Tri-Star Sports All-Star Games

Lexington Catholic High School, Lexington, Kentucky
March 26, 2000

Copyright © 2000 Ron Harrison

Tri-Star Sports presented the 1st Annual Showcase Games for Central Kentucky High School Senior Boys and Girls Basketball All-Stars at Lexington Catholic High School on Sunday March 26th.  The organizers did an excellent job and the turnout was good considering it was a first time event.  There were two boys games, two girls games, three point shooting contests, and a slam dunk competition.  I will give a brief recap of each game and some unnofficial statistics.

East (Blue) vs. West (White)   (Girls) Game No. 1
East Roster   West Roster
Brandy Reynolds  -  Rockcastle Co.   Pam Wood  -  Madison Central
Becky Holbrook  -  Breathitt Co. Allyson Baker  -  Berea
Christa Adkins  -  Somerset Charity Lucas  -  Cordia
Crystal McClenney  -  South Laurel Libby Purcell  -  Harrison Co.
Misty Hair  -  Casey Co. Brooke Roberts  -  Rockcastle Co.
Jana Birchfield  -  Wolfe Co. Farrah Spellman  -  Corbin
Sarah Berry  -  Evarts Natasha Harris  -  Owsley Co.
Melanie Collier  -  South Laurel La'Keta Wales  -  Louisville Central
Stephanie Hubbs  -  Lynn Camp
Terra Keith  -  Pulaski Co.

The West squad led at halftime by a score of 40-23 and went on to win the game 84-63.  5-3 guard Allyson Baker (Berea) was chosen MVP and led the West squad with 17 points. 5-4 Charity Lucas (Cordia) chipped in with 15 points and 6-1 La'Keta Wales (Louisville Central) scored 11 points and was very effective on the boards.  The East squad was led by 5-11 Sarah Berry (Evarts) and 5-8 Crystal McClenney (South Laurel) with 13 points each. Miss Baker, who had a great 11th region tourney, continues to show her passion for the game.
East  23 40 - 63
West 40 44 - 84
East (63) - Reynolds 4, Holbrook 9, McClenney 13, Hair 7, Adkins 9, Keith 7, Birchfield 3, Berry 13.
West (84) - Baker 17, Harris 12, Roberts 10, Wood 7, Wales 11, Spellman 8, Lucas 15, Purcell 4.

East (Blue) vs. West (White)   (Boys) Game No. 2
East Roster   West Roster
Josh Brock  -  Corbin.   Brandon Cooper  -  Garrad Co.
Dakota Roberts  -  Owsley Co. Jake Tucker  -  Pulaski Co.
Steve Purden  -  Covington Catholic Aaron Taylor  -  Whitley Co.
Ben Trimble  -  Pikeville  Andrew Cash  -  Rockcastle Co.
David Hewitt  -  Lexington Catholic Kip Kirchbaum  -  Madison Central
Jaxon Hammonds  -  Knox Central Tony Messer  -  Barbourville
Zach Lynch  -  Williamsburg Josh Williamson  -  Pike Central
Shawn Trumbo  -  Paris Phillip Todd Craft  -  Knott Central
T.J. McKee  -  Fleming Co. Deshon Bartleson  -  Harrodsburg
B.J. Reeves  -  Lynn Camp Alexious Osumenya  -  Dunbar
Jason Edwards  -  Conner
J.D. Dixon  -  Lafayette

The East squad raced out to a 61-44 lead at halftime but had to scramble in the closing seconds to hold on for a 105-103 victory.  The East was paced by MVP 6-2  Shawn Trumbo (Paris) with 23 points. 6-3 Josh Brock (Corbin), fresh off a state tournament appearance, added 17 points.  6-2 Steve Purden (Covington Catholic) added early firepower with 12 points. 6-3 long range bomber Phillip Todd Craft (Knott Central) led a balanced scoring attack for the West squad with 15 points.
East  61 44 - 105
West 44 59 - 103
East (105) - McKee 14, Roberts 13, Trumbo 23, Trimble 10, Reeves 9, Brock 17, Lynch 5, Hammonds 2, Purden 12.
West (103) - Kirchbaum 7, Cooper 7, Tucker 3, Messer 6, Dixon 12, Osumenya 11, Bartleson 4, Cash 12, Taylor 11, Williamson 3, Edwards 12, Craft 15.

Three Point Championship

The winners of the Three Point Championship were Stephen Horn (Lexington Christian Academy) and Jessica High (Breathitt County).

North (Blue) vs. South (White)   (Girls) Game No. 3
North Roster   South Roster
Tamaka Clay  -  Bryan Station   Devonda Williams  -  Bryan Station
Sarah Newman  -  Berea  Laura Mays  -  Corbin
Tracey Moore  -  Evarts Hillary Ross  -  Pulaski Co.
Camille Lee  -  Louisville Central Fran Daugherty  -  Pike Central
Jessica High  -  Breathitt Co. Nadia Hutsell  -  Paris
Samantha Shoope  -  Williamsburg Sarah Crook  -  North Laurel
Amanda Turner  -  Cawood Brooke Wilson  -  Somerset
Carrie Ramsey  -  Madison Central Amanda Marlow  -  Barbourville
      Kristie Asher  -  Clay Co.
     . Amanda Kruis  -  Whitley Co,.

The South team led 46-27 at halftime and cruised to a 82-62 win.  5-5 Kristie Asher (Clay Co) claimed the MVP award and shared the scoring lead with 5-11 Devonda Williams (Bryan Station) with 14 each.  The North squad was led by 5-11 Camille Lee (Louisville Central) with 14 points.  5-7 Tamaka Clay (Bryan Station) added 13 points.
North  27 35 - 62
South 46 36 - 82
North (62) - Clay 13, Newman 10, Moore 6, Lee 14, High 9, Shoope 2, Turner 5, Ramsey 3.
South (82) - Williams 14, Mays 8, Ross 6, Daugherty 8, Hutsell 4, Crook 11, Wilson 6, Marlow 10, Asher 14, Kruis 1.

South (Blue) vs. North (White)   (Boys) Game No. 4
South Roster   North Roster
Terry Givens  -  Woodford Co.   Stephen Horn  -  Lexington Christian
Lee Taylor  -  Bourbon Co. Ray Trowell  -  Louisville Eastern
Daniel Latham  -  Clinton Co. Tommy Johnson  -  Frankfort
Jamal Chambers  -  Mason Co.  Kip Wellman  -  Lexington Catholic
Ed Brown  -  Louisville Central Josh Anderson  -  Pulaski Co.
Casey Lowe  -  West Carter Clay Duerson  -  Berea
Derek Cooksey  -  Paul Blazer Bill Ferrell  -  Menifee Co.
Kyle Meade  -  Paintsville Nathan Rhodes  -  Campbellsville
Deshawn Jackson  -  Covington Holmes Travis Crabtree  -  Powell Co.
Derek Barton  -  Corbin Jason Earlywine  -  Bourbon Co.
Roo Elleman  - Garrad Co. Mitchell Grim  -  Paintsville
Chris Thomas  - Cordia Patrick Robinson  -  Williamsburg
Travis McIntosh  -  Owsley Co Nathan Deaton  -  North Laurel
Jordan Owens  -  St. Patrick Bryan Laplante  - Onieda Baptist

The South squad led at halftime by a score of 57-51 and went on to win this high scoring affair 117-104.   6-4  Terry Givens (Woodford Co.) claimed the MVP award and led the South squad with 22 points.  6-5 Jamal Chambers (Mason Co.) added 17 points.  The North squad was led by 6-1 Josh Anderson (Pulaski Co.) with 17 and 6-0 Tommy Johnson (Frankfort) added 15 points.
South  57 60 - 117
North 51 53 - 104
South (117) - Givens 22, Taylor 4, Latham 10, Chambers 17, Brown 15, Lowe 13, Cooksey 6, Meade 4, Jackson 4, Barton 4, Elleman 7, Thomas 3, McIntosh 7, Owens 3.
North (104) - Horn 6, Trowell 5, Johnson 15, Wellman 12, Anderson 17, Duerson 4, Ferrell 2, Rhodes 10, Crabtree 3, Earlywine 8, Grim 6, Robinson 6, Deaton 9.

Slam Dunk Competition

The slam dunk competition preceded the North vs. South (Boys) game and was won by high flying Josh Anderson of Pulaski County.


Jackie Robinson, one of the Tri-Star Sports representatives, invited me to attend this event and I truly enjoyed the full day of basketball.  Sometimes defense takes a vacation in All-Star events, but there was a lot of talent on display today with several college representatives in the stands.  I was pleasantly surprised at the attendance and organization of this first time event which will only get better in the future.

Allyson Baker (Berea) always plays to win.  Devonda Williams (Bryan Station) showed the ability to put the ball on the floor. La'Keta Wales (Louisville Central) rebounded well today.  Several other ladies including Charity Lucas, Crystal McClenney, Sarah Berry, and Kristie Asher had good games.  Tamaka Clay's (Bryan Station) shooting was off today but she displayed good quickness to the basket.

Josh Anderson (Pulaski Co.) continues to impress with his scoring ability and athleticism.  Terry Givens (Woodford Co.) and Shawn Trumbo (Paris) had good games today.  Josh Brock (Corbin) always comes to play.  Tommy Johnson (Frankfort) had a nice game and quietly scored 15 points.  Jamal Chambers (Mason Co.) did some good work around the basket.  Derek Cooksey, Casey Lowe, Dakota Roberts, Kip Wellman, Steve Purden, Todd Craft, etc. all showed the ability to shoot the ball.

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