Tsalagi (Cherokee) Moons
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Tsalagi (Cherokee) Moons

Here are the months and the twelve (of the thirteen) moons which most closely correspond to them.

January - Month of the Cold Moon - du no lv ta ni -

February - Month of the Bony Moon - ka ga li -

March - Month of the Windy Moon - a nu yi -

April - Month of the Flower Moon - ka wa ni -

May - Month of the Planting Moon - a na a gv ti -

June - Month of the Green Corn Moon - de ha lu yi -

July - Month of the Ripe Corn Moon - gu ye quo ni -

August - Month of the End of the Fruit Moon - ga lo nii -

September - Month of the Nut Moon - du li i s di -

October - Month of the Harvest Moon - di ni nv di -

November - Month of the Trading Moon - nu da de qua -

December - Month of the Snow Moon - v s gi ga -

See the entire Syllabary and an excerpt about Sequoya from Chief Wilma Mankiller's book here!

The Cherokee Messenger Online also prints a list of the Cherokee Moons, in English and Tsalagi phonetic spelling.
I made the small images of the Tsalagi letters using the Cherokee True Type Font, which can be downloaded at that site. Thanks to the author.

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