Kentucky AAU 13 and Under Tournament

Georgetown Kentucky
May 7-9, 1999

©1999 by Ron Harrison

The Kentucky AAU 13 and Under Tournament was played in Georgetown, Kentucky from May 7 through May 9, 1999. I was able to attend the games played on May 9 at Scott County High School, including two of the quarterfinals, both semifinals, the third place game, and the championship game.


The Northern Kentucky Canes defeated the Northern Kentucky Hornets by a score of 49-23 to advance to the semifinals. The Canes were led by 5-10 Chase Floyd with 12 points. 5-4 Matt Nestheide chipped in with 10 points.

In the second quarterfinal I had the opportunity to see, the Mason County Hornets defeated the Central Kentucky Hoyas 70-58. Chris Lofton, 6-0 and very skilled both inside and out, led the Hornets with 27 points. 5-11 Jarrod Gulley and 5-8 Dustin Grutza tallied 15 and 14 points respectively. The Hoyas were led by 5-7 William Mays with 17 points.

In the two quarterfinals I was unable to see, Lexington Catholic defeated the Madison County Hoop Stars, and Team Louisville defeated the Owensboro Stars.


Lexington Catholic 55
Northern Kentucky Canes 45

The first semifinal pitted the Northern Kentucky Canes against the Lexington Catholic team. Catholic survived a 41-41 tie in regulation and pulled away in overtime to win by a score of 55-45. Harrison Morton, a 6-1 inside player, led Catholic with 20 points including 9 in overtime. The Canes were led by 5-8 Michael O'Toole with 18 points and 5-4 Matt Nestheide with 14 points.

Team Louisville 62
Mason County Hornets 50

Team Louisville defeated the Mason County Hornets 62-50 to advance to the championship game. Louisville was led by two very athletic slashing players: 5-11 Jermaine Bentley scored 20 points and 5-5 JaJon Rondo tallied 19. With 6-4 Robert Simpson and 6-3 Nick Anderson, Louisville's height and quickness made it difficult for Mason County to work inside the paint.

Third Place Game

Mason County Hornets 64
Northern Kentucky Canes 56

Mason County roared back to win the third place game by a score of 64-56 over Northern Kentucky in overtime. Chris Lofton led the victors with 19 points. Dustin Grutza added 14 and Jarrod Gulley tallied 12. Michael O'Toole led the Canes with 23 and Matt Nestheide added 18.

Championship Game

Team Louisville 46
Lexington Catholic 34

Team Louisville's quickness and size were too much for Lexington Catholic to overcome as Louisville won the championship by a score of 46-34. Jermaine Bentley scored 14 for Louisville, with JaJon Rondo and 6-3 Nick Redmon adding 10 points each. Louisville featured quick, slashing wing players in Rondo and Bentley and size inside with Redmon and Simpson. Catholic was led by Mark Balthrop, a fine outside shooter who tallied 17 points.


The above stats are not official, but were kept by me at courtside so they should be close. The games I saw were well played and there were some very talented young players who should develop into the stars of the future. I was very impressed with Chris Lofton of Mason County who possesses a deft touch both inside and out and seems to have a good understanding of the game. Harrison Morton of Lexington Catholic also would seem to have a bright future.