108th Annual IHSAA (Indiana) Boys Basketball State Finals

Class A, 2A, 3A, & 4A

Presented by the Indiana Pacers & Indiana Fever

Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Indianapolis, IN

March 24, 2018

©2018 Ron Harrison



Morristown vs. Southwood Class A (Championship)


Morristown coach Scott McClelland started the following lineup: 6-0 Sr. Eli Streeval, 6-0 Sr. Hayden Langkabel, 6-2 So. Trevor Carlton, 5-11 Jr. Logan Theobald, and 6-0 Jr. Logan Laster.  Southwood coach John Burrus countered with 6-4 Sr. Matthew Nose, 6-0 Sr. Peyton Trexler, 6-4 Jr. Dallas Holmes, 5-10 Sr. Ethen Roberts, and 6-0 Sr. Carson Blair.


Morristown pulled away in the second half to defeat Southwood by a score of 89-60.  Morristown shot 53.6% from the field including seven of 19 from the three point line.  The Yellow Jackets connected on eight of nine free throws, pulled down 51 rebounds, and scored 14 points off 11 Southwood turnovers.  Southwood shot 36.1% from the field including five of 32 from beyond the arc.  The Knight connected on 12 of 17 free throws, pulled down 29 rebounds, and scored 10 points off 14 Morristown turnovers.


Eli Streeval led Morristown with 35 points including five three point baskets, four rebounds, and three assists.  Streeval was 14 of 18 from the field including five of eight from beyond the arc and two of two free throws.  Logan Laster recorded a triple double with 24 points, 13 rebounds, and 10 assists.  Hayden Langkabel recorded 16 points, 14 rebounds, and six assists.  Trevor Carlton chipped in with 12 points, six rebounds, and two blocked shots.


Peyton Trexler led Southwood with 18 points, four rebounds, seven assists, and three steals.  Matthew Nose added 12 points and five rebounds.  Dallas Holmes recorded 10 points, eight rebounds, four blocked shots, and four steals.  Ethen Roberts chipped in with nine points on three three point baskets.















Morristown (89) – Streeval 35, Langkabel 16, Carlton 12, Theobald 2, Laster 24.


Southwood (60) – Nose 12, Trexler 18, Holmes 10, Roberts 9, Blair 7, Perry 4.



Forest Park vs. Oak Hill Class 2A (Championship)


Forest Park coach Jeff Litherland started the following lineup: 6-6 Sr. Collin Hochgesang, 6-5 Sr. Sam Englert, 6-7 Fr. Curt Hopf, 6-1 Sr. Daniel Lusk, and 6-2 So. Isaac Uebelhor.  Oak Hill coach Kevin Renbarger countered with 6-7 Sr. David Arens, 6-5 Sr. Spencer Ballinger, 6-8 Sr. Caleb Middlesworth, 6-3 Jr. Konnor Cabe, and 6-4 Sr. Tyce Frank.


Oak Hill defeated Forest Park by a score of 56-44.  The score was tied four times and there were four lead changes in the game.  Oak Hill shot 43.2% from the field including three of 14 from the three point line.  The Golden Eagles connected on 15 of 23 free throws, pulled down 28 rebounds, and scored 16 points off 20 Forest Park turnovers.  Forest Park shot 30.8% from the field including three of 15 from beyond the arc.  The Rangers connected on 13 of 24 free throws, pulled down 33 rebounds, and scored eight points off 10 Oak Hill turnovers.


Caleb Middlesworth led Oak Hill with 25 points including nine of 11 free throws, nine rebounds, and three steals.  David Arens added 13 points including two three point baskets and three rebounds.  Tyce Frank recorded six points and six assists.


Curt Hopf led Forest Park with 10 points, 10 rebounds, and three blocked shots.  Sam Englert added eight points and seven rebounds.  Daniel Lusk recorded seven points, four assists, and three steals.  Isaac Uebelhor chipped in with six points, five rebounds, and two blocked shots.


Forest Park






Oak Hill







Forest Park (44) – Hochgesang 5, Englert 8, Hopf 10, Lusk 7, Uebelhor 6, Steffe 6, Voegerl 1, Rothgerber 1.


Oak Hill (56) – Arens 13, Ballinger 5, Middlesworth 25, Cabe 2, Frank 6, Mann 3, Newhouse 2.



Evansville Bosse vs. Culver Academies Class 3A (Championship)


Evansville Bosse coach Shane Burkhart started the following lineup: 6-3 Jr. Javen Layne, 6-0 Sr. De’Angelo Ware, 6-9 So. Kiyron Powell, 5-9 Sr. Mekhi Lairy, and 5-11 Sr. Jaylin Chinn.  Culver Academies coach Mark Galloway countered with 6-4 So. Deontae Craig, 6-4 Jr. Amari Curtis, 6-4 So. Trey Galloway, 5-9 Jr. John Cohen, and 6-1 Jr. Ethan Brittain-Watts


Culver Academies raced out to a 22-8 first quarter lead on their way to a 64-49 victory over Evansville Bosse.  Culver Academies shot 38.8% from the field including five of 13 from the three point line.  The Eagles connected on 21 of 29 free throws, pulled down 32 rebounds, and scored 26 points off 18 Evansville Bosse turnovers.  Evansville Bosse shot 34.1% from the field including three of 10 from beyond the arc.  Bulldogs connected on 16 of 17 free throws, pulled down 28 rebounds, and scored nine points off 10 Culver Academies turnovers.


Ethan Brittain-Watts led Culver Academies with 20 points including two three point baskets, six of eight free throws and seven rebounds.  Deontae Craig added 14 points, seven rebounds, and three steals.  Trey Galloway recorded 14 points including two three point baskets and five rebounds.


Mekhi Lairy led Evansville Bosse with 28 points including three three point baskets, seven of seven free throws, and five rebounds.  Jaylin Chinn added 10 points including four of four free throws.  Kiyron Powell blocked five shots..


Evansville Bosse






Culver Academies







Evansville Bosse (49) – Layne 6, Ware 4, Powell 1, Lairy 28, Chinn 10.


Culver Academies (64) – Craig 14, Curtis 7, Galloway 14, Cohen 0, Brittain-Watts 20, Zehner 2, Freeman 2, Hittle 5.



Warren Central vs. Carmel Class 4A (Championship)


Warren Central coach Criss Beyers started the following lineup: 6-6 Jr. Jakobie Robinson, 6-3 Jr. David Bell, 6-5 Jr. Jesse Bingham, 5-8 Sr. Antwaan Cushingberry, and 5-8 Sr. Dean Tate.  Carmel coach Ryan Osborn countered with 6-6 Jr. Andrew Owens, 6-0 Sr. Cole Jenkins, 6-10 Jr. John Michael Mulloy, 5-11 Jr. Luke Heady, and 6-0 Sr. Eddie Gill.


Carmel led by 13 points in the second quarter and still led 32-28 after three quarters but Warren Central rallied for a 54-48 victory.  The score was tied three times and there were six lead changes in the game.  Warren Central completed 17 of 22 free throws in the decisive final quarter.  Warren Central shot 36.6% from the field including five of 13 from the three point line.  The Warriors connected on 19 of 26 free throws, pulled down 22 rebounds, and scored 23 points off 20 Carmel turnovers.  Carmel shot 42.4% from the field including two of 10 from beyond the arc.  The Greyhounds connected on 18 of 25 free throws, pulled down 29 rebounds, and scored 10 points off 11 Warren Central turnovers.


Dean Tate led Warren Central with 22 points including 13 of 14 free throws, three rebounds, and two assists.  Antwaan Cushingberry added 10 points including two three point baskets, three assists, and five steals.  6-0 Sr. Joe Rush recorded eight points and four steals.


John Michael Mulloy led Carmel with 21 points including nine of 12 free throws, and eight rebounds.  Cole Jenkins added eight points, six rebounds, and three steals.  Eddie Gill also scored eight points.


Warren Central













Warren Central (54) – Robinson 5, Bell 5, Bingham 4, Cushingberry 10, Tate 22, Rush 8.


Carmel (48) – Owens 6, Jenkins 8, Mulloy 21, Heady 2, Gill 8, Whack 3.


A special thanks to the IHSAA for providing the up-to-date results and news about all their events.