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SG&K'sClassic Wooden Boat 
SG&K's Classic Wooden Boat page is a central source of info for Chris Craft,Century, Garwood and Hacker Craft wooden boat Owners. On these pages, you will find links for Antique & Classic Wood Boat Enthusiast, Parts, Restoration Supplies, Restoration Shops, Books and Boatsfor Sale.

My goal is to re-kindle those by-gone days of Christopher Columbus Smith, Garfield Wood and John Hacker.  Many antique boat enthusiasts easily recognize the design features and rakish style of these varnished mahogany beauties.

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Chris~Craftis the best known name in wooden powerboats, 
one glimpse of a restored boat will tell you why.
For more than sixty years,these wooden boat builders and their sons produced high performance runabouts,utilities, limousines, and sedans. These boats were famous Worldwide. Thousands enjoyed these wooden boats on warm summer days and cool evening cruises.Copy Right Bill NorbyThe Chris~Craft "Riviera" was one of the most popular wooden runabouts produced in the1950's.  Chris~Craft produced the "Riviera" from 1949 thru 1955 the boat was available in three lengths and models from, 16 foot with a 60 h.p. Hercules engine, 18 foot with either a 120 h.p. or 131 h.p Hercules and the 20-foot model with engine options to 158 h.p.  The little16' Riviera was dropped in 1953, it seemed that customers preferred the larger 18 ft and 20 ft models.  Research revealed that the little 60 h.p. Hercules Engine under powered the 16 ft "Riviera".

Chris~Craft,Century, Gar Wood are synonymous with both speed and crafts-manship. 1953 Chris~Craft RivieraSimple and Understated in design, powerful and fast in performance, these boats were built to go fast and make people happy!

The 18' "RIV" was very popular, and today is recognized as the quint essential 1950s runabout with its blonde decks, graceful proportions and excellent performance when powered by higher horse power "KLC" or "KBL" engines.  1,210 were built between 1949 and 1954, when Rivera's were replaced by Capri's.  Essentially, the 20' RIV was a big 18' and 288 were built before production terminated in 1954.  In 1955 Chris~Craft replaced all their runabouts with new faster sleeker models.

Copy Right Bill NorbyThe Riviera was replaced by the Capri and the Racing Runabout was replaced by the all new concept model know as the Cobra;  By years end there were two models of the Corba 21' and 18'.   The Capris and Cobras all shared design features hardware and presented unified styling. 19' Capri's utilized the same basic hull design with an extended bow, two piece curved plastic windshield, and similar hardware. The largest engine continued to be "K" based, first a KBL and later the KFL.  786 were built from 1955 through 1958. The 21' Capri was an extended bow 20' Riviera with the Capri windshield and styling features.  A major change was the addition of optional V-8 power along with M-series engines.  170were built during 1955 and 1956, at which time the original RIVIERA-based21' Capri was retired.

The Cobra's was Chris Craft's attempt to update the racing runabout concept with mid-50s styling, including the now famous Tail Fins.  The 18-foot Cobra came with the 131 hp "KBL."  In addition, the 21' Cobra came with either an M-series engine or V-8 Cadillac engine.  The Cadillac powered 21' Cobras was Chris Craft's first post-war attempt at true high performance runabouts, with top speeds easily exceeding 50 mph.  Chris~Craft encountered handling problems with this model.  Also, the fiber glass fins were considered labor-intensive so the Cobras were never intended for large-scale production and were only produced during the 1955 model year.  51 18's and 55 21's were produced.

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Chris~ Craft of the 1950's
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