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Tranquillity's Ascension Dream I: Part I: The Ascension Dream I

In the dream, I owned a business of unknown nature, outdoors. At one point, I needed to go from the flat meadow near the road to another location. Instead of just walking there, I found myself climbing a steep flight of steps built into the forest. I remember thinking there might be about ***80** steps...I had climbed perhaps halfway (but it seemed no end in sight) when I realized that I was carrying, one in each outstretched hand, a pack of brand-name Toaster Pastries, but each pack was open and contained only a SINGLE, HALF-EATEN pastry...Climbing immediately beside me, step for step, was a weird-looking creature which I classified as a tarantula based on the number of legs (but now I think was only 6 (one less than 7, the number of Spiritual Perfection postulated in some Paths). It’s body resembled the ladybug stuffed I keep on the dash of my truck, Xcept that the body was hot pink with black polka dots, the legs were black, and the eyes were black and piercing but incredibly sentient.
I didn't want it to touch my foot as it climbed on my left, or spiritual side, very close, as I thought I was barefoot, but at one point I looked down and was wearing flip-flop thongs... I still didn't want it touching me, I was not necessarily afraid of being bitten, I just knew I didn't want to be touched by it; but not why I didn’t (it was not fear at all, just perhaps an uncertainty of being willing to receive these Spiritual Gifts and Guidance at this point). At this point I reached across myself with my right or physical hand and thrust at it, the pack with the half-empty toaster pastry, telling it that should satisfy it, I think. I might have been almost stumbling here; I remember I was bent forward and it turned its head and looked me straight in the eye, a rather unnerving Xperience.. I /we continued climbing and suddenly it leaped, and SNATCHED the half-empty Toaster Pastry package from my left/spiritual hand!!! As the package was snatched I glanced down at it and saw that now it was encased in an open plastic sandwhich this point I woke up.

Part II:

Some Xplications of the Dream of Ascension and Spiritual Growth

This dream references the dichotomy between my physical and spiritual aspects...and presents a record of ascension and spiritual growth. The **Creature** (for what else do I knw to call it, certainly nothing similar to it Xists on the Earth …is my Spirit Guide.. (for which I did indeed receive the Name, but have chosen not to reveal it) And indeed the unusual appearance and sentient piercing gaze are accounted for by the fact that it is a guide from a multidimensional reality NOT of the Earth Plane or of the first thru third dimensions as we knw them…but of some (or multiple) dimensions (which we knw reach at least 11 or 13!)

This guide appears to stem from the Eighth Dimension, as that currently is from whence my messages are received...which would also relate to the theme of the **80** steps!And perhaps then i correctly identified the number of its legs as 8! thus indicating its Home Dimension (i did initially relate to it as a tarantula, during the Dream!)

Yes indeed I am ascending in this Dream…the ***80** steps indicate:
1) my own Spiritual Growth
2) Spiritual Evolution
3) Ascension (individual, Gaia, the Universe)

The importance for my Own Path is found in the fact that despite my initial resistance, my Guide remains firmly at my side, near me, pacing itself Xactly to my pace…and monitoring my spiritual (left) side….

And there is More, Far More, to this Dream…which has not been revealed to me as of yet.

Part III:

Tranquillity's Ascension Dream II:

In the early morning hours of 4-15-99, a Space/Channelling Dream came to me…the second in the Series of Dreams of Ascension-and-Beyond..

In this Dream I am a Channeller…I and three of my friends, who roomed with me, enter a Boarding School to Channell…I am apparently the Main Channel, and my 3 friends are there to hold the focus in support of the Light flowing in…as I valiantly attempt to bring in the Energy, continual distractions and interrruptions occur…eventually I pause, and the three of us leave that room and walk through the School…suddenly I am aware of an approaching, sentient, space anomaly…I predict it as a meteor…we attempt to warn/alert all those in the school, both Teachers and Students, of the approach..but no one seems to want to listen to us… We enter one room that seems to be composed of elementary-age children, where the Teacher/Teachers either ignore us or urge us to leave…suddenly my friends and I rush to the windows, where all the blinds are closed, and peek through the slats…it is full nighttime, seems to be around midnight or shortly thereafter…in the night sky overhead we see what seems to be a Comet approaching, though I continue to refer to it as a Meteor, since that is what I intuited it as when the precognitive knowledge first came to me…it is clearly (to me) sentient…we attempt to alert those in the room, to no avail, as all seem to be intentionally **blinded** to the Truth…then we rush out into the seems each classroom contains a different category of persons, some adult, some younger…near this classroom of elementary students is a classroom of Gay Men..i consider going to alert them, but something holds me back, seemingly the realization that all in the School Xcept myself and my three friends are blind to the Truth, and will neither hear nor understand my 3 friends and I, at my instigation, run up the hall to the perpendicular hall and out the Xit door, down the 3 steps and into the parking lot…I am urging my friends to hurry through the packed parking lot to our car, which turns out to be a 66 Nova or Chevelle, white…as we run we see the Meteor/Comet performing balletic antics in the night sky…the sense of urgency increases at a Quantum pace…we know, at least I know, that I and my friends hold protection from any danger…perhaps we are actually part of the Race which maneuvers or is contained in the Comet?

At any rate, we pile into the car, with me driving…and as we do so, I intuit that the Tower on the School immediately above the Xit we used (which I call a clock tower, though I do not see a clock on the face we can see) will be quickly destroyed by the Meteor/Comet, as will all observatories and such man-made instruments used to **reach to the Heavens** (shades of the Divine Destruction of the Tower of Babel!!) Indeed, we speed from the parking lot and up the road in the opposite direction from the School, pause on top of a distant hill, and watch the collapse of the Clock Tower, into the parking lot, as it is struck by a laser-beam from the Comet…also shades of the movie Independence Day…

The School references might have been inspired by my reading of Whitley Strieber’s Xcellent book THE SECRET SCHOOL: PREPARATION FOR CONTACT.


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