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RIPPETOE, JAMES, son of William, Sr., to ELIZABETH ANSILLER NEWSOM, dau of Narfleet Newsom, on 5 Oct 1840.

ROACH, GEORGE W. to LOUISA JANE RUSSELL, dau of Harvey Russell, bond only, dated 2 Jan 1854, surety William H. Roach.

ROACH, JEREMIAH, of Adair, 24, to MISS SOPHIA HILL, of Adair, 24, on 8 Feb 1856 by Roach, surety Nimrod Barnes.

ROACH, JOHN, of Adair, 20, to NANCY J. WILSON, of Adair, 17, single, on 6 Dec 1859 by Lefwich, (min.ret.only).

ROACH, JOHN, son of David, to ELIZABETH TURNER, dau of Ezekial, on 19 Sept 1840 by Blair.

ROACH, JONAS W., 23, of Adair, to ELIZABETh BARNES, 24, of Adair, single, on 14 Dec 1859 by Roach, (min.ret.only).

ROACH, MEREDITH to WESTLY ANN SPARKS, no date,circa 1844-1845, by Sutherland, (min.rets.only).

ROACH, WILLIAM H., of Adair, 20, born Adair, his father consented, no note, to MARGARET BUCKNER, of Taylor Co., 21, born Green Co., single, on 16 Dec 1853 by Roach, surety Martin W. Banks.

ROBERTS, DEENING J. to RACHEL L. BREEDING on 27 Jan 1867 by Cundiff at James Breed ing '5, (min.ret.only).

ROBERTS, JOSEPH to SUSAN ALLEN, "without living parent or guardian" according to Mrs. Burdette ' s records, on 9 Apr 1840.

ROBERTS, WILLIAM T. to LOUISA HUGHES bond only, dated 2 Sept 1854, surety James Wilmore.

ROBERTSON, GALATIN to MARY E. GRANT on 21 Nov 1867 by Absher at B. Grant's, (min. ret.only).

ROBERTSON, WILLIAM N. (Robinson in one record) to SARAH C. STONE on 18 Feb 1845 by Simpson, (min.rets.only).

ROBEUDS (?), BENJ. DABNEY to SALLY A. E. HOGGARD on 30 Dec 1862 by Roach, (min.ret. only).

ROBINSON, JAMES J., of Adair, 31, born Orange Co., Va, single, to MARY E. WHEELER, of Adair, 25, born Adair, single, on 9 Aug 1855, surety N. S. Wheeler.

ROBINSON, WILLIAM N. (see Robertson).

ROCHESTER, CHARLES H. to MARY L. CALDWELL on 10 July 1850 by Peak, (min.rets.only).

ROGERS, ELI S. to LOUESEY COOMER on 28 Sept 1865 by Hill, (min.ret.only).

ROGERS, ELZY C. to PEACY KEMP on 7 Aug 1845 by Keene, (min.rets.only).

RODGERS, GEORGE A.,son of Laures B. Rogers, to MARGARET ANN VANCE, dau of William by note, on 19 Aug 1857 by Marshall, surety Thomas H. Caldwell.

RODGERS, GEORGE T., of Adair, 22, first mar, he and both parents born Adair, to THERESA V. MARTIN, of Adair, 21, first mar, born Adair, father born Va., mother born Adair, on 10 Dec 1868 by Nichols, surety W.S.Rodgers.

ROGERS, HENRY T., of Adair, 18, cosent note signed by Calvin Rogers, to ELIZABETH RAYNER, of Adair, 17, single, consent note signed by James 0. Nelson, (one records calls her a Rodgers), on 14 Nov 1858 by Goodson, surety Jno. R. Price.

ROGERS, HIRAM F. to MELVARY(?) V. A. STRANGE on 6 Dec 1858 by W.Blair, (min.ret. only).

ROGERS, JACKSON H. to MILDRED C. CRAGG (Craig) on 9 Jan 1845 by J.Breeding, (min. rets.only).

ROGERS, JAMES B. to MARY A. ROGERS on 30 Jan 1852 by Watson, (min.rets.only).

RODGERS, JAMES T., of Green Co., to NANCY JANE QUARLES, of Adair, 16, on 16 Aug 1856 by Keene, surety James Quarles.

ROGERS, JAMES W. to REBECA JANE HAMILTON on 11 Oct 1849 by J.Breeding, (min.rets. only).

RODGERS, JASPER N., of Adair, 22, first mar, he and both parents born Adair, to SARAH ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG, of Adair, 16, first mar, born Cumberland Co., father born Ohio, mother born Cumberland Co., her mother, C.C.Wells, consented, on 16 Jan 1868 by Nichols at William Pile's, surety Charles W. Pile.

ROGERS, JOEL W., of Adair, 25, born "at John Rogers'", to SARAH A. BAULT 20, single, born Adair, on 1 Sept 1852 by Watson, (min.rets.only).

ROGERS, JOHN C., 20, born Green Co., to REBECCA SMITH, 19, born Adair, on 14 June 1860 by Hall, (min.ret.only).

RODGERS, JOHN T., of Adair, 25, to NANCY JANE PICKETT, of Adair, 20, single, dau of Charles by note, bond dated 8 June 1858, min.ret.says married on 10 June 1859, by Goodson, surety C. W. Pickett.

ROGERS, JOSEPH ROBERT to ERMINE F. FINN on 7 Mar 1867 by Cundiff at Wm. Finn's, (min. ret. only)

ROGERS, MARION L. ,son of Calvin M., to PATSEY KEMP, Wm. C. Moss stated that she was over the age of 21, bond only, dated 26 Jan 1853, surety William R. Moss.

ROGERS, SAMPSON C. to ELIZABETH W. KELTNER on 27 Nov 1845 by Noble, (min.rets.only).

ROGERS, STERLING to CATHERINE KELTNER in 1849 by Wilson, (min.rets.only).

ROGERS, WILLIAM C. to NANCY CAVE on 14 Jan 1850 by Watson, (min.rets.only).

ROGERS, WILLIAM S. to MALINDA CAMP in 1849 by Wilson, (min.rets.only).

ROMINE, JAMES, of Adair, 25, born Terrell Co., Tenn., to MISS MARGARETT SPARKS (one record calls her Mary), of Adair, 20, born Adair, single, bond dated 31 Aug 1855, min.ret.says married on 1 Aug 1855, surety William A. Reece.

RORARK, MARTIN to HARRIET CAMPBELL on 11 Sept 1851 by Donelson, (min.rets.only).

ROSS, CORNELIUS, Jr. to REBECCA A. JONES on 22 Oct 1865 by Simpson, (min.ret.only).

ROSS, FRANCIS M. to MARY CUNNINGHAM not dated circa 1847 by Absher, (min.rets.only).

ROSS, HENRY, of Adair, 27, born Adair, to AMANDA McKINNEY, of Adair, 22, born Adair, single, on 7 Nov 1852 by Simpson, (min.rets.only)(Amanda Jane).

ROSS, ISREAL W. to SARAH COWNOVER on 6 Sept 1865 by James at David Cownover' s, (min . ret, only).

ROSS, JOHN, of Adair, 25, single, to FEMININE McGINNIS, of Adair, 16, single, her father present, on 18 Sept 1856 by W.Blair, surety Anderson McGinnis.

ROSS, MILTON to FRANCIS LEWIS on 5 Oct 1848 by W.Blair, (min.ret.only).

ROSS, WILLIS to LETTIE (or Lydia) CURRY on 2 Feb 1843 by Simpson, (min.rets.only).

ROSSON, JOSEPH A., of Adair, 21, to LUCY ANN PATTERSON, of Adair, 18, single, on 15 Nov 1859 by J.Breeding, (min.ret.only).

ROUSE, HENRY W. (see Royse).

ROWE, ABERT to CTSY? AN_ HURT in 1850 by Wilson, (min.rets.only).

ROE, E. F., of Adair, to LOUISA FLETCHER, of Adair, on 31 Oct 1865 by Patton, (min . ret. only)

ROWE, JESSE to MARY CATHERINE MURRAH on 24 May 1867 by F.N.Taylor, (min.ret.only).

ROWE, JOHN to FRANCIS COFFEY on 1 Nov 1848 by J.Blair, (min.rets.only).

ROWE, JOHN, of Adair, to ELIZABETH GRIDER, of Adair, on 13 Sept 1859 by Armstrong, (min.ret.only).

ROWE, JOHN M. to ELIZABETH PATTON on 15 Oct 1866 by Patton, (min.ret.only).

ROWE, PRESTON, 19, born Adair, son of James by note, to MISS ELIZABETH FLETCHER, 19, born Cumberland Co., "James F. Fletcher present and consenting", on 21 Dec 1854, bond only, surety John Hill.

ROW, THOMAS K. to NANCY ROSS on 28 Apr 1842 by J.Blair, (min.rets.only).

ROWE, WILLIAM to CHARLATE ThRNER on 2 Aug 1848 by Janes, (min.rets.only).

ROWE, WILLIAM B., of Cumberland Co., 27, first mar, born Cumberland Co., father born Va., mother born Tenn., to VICTORIA R. HUNTER, of Adair, 24, first mar, born Adair, father born US, mother born Adair, on 10 Nov 1869 by

Wallace at Josiah Hunter's, surety Aidline D. Potts.

ROWE, WILLIAM H., of Adair, 26, first mar, he and parents born Adair, to MARY E. DILLINGHAM, of Adair, 19, first mar, she and parents born Adair, dau of William by note, on 14 Dec 1869 by W.Blair, surety George K. Akin.

ROW, WILLIAM T., 18, first mar, he and parents born Adair, son of Albert H., to AMERICA E. HOPPER, of Adair, 25, first mar, she and parents born Adair, on 17 Jan 1869 by J.Breeding at Mrs. Estes Hopper's, surety Cisero Henager.

ROWE, WM. W., of Adair, 30, single, to MALISSA F. WILSON, of Adair, 22, born Adair, single, on 4 Sept 1861 by Morrison, (min.ret.only).

ROY, NATHAN C. to AMANDA E. PERGERSON bond only, dated 5 Aug 1858, surety Thomas Purgerson.

ROY, SILUS M. to NANCY F. CONOVER on 1 Aug 1867 by Wilson at L. Cownover' s, (min.ret.only).

ROY, WILLIAM R. to SUSAN M. COLLINS on 4 Dec 1862 by Roy at Win. Collins', (min. ret. only)

ROYSE, FELIX C. to NANCY A. "NANNIE" COWNOVER on 4 July 1858 by W.Blair, surety Sinclair Wheat.

ROYSE, HENRY W. (Rouse in one record) to SARAH A. MARTIN on 15 July 1849 by Knifley, (min.rets.only).

ROYSE, HIRAM to JANE WHEELER on 6 Sept 1843 by J.Breeding, (min.rets.only). ROYSE, JAMES D. to ZERILDA ROBERTSON on 23 May 1863 by Watson at Mathew Robertson's, (min.ret.only).

ROYSE, JOHN R., of Adair, 36, first mar, he and both parents born Adair, to

MARTHA F. BREEDING, of Adair, 21, first mar, she and both parents born Adair, dau of Mr. R. M. Breeding, on 8 Sept 1868 by J.Breeding, surety S. K. Breeding.

ROYSE, MANOAH to ELISA SUSAN STRANGE on 24 Mar 1852 by W.Blair, (min.rets.only).

ROYSE, MANOAH W. to SARAH YOUNG on 14 Jan 1866 by W.Blair at George Young's, (min.rets.only).

ROYSE, SOLOMON W., of Adair, 24, to NELLIE M. TUPMAN, of Adair, 16, on 8 Oct 1863 by Absher, (min.ret.only).

RUBARTS, JOHN R., of Adair, 24, to L. P. PELLY, of Adair, 19, on 28 Nov 1860 by Mills, (min.ret.only).

RUMBO, LYTLE to MARY ANN BAILEY, dau of John Hill and his wife Milly, late Milly Bailey (according to the Burdette files), on 13 Apr 1841.

RUPE, WILLIAM C, of Adair, 50, second mar, born Tenn, father born Ky, mother born Tenn., to NANCY JANE COOMER, of Adair, 26, first mar, born Pulaski Co., father born US, mother born NC, on 29 Oct 1868 by W.Blair, surety I. D. Scott.

RUSH, EPHRAIM to SARAH LOVALL on 10 Apr 1849 by G.Breeding, (min.rets.only).

RUSH, PETER S. to ELIZA JANE MORAN on 17 May 1847 by Neal, (min.rets.onlv).

RUSSELL, A. K. to LAURA BRIDGEWATER on 14 Nov 1865 by James at Ed Russell's, (min. ret. only)

RUSSELL, HENRY to MARTHA STILLWELL on 13 Mar 1844 by Watson, (min.rets.only).

RUSSELL, JAMES M. to MARY S. BOYSE (Boyds in one record) on 16 Oct 1851 by Keene, (min.rets.only).

RUTLIDGE, MATHEW to SUSAN E. BURRIS on 24 Nov 1862 by F.N.Taylor, (min.ret.only).

RUTLEDGE, WM. W. to M. F. H. ROGERS bond only, dated 15 May 1858, surety George W. Pickett.

SANDERS, GEORGE A. to A. A. PELLY on 28 Mar 1851 by ???, (min.ret.only).

SANDERS, GEORGE A., of Adair, 20, single, to MISS NANCY BREEDING, of Adair, 22, single, "her guardian present", on 8 May 1856 by Knifley, surety John W. McWhorter.

SANDERS, JAMES M., 20, born Casey Creek, Ky., to THIMATHIENS (?) F. SMITH, 16, born Neetsville, Ky., on 4 Jan 1854 by Absher, surety William J. Winfrey.

SANDERS, JOEL to JULISA HOLT on 3 May 1849 by Epperson, (min.ret.only).

SANDERS, JOHN H. to MILLY ANN POWELL on 30 Sept 1862 by F.N.Taylor at Oliver Powell's, (min.ret.only).

SANDERS, KILLES W., of Adair, 23, first mar, born Adair, father born Adair, mother born Marion Co., to MARTHA B. WORKMAN, of Adair, about 16, first mar, she and both parents born Adair, her father present, on 7 Sept 1869 by Knifley at Jack Workman's, surety John V. Workman.

SANDERS, ROBERT B., of Taylor Co., 21, born Columbus C. Sanders', single, to MELVINA BLAKEY (min.ret.calls her Blakes), of Taylor Co., 21, born Campbellsville, Ky., widow, on 27 Dec 1855, surety Samuel Wilkerson.

SANDERS, WILLIAM R., of Adair, 24, single, to MISS ELIZABETH PELLY (or Petty), of Casey Co., 16, single, dau of Hickman Pelly by note, on 27 Mar 1856 by Knifley, surety Cornelius Abell.

SANDUSKY, H. H. to MARY STOTTS on 1 Sept 1863 by W. Blair, (min.ret.only).

SAULSEERRY, JOHN M. to FRANCIS RUTHERFORD on 6 Feb 1862 by Keen at Nancy Ruther ford's, (min.ret.only).

SAUFLEY, CHARLES H. to MARY A. FOLEY (one return calls her Mariann) on 12 July 1842 by Milam, (min.rets.only).

SCOTT, ALBERT to AMANDA COX on 2 Apr 1846 by J.Breeding, (min.ret.only).

SCOTT, JOHN, of Adair, 67, to LOTTIE SCOTT, 21, single, on 17 Nov 1858 by J.P. Goodson, (min.ret.only).

SCOTT, PASCAL to MARY A. JANES on 14 July 1852 by J.Blair, (min.rets.only).

SCOTT, ROBERT to MERCY HOPPER (Merica in one return) on 13 Aug 1846 by Sutherland, (min.rets.only).

SCOTT, THOMAS M., of Cumberland Co., widower, to SARAH A. WILSON, of Adair, on 24 Aug 1865 by W.Blair at Andrew Wilson's, (min.ret.only).

SCOTT, WILLIAM to MARGARET D. SALMON on 13 May 1851 by J.Blair, (min.rets.only).

SCOTT, WILLIAM B., of Adair, to RHODA ROE, of Adair, on 22 Dec 1862 by Patton at James Roe's, (min.ret.only).

SCOTT, WILLIAM C. to ROBERTA BLACKFORD (Martha A. Blackford in one return) on 13 June 1849 by Scott, (min.rets.only).

SCOTT, WILLIAM H. to ESTHER C. MORRISON on 18 Oct 1840 by Thompson, (min.ret.only). SEEBERT (?), JAS. (see James Albert Massie)