Purple Thistle
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Purple Thistle

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Josiah RICH was born in Sept. 1744 in Meridam and married Elizabeth STONE.
Their children were:
1. Joseph RICH; b. 3 Nov. 1776.


Joseph RICH married Avis DEAN who was born in 1768.
Joseph was buried in 1864 in Copenhogen, NY.
Avis died in 1854 in Copenhogen.
They had children:
1. Alonzo Dean RICH; b. 26 Oct 1803 in Demark.
Alonzo Dean was buried 26 Nov. in Copenhagen, NY.
Louisa died on 28 Feb. 1880.
Their children were:
1. Maria Dean RICH
2. Sidney Myron RICH
3.Lorenzo Meriam RICH; b. 17 Nov. 1840; d. 4 Oct. 1910.
4. Horace Henreitta RICH; b. 1807; d. 1829.
5. Henrietta F. RICH


Lorenzo Meriam RICH married Laura M. WIGGINS(pictured above) on 10 Dec. 1862
in Boonville, NY. Lorenzo Meriam RICH died on 4 Oct 1910.
They had 3 children:

1. Etta Louella RICH(pictured above); b. 13 Jul 1866
2. Fred Alonso RICH; b. 8 Aug 1869; d. 23 Oct 1953 in Flagler Co., FL.
3. Franklin Mansel RICH(pictured above with his sister; as adult); b. 12 Nov. 1873

Fred Alonso RICH married Gertude Lonore KEEN; b. 16 Feb 1876
in Bates Co., MO on 18 Mar. 1892.
They moved to Flagler Co., FL and had 3 children:
1. Chester Alonzo RICH
2. Alma Lorene RICH
3. Fern Augusta RICH


S. Samuel YOUNG, b. 4 Jun 1796, married Elizabeth MAXEY in KY on 17 Oct 1820.
Samuel died in 1836 in KY and was buried in Radford Cementery, Bulter Co., MO.
Samuel was a Methodist preacher. He was preaching in Ohio across the river from KY
and came home sick with pneumonia. He died a few days later.
Their children were:
1. Charles Neal YOUNG, b. 28 Jan 1823
2. Benjamin Millone YOUNG, b. 31 Oct 1824
3. Sarah Lewis YOUNG, b. 16 Oct. 1825
4. Mary Elizabeth Cartright YOUNG, b. 27 Apr 1829
5. James Calep McKendree YOUNG, b. 25 Jul 1831
6. Newton Berrymon YOUNG, b. 24 Jan 1834
7. Mark YOUNG, b. 31 Oct 1871


James Calep McKendree YOUNG(pictured above with 2nd wife) married Elizabeth Ann RADFORD, b. 20 Jan 1829 in Cumberland Co., KY.
They died in Spruce, MO. and were buried in Radford Cementery in Bulter Co., MO.
Their children were:
1. Elizabeth Jane Ann YOUNG, b. 30 Dec. 1851
2. Missouri Victory YOUNG, b. 23 Jun 1865
3. Emma Lenore YOUNG, b. 1 Apr. 1867
4. Marous Shelby YOUNG, b. 31 Oct. 1871
James Calep McKendree YOUNG married the second time to Sarah Katherine KEEN


Elizabeth Jane Ann YOUNG married Samuel T. KEEN.
Sam KEEN and Elizabeth YOUNG KEEN and their children Ambrose, Gertude, Jim, and George,
and Spencer Hill KEEN, Samuel's father, joined the Oregon Trail.
Gertude and Elizabeth told of Indians and how they stopped the wagons more than once,
how afraid most people were, how her father and other men talked with the Indians,
traded food for blanket, and the Indians would let them go on.
She told of how the Indians would steal horses at night so the men had to night watch.
On 14 June 1883, when they got to Ogden City, Utah,
they came on a train back home.
Their son, Ambrose,
had to come back with the wagon and team alone.
The trip was too hard for the family
and the elderly Mr. Spencer Hill KEEN.
Their children were:
1. Ambrose Travis KEEN, b. 11 Nov 1873
2. Gertude Lenore KEEN, b. 16 Feb 1876
3. George Washington KEEN, b. 13 Apr 1881
4. James Travis KEEN, b. 11 Oct 1879
5. Corda KEEN, b. 9 Feb 1886
6. Samuel Lafatte KEEN, b. 28 Mar 1892
7. Duke KEEN


Gertude Lenore KEEN married Fred Alonso RICH. They were both from Spruce, MO. However, the doctor told Fred that he wouldn't last another winter in the MO weather in the Spring of 1912, so Fred jumped in on a get rich quick growing Irish potatoes in FL land sale. Fred RICH bought 80 acres of FL land to grow Irish potatoes. He paid in advance for 10 arces to be cleared and ready to plant. He sold his home in Spruce, MO and moved to FL that summer. Gertude and the children went before Fred to look for a house to rent until they could build their own. They went by Pullman train and had a box car full of their things. They traveled with 2 pony colts, Nuget and Daisy, hay, 2 horses, named Tony and Pet, 2 farm horses, Babe and Billy, and chickens as well as apples, etc. Their son Chester and a friend travelled in the box car to feed and water the animals.
The children of this marriage were:
1. Chester Alonzo RICH, b. 4 May 1895

2. Alma Lorene RICH, b. 8 Sept 1903
3. Fern Augusta RICH, b. 18 Dec 1905


Fern Augusta RICH married Alexander James MCKENZIE(pictured above)in Mar 1920 in Palatka, FL
and had these children:
1. Eugenia Keen MCKENZIE, b. 27 Mar 1921
2. Chester Alexander MCKENZIE, b. 2 Aug 1924

Alexander James MCKENZIE married a second time to Clara HARPER of Miami, FL.
Chester and Clara had one son. T.J. MCKENZIE who had several children in the Miama area.


Spencer Hill KEEN m. unknown. His children:
1. Sarah Katherine KEEN(pictured above) m. James Calep McKendree YOUNG(pictured above) in Spruce, MO in 1887.
2. Samuel T. KEEN


Samuel T. KEEN m. Elizabeth Jane Ann YOUNG.
Elizabeth died on 3 Jan. 1918 in Spruce, MO.
Their children were:
1. Ambrose Travis KEEN b. 11 nov 1873
2. Gertude Lenore KEEN, b. 16 Feb. 1876
3. George Washington KEEN, b. 13 Apr. 1881

4. James Travis KEEN,(pictured above with his wife Lula; James disapeared one day and family never haeard from him again) b. 11 Oct 1879
5. Corda KEEN, b. 9 Feb. 1886
6. Samuel Lafatte Fayette KEEN, b. 28 Mar 1892
7. Duke KEEN


Gertude Lenore KEEN m. Fred Alonso RICH 18 Mar 1892 in Bates Co., MO.
Their children were:
1. Chester Alonzo RICH, b. 4 May 1895
2. Alma Lorene RICH, b. 8 Sept. 1903
3. Fern Augusta RICH, b. 18 Dec. 1905


Fern Augusta Rich m. Alexander James MCKENZIE in Mar 1920 in Platka, FL.
Their children were:
1. Eugenia Keen MCKENZIE, b. 27 Mar 1921.
2. Chester Alexander MCKENZIE, b. 2 Aug. 1924.

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My name is Sarah Jane McKenzie. I was born and raised in Florida. As a McKenize, I'm Scottish with a love of purple Thistles. I remember when I was a little girl taking a Thistle to school for 'Show and Tell'. I remember thinking, "What am I gonna take?" I spotted this beautiful purple thistle. The only one in the whole field. I went out into the field near my house to that thistle that was as tall as I was, took a'hold, and ripped that sucker right out of the ground! I think my Scottish blood was trying to tell me something then! Welcome to my web page. This page is dedicated to family lineage. Please sign my guest book! Visit me again soon!

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