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"Clovenstone is an adventurous, magical journey into all things mythical and fantastical. A terrific first novel!"
Comment by Kristen Britain, author of the best-selling fantasy novel, Green Rider.

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Author: Ruth McIntyre-Williams

Title: Clovenstone

Publisher: Writers Club Press at iUniverse

ISBN number: 0 595 12316 3

There was another flash, then silence. A stench of burning flesh and hair gagged the three. Slowly, carefully, they peered from behind the boulder. Charred heaps and molten metal mounds spread before them from the boulder behind which they were hidden to the cleft in the hillside. Near the top of the cleft stood a figure in a long gray robe, its back to them. The figure extended its arm, without turning, and gestured the three to come forward. As they got close to the figure, it extended its arm again and signaled them to stop. They did. Beagran and Arrochar reached for their weapons.

Yup, that's my book up there. Clovenstone. You can read sample chapters of the book on the web at

Writing this book has been a fun project, and it's not over yet. It took two years to write the book, and a winter to get it on the web. The website is alive; it's growing and doing. There's a guestbook, a webrings page, a glossary page, a links page, and an art gallery. There's even a free bookmark you can download.

I also publish a monthly ezine, Kildonan Times, related to Clovenstone and its fantasy historical setting. It has medieval and traditional recipes, herbals for cooking and medicine, cultural notes, and, of course, update news about Clovenstone and the Clovenstone Website. You can read back issues and subscribe to Kildonan Times by clicking here.

And yes, there will be a sequel. I have eleven chapters written already. So stay tuned...

This is myself, all right. Ruth McIntyre-Williams. Celt all the way. Read about the personal me lower on the page.

I did a lot of research while writing this novel — bought books, went to libraries, studied websites on medieval/feudal culture, Celtic culture, Wiccan, herbalism, Druidism, Gaelic, Celtic and Germanic mythology. None of these things appear in the book in their own clothes. The world, culture, and characters of Clovenstone are entirely from my imagination. But I wanted Kildonan, the land of Clovenstone, to be believable and to have an early medieval ambience, so I studied to create this.

This is a quest novel, built in the tradition of the epic quests sung and told by bards through the ages. Poetic scraps of legends introduce each chapter. Secret runes and cryptic prophecies challenge your imagination throughout the tale. There's kings and castles and magic creatures, and swords and battles and all that good stuff. So grab your sword and pack, and go have an adventure at


I am a Celt (Scotch-Irish) who married a Celt (Welsh-Cornish). Therefore, our kids are Celts. Runs in the family. So much for the family tree. On to myself.

I hold a Master of Arts in art with minors in English and science. I taught art, science, and English (literature and mythology) for more years than I want to think about. I finally quit the teaching, and became a National Park ranger. That was more fun.

Along the way I acquired a private pilot's license, was an instructor in outdoor high adventure (climbing, caving, survival type stuff), and owned a ski shop.

In 1998 I gave up being a ranger, and became a creature of leisure. I now live in Florida and walk and bike and paint pictures and write novels and design web pages free lance. And I believe...(look to your right).

I BELIEVE in Macintosh, never passing up a chance at a new experience, that love is better than money, and that travel is more important than a new kitchen floor. So I spend 4 or 5 months on the road or over the sea every year. Catch you in Tucson — or London. We'll talk computer work and writing books, and whether cats have wings.


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