Can I Find Refuge In Christ
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Can I Find Refuge In Christ


We as Christians believe the Bible to be the only revelation from God to man.

It contains the mind of God, the state of man, and the way of salvation.

Therefore, we must rely upon God's Word In so doing you will find a refuge for your soul.

Under the Old Law cities of refuge were set aside. (Num.35:6,13,15)

Today our refuge is found--"In Christ".

1. "First, As a question"

a. Your own personal question. Christ said..Matt.11:28.

b. His assurance is positive--I will give you rest.

c. Peter exhorts us to "cast all your cares upon Christ" I Pet.5:7

d. We can find refuge in Christ however remove the word "can" and "question mark" and now we have an--

-2."Affirmation'- I find refuge In Christ"

a. you are now a child of God, therefore we must tell the world about Christ.

b. Philip told Nathanael. John.1:43-45.

c. We should convert all who sit in the valley of the shadow of death.Psa.23.

d. If we remove the words "I and "Affirmation" we have an-

3."Exhortation" Find Refuge In Christ"

a. An exhortation for others to do as you have done.

b. Paul told Felix the gospel story and exhorted-"find refuge Felix." Acts.24:25.

c. Consider Paulís exhortation to Agrippa. Acts.26:27-29. "I have refuge in Christ- you find refuge in Christ."

d. If we remove the words "Find" and "Exhortation" we will have words of

4. "Consolation"- "Refuge In Christ"

a. Nothing can compare. In Christ we have peace of soul. Rom.5:1.

Out of Christ there is no peace. Isa.57:20,21.

b. Christ has promised to be with us 'always'. Matt.28:18-20.

c. Hear the words of the Hebrew writer. Heb.13:5 ) d. .If we remove the words "Refuge" and "Consolation' we find words of-

5."Exaltation'- In Christ"

a. Highest place man can be exalted.

b. Here, an individual becomes a new person. 2 Cor.5:17.

(1) You have access to all spiritual blessings. Eph.1:3-7.

(2) You can share a mansion with Christ. John.14:2.

c. There is but one way to get "into" Christ. 6al.3:27.

d. If we remove the words "In" and "Exaltation' we have complete-

6."Satisfaction" -"Christ"

a .Complete satisfaction in His name. Acts.4:12.

(1) Peter wrote. I Pet.4:16.

(2) This is the new name. Isa.62:2.

We would urge you to heed to the exhortation of Christ Matt.6:33.


a. Consider the words of the apostle Paul I Cor.15:1

b. obey Christ and gain life in Heaven. Rev.14:13.

c. Be born again John.3:3-5. Put on Christ. Gal.3:27.

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