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Where are we going?

We are going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. They live in Murray, Kentucky. Murray is a long way from our house in Monticello.

Christopher will see many interesting things on the way to Murray. I will see cars and trucks. I will see big Semi Trucks with lots of wheels. Semi Trucks go very fast!

I will see farms. I will probably see farm animals like cows and horses. I might even see tractors !

There are many different ways to get to Murray, Kentucky. When Daddy drives to Murray, we usually go on Highway 90.

When we drive on Highway 90, we drive through many small towns like Susie, Burkesville, Marrowbone, Dubre, Beaumont, Summer Shade and Eighty-Eight. Sometimes we stop at the city of Glasgow and buy more gas for the car.

If I get hungry, Daddy will stop the car and buy some food to eat. When I have to go to the bathroom, Daddy will stop the car and let me use the bathroom. All I have to do is to tell Daddy when I am hungry or when I need to go to the bathroom.

When we leave Glasgow, Daddy will usually drive to Bowling Green. Then we usually drive on Highway 68 through towns like South Union, Russelville, Elkton, Fairview, Hopkinsville, Cadiz and Canton.

When we drive across the bridges over Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake, I know that we are almost there!

When I see Grandma and Grandpa, I will give them a BIG HUG and a BIG KISS! I will show them that I am happy to see them! They will be very happy to see me, too! Grandma and Grandpa love me very much!

We will eat food at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I will play with my toy and watch television. Grandma might even let me play music on the piano!

At night we will be very tired. When it is time to go to bed, we will probably sleep in a hotel room in Murray.

Then in the morning we will go back to our house in Monticello. We will drive back across the bridges over Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. We will probably go on the same Highway 68, to Canton, Cadiz, Hopkinsville, Fairview, Elkton, Russleville and South Union.

When I am hungry, I will tell Daddy. Then Daddy will stop and we will eat. When I have to go to the bathroom, I will tell Daddy. Then Daddy can take me to a bathroom.

We will drive to Bowling Green, and Glasgow. Then we will probably drive on Highway 90 again. We will go to Eighty-eight, Summer Shade and Beaumont. We will drive past Dubre, Marrowbone, and Burkesville. When we get to Susie, I know that we are almost home in Monticello again!

I like going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in Murray, Kentucky - even though it is a long way from Monticello!

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