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Social Story : Shopping

My family is going to the store. We will buy things at the store.

When I am at the store, I will look in my pocket. Do I have my money? Do I have my list? I will go inside the store. I will get a shopping cart. I will look at my shopping list.

Mommy and Daddy are happy to see me push the shopping cart all by myself. Mommy likes it when I push the cart slowly. Mommy smiles when I push my shopping cart very carefully. The other people in the store drive their shopping carts very carefully, too.

I remember that when I push the shopping cart, I should walk. The shopping cart is like a car on a busy street. I should drive the shopping cart very carefully so that I won’t have a wreck or hurt anyone.

When I read my list, I know what I am supposed to get. I put all of the things that are on my list in my shopping cart. I have fun finding things and putting them into my shopping cart.

Things in the store are not free. Each thing has a price. The price is how much money I have to pay for the things that I want.

I will use my money to buy things that are good to eat. I will use my money to buy things that are fun to play with. I will use my money to buy things that I need.

I push the shopping cart to the front of the store to the register. I will wait in line. When it is my turn, I will put all of the things that are in my shopping cart up on the check-out counter. The store clerk will scan each thing.

The scanner will beep every time the clerk puts one of my things on the scanner. The scanner shows the clerk how much the price is for each thing that I want to buy. Then the clerk will tell me how much money I have to pay.

I take my money out of my wallet. I count out how many dollars that I need. Then I will give one more dollar for the cents. If the clerk says “That will be 7 dollars and 52 cents,” I will count out 1 dollar, 2 dollars, 3 dollars, 4 dollars, 5 dollars, 6 dollars, and 7 dollars. Then I will give the clerk 1 more dollar for the cents. I give my dollars to the clerk.

The clerk will put my money into the store’s money machine. The clerk will tear off a little piece of white paper called a receipt and put all of my stuff in the plastic or paper sack.

Sometimes the clerk will give some coins to me. This is the money that I have left over. I will put my coins in my wallet. I will put my wallet in my pocket. I will take my sack of stuff to the car. Shopping is a lot of fun!

Good job, Christopher!

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