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Louisville Cardinal Basketball

Last updated: July 22, 1999

Section updated: Cardinal News & Notes; Recruiting Targets

Pat Rafferty, new assistant coach at Louisville!

Erik Brown 6'5" Small Forward transfers from Morehead State to Louisville. Brown will be eligible in the 2000-2001 season. Brown lead all freshmen scores with 19.3 points a game.

Recruiting Page up and running again!

"99-00" Projected Roster:

PG Rashad Brooks 6'1" 205 lbs. JR.
PG *Willie Harmon 6'1" 175 lbs. FR.
PG *Chad Shoen 6'2" 180 lbs. JR.
PG/SG Caleb Gervin 6'2" 185 lbs. SO.
SG Marques Maybin 6'3" 192 lbs. JR.
SF/SG *Quentin Bailey 6'3" 185 lbs. SO.
SG/PG Jeff McKinley 6'5" 225 lbs. JR.
SF/SG xErik Brown 6'5" 195 lbs. SO.
PG/SG/SF Reece Gaines 6'6" 185 lbs. FR.
SF Nate Johnson 6'6" 215 lbs. SR.
SG/SF Kevin Smiley 6'6" 190 lbs. SR.
SF/PF Tony Williams 6'8" 210 lbs. SR.
PF/C Hajj Turner 6'8" 225 lbs. FR.
C/PF (?) Joe Sykes 6'9" 245lbs. FR.
C/PF Dion Edward 6'9" 235 lbs. SR.
PF/C Tobiah Hopper 6'9" 220 lbs. SR.
PF/C (?) Benjamin Eze Ndubuisi 6'10" 220lbs. FR.
C (?) Muhammed Lesage 6'11" 225 lbs. FR.


xTransfer will be eligible in 00-2001 season
(!) Ineligible-(Prop 48)
(?) Unknown whether if will make the grades or go to prep school
"98-99" Commitments:

**Dion Edward 6'9" 235 lbs. PF/C Westark, Arkansas (JC)

** Kevin Smiley 6'6" SG/PG 190 lbs. Allegany, Maryland (JC)

** (?) Janerio Spurlock 6'5" 195 lbs. SG/SF Cincinnati, Ohio (Aiken High)

** Tobiah Hopper 6'9" 225 lbs. PF/C St. Catherine, (JC) Kentucky

*** Quintin Bailey 6'3" 198 lbs. SF Louisville, Kentucky (Iroquois High)

** (?) Caleb Gervin 6'1" PG 175 lbs. Cathedral City, California (Cathedral High)

(?) Grades?

**Signed letter of intent to play hoops at UL.**

(&) Verbally Commited to play hoops at UL.


"99-2000" Commitments:(6)

Joe Sykes 6'9" 245lbs. C/PF; Radcliff, Kentucky (North Hardin High)

Rashad Brooks 6'1" 205lbs. PG; Cecil Community College, Maryland

Reece Gaines 6'6" 185lbs. PG/SG; Madison, Wisconsin (West High)

Mikael Hadiri 6'7" 200lbs. SF; Chicago, Illinois via France

Benjamin Eze Ndubuisi 6'10" 220lbs. PF/C; Nigeria via Toronto, Onterio

Muhammed Lesage 6'11" 225lbs. C; Nigeria via Toronto, Onterio

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