2021 20th Annual USJN Hershey National Showcase (Girls)

11/10U through 17U

Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex

Hershey, PA

June 26-29, 2021

© 2021 by Ron Harrison



This is one of the most anticipated events in the nation as over 150 teams have come to the Chocolate Capital of the World will use this for a spring board for the July live period for recruiting.  This event is well attended by the college coaches and well covered by the media.  The teams will be broken up into eight pools 17U (Pools A-D), 17U (Pools E-F), 16U (Pools G-J), 15U (Pools K-M), 14U (Pools N-Q), 13U (Pools R-T), 12U (Pools U-V), and 11/10U (Pools W-X).


Pool A: ME-Attraction 17 Carson, PA-Philadelphia Belles 17 Peterson, NY-Elmira Fusion 17 Abrams, PA-Central PA Elite 17 Thomas, NY-Twin Tier Elite 17 Platinum, and PA-York Thunder 17 A. Fancher, Pool B: PA-Mid-Penn Motion 17, MD-Baltimore Dream Team 17, PA-Team Pennsylvania 17 Polly, NY-Full Court Hoops 17, PA-Philadelphia Belles 17 Steidel BSTTL, and MD-Black Rock Fury 17, Pool C: PA: Team Pennsylvania 17 Gingrich, NC-Carolina All-Stars 17, PA: Erie Saints 17 Perfetto, DE: Alyssa Thomas Elite 17 Elgart, VA: Vogues 17 Priester, and PA-Philadelphia Belles 17 Halligan BSTTL, Pool D: MA-82L17 Varsity Black, PA-Keystone Karma 17, VA-Team Voltage Bball 17, PA-All Day Hoops 17, VA-Loudon Flight 17 Turner, and PA-District One 17 Tague, Pool E: DE-East Coast Thunder 17, PA-4SH 17 Shehady, NY-Lady X-Men 17, PA-District One 17 Lyons, NY-Elmira Fusion 17 Gentile, and MA-MT Elite Ducks 16 Plasma, Pool F: PA-Collegeville Jaguars 17 Zajac, MD-BWSL Team Liberty 17, ME-XL Thunder 16 Laren, PA-Philadelphia Belles15 Peterson, VA-Hurricanes 16, and PA: Central PA Elite 16 Ferguson, Pool G: PA-Central PA Elite 16 Kunkle, NY-Renaissance 16 Tomlinson, PA-Philadelphia Belles 16 DeShields, ME-XL Thunder 16 Morgan, NY-Twin Tier Elite 16 Gold, and MD-Black Rock Fury 16, Pool H: PA-Lower Dieco Wildcats 16 Mayo, VA-Vogues 16 Blue, PA-Mid Penn Motion 16, MD-Columbia Ravens 16, NJ-Mid Atlantic Heat16 Blue, and PA-Team Pennsylvania 16 Polly, Pool I: NJ-Mid Atlantic Heat 16 Red, PA-Central PA Elite 16 Torchia, MA-MT Elite Ducks 16 Garnet, PA-All Day Hoops 16, VA:WDBA 16 Diggs, and PA-Keystone Karma 16 Sarah, Pool J: PA-District One 16 Thomas, MA-MPC 16 Gold McInnis, NJ-Mid Atlantic Heat 16 Green, NY-Rennaissance 15 Amenta, MD-Prymetime Select 16 Dunning, and PA-York Thunder 15 T. Fancher, Pool K: NY-Elmira Fusion 15 Clearwater, PA_Distict One 15 Johnson, NJ-Rise as One 15, CT-Starters 15 Pringle, DE: Lady Sharks 15 Elgart, and PA-Deico Goals 15, Pool L: CT-Breakers 15, PA-Team Pennsylvania 15 Dippery, VA-CYA Shock 15, MA-B2L 15 Black, NY-Hoopers NY 15 Ziogas, and VA-WDBA 15, Pool M: MA-B2L 15 White, NJ-Mid Atlantic Heat 15, PA-Central PA Elite 15 Robinson, VA-Team Voltage Bball 15, NY-Full Court Hoops 15 Caterina, and MA-Honey Badgers 13, Pool N: NJ: Belles 14 Jensen, VA-Chantilly Elite 14, NY-Renaissance 14 DeLuca, PA-Team Pennsylvania 14 Falker, NY-Elmira Fusion 14 Wallace, and ME-Firecrackers 14 Abi, Pool O: NJ-Belles 14 Shaughnessy, MA-Mt Elite Ducks 14 Tanzanite, PA-Philadelphia Belles 14 Lang, NY-Renaissance 14 Hernandez, PA- Mid Penn Motion 14, and NY-SI Diamonds 14 Vidal, Pool P: PA-Keystone Karma 14 John, NJ-Rise as One 14, MD-Belles 14, PA-4SH Shehady, NY-Twin Tier Elite 14, and PA-Philadelphia Belles 13 Vaughn, Pool Q: VA-Vogues 14 Mason, NY-Renaissance 14 Brown, PA-Central PA Elite 13 Thomas, NJ-Mid Atlantic Heat 14 Darryl, VA-Loudon Flight 14 Demonte, and PA-Philadelphia Belles 14 Henry, Pool R: MA-Honey Badgers 13, PA-York Bombers 13, VA-CTAB Elite 13 Towe, NJ-Belles 13 Greene, CT-Starters 13, and ME-XL Thunder 13 Abi, Pool S: NY-Castle Athletics 13 Orange Rosey, PA-District One Tague, NJ-Belles 13 Iasparro, CT-Midstate Lady Raiders 13 Faienza, NJ-Jersey Cardinals 13 Klinger, and NY-SI Diamonds 13 Derevjanik, Pool T: PA-Lower Deico Wildcats 13, NY-SI Diamonds 13 Foder, DE-Lady Sharks 13, NY-Castle Athletics 13 Blue, PA-Legendz Athletics 13 Griffin, and NJ-Jersey Cardinals 13 Kraybill, Pool U: MA-MT Elite Ducks 12 Emerald, MD-Belles 12, NY SI Diamonds 12 Fallan, PA-Philadelphia Belles 11 Vaughn/Carter, VA-Vogues 12 Norton, and NJ-Belles 12 Donnelly, Pool V: TX-Phoenix 12, VA-D1SA Spartans 12, NY-Top Notch 12, NJ-Tar Heels 12 DiPatri, VA-CBC 12, and PA-Philadelphia Belles 12 Vaughn,  Pool W: NY-Castle Athletics 11 Poole, PA-Mid Atlantic Magic 11 W. Young, NJ-Team Miller Lightning 11 Rinehold, VA-Hurricanes 11, NY-SL Diamonds 11 Foder, and NJ-Belles 11 McCarthy, and Pool X: NJ-Team Sharp 11 Blue, CT-Midstate Lady Raiders 11, NY-Downtown Giants 11, PA-Team For The Love 11, VA-Elevate Elite 11, and NY-SI Diamonds 10 Gutzler.




11/10U (Pools W-X) – Ct-Midstate Lady Raiders Won  PA-Team For The Love Lost


12U (Pools U-V) – NY-Top Notch 12 51  VA-D1SA Spartans 12 46


13U (Pools R-T) – New Jersey Belles 13 Greene 50  NY-Castle Athletics 33


14U (Pools N-Q) – Philadelphia Belles 13 Vaughn 50  PA-Mid Penn Motion 14 36


15U (Pools K-M) – NJ-Rise AS One 15 61 MA-Honey Badgers 46


16U (Pools G-J) – Philadelphia Belles 16 DeShields 47  PA-Mid Penn Motion 16 46


17U (Pools E-F) – Philadelphia Belles 15 Peterson 55  DE-East Coast Thunder 17 51


17U (Pools A-D) – Philadelphia Belles 17 Steidle BSTTL 57  ME-Attraction 17 Carson 41


All Star Teams


Pools A-D: Ann Bair (2022) PA-Central PA Elite (U17), Nicole Timko (2023) PA-Philadelphia Belles (U17), Kiley Harrington (2022) NY-Full Court Hoops (U17), Aleah Snead (2023) PA-Philadelphia Belles (U17), Deja Hamilton (2023) VA-Team Voltage Bball (U17), and Cai Smith (2023) VA-Team Voltage Bball (U17).


Pools E-F: Erin Bohmueller (2023) PA-Collegeville Jaguars (U17), Hope Joy (2023) PA-Central PA Elite (U16), Maddie Newell (2022) PA-Collegeville Jaguars (U17), and Caroline Shrimp (2023) VA-Hurricanes (U16).


Pools G-J: Aiyanna Culver (2024) NY-Renaissance (U16), Leah Kale (2023) PA-Central PA Elite (U16), Ella Parker (2024) MD-Black Rock Fury (U16), Kara Wehner (2023) PA-Philadelphia Belles (U16), Yasmine Abu-aiadeh (2023) PA-Team Pennsylvania (U16), Allison McDonald (2023) PA-Lower Delco Wildcats (U16), Caroline Murray (2023) PA-Keystone Karma (U16), and Meredith Smith (2024) PA-York Thunder (U15).


Pools K-M: Lindsay Almonte (2024) VA-WDBA (U15), Lauren Cavoli (2024) PA-Team Pennsylvania (U15), Kelsie Chang (2024) VA-WDBA (U15), Brianne Foley (2024) NY-Hoopers NY (U15), Stella Gougoufkas (2024) VA-CYA Shock (U15), and Grace Ziogas (2024) NY-Hoopers NY (U15).


Pools N-Q: Maren Maxon (2025) ME-Firecrackers (U14), Kennedy Parrott (2025) VA-Chantilly Elite (U14), Brianni Caliri (2025) NY-SI Diamonds (U14), Kailah Correa (2025) PA-Mid Penn Motion (U14), Shea Donnelly (2025) PA-Philadelphia Belles (U15), Alivia Mauz (2025) PA-Philadelphia Belles (U14), Sara Becker (2025) VA-Vogues (U14), Ashley Berkeimer (2026) NY-Renaissance (U14), Kaitlyn Puzenski (2025) VA-Loudoun Flight (U14), and Aubrey Neos (2026) NY-Renaissance (U14).


Pools R-T: Ava Fajardo (2026) NJ-Belles (U13), Alivia McCaskell (2026) PA-York Bombers (U13), Anushka Gubbala (2025) NJ-Jersey Cardinals (U13), and Ava Lamonica (2025) NJ-Jersey Cardinals (U13).


Pools U-V: Lexy Glenn (2027) TX-Phoenix (U12)


Pools W-X: Kadence Adero (2027) MD-Belles (U12) and Addison Sipkin (2029) NY-Downtown Giants (U11)


While there is always a lot of talent at every age level this event has always been a haven for the recruiting gurus and veteran observes to seek out and find young players ready to break out and become stars and this year was no exception.  Several players impressed including 5-3 (2026) Ava Fajardo NY is a point guard has solid skills for her age including a high basketball IQ can score off the dribble and shot has range.  5-10 (2024) Addisen Sulikowski XL Thunder 16 can heat up and bury you with a barrage of “3’s” as well as finishing at the rim.  5-10 (2023) Caroline Shrimp VA Hurricanes 16 strong physical player hard to keep out of the lane and runs the floor and distributes the ball.  5-9 (2026) Alivia McCaskell PA-York Bombers 13 very efficient ball handler who gets to the, lives at the charity stripe, and picks her opportunities.  5-9 (2025) Kennedy Parrott is strong, athletic, plays under control and has a bright future.  6-2 (2024) Maka Gardner Elmira Fusion 15 makes good decisions and can power through traffic to finish.  5-11 (2025) Zairra Galloway NY Renaissance 14 has athleticism, speed in the open court, and still growing look out !!  The real experts in this area are the experience, talented group of writers and evaluators from Blue Star Media.  Nobody does coverage better and they always give their thoughts on tons of players at the events they cover.


If the USJN and Blue Star Media are involved it is an outstanding event.  The talent is there and Blue Star provides tons of coverage as well as valuable insights on the players they evaluate.  They do not re-hash info about players but provide original and thoughtful opinions on the players.  This was another well run quality event.