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EDWARDS, TIMOTHY M., of Adair, 18, first mar, he and both parents born Adair, son of W. M. Edwards by note, to SIOTHA J. (or P.) CARTER, of Adair, 23, first mar, born Adair, father born Russell Co., mother born Casey Co., dau of George W. Carter by note, on 21 July 1868 by Cundiff, surety James N. Petty.

EDWARDS, WILLIAM to SOPHIA PATTESON on 27 Aug 1846 by Noble, (min.rets.only).

EDWARDS, WILLIAM to ELIZA ESTERS on 5 Sept 1866 by W. Blair, (min.ret.only).

EDWARDS, WILLIAM E., of Adair, 42, third mar, born Barren Co., both parents born Va., to MINERVA CATHARINE HOPPER, of Adair, 16, first mar, born Adair, both parents born US, dau of Mary A. Harper by note, on 18 Jan 1869 by Sexton at Joel More's, surety Joel 0. Moor.

ELLIOT, CARY to AMANDA E. BRIDGEWATER on 28 Nov 1850 by Tucker, (min.rets.only).

ELLIOTT, ASA to MISS NANCY JANE SIMPSON, "her father consents" no note, bond only, dated 25 Jan 1854, surety A. P. Simpson.

ELLIOTT, GEORGE C. to MRS. MARGARET HUGHES on 16 May 1852 by Tucker, (min.rets.only).

ELLIOT, GRANVILLE to ELIZABETH H. SIMPSON on 25 Nov 1849 by Epperson, (min.rets.only).

ELLIOT, JOSIAH to LUCINDA GALLIHER on 14 Feb 1850 by J. Blair, (min.rets.only).

ELLIOTT, MICHAEL C. to SARIAH E. STRANGE on 16 May 1865 by Davis at L. A. Strange's (min.ret.only).

ELLIS, EVAN S., of Adair, 27, born Rowan Co., NC, to MARY ANN ROBERTS, of Adair, single, on 2 Nov 1853 by Absher, surety M.H. Blackford.

ELLIS, ISAAC E. B. to MARY J. LONG on 12 Nov 1865 by Dehart, (min.ret.only).

ELLIS, JOEL W., of Adair, 32, second mar, born Adair, both parents born NC, to FLORINDA D. JONES, of Adair, 23, first mar, she and both parents born Adair, dau of Jordan Jones by note, on 29 Oct 1868 by Mills, surety Wm. F. Neat.

ELLIS, JOHN, of Russell Co., 24, to EMELIZA LOY (min.ret.says Emily), of Adair, 26, her father present, bond dated 3 Mar 1857, min.ret.says married on 11 Apr 1857, surety Martin Loy, married by W.Blair. (see next entry).

ELLIS, JOHN, of Russell Co., to EMELIZA LOY on 10 Mar 1857 by W. Blair at Martin Loy's, (min.rets.only). (see previous entry).

ELLIS, JOHN M., of Adair, 26, to ELIZABETH FLETCHER, of Adair, 21, single, on 15 Oct 1858 by W. Blair, (min.ret.only).

ELLIS, MARCUS J., of Adair, 22, first mar, born Washington Co., both parents born Va., to JUDA D. JUDD, of Adair, 22, second mar, she and both parents born Adair, on 31 Dec 1868 by Absher, surety G. W. Judd.

ELLIS, THOMAS J., son of Joel, to SUSAN F. PELLY, dau of Hickman Pelly, bond only,dated 4 Dec 1854, surety Benjamin Franklin Smith.

ENGLAND, ALBERT, of Metcalfe Co., 21, first mar, he and both parents born Adair, son of Daniel by note, to LOUISA JANE (or Luvisa Jane) McKINNEY, of Adair, 25, first mar, she and both parents born Adair, dau of Elizabeth by note,on 7 Jan 1869 by Harvey, surety P. P. McGlasson.

ENGLAND, ALEX to POLLY REECE (Mrs. Burdette gave name as Sally), dau of David, on 29 Oct l840 by J. Blair.

ENGLAND, DANIEL to REBECCA JESSE on 19 Jan 1843 by J. Blair, (min.rets.only).

ENGLAND, DANIEL, 22, born Adair, to POLLY E. SPARKS, 17, born Adair, single, on 19 Dec 1853, surety William A. Reece.

ENGLAND, DANIEL to EMILY SPARKS on 30 Aug 1866 by Sexton at Walton Sparks', (min. ret, only).

ENGLAND, DANIEL, of Metcalfe Co., 23, second mar, born Adair, both parents born Ky, to LUCINDA ROACH, of Adair,22, first mar, born Adair, both parents born Ky., on 25 Nov 1869 by England at Widow B. Roach's, surety James R. England.

ENGLAND, GOERGE H. (George L. in one record), of Adair, 28, first mar, he and both parents born in Adair, to MELVINA McGLASSON, of Adair, 30, second mar, born Adair, parents born Adair "I think", on 3 Jan 1869 by England at William M. England's, surety Albert Henager.

ENGLAND, JAMES M. , of Adair, 20, first mar, born Adair, father born Adair "I think", mother born Ky., son of James by note, to LUCY E. RUPE, of Adair, 21. first mar, born Adair, father born Ky, mother born Adair, on 15 Apr 1868 by Patton, surety Isham D. Scott.

ENGLAND, JOHN S., of Adair, 24, first mar, born Adair, both parents born US, to MARTHA ANN McNEELY, of Adair, 20, first mar, she and both parents born Adair, her guardian, Milton England, consents, on 25 Oct 1868 by England at Mathew Spark's, surety Jordan England.

ENGLAND, JORDAN to NANCY SPARKS on 9 Jan 1849 by Janes, (min.rets.only).

ENGLAND, MILTON to ZERILLA JANE BURLIN JANES on 22 Jan 1850 by Janes (min.rets.only).

ENGLAND, NATHANIEL to BETSEY JESSE on 18 Mar 1852 by J. Blair, (min.rets.only).

ENGLAND, SAMUEL to ELIZABETH JESSE on 13 Oct 1844 by J. Blair, (min.rets.only).

ENGLAND, THOMSON to LUCINDA FIELD on 19 July 1848 by Janes, (min.rets.only).

ENGLAND, TIMOTHY to ELIZA PERRYMAN on 26 Aug l84l by Janes.

ENGLAND, WILLIAM M., of Adair, 20, born Adair, son of Elzy by note, to ANNA ROMINES, of Adair, 24, single, on 20 May 1858 by Roach, surety James England.

ENGLAND. WILLIAM WALTON, of Adair, 20, stepson of Elisy Jane England by note, to AMANDA ANN JANES, of Adair, 20, single, on 2 July 1858 by Janes, surety Thomas M. Janes.

ENGLISH, C. H. to EMELY P. ROYSE on 18 Dec 1866 by Parrish at W. Royse's, (min. ret.only).

ENGLISH. CHARLES H. to RACHEL COX on 2 Dec 1851 by J.Breeding, (min.rets.only).

ENGLISH. CHARLES H., of Cumberland Co., 48, 4th marriage,born Cumberland Co., both parents born Va., to AMANDA M. ROYSE, of Adair, 28, first mar, born Adair. father born Adair, mother born Va., on 25 Feb 1869 by Alexander, surety Albert W. Royse.

EPPERSON, DANIEL to MISS SARAH DOOLEY, dau of Mary? Dooley by note, bond only dated 9 Mar 1855, surety James Epperson.

EPPERSON, JOHN J. to ELIZABETH MORRIS on 22 Dec 1842 by Simpson, (min.rets.only).

ESKEW, AMOS to PARTHENA ANDERS on 20 July 1843 by Janes, (min.rets.only).

ESKEW, AMOS to NANCY JESSE on 30 Mar 1863 by Roach at Benj. Jesse's, (min.ret.only).

ESTES, GEORGE to LOUESA MORRIS bond only dated 26 Dec 1855, surety William C. Skaggs. George was over 21 years of age.

ESTES, H. W. (Harvey in 1850 census) to B. A. McKINNEY on 9 Nov 1843 by Demonbrum, (min.rets.only).

ESTES, JAMES W. to MARY HAMILTON on 21 Aug 1844 by Milam, (min.rets.only).

ESTES, JOHN P. to MAHALA ESTES on 7 Jan 1847 by Woodward, (min.rets.only).

ESTES, JOHN W. "his father present" to CAROLINE EARLS, dau of Obediah by note, on 2 May 1858 by Harvey, surety Warfield Estes.

ESTES, JOSEPH R. (Joseph H. in min.ret.), of Adair, 22, to EMILY T. JEFFRIES (Emily L. in min.ret.), of Adair, 19, on 9 Nov 1856 by Keene, surety Chesley T. Pendleton.

ESTES, LEWIS H. to KITTY ANN WISDOM on 29 Oct 1843 by J.Breeding, (min.ret.only).

ESTES, OTHA, of Adair, 24, first mar, born Adair, both parents born Ky., to HARRIET Z. GRISSOM, of Adair, 17, born Missouri, both parents born Ky., first mar, dau of Harriet B. Grisson, on 23 Dec 1868 by Harvey, surety C.W.McKinney.

ESTES, THOMAS H. to ARAMINTY H. TRAYLOR (A.H.Frayley in one record) on 25 Jan 1849 by Woodward, (min.rets.only).

ESTES, WARFIELD, son of William, to MARY ANN McKINNEY on 23 July 1840, by J.Blair.

EUBANK, JOHN to MARY DARNELL on 3 Dec 1851 by Absher, (min.rets.only).

EUBANK, JOSEPH to CLEMENTINE BRYANT on 4 Jan 1866 by F.N.Taylor at Daniel Bryant's (min.ret.only).

EUBANK, ROBERT C. to MARY ANN DUDLEY, dau of James Dudley, bond only dated 10 Mar 1854, surety William H. Walker.

EUBANK, WILLIAM E. to MARY JANE EPPERSON on 17 Apr 1849 by Lewis, (min.rets.only).

EVANS, THOMAS to ELIZABETH JUDD on 3 Mar 1850 by Judd, (min.rets.only).

EWERS, HARDIN E. to AMANDA E. SETTLES, dau of Benjamin Settles (deceased), under the guardianship of W.W.Settles, on 7 Dec 1840.

EWERS, WILLIAM T. to M. J. CHEAK on 9 Nov 1845 by Thomas, (min.rets.only).

EWING, JAMES R. "his guardian, M. Miller, consents", to MISS NANCY JANE MOSS, "her father consents" no note, bond only dated 15 Oct 1855, surety Sinclair Wheat.

EWING, JAMES R. to MARGARETA J. ATKINS on 15 Jan 1867 by Cundiff at H.G.Atkins' (min. ret, only).

FARLEE, HENRY to SARAH NELL on 1 Apr 1849 by Burge, (min.rets.only).

FARLEE, WILLIAM, of Adair, 27, to NANCY MEDLEY, of Adair, 28, single, on 16 Jan 1862 by Absher, (min.ret.only). See also William Farell.

FARELL, WILLIAM to NANCY MEDLEY on 16 Jan 1862. See William Farlee.

FARRIS, HENRY R., of Taylor Co., 21, first mar, born Carroll Co., father born Washington Co., Va, mother born Carroll Co., to SALLY M. GUINN, of Taylor Co., 25, first mar, born Cumberland Co., father and mother born Va., on 15 Oct 1869 by James, surety Win. L. Farris.

FAULKNER, JOHN, of Green Co., 40, to AMANDA F. KINNAIRD (Kincade in min.ret.), of Adair, 38, on 12 July 1855 by Keene, surety Harbert F. Kinnaird.

FEESE, AYLETT R. to DORINDA J. MONTGOMERY on 15 Oct 1866 by F.N.Taylor at Mt. Pleasant Church, (min.ret.only).

FlEECE, DAVID (Fin in one return) to LUCINDA FINN on 25 Nov 1845 by G. Breeding, (min.rets.only).

FEESE, LOYD W. to ANN M. THOMAS on 30 Sept 1862 by James at Hardin Thomas', (min. ret.only).

FERGERSON, JOHN W., of Adair, 24, to CORINHA WATSON, of Adair, 16, on 4 Nov 1863 by Monroe, (min.ret.only).

FERGERSON, WILLIAM P., of Adair, first mar, he and both parents born Va, to LOUISA ELLEN WHITE, of Adair, 16, first mar, born Adair, father born Va, mother born Green Co., note signed by her guardian Wm.White, married on 24 Oct 1868 by Monroe, surety N.L.Daugherty.

FICKLIN (or FICKLAND), JOSEPH to MRS. NANCY CARTER on 20 Oct 1849 by Thomas, (min.rets.only).

FIDDS, JOHN to ELIZA CHILDERS in 1849 by Wilson, (min.rets.only). NOTE: This is the marriage of JOHN FIELDS. Proven by 1850 and later census records and the birth records of their children!

FIELDS, GEORGE S. to SARAH JOSEPHINE HANCOCK on 23 June 1866 by James at John Hancock's, (min.ret.only).

FIELDS, JOHN to ELIZA CHILDERS in 1849. (See John Fidds).

FIELDS, JOHN, of Adair, 24, born Adair, single, his father present, to MARTHA JANE ENGLAND, of Adair, 22, born Adair, single, on 23 Oct 1855 by Roach, surety Jesse Fields.

FIELD, ROBERT D., of Adair, 20, to MILLY A. LEACH, of Adair, 17, single, on 24 Dec 1860 by W. Blair, (min.ret.only).


FIELD, WILLIAM B. to POLLY WATSON on 22 May 1850 by W. Blair, (min.rets.only).

FIN, DAVID to LUCINDA FINN on 25 Nov 1845. (See also David Fieece).

FINN, JEREMIAH to AMANDA H. STULTS, consent given by her guardian George Stults, on 22 Dec 1841.

FINN, LUKE W., of Green Co., 23, first mar, born Green Co., father born Va., mother born Adair, to ELIZABETH G ALLEN of Adair 28, second mar, born Green Co. both parents born Va. on 28 Oct 1869 by James surety John W Finn.

FIRKIN, JAMES M., of Adair, 23, single (spelled Ferquirin on bond), to MISS MARY JANE WILLIAMS, 19, single, dau of Leroy Williams by note, on 18 Dec 1856 by J.M.Blair, surety John Blackburn.

FLETCHER, ALONZO D. to MARGARET PAGE on 15 Jan 1863 by Wallace at Shelton Page's (min.ret.only).

FLETCHER, ANDREW to SUSAN MURRAY, dau of Eli by note, bond dated 21 July 1858, min.ret.says married on 12 July 1858, by W.Blair, surety Win. A. Blair.

FLETCHER, JAMES to RUTH GRIDER on 30 Mar 1851 by Tucker, (min.rets.only).

FLETCHER, JAMES B. to NANCY NELL on 25 Jan 1846 by Noble, (min.rets.only).

FLETCHER, JAMES R., of Adair, to SARAH M. VIRES, of Adair, on 5 Aug 1865 by Patton, (min.ret.only).

FLETCHER, JOHN to MILLIE ROWE on 2 Oct 1851 by Roach, (min.rets.only).

FLETCHER, JOHN C. to ELIZABETH TURNER on 18 Oct 1849 by Williams, (min.rets.only).

FLETCHER, JOHN C., of Adair, 28, to ELIZABETH E. JANES, of Adair, 26, single, "her father consents" no note, 26 June 1856 by Harvey, surety Andrew R. Harvey. (Note: one return gives her surname as JONES).

FLETCHER, LOUIS to LUCY JANE ROWE on 15 Jan 1848 by Janes, (min.rets.only).


FLETCHER, ROBERT, of Adair, 28, first mar, born Adair, father born Adair, mother born NC, to LOUISA E. HAMILTON (consent note, signed by mother, Letitia? Hamilton), of Adair, 19, first mar, she and both parents born Adair, on 20 Sept 1868 by J.Breeding at John W. Hamilton's, surety Win. J. Hamilton.

FLETCHER, SAMUEL W. to MISS SUSAN BARNES on 4 Dec 1845 by Simpson, (min.rets.only).

FLICK, JOHN to MARTHA JANE BEATY on 5 Aug 1866 by Mills at William Beaty's, (min. ret. only)

FLORO, ALEXANDER to FANNIE H. PENDLETON on 20 July 1845 by Absher, (min.rets.only).

FLORA, JAMES to MATILDA HARMON on 25 July 1846 by Absher, (min.rets.only).

FLORO, JAMES A. ("Elexander" in one record), of Adalr, 19, first mar, born Adair,father born Va or Tenn, mother born Adair, consent of his mother, Francis Napier by note, to ELIZABETH PROCK, of Adair, 25, first mar, born Monroe Co., Tenn, both parents born US, on 30 Apr 1868 by Vires, surety Joseph Pendleton.

FLORO, JAMES V., of Adair, 25, first mar, he and both parents born Adair, to LUCY FRANCES LOY, dau of Jacob by note, of Adair, 18, first mar, she and both parents born Adair, on 21 July 1868 by Harvey, surety John W. Bennett.

FLOWERS, JAMES H., 26, to M. E. MORRISON, 18, on 28 Feb 1861 by Emerson, (min. ret. only)

FLOWERS, JAMES W. to MARY NELL, dau of George, on 15 Feb 1840.

FLOWERS, JOSEPH D. to MARTHA E. HINDMAN on 22 Nov 1867 by Neal at F. Hindman's, (min.ret.only).

FLOWERS, MILIDON to SARAH J. SIMPSON on 28 Oct 1867 by James, (min.ret.only).

FLOWERS, THOMAS B. to LOUISA STAPLES on 15 Aug 1867 by Cundiff, (min.ret.only).

FLOYD, ANDREW J. to MARGARET SINCLAIR on 1 Nov 1867 by Dehart, (min.ret.only).

FLOYD, DAVID Z., son of Margaret by note, of Adair, 18, first mar, born Adair, father born Pulaski Co. "1 think", mother born Adair, to RACHEL M. BRYANT, of Adair, first mar, born Adair, father born Adair "I think", mother born NC, on 25 Oct 1868 by Vires at Liberty Church, surety George A. Bryant.

FLOYD, SAMUEL to EMERLINE ANTLE on 2 June 1850 by M.Blair, (min.rets.only).

FOLLIS, JOHN F., of Columbia, born N.J., 25, to PORTER MURRELL, of Columbia, 20, single, on 3 Mar 1859 by McKee, (min.ret.only).

FORD, P. 0., of Adair, 27, first mar, born Ireland, father born France, mother born Ireland, to MISS ARAMINTA EDRINGTON, of Adair, 16, first mar, born Taylor Co., both parents born Adair, dau of Wm. W. by note, on 9 Jan 1868 by Wallace at Wm. W. Edrington 's, surety Jordan Page.

FORRESTER, MADISON, son of Jane, to JULIZA VIGUS, dau of Zacheus, on 7 June 1840. by J. Blair. (One record spells surname: Forister)

FRANKLIN, GEORGE to MISS POLLY ANN COLLINS, bond dated 25 Jan 1858, min.ret.says married on 13 Jan 1858 by W. Blair, surety Zachariah Collins.

FRANKLIN, GEORGE W. to ELIZABETH BREEDING on 24 Nov 1864 by Patton at James H. Breeding's, (min.ret.only).

FRANKUM, GEORGE W. to LUCY (or LUCINDA) BRYANT on 13 Jan 1845 by Absher, (min.rets. only).

FRAZER, LOUIS H., of Adair, 32, single, born Cumberland Co., to MARY J. DOOLAND, of Adair, single, born Barren Co., aged 19, on 3 Sept 1852 by Neal, (min. rets.only).

FRAZER, ZEBULON M. P. to EDNA HAMILTON on 26 Sept 1844 by Godby, (min.rets.only).

FROST, NIMROD B. to HARRIET PAGE one return gives mar. date as 3 Jan 1843 and the second return gives it as 23 Jan 1843, by Thompson.

FROST, SOLOMON, of Casey Co., 20, to MISS SARAH JANE PIKE, of Adair, 21, dau of Thomas by note, on 21 Apr 1856 by Monroe, surety John R. Pike.

FUDGE, JOHN to ELISABETH ANN TRAN on 14 Jan 1847 by J.Blair, (min.rets.only).

FURKIN, JAMES A. to MARY M. TRAYLOR on 8 Jan 1863 by W.Blair, (min.ret.only).

GABBERT, MATHEW R., of Cumberland Co., 23, to SARAH ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY, of Adair, 21, on 21 Feb 1858 by F.N.Taylor, surety Charles H. Campbell.

GAUBERRY, ANDREW G. to SARAH F. JONES on 27 Mar 1851 by Absher, (min.rets.only).

GAUBERRY, JAMES to SARAH ANN COWNOVER on 17 Nov 1842 by Absher, (min.rets.only).

GADBERRY, WILLIAM N. to MISS SARAH L. WINFREY on 30 Nov 1851 by Absher, (min rets.only).