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PAGE, JAMES R. to JULIA A. FLETCHER on 24 Oct 1865 by James at Widow Fletcher's, (min.ret.only).

PAGE, SHELTON, of Adair, 40, widower, to JENNETTA CURRY, of Adair, 21, single, on 19 Feb 1857 by Absher at Matilda Curry's, surety Samuel H. Murrell.

PAGE, SHELTON to MARTHA J. YARBERRY on 1 Nov 1865 by Wallace at Wm. Yarberry' s, (min. ret. only)


PAGE, WILLIAM W. to CATHERINE E. BANKS on 16 Nov 1849 by Wheat, (min.rets.only).

PAGE, WILLIS to PERLINA or PENIA REED on 23 Aug 1849 by Simpson, (min.rets.only).

PALMER, A. B. to JANE E. BRADSHAW on 18 Feb 1864 by F.N.Taylor at J.M.Bradshaw's, (min.ret.only).

PARNELL, DAVID C. to ELIZABETH F. MONDAY on ?? Jan 1866 by Knifley at Mathew W. Monday's, (min.ret.only).

PARNELL, HENRY to AMANDA ROGERS, "their parents consent" no notes, bond only, dated 9 Aug 1854, surety Marion Lee Rodgers.

PARNELL, HENRY to MARGARET J. KEMP on 17 Nov 1860 by Keene, (min.ret.only).

PARSONS, DRURY, of Adair, son of Wm., to LOUEASA KELTNER, of Adair, dau of Wm., on 23 Aug 1857 by Keene, surety William Parsons.

PARSONS, HARDIN to ABSAY PARMELIA PREWETT on 15 May 1862 by James, (min.ret.only).

PARSON, JOHN W. (Pearson in one record) to LUCINDA NELL on 14 Nov 1841 by Simpson, (min.rets.only).

PARSONS, SOLOMON, of Adair, 25, born Lee Co., Va., single, to MISS CLARISSA E. BLAYDES (one record gives Clarissa C.), 27, born Green Co., single, "her father present", on 27 Sept 1853 by Wilson, surety John J. Blaydes.

PARSONS, SOLOMON to FRANCIS PUTLEDGE on 4 Aug 1863 by Keene, (min.ret.only).

PARSONS, WILLIAM H.,of Adair, 23, first mar, born Lee Co., Va., father born Owsley Co., Va., mother born Lee Co., Va., to LUCY A. GARRISON, of Adair, 19, first mar, born Adair, both parents born Albemarle Co., Va., dau of N.G. Garrison, on 4 Apr 1869 by Nicholas at Green Garrison's, surety N. G. Garrison.

PATTESON, ALLEN D. to MARY ABRELL on 24 Nov 1850 by Absher, (min.rets.only). PATTERSON, BLACKMORE M. to POLLY B. ROGERS on 19 Dec 1848 by J.Breeding, (min.rets.only).

PATTERSON, ELI J. to CHARLOTTE NELL on 18 June 1850 by J.Breeding, (min.rets.only).

PATTERSON, ELIAS, of Adair, 33, single, to ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM, of Adair, 24, single, on 15 June 1856 by Knifley, (min.ret.only).

PATTERSON, JOHN M., of Adair, 20, first mar, born Adair, father born Adair, mother born Cumberland Co., son of Silus B. by note, to MARTHA M. ROYSE, of Adair, 19, first mar, she and both parents born Adair, dau of William by note, on 8 Sept 1868 by J.Breeding, surety John R. Royse.

PATTERSON, JNO. R. to NANCY E. SIMPSON on 11 Mar 1861 by J.Breeding, (min.ret.only).

PATTESON, OLIVER B. to MARY BELL RUSSELL on 4 May 1865 by Reed at Montgomery Russell's, (min.ret.only).

PATTERSON, SQUIRE to MARGARET CURRY, dau of Thomas, on 30 Dec 1841.

PATTERSON, WILLIAM H.(?), of Adair, 28, single, to JOAN R. HURT, of Adair, 18, single, in 1860 by F.N.Taylor at Young E. Hurt's, (min.ret.only).

PEARSON, JOHN W. (see John W. Parson).

PELLEY, J. T. to MARY J. WATSON on 30 June 1863 by Mills, (min.ret.only).

PELLEY, JAMES C., of Casey Co., 25, first mar, born Casey Co., parents born Adair "I think", to MARY J. MILLS, of Adair, 21, first mar, born Adair, father born NC, mother born Adair, on 23 Dec 1868 by Knifley at John Mills', surety J.G.Mills.

PENDLETON, ABNER J. to NANCY J. STEPHENSON on 2 Nov 1845 by J.Breeding, (min. rets.only).

PENDLETON, ALFRED L. to MARY J. SHUMAKE on 16 Nov 1865 by Absher, (min.ret.only).

PENDLETON, ANDREW GREEN, of Adair, 21, first mar, he and both parents born Adair, to ELIZABETH ALLISON, of Adair, 23, first mar, born Adair, father born Fayette Co., mother born Adair, on 17 Nov 1868 by Dehart, surety Napoleon Allison.

PENDLETON, C. T. to M. J. JEFERIES on 11 Jan 1861 by Keene, (min.ret.only).

PENDLETON, CHESLEY to ELIZA JANE PULLIAM on 27 Sept 1842 by J.Breeding, (min.rets. only).

PENDLETON, GRANVILLE, of Adair, 21, to MARGRET F. MILLER, OF Adair, 24, on 5 July 1860 by Monroe, (min.ret.only).

PENDLETON, GREEN to SELISSA (or Clissa) NEAT on 19 May 1845 by Sinclair, (min. rets.only).

PENDLETON, JAMES S., of Adair, 22, single, to REBECCA J. LOVEALL, of Adair, 25, single, on 27 Nov 1860 by Absher, (min.ret.only).

PENDLETON, JOHN, of Adair, 81, born Louden Co., Va., widower to MRS. MARY ADKINS, of Adair, 73, born Rockingham Co., Va., widow, on 27 Mar 1855, surety Samuel B. Field.

PENDLETON, JOHN H. to SARA L. PULLIAM on 7 Nov 1850 by Keene, (min.rets.only).

PENDLETON, JOHN W. to CHARLOTTE J. BRADSHAW on 19 Jan 1867 by F.N.Taylor at A. Bradshaw's, (min.ret.only).

PENDLETON, PETER P., of Adair, 17, to MARY J. CURRY, of Adair, 17, single, on 31 July 1862 by Absher, (min.ret.only).

PENDLETON, WM. S., of Barren Co., 21, born Barren Co., single, to ANN J. HAMILTON, of Adair, 16, single, born Adair, on 2 Oct 1852 by Neal, (min.rets.only).

PENIX, P. and "wife" were married on ?? Oct 1847 by Wilson, (min.rets.only).

PENINCTON, EVIN(?) to RODA HOLT on 2 Nov 1862 by Roy at Washington Halt's, (min. ret.only).

PENNINCTON, HURIAH to SARAH A. SPARKS on 8 Mar 1863 by Simpson, (min.ret.only).

PENNYCUFF, JACOB, of Adair, 21, to ELIZABETH CHAPMAN, of Adair, 17, dau of Nancy Kimble and stepdau of Henry Kimble, on 16 July 1856 by Mills, surety Richard Taylor.

PERRYMAN, JAMES, of Adair, 22, born Adair, to LUCINDA DIDDLE (Dudley in one record), 17, born Monroe Co., single, on 11 Nov 1852 by Donelson, (min.rets.only).

PERRYMAN, WAITSVILLE to NANCY BLAIR, dau of John Richardson Blair by note, bond only, dated 26 Jan 1858, surety John Blair,

PETTY, S. W. H. to MATILDA LOY on 25 Nov 1864 by Simpson at Sellers Loy's, (min. ret.only).

PETTEY, STEPHEN W. to MISS MARY J. HARVEY, dau of William by note, on 15 Nov 1855, married at William Harvey's, surety Perry Harvey.

PICKETT, CHARLES H., 27, born Adair, parents born US, to MARTHA E. KEMP, her father present, she 20, born Adair, parents born US, surety Thomas A. Kemp, on 3 Jan 1867 by Nichols at John Pickett's.

PICKETT, CHARLES L., of Adair, 19, first mar, born Adair, parents born Va., son of Jefferson Y. Pickett by note, to AMANDA A. PARSONS, of Adair, 18, born Adair "I think", both parents born Va., "guardian having given his consent" no note, on 6 July 1868 by Cundiff, surety William C. Pickett.

PICKETT, GEORGE W. to EMERLINE ROGERS on 12 Dec 1851 by "Zwick", (min.rets.only)

PICKETT, JEFFERSON to MARTHA ANN SETTLES on 13 Oct 1843 by James, (min.rets.only).

PICKETT,JOHN F., of Adair, 23, born Adair, single, (one record gives John T.) to DORINDA L. ROGERS, of Adair, 20, born Adair, single, "her mother consents" note signed by M. B. Roger~, 25 Jan 1855, surety Wm. S. Rogers.

PICKETT, WM. C., 23, to LOUVENIA MOSS, of Adair, 19, single, on 16 Feb 1859 by Goodson, (min.ret.only).

PIKE, ARON R. to MARTHA E. HARDEN on 28 May 1862 by Watson, (min.ret.only).

PIKE, HENRY C., of Adair, 26, first mar, born Patrick Co., Va., parents born Va., to SARAH JANE GOWEN, of Adair, 19, first mar, born Stokes Co., NC, father born NC "I think", consent note signed by Jonathan Gowen, on 5 Jan 1868 by Hill at James Hill's, surety J. H. Kemp.

PIKE, JAMES, of Adair, 22, first mar, born Adair, parents born Taylor Co., to MARY M. BRYANT, of Adair, 14, first mar, she and both parents born Adair, her father present, on 4 Feb 1869 by Wallace at Levi Bryant's, surety Levi Bryant.

PIKE, PRESTON D. to SARAH_SMITH on 24 Nov 1843 by Watson, (min.rets.only).

PIKE, THOMAS to ELIZABETH SMITH on 2 Mar 1830 (in with 1860s) by Steel, (min.ret. only).

PIKE, WILLIAM H. to ELIZA J. WATSON, "her guardian certifies consent no note, bond only, dated 4 Mar 1854, surety Absalom S. Atkinson.

PILE, CHARLES W., of Adair, 32, first mar, tanner, born Adair, father born Adair, mother born Cumberland Co., to MARY A. FINN, of Adair, 25, first mar, born Adair, parents born Adair "I think", dau of Win. by note, on 18 Oct 1868 by Nichols, surety Iven T. Keltner.

PILE, OSCAR to MARTHA SUSAN CRAIG on 11 Feb 1847 by J.Breeding, (min.rets.only).

PILE, OSCAR, of Columbia, 30, born Adair, widower, to MARGARET E. CRAIG, of Adair, single, on 21 Mar 1853 by Tucker, surety Sinclair Wheat.

PILE, OSCAR, of Adair, 35, to ELIZABETH FLOWERS, of Adair, 30, single, dau of Suriah or Luriah Flowers by note, bond dated 3 May 1858, min.ret.says married on 5 May 1859, Wv Good son, surety Sinclair Wheat.

PILE, MILTON K. to ELIZA KELTNER on 28 Sept 1841.

PILE, THOS. E. to ANN ELIZA GRISSOM on 25 Dec 1864 by Reed at W. A. Pile's, (min. ret. only)

PITMAN, STARLIN to REBECCA RODGERS on 3 Aug 1863 by Keene, (min.ret.only).

POLLARD, ALEXANDER H. to JENNETTA MOORE on 21 Mar 1867 by Nichols at William Moore's, (min. ret. only)

POLLARD, BENJAMIN C., of Adair, 22, to MARTHA NELL, of Adair, 18, born Adair, single, on 30 Jan 1852 by Donelson, (min.rets.only).

POLLY, MILTON, of Adair, 22, born Adair single, to MISS MARY FRANCES YOUNG, of Adair, 18, born Adair, single, her father present, on 3 Dec 1855, surety A. D. Fletcher.

POLLEY, WILLIAM PERRY, of Adair, 24, born Adair, to MALINDA GAY BAILEY, of Adair, 18, born Adair, single, dau of Thos. J. Bailey, on 23 Mar 1853 by Donelson, surety Thomas J. Bailey.

POLESTON, JOHN R., 23, to FRANCIS ROSS, 32, on 18 Oct 1863 by Harvey, (min.ret.only).

POORE, THOMAS G., of Green Co., 23, born Green Co., to SUSAN MOSS, of Adair, 20, single, born Greensburg, Ky., on 24 Nov 1852 by Hancock, (min.rets.only).

PORTMAN, FRANKLIN to MARY A. L. CHASTINE on 14 Oct 1850 by Tucker, (min.rets.only).

POTTS, A. D., of Russell Co., 22, first mar, born Russell, parents born Adair, to EMMA C. STRANGE, of Adair, 18, first mar, born Adair, father born Adair, mother born Russell Co., dau of Winston A. Strange, on 25 Nov 1869 by Simpson, surety Jo. A. Simpson.

POTTS, S. to ELIZABETH JANE A. STRANGE on 14 Jan 1864 by Collins at W. A. Strange's, (min.ret.only).

POWELL, BENJAMIN to DICEY LEACH on 8 Jan 1849 by Absher, (min.rets.only).

POWELL, ELIAS W., of Cumberland Co., 38, born Adair, widower, to NANCY JANE GRIMES or GREERIN, of Cumberland Co., 23, born Jessamine Co., Ky, single, on 24 Nov 1854, surety James Garnett.

POWELL, GEORGE 0., of Adair, 26, to MARIA E. BERNARD, of Adair, 17, single, on 26 May 1859 by Epperson, (min.ret.only).

POWELL, JACKSON, of Adair, to FRANCIS JANE EDWARDS, of Adair, on 20 Sept 1862 by Epperson at Wm. Edwards', (min.ret.only).

POWELL, JAS. A., of Adair, 26, single, to MARY TAYLOR, of Adair, 21, single, on 2 Jan 1862 by Morrison, (min.ret.only).

POWELL, JEPTHA T. to JULIA A. ALLEN on 6 Feb 1867 by Reed, (min.ret.only).

POWELL, JOHN W. to LAURA T. BOTTS on 1 Oct 1867 by Simpson at Elizabeth Botts' (min . ret. only)

POWELL, MILTON to ELIZA CABELL on 23 Oct 1851 by Absher, (min.rets.only).

POWELL, OLIVER to NANCY POWELL on 24 July 1847 by Absher, (min.rets.only).

POWELL, OLIVER, of Adair, 21, to ELIZABETH McELROY, of Adair, 17, single, on 18 Jan 1859 by Epperson, (min.ret.only).

POWELL, PETER T. to LUCY ANN PROCK on 29 Oct 1866 by Mills, (min.ret.only). POWELL, WM. to CAROLINE WOMACK on 11 Aug 1842 by Sinclair, (min.rets.only).

POWELL, WILLIAM, of Adair, 21, born Adair, to POLLY McCLISTER, of Adair, 17, born Adair, single, on 20 Oct 1852 by Simpson, (min.rets.only).

POWELL, WILLIAM R., 25, widower to MARY JANE BRYANT, 17, single, dau of Charles, on 15 Oct 1856 by W.Blair, surety Charles Bryant.

PRENTICE, JOHN A., of Adair, 23, born Adair, to LUVISA or LOUIZA GIBSON, of Adair, 24, born Adair, her father present, on 18 July 1855, surety James Gibson.

PRENTICE, WILLIAM, 26, born Adair, to NANCY ROACH, 25, born Rockingham Co., Va., on 10 Nov 1853 by Sexton, surety Thomas Walker.

PRESTON, HARDEN to ELISA JANE STOTTS on 25 May 1843 by J.Blair, (min.rets.only).

PRESTON, OTHA to LOUISA B. (or D.) AAKIN on 11 Mar 1849 by Simpson, (min.rets.only).

PRICE, JOSEPH, of Adair, 55, born Green Co., widower, to RODY PULLIAM, 45, born Spottsylvania Co., Va, single, on 20 Dec 1852 by Donelson, (min.rets.only).

PRICE, JOSEPH to SARAH ANN COFFEY, father present, bond only, dated 14 May 1853, surety Zidner Coffey.

PRICE, LEVI J. to LOUISA H. DOHONEY on 17 Nov 1864 by Nichols at Jas. Dohoney 's, (min. ret. only)

PRICE, MEREDITH to FRANCIS ESTES, dau of William W., on 28 Jan 1841.

PRICE, THOMAS R., of Adair, 30, first mar, born Adair, father born Adair, mother born Va., to SARAH ELEN "SALLIE" WAGGENER, of Adair, about 30, first mar, born Adair, parents born Ky, dau of W. M. Waggener, on 29 Dec 1868 by Alexander, surety Thomas B. Dohoney.

PRINDLE, JOHN P., of Adair, 23, to MAHALAH J. THOMAS, of Adair, 16, single, on 1 June 1862 by Absher, (min.ret.only).

PRITCHARD, JAMES A., of Cumberland Co., to ELIZA E. NUN_, of Cumberland Co., on 9 June 1863 by Patton, (min.ret.only).

PRIVET, JOHN H. to JANE D. CURRY on 1 Jan 1852 by Simpson, (min.rets.only).

PRIVETT, WILLIAM H. to NANCY JANE PERKINS, dau of Syntha A. Perkins by note, bond only,dated 7 Nov 1854, surety John F. Field.

PULLIAM, JAMES D. to MISS ELIZABETh C. WALLACE bond only, dated 8 Dec 1853, surety John Y. Wallace.

PURDY, WM. WALLACE, of Marion Co., 27, to MISS NANCY E. LYON, of Adair, 21, single, on 17 Nov 1857 by Hogan, surety: clerk wrote in the name as James Kirk, but the surety signed his name as W. J. Kirk.

QUALLS, ROBERT, of Adair, 27 (or 22), born Tenn., to MISS LUCINDA PERRYMAN, 20, born Monroe Co., dau of Jane or Jan Dudley by note, on 28 Aug 1856 by Sexton, surety James Qualls.

REATHERFORD, J. S. to ELISA JANES on 7 Mar 1846 by Janes, (min.rets.nnly).

REATHERFORD, SALLATHIAL S. to ____THUSIA GARRISON bond only, dated 18 Aug 1856, surety Stephen Reatherford.

RECTOR, S. L., of Wayne Co., 23, born Wayne Co., to JUDIA M. DAMRON, of Adair, 26, on 3 Feb 1862 by Knifley, (min.ret.only).

REDIFORD, WILLIAM to bond only, dated 4 Feb 1856, no surety given.

REDMAN, GEORGE to MILDRED CORBIN on 29 Jan 1845 by Absher, (min.rets.only).

REECE, EDWARD R., of Adair, to RACHEL ENGLAND, of Adair, on 9 Apr 1865 by Patton, (min.ret.only).

REESE, GEORGE WASHINGTON to ELISABETH ENGLAND on 9 Mar 1842 by Janes, (min.rets. only).

REECE, JACOB C., born Perry Co., Ill. on 9 Nov 1830, married SARAH JANE ENGLAND, born Adair Co. on 22 Nov 1832, her father consented, no note, married on 1 Mar 1853 by Janes, surety Jordon 0. England.

REED, HENRY CLAY, of Glasgow, born Mercer Co., to SOPHA A. FRAZER, of Columbia, born Columbia, single, on 5 Oct 1852 by Hancock, (min.rets.only).

REED, JAMES M. to AUINE(?) PATTERSON on 20 Feb 1840.

REETON, WM. R. (Keeton??) to SARAH SMITH on 28 Dec 1865 by Simpson at Rob't Smithts, (min.ret.only).

RENFRO, WILLIAM, of Adair, 26, born Garrard Co., to MISS ELIZABETH V. DAMRON (B. in one record), of Adair, 22, born Adair on Green River, single, on 6 Jan 1853 by Knifley, surety William H. Monday.

REXROAT, PETER to CATHARINE ROACH on 13 Nov 1851 by Roach, (min.rets.only).

REYNOLDS, GEORGE to MARGARET EDWARDS on 4 Dec 1865 by James, (min.ret.only).

REYNOLDS, JAMES, of Adair, to ELIZABETH HOLLADAY, of Adair, on 3 Oct 1844 by J.Murrell, (min.rets.only).

REYNOLDS, JOHN W., of Adair, 27, first mar, born Knox Co., parents born US, to MISS MARY A. SMITH, of Adair, about 22, first mar, born Taylor Co., parents born US, consent note signed by W.P.Cabbell-no relationship given, on 18 Nov 1868 by Wallace at Win. P. Cabbell's, surety Willburn Stinson.

REYNOLDS, ROBERT L., of Adair, 27, born Sweetwater Valley, Roane Co., E. Tenn., to MISS LUCY ANN DAMRON, of Adair, 22, born Green River Adair Co., on 16 Dec 1853 by Absher, surety Elsey Damron.

REYNOLDS, WM., of Adair, 27, born Adair, widower, to REBECCA GUY, of Adair, 24, born Adair, single, on 17 Mar 1852 by Absher, (min.rets.only).

RHORER, MOSES H., of Adair, 24, first mar, born Jessamine Co., father born Maryland, mother born Jessamine Co., to JENNIE L. CRAVENS, of Adair, 19, first mar, she and both parents born Adair, her mother consented, no note, on 28 July 1868 by Reed, surety Jas. R. Ewing.

RHORER, SAMUEL K. to BETTIE ATKINSON on 21 Dec 1865 by Cisney, (min.ret.only).

RICE, ARON H. to ELIZA WATSON on 10 Oct 1848 by Wheat, (min.rets.only).

RICE, BENJ. F. to MARTHA W. ROBERTSON on 15 May 1862 by Rice, (min.ret.only).

RICE, FRANKLIN W., of Adair, to MISS NANCY E. PAGE, of Adair, on 10 Dec 1856 by Woods at James Pages's surety James W. Mourning.

RICE, JOHN P. to EMILY F. RICE on 24 May 1866 by Monroe, (min.ret.only).

RICE, JOHN M., of Taylor Co., 43, single, to NANCY M. FARGUSSON, of Adair, 21, single, on 5 Mar 1857 by Absher, surety John B. Monroe.

RICE, RANDOLPH, of Adair, 27, to EMILY T. PELLY, of Adair, 17, on 20 Dec 1860 by Kinfley, (min.ret.only).

RICE, RICHARD M. to NANCY J. JONES on 6 Jan 1859 by Rice, (min.ret.only).

RICE, WILLIAM J. to ANGELINE WALKUP on 25 Apr 1849 by Lewis, (min.rets.only).

RICHARDS, SAMUEL to RHODY BRABBERRY on 2 Dec 1849 by Peak, (min.rets.only).

RICHARDS, SIDNEY B. to CYNTHA SPARKS on 4 Jan 1842 by Janes.

RICHARDS, GAINES to JOSEPHINE DEKALB, neice of M. M. Tucker whith whom she lives, bond only, dated 18 Mar 1857, surety Samuel F. Tucker.

HARRISON, RIDER, son of Benjamin, to SARAH JANE YATES, dau of Michael, on 19 Jan 1841 by Woodward, (min.ret.only).

RIGGINS, THOMAS J., of Russell Co., 24, widower, to JULIA ANN ALLEN, 21, on 23 Mar 1857 by Davis, surety Benjamin F. Allen.

RIPPETOE, AMASA, of William by note, to MISS NANCY C. WILMORE, her father present, bond only, dated 18 Dec 1854, surety James H. Wilmore.