAYLOR, CHARLES B. to SARAH E. PATTERSON on 29 Jan 1850 by Burge, (min.rets.only).

TAYLOR, GEORGE W. to MARY JANES on 3 Sept 1863 by Nichols, (min.ret.only).

TAYLOR, HARVEY to JANE DOOLEY on 18 Jan 1843 by J.Breeding, (min.rets.only).

TAYLOR, JAMES G. to CARRIE J. BRIGHT on 10 Sept 1861 by Woods, (min.rets.only).

TAYLOR, JOHN H. to CAROLINE J. BAKER on 28 July 1842 by Baker, (min.rets.only).

TAYLOR, JOSEPH E., of Adair, 23, first mar, he and both parents born Adair, to ELIZABETH J. STRANGE, of Adair, 19, first mar, born Adair, father born Adair, mother born Clinton Co., her father consents no note found, bond dated 8 Dec 1868, min.ret.says married 1 Dec 1868 at Louis Strange's by James, surety D. A. Taylor.

TAYLOR, JOSEPH H. to MARY ANN TURK on ?? Mar 1849 by J.Breeding, (min.rets.only).

TAYLOR, MATHEW to MARY JANE LOY on 23 Jan 1862 by W.Blair at Martin Loy's, (min. ret, only).

TAYLOR, P. W. to A. J. MONTGOMERY on 29 Dec 1863 by James at Wm. Montgomery's, (min. ret. only)

TAYLOR, SIMON P., of Adair, 30, to MISS MARY JOSEPHINE HARRIS, of C6lumbia, 23, her father consents no note found, on 29 Mar 1857 by McKee, surety U. L. Taylor.

TAYLOR, URIAH L., of Adair, 24, to M. J. PATTERSON, of Adair, 23, born Russell Co., single, bond dated 19 Dec 1857, min.ret.says married on 20 Dec 1859, by Goodson, surety Charles B. Taylor.

TERRILL (See Win. A. Leveral)

THOMAS, EDWARD, son of John, to JOANNAH WINFREY, dau of Archer, on 21 Jan 1841, by Mills. (Note: Burdette records gives date of mar. as 29 Jan 1841.)

THOMAS, GEORGE A. to ANN M. NAYLOR on 28 Dec 1864 by James at Jas. Naylor's, (min.ret.only).


THOMAS, HENRY to NANCY M. McCLARING on 29 Mar 1849 by G.Breeding, (min.rets.only).

THOMAS, JAMES to ELIZABETH HURT on 24 Feb 1841 by Colgan, (min.rets.only).

THOMAS, JAMES B., 23, born Adair, to SARAH ELIZABETH WATSON, of Adair, 17, dau of Archibald by note, on 3 Dec 1857 by Knifley, surety James M. Sherrill.

THOMAS, JAMES 0., 24, born Cuinberland Co., widower, to MARY M. THOMAS, 19, born Adair, dau of Wm. H. Thomas, on 25 Aug 1853 by Sweeney, surety William Thomas.

THOMAS JAMES S., of Adair, 18, first mar, born Adair, father born Va., mother born Adair,50n of Nelson A., to MARY L. DILLINGHAM, of Adair, 22, first mar, born Adair, parents born Ky. on 21 Apr 1869 by Knifley surety Nelson Thomas.

THOMAS, JOHN D. to HARRIET BURBRIDGE on 6 Feb 1867 by W. Blair, (min.ret.only).

THOMAS, JOHN L. to MARY V. A. STRANGE on 7 Oct 1846 by Epperson, (min.rets.only).

THOMAS, JOHN W. to MARY E. MURRELL on 27 Mar 1865 by Absher at Willis Murrell's,

THOMAS, MARTIN N. to ELIZABETH ANN PATTESON on 9 June 1844 by Thomas, (min. rets.only).

THOMAS, NICHOLAS to MARY ANN JUDD on 24 June 1846 by Watson, (min.rets.only).

THOMAS, NELSON to SARAH R. EVANS on 28 July 1847 by Absher, (min.rets.only).

THOMAS, NICHOLAS, of Adair, 41, born Adair, widower, to NANCY JANE BAULT, of Adair, 23, born Adair, single, on 27 Dec 1855, surety John H. Biggs.

THOMAS, SHELBY to SUSAN NEAT on 20 Oct 1844 by Absher, (min.rets.only).

THOMAS, WILLIAM to NANCY EDRINGTON on 6 Aug 1840 by Portman. (Groom's name seems to appear as William N. Tombs in one return.)

THOMAS, WM. to MARY A. BAILY on 23 Feb 1841 by J.Breeding, (min.rets.only).

THOMAS, WILLIAM to JANE BLAIR on 22 Oct 1850 by W.Blair, (min.rets.only).

THOMAS, WILLIAM to POLLY WILKERSON bond only dated 20 Mar 1854, surety Sinclair Wheat.

THOMAS, WILLIAM F., of Adair, 26, to MARGRET ELIZABETH SHIRRILL, of Adair, 17, on 24 Dec 1861 by Knifley, (min.ret.only).

THOMAS, WM. H. to SARAH A. SHERRILL, her father present, bond only dated 1 Sept 1856, surety Granderson Sherrill.

THOMAS, WM. H. to NANCY A. BAILEY on 10 May 1866 by Wallace, (min.ret.only).

THOMPSON, ALEXANDER, of Adair, 25, born Green Co., Ga., to MAHALA WOMACK, of Adair, 24, born Adair, single, bond dated 12 Jan 1853, min.ret.says married on 10 Dec 1853, by M.Blair, surety Jesse Womack.

THURMAN, ELISHA to SUSAN GRIDER on 21 Oct 1867 by W.Blair, (min.ret.only).

THURMAN, G. T. (min.ret.says C.T.), of Cumberland Co., 20, single, son of William B. by note, to LYDIA ANN COOK, of Adair, 23, single, her father present, on 27 Mar 1856 by Simpson, surety Joseph Morgan.

TIBBS, WILLIAM J. to HARRIET or HANNER N. HUGHES on 17 Feb 1842 by Milam, (min. rets.only).

TILMAN, JAS. C., of Adair, 21, to MARY E. HARVEY, of Adair, 23, single, on 19 June 1859 by Morrison, (min.ret.only).

TOMBS, WILLIAM (see William Thomas).

TOMLIN, LEWIS to NANCY HARVEY on 27 July 1848 by Tucker, (min.rets.only).

TOMS, WILLIAM W. to NANCY EDRINGTON, dau of Thomas, on 30 July 1840 (see also William Thomas and Nancy Edrington).

TOWNSEND, JOHN A. to MARTHA HUGHES on 30 Mar 1851 by Tucker, (min.rets.only).

TOWNSEND, WILLIAM J. to MARY ANN TUTT on 14 Jan 1843 by Thompson, (min.rets.only).

TRAYLOR, JAMES A., his guardian Josiah S.Curry consented, to MARY REED, dau of Emanuel Reed, bond only dated 22 Sept 1854, surety James Forbes.

TRAYLOR, JAMES A. to NANCY GRISSOM on 25 Feb 1862 by W.Blair at Wm. Grissom' s, (min. ret.only)

TRAYLOR, JOSEPH L. to ELIZABETH SHEPHERD on 26 July 1864 by W.Blair, (min.ret. only).

TRESENRITER, CHARLES B., of Adair, 22, first mar, born Green Co., father born Jefferson Co., mother born Green Co., to HARRIETT J. KEMP, of Adair, 16, first mar, born Adair, father born Adair, mother born Madison Co., dau of Thomas A. Kemp, on 26 Nov 1868 by Nichols, surety Thos. A. Kemp.

TRESENRITER, SAMUEL C., of Adair, 30, born Green Co., widower, to MISS CLEOPATRA HAMILTON, of Adair, 25, born Adair, single, on 29 Mar 1855, surety Jackson Hamilton.

TRIPLET, CHARLES T. to MARY J. MURRELL on 14 June 1866 by Cisney at William Murrell's, (min.ret.only).

TRIPLETT, LOUIS (or Lewis) to FRANCIS A. MIJRRELL married in November 1844, marriage was recorded by the minister, A.McCown, in courthouse on 29 Nov 1844.

TUCKER, HOWARD to LOUISA NEAT on 19 May 1847 by Absher, (min.rets.only).

TUCKER, JOHN to ANN SPURLING, sister to John Spurling, on 1 Sept 1840 by Colgan.

TUCKER, LANDON H. to ANN M. FLETCHER on 19 Sept 1867 by S.Davis at Alonzo Fletcher s, (min.ret.only).

TUCKER, ROBERT M., his father consents no note found, to MISS NANCY E. KNIFLEY, her father consents no note found, bond only dated 18 Feb 1854, surety William P. Tucker.

TUCKER, SAMUEL F. to MARY J. SKAGGS bond only dated 4 Nov 1856, surety Thomas Skaggs.

TUCKER, WILLIAM P. to MISS MARTHA J. MARTIN, "Archer Watson being present and consenting for her, bond only dated 18 Feb 1854, surety Archibald Watson.

TUPMAN, B. F. to OCELLA F. DUNBAR on 2 Dec 1863 by James at Sidney Dunbar's, (min. ret.only).

TUPMAN, JOEL to HARRIET S. (or T.) SMITH on 25 Dec 1845 by Watson, (min.rets.only).

TURK, C. C., of Adair, 24, to LOU SARAH GILMER, of Adair, 18, single, on 17 Feb 1860 by Emerson, (min.ret.only).

TURK, NOAH C. to SARAH CHARLOTTE RICE, dau of William Royse, bond only dated 6 Mar 1854, surety William Royse.

TURK, WILLIAM C. to JANE GILMER on 26 Oct 1848 by Milam, (min.rets.only).

TURK, WM. H. to AMANDA E. WARD on 6 Mar 1866 by James, (min.ret.only).