Kentucky AAU 14 and Under Tournament

Lexington Kentucky
May 14-16, 1999

©1999 by Ron Harrison

The Kentucky AAU 14 and Under Tournament was played  from May 14th through May 16th, 1999. The games were played at several Central Kentucky locations with the final day activities being played at P. L. Dunbar High School. in Lexington.  There were several strong teams entered in the field of 68 teams:  Northern Kentucky Heat, Northern Kentucky Panthers, Lexington Catholic, Louisville Centurions, Hoptown Hoyas, Central Kentucky Kings, Scott County, etc.

One of the early key tournament match ups pitted Scott County against the Northern Kentucky Panthers.  The Panthers won a hard fought game by a score of 71-62.   Tyler Hicks, a 5-11 guard, led Scott County with 31 points and practically took over the game when his running mate Joe Harden got in early foul trouble.  Hicks' heroics were not enough to overcome the stellar post play of 6-4 Ross Neltner, who led the panthers with 22 points.  The future is alive and well for Scott County with the play of Hicks, Harden, Jeremy Nettles, Steve Mazzoni, etc.


In one quarterfinal the Louisville Centurions defeated a very athletic Hoptown team 47-42.  The Centurions were led by 6-2 guard Mike Bush with 21 points.  Mike is very quick, athletic, and has the ability to take over a game.  Hoptown was led by 5-11 Adrian Allen, a quick slashing player who can bet to the basket in a hurry.  Allen had 15 points and Daryl Johnson, a 6-4 center, added 8 points.

The Northern Kentucky Heat defeated the Central Kentucky Kings by a score of 63-61 in the other quarterfinal played at Dunbar.  The Heat were led by 5-9 Matthew Fabiani with 29 points, and Adam Carr, a 5-9 guard added 17.

The Northern Kentucky Panthers defeated Trinity in one quarterfinal played at Lexington Catholic, and Lexington Catholic defeated Dunbar in the final quarterfinal.


Northern Kentucky Heat 50
Lexington Catholic 47

The Northern Kentucky Heat defeated Lexington Catholic by a score of 50-47 in the first semifinal. Mike Brock, a 6-5 center, led the Heat with 20 points.  Mike uses his size inside well and also ran the floor well against Catholic.  Tyler Jones, a 6-0 forward, also chipped in with 18 points.  Catholic was led by Jacob Doss with 17.  Brian Smith added 7 points and did a good job running the Lexington Catholic offense.

Louisville Centurions 45
Northern Kentucky Panthers 36

The Louisville Centurions defeated the Northern Kentucky Panthers 45-36 to advance to the finals.  The Centurions were led by 6-2 Casey Shumate with 19 points and Mike Bush with 17 points.  Ross Neltner led the Panthers with 12 points and 5-9 Matt O'Toole added 9 points.

Third Place Game

Northern Kentucky Panthers 49
Lexington Catholic 44

The Northern Kentucky Panthers defeated Lexington Catholic by a score of  49-44 to win Third Place.  Ryan Gross, a 5-11 forward, led the Panthers with 16 points.  Ross Neltner added 12 points and 6-2 Doug Jones tallied 11.  Catholic was led by their guard tandem Brian Smith with 17 points and Jacob Doss with 12.

Championship Game

Northern Kentucky Heat 43
Louisville Centurions 33

The Northern Kentucky Heat defeated the Louisville Centurions 43-33 to win the 1999 14 and Under Kentucky AAU title.  The Heat were led by a potent inside-outside combination of Tyler Jones and Mike Brock.  Tyler bombed away for 24 points and Brock banged inside for 14.  The Centurions were led by Casey Shumate with 18 points and Mike Bush with 9.  The Heat had an excellent run in the tournament with several players able to stroke the three point shot and play team defense.


This was a well played tournament with several promising young players in the field.  The statistics given above are not the official stats but were recorded by me personally.  I don't believe in ranking players, but I did see several players I liked.  Mike Bush would seem to be a logical choice for future stardom based on his athletic ability. Ross Neltner was very impressive and has excellent low post moves. Adrian Allen of Hoptown is very quick and athletic, making him a threat to take it to the basket on every possession.  Brian Smith of Lexington Catholic appears to have the potential to become a fine floor general.  Scott County and the Northern Kentucky Heat have several fine young players who have an excellent chance to improve.  There were several other players, too numerous to mention, who should contribute to varsity squads over the state in the next couple of years.