Cockatiel Paradise
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Cockatiel Paradise

Welcome to our Aviary. We are located in central Kentucky in a quiet rural town in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. My Cockatiel Aviary houses one of the largest collections of Cockatiels in Kentucky. I have been a Cockatiel enthusiast for about 15 years and breeding these beautiful little birds for 14 years. Each of my babies are hand fed and socialized with people and other birds to make a quality personal family pet. It is my hope that you will enjoy my web page, and have gained more information about these wonderful little creatures that we call Cockatiels. Here at Cockatiel Paradise we have most of the mutations of the Cockatiel species and a few other parrot types as well.

Cockatiel,(Nymphicus hollandicus) basic descriptions:

This little parrot is a native of Australia and is possibly the most popular pet of the parrot family. Cockatiel males become reasonably good talkers and whistlers, and are excellent companions. They are readily available and are relatively inexpensive.

In appearance, the cockatiel is a long slender bird with an overall length of twelve inches, half of which is a long, tapering, pointed tail. It's head is topped by a long, graceful crest which can be raised or lowered at will. Adult males have bright yellow in the face extending upwards in the crest. Females and all immature young have only a slight tinge of yellow in the face and crest. This, of course, is only a true statement when dealing with the normal gray Cockatiel. In the White Faced, and most all of the other mutations, it is almost impossible to tell male from female until they reach about 6 to 8 months in age, unless a male begins his courting songs and whistles.

Here at Cockatiel Paradise we raise most mutations of Cockatiels.

Normal Cockatiels, Grays, Pearls, Cinnamons, Cinnamon Pearl Pieds, Pieds, Heavy Pieds, Lutino and Lutinos Pearls.

White Faced Normal Grays, Cinnamon, Pearls, Cinnamons Pearl Pieds, and even the true White Faced Albino, the list could go on and on. I think you would agree we have most mutations of Cockatiels.

Other birds that we raise at Cockatiel Paradise.

Love Birds, Peach faced and Black Masked, Pacific Parrotlets, Parakeets, English Budgies and Diamond Doves.

We will sell unweaned babies of the above. Prefer to sell whole clutches. If you can hand feed and get the babies young, your cost would be less than a weaned baby.

These are baby Cockatiels in different stages of development and ages. These babies are waiting for their next hand feeding. These babies will grow into beautiful loving pet birds.

Will ship weather permitting.

Please call (502)839-7649 or e-mail Send E-mail to Cockatiel Paradise.for more information.

Vada and J.C. Cohorn Owners.

Last update was November 12, 1997



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