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D'Angelo's Voudou
' curb his onstage appetite, they always have raspberries waiting for him backstage..'

"His songs have the seductive textures
of the R.-and-B. hits of the '70s, evoking Marvin Gaye
and the Isley Brothers, but D'Angelo's style
is spare and restrained.
Aesthetically, there are no big lapels here."--

Praise for Voodoo

" 'Voodoo' is seduction without calculation
(and yes, there is such a thing),
heavy petting that lures you
to the moon before you realize you've even left the ground."
--from a review featured at,
written by Stephanie Zacharek

" 'Voodoo' speaks of moonlit ceremonies,
sweat and sex, love, lust and need.
Like much of the great soul music
that's come before it, [Voodoo]
is at once a confessional and a lover's come-on...."
--from an article written by Dave Ferman
for The Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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