2011 Republic Bank Holiday Classic (Girls) Participating Teams


©2011 by Ron Harrison


Assumption (Region 7) – The Rockets finished 15-15 last season and Steve Small takes over as head coach.  The Rockets suffered a loss when 5-7 Jr. Dee Dee Sliter suffered a knee injury during soccer season and will miss the season.  The Rockets will get senior leadership from 5-10 Morgan Foley (8.3 ppg) and 5-6 Becca Durbin (5.1 ppg).  Other players expected to contribute include 5-10 Jr. Katie Friedrich (5.9 ppg), 5-10 Jr. Kelsey Kaiser, 5-5 Jr. Alyx White, 5-5 Jr. Brandy Hunter, and 6-6 Fr. Nora KieslerKiesler is expected to create matchup problems and could become a force on both ends of the floor.


Ballard (Region 7)Coach Steve Kaufman’s Lady Bruins finished 13-15 last season and have the talent to be improved this season.  They will be led by 5-11 So. Javonna Layfield (18 ppg and 9 rpg) who has reportedly improved her perimeter game.  Other key players include 5-7 Sr. Daryius Franklin and 5-6 Sr. Melena Shanklin.  Other players expected to contribute include 6-2 Jr. Maddie Martin, 5-11 So. Ke’Ana Richardson, 5-7 Fr. Alex Martin, 5-9 So. Dre’A Matchen, 5-7 Fr. Anna Durbin, and 5-5 So. Amhery Watkins.


Boyd County (Region 16)Coach Pete Fraley’s Lady Lions finished 21-11 last season and captured the regional championship.  Although the Lady Lions suffered graduation losses they return a good mix of veterans and rising young stars.  They should be led this season by 5-7 Sr. Courtney Moore (10 ppg), 5-7 So. Taylor Wheeler (10 ppg), 5-6 Sr. Kaitlin Brown, and 5-11 Fr. Logan Fraley (10 ppg).


Butler (Region 6) Coach Larry Just’s Bearettes finished 28-5 last season and captured the regional title.  Despite the graduation of Megan Cureton and Heather Wheat the Bearettes should compete for the title again this season.  They will be led this season by 5-10 Jr. Aareon Smith (11.1 ppg), 5-7 Sr. Mackenzie Martinez (9.4 ppg), and 5-10 So. Danielle Lawrence (7.8 ppg).  Other key players include 5-9 Jr. Alexis Stallard and 5-2 Sr. Cora Moore.


Casey County (Region 12) – Coach Randy Salyer’s Lady Rebels finished 25-7 last season and should contend for the regional title.  The Lady Rebels will be led by 5-11 Sr. Megan Pittman (13 ppg and 7 rpg) who is considered by many to be the top player in the region.  Other key players include 5-5 Jr. Jasmine Johnson, 5-8 Jr. Katie Douglas, 5-5 So. Sarah Beard, 5-9 Fr. Christin Terry, and 5-6 Fr. Lakken Miller.


Central (Region 6)Coach Ashley Franklin’s Yellowjackets finished 19-11 last season.  Central graduated three seniors and top returnee 5-6 So. Brianna Hawkins will miss several games with a knee injury.  5-4 So. Jocelyn Delgado will be the point guard this season.  5-6 Sr. Jarea Brice (14 ppg), 5-8 Sr. Nikcoa Jackson (11 ppg), and 5-6 Sr. Khalisha Henderson will be key performers this season.


Christian Academy of Louisville (Region 7)Coach Don Rice’s Lady Centurions finished 15-12 last season.  5-10 Jr. China Dow (16 ppg) will move to small forward this season to provide her with more scoring opportunities.  Other key performers include 5-8 Jr. Kate Joss, 5-9 Jr. Chalisa Helm, 5-9 Sr. Paige Gardner, 5-7 Sr. Katie Shaheen, 5-7 Jr. Abby Woosley, and 5-9 Sr. Megan Brown.  CAL returns a lot of experience as they only graduated one senior from last season.


Christian County (Region 2) Coach Anthony Hickey’s Lady Colonels finished 12-12 last season.  They will be led by 5-10 Sr. Martessia Williams (11 ppg).  Other key returnees include 5-5 Sr. Descherica Edwards (9.5 ppg), 5-7 Jr. Jamesha Mosley (8 ppg), 5-6 Sr. Brooklyn Adams, and 5-5 Sr. Chrisshanda Legette.


East Carter (Region 16)Coach Hager Easterling’s Lady Raiders finished 20-8 last season and returns a young team with no seniors on the roster.  The key players are expected to be 5-8 So. Bryana Greenhill (9 ppg), 5-9 Jr. Corina Gee (7 ppg), and 5-9 Jr. Kerie Steele (6 ppg).


Hart County (Region 5) Coach John Burd’s Lady Raiders finished 20-10 last season.  5-11 Sr. Lindsey Burd (15.6 ppg and 12.3 rpg) and 5-8 Sr. Lexee Wilson (14.3 ppg) are the leading returning scorers.  Other key returnees include 5-0 Sr. Leah Burd (7.2 ppg), 5-9 Sr. Jordan Strother (8.6 ppg), 5-10 Sr. Molley Scott, and 6-0 Fr. Christessica Priddy.


Lexington Catholic (Region 11)Coach Chelsea Chowning’s Lady Knights finished 19-12 last season and are poised to contend for the regional championship.  LexCath is a veteran squad led by 5-8 Jr. Octavia Wilson (16.3 ppg).  Other key returnees include 6-0 Sr. Alex Botkin (14.1 ppg and 10.4 rpg), 6-0 Sr. Elizabeth Walton (6.3 ppg), 6-0 Sr., Emily Johns, 5-8 Sr. Bonnie Rhule, and 5-3 Jr. Sara Cawood.  The Lady Knights also have young talent including 5-9 Fr. Rachel Blake, 5-7 Fr. Tori Pippen, and 5-2 Fr. Bailey Browning.


Lincoln County (Region 12) Coach Cassandra McWhorter’s Lady Patriots finished 22-7 last season and should compete for the regional championship this season.  5-7 Jr. Emily Fox (21 ppg) connected on 51% from beyond the arc last season.  6-0 Jr. Sydney Harris (13 ppg and 6 rpg) and 5-6 So. Rachel Spangler are also key returnees.


Manual (Region 7)Coach Stacy Pendleton’s Lady Crimsons finished 33-5 last season and was runner-up in the state tournament.  Manual is loaded with talent and is a strong contender for the title this season.  The Lady Crimsons have three D1 signees April Wilson (Purdue), Kara Wright (SE Missouri State), and Lauren Bodine (Maine).


5-8 Sr. April Wilson will direct the offense this season.  5-10 Sr. Kara Wright, 5-7 Sr. Leasia Wright, 5-8 Sr. Lauren Bodine, 6-1 Jr. Kayla Styles, 5-8 Jr. Destony Curry, and 5-9 Jr. Morgan Allen head up this talented group of returnees.


Meade County (Region 3)Coach Joshua Hurt’s Lady Waves finished 7-23 last season but have some nice young talent returning this season.  Key returning players include 5-7 So. Raley Johnson (17.2 ppg), 6-1 Fr. Morgan Turner, 6-0 Jr. Maya Luney, and 5-4 So. Katelyn Cucino.


Mercy Academy (Region 6) Coach Mark Evans’ Jaguars finished 24-8 last season and will be one of the state’s elite again this season.  They will be led by the Roush twins, Christine and Courtney.  5-10 Sr. Christine Roush (9 ppg) is a versatile guard who scores and rebounds.  5-11 Sr. Courtney Roush (7 ppg) gets to the rim and is a good rebounder.  5-8 Jr. Whitney Hartlage (12 ppg) is an excellent scorer with range on her shot.  5-7 Jr. Kayla Richardson is also a versatile scorer.  Other players to watch include 6-0 Fr. Malerie Martin and 5-10 Jr. Victoria Dircksen.


Monroe County (Region 4) Coach Dwayne Murray’s Lady Falcons finished 24-7 last season and should contend for the regional championship this season.  They have a lot of firepower returning including 6-1 Sr. Caylan Bybee (19 ppg and 13 rpg), 5-7 Jr. Madison Clements (15 ppg), 5-7 So. Kayla Murray (10 ppg), and 5-7 Jr. Molly Harlin.


Murray (Region 1)Coach Rechelle Turner’s team finished 22-10 and is a strong contender for the regional title this season.  5-9 Sr. Haley Armstrong (15.2 ppg), 5-6 Jr. Janssen Starks (12.9 ppg and 5.3 apg), 5-11 Sr. Shelby Crouch (10 ppg and 8 rpg), 5-7 Jr. Abby McAlpin, and 5-8 So. Kalai Trice are expected to be key performers this season.


Owensboro Catholic (Region 3) Coach Ray Zuberer’s Lady Aces finished 27-8 last season, captured the regional title, and also won the All A State Tournament.  Unfortunately 6-1 Jr. Rebecca Greenwell who averaged 32.6 ppg and 12 rpg last season will miss this season due to a torn ACL.  The Lady Aces will be led by 6-0 Sr. Mary Kate Clemens (7.3 ppg and 5 rpg) who is a versatile scorer and a good ballhandler.  5-4 Sr. Laura Riney has three point range and 5-5 Jr. Leah Greathouse is a tough hard-nosed competitor.  5-9 Fr. Destiny Howard shows a lot of promise and displays a soft touch in the paint.


Ryle (Region 9)Coach Patti Oliverio’s Lady Raiders finished 23-7 last season and will again be one of the best teams in the region.  Ryle will be led by multi-talented 5-11 Sr. Jenna Crittendon (14 ppg and 10 rpg) who signed with Xavier.  Other top returnees include 5-7 Jr. Dawn Johnson (10 ppg), 5-10 Jr. McKell Oliverio, and 5-6 Sr. Tyianna Douthit.  5-7 Sr. Ashley Cheesman is recovering from a knee injury and will add an excellent perimeter shooter when she returns.


Sacred Heart Academy (Region 7) Coach Donna Moir’s Valkyries finished 23-6 last season but graduated six seniors.  This team will be inexperienced and will have to mature quickly as players may graduate but tradition is a constant for the Valkyrie program.  5-6 So. Raven Merriweather has the ability to be a special player for Sacred Heart this season.  5-9 So. Dai Jia Ruffin transferred from Butler and is expected to provide scoring and rebounding.  5-6 Sr. Jade Tubb, 6-1 Sr. Jazmin Smith, 5-9 Sr. Sandy Gahafer, and 5-6 Jr. Kristin Matula are also expected to be key contributors.


Scott County (Region 11) Coach Steve Helton’s Lady Cardinals finished 19-11 last season and graduated a lot of scoring but returns good young talent.  The Lady Cardinals have talented young frontliners in 6-0 So. Tereka Guyn, 6-1 So, Holly Huellemeier, and 6-0 So. Iman Guy.  5-6 So. Audriana Christopher, 5-9 Sr. Mary Logsdon, and 5-6 Sr. Ally Conrad should add scoring punch this season.


Seneca (Region 7) – The Lady Redhawks finished 8-15 last season and Latasha Peterson takes over as head coach.  Seneca has excellent size with 6-2 Jr. Kearra Pennie (11 ppg), 6-3 Jr. Sabrina Jackson (10 ppg), and 6-3 Jr. Ashley Leach.  Other players expected to contribute include 5-7 Jr. Jada Grady, 5-9 Jr. Niya Anderson, 5-7 Fr. Samauri Jones, and 5-5 Jr. Jenna Meredith.


Simon Kenton (Region 8) Coach Jeff Stowers’ Lady Pioneers finished 16-11 last season.  5-6 Sr. Hannah Stephenson (9.9 ppg), 5-3 So. Abby Owings (9.8 ppg), and 5-10 So. Rachel Cox are expected to be key players this season.


St. Joseph Central Catholic WV Coach Shannon Lewis has a talented squad led by a trio of sophs; 5-8 Mychal Johnson, 5-5 Griffin Dempsey, and 5-10 Asia Petitte.