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August 24, 2005: Changed a few things around. I added one picture to Anime/Manga, as well as changing the "Real Queen Serenity" category to Anime/Manga. Other Queen Serenity is now Fan Art, and all those horrid recolors I did several years ago have been removed. They just weren't worth leaving up anymore. As you may notice if you've been here before, I've also changed the banner. It's no longer a crappy recolor of Princess Serenity, it's now an actual Queen Serenity picture all prettied up with fancy effects and stuff. ^_^

Eventually I'm going to make buttons for all the other links. I think it will look nicer that way. I may come up with a new background, too. I don't know just yet. I'll see if I can manage to make anything I actually like. ^_^ I'm not much of a graphics artist so I don't know if I'll be able to come up with a nice layout or not.

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