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Award Winners of My Special Friends
awards, make sure to check some
awesome sites out!!
Congratulations to all applicants!

The Awesome Sites

1-Midnight Lady's Site 2-Country Granny's Home 3-Welcome to W.E.B World 4-Misty's Lil Corner 5-Grammy's Place 6-Red's Jump Page 7-Rainbow's Place 8-Sister(by Pamela) 9-Samantha's World of Life&Times 10-Kasha's Poetry Corner 11-Home of the Brave 12-Marjomia's Serenity 13-Aqua Angels Heavenly Haven 14-Just us(Harley Girl) 15-Smiley's 16-The Heartbreak Kid 17-Lizzies,Rex&Pets Homepage 18-Mommy's Pooh Den 19-Angels of the clouds 20-Marcia's Place 21-Coke4me 22-Whisper 01's World 23-John Calgary's Homepage 24-Cheyelles Wavs 25-Trina's Poetry Junction 26-Chris's Web Page 27-John Murdock's Home 28-Sunshine's Garden 29-Sue Bluu's Home 30-Cajun Sue's 31-Welcome to The Reading Room 32-In Dreams 33-Sinead's Homepage 34-Sarah's Homepage 35-Deb's Homepage 36-Joanne's Homepage 37-Welcome to My Serenity 38-The Cloniger Family port 39-Baryy&Eva's Homepage 40-Diana's Reed's Rave Reviews 41-Angie's Little Angelic Heaven 42-Familie Lint Homepage 43-Richard's Corner 44-The Nowlin's Homestead 45-Tina's Lighthouse 46-DebwithAngels 47-Echoes of The Heart 48-Krystal's Hideout 49-Kassandra's Treehouse5 0-Where Is My World? 51-Lady Deb's Pages 52-Toto's Little Piece of Oz 53-Jessie's Paw 54-In memory of Misty 55-An Angels Flower basket 56-Patti's Place 57-Kennel Trophy 58-Helen Roberta's Website 59-Sweet's Love 60-Darlene's Place 61-Carol Towne 62-USS FINAL FRONTIER 63-Karen's Home 64-God's Poet-Poetry From the Heart 65-Darla's Home 66-Are You Lost? 67-Sweets Love 68-Monique's Place 69-Corner's Of My Mind 70-Tea Bags Marcelo 71-Yaneisy's Place 72-Rod 758 Webpage 73-Creative Poety 74-NC outerbanks 75-Michael's homepage 76-Wild Phoenix's Palace 77-United We Stand 78-Where Memories never die 79-Jamie's Site 80-Kid's Korner 81-Home Away From Home 82-Norma's A little bit of everything 83-Rock Doberman's 84-Samantha's Page 85-A Token of My Love 86-The Page of the romantic hearts 87-Mikale's Place 88-Castlespirit 89-Prophetic Information Ministries 90-Soaring Eagle's Creations 91-Norma's Little Bit of this and that 92-Julie's Homepage 93-Magical Places & Creative Spaces 94-Anita's Homepage 95-Welcome to Our domain 96-Muffys Muffins 97-Newton School 98-The Game Puppet99-Trucker's Diamonds

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