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Godís F.A.T Followers

We are living in a time when people are so concious of their weight. Everyone wants to be slim and trim, donít you? Our intention is not to talk about someoneís weight, but rather teach Godís truth. I do not intend to insult you.

Let us get to our lesson and see if we can get something that will help us spiritually!

There are some characteristics that God expects us to have and they are as follows.

1. Faithful.
This is not energetic persistence. Neurotic zeal may not be faith at all.

Believing in believing is absurd. We walk in truth---- not merely facts, creed. Our faith is in truth, reality, concept. God is the keeper of our souls.
Faith is not pop-psychology, will power. ----Christians have "faith -power", "Christ power". Christians live by faith and not by sight. (2 Cor.5:7). Heb. The eleventh chapter teaches that each one of these characters had the faith that was acceptable to God. In the book of James (the second chapter) we also read of faith that is connected with works. In Gal. The 3rd chapter faith is also taught.

The church is enamored too often with size, talent, potential. Coach Paul Bear Bryant observed, "No one won a game on potential." The great issue in life is simply "showing up".
Nothing can be done until we show up! The "one talent man" was condemned, not because he did not have five, but because the one he had was not available.
Joy comes when talents are given to God. The folks that are miserable in their religion are the folks that are always looking for "greener-pastures" and never are available to serve where they are.
Bloom where you are planted; use what you have.
It is yet to be seen what God can do if one gives himself totally to God! The great need is not ability but availability.

3. Teachable
God can only use people with faith who make themselves available. Paul said he had not arrived (Phil.3:11-17). Paul kept learning.
Many stop studying, some never start. They get by for a time on future potential.
God cannot use "know-it allís". One who ceases to be a student is disqualified to teach.
There is no greater joy than in learning, changing, maturing.

Are you Faithful? Available? Teachable?

Please email me and tell me if you liked this lesson.

Les Baxter

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