2011 Republic Bank Holiday Classic (Boys) Participating Teams


©2011 by Ron Harrison


Bardstown (Region 5) Coach James “Boo” Brewer’s Tigers finished 24-5 last season and captured the regional title.  The Tigers have enough talent returning to be a serious contender for the title again this season.  Coach Brewer has a veteran, talented guard duo returning in 6-2 Sr. Jordan Brewer and 5-8 Sr. Anthony Myrks.  Other key returnees include 6-5 Sr. Cody Ramos, 6-3 Sr. Drew Starks, 6-3 Sr. Justin Hubbard, 5-8 Sr. Brandon Coulter, 6-4 Jr. Devonte Grundy, and 6-0 Jr. Marcus Cosby.


Bedford (NH) – Coach John Langlois’ Bulldogs finished 13-7 last season.  The Bulldogs will be led by versatile scorer 6-2 Sr. Trevor Glassman and 6-8 Sr. Trevor Fahmy who excels in the paint.


Central (Region 7)Coach Doug Bibby’s Yellowjackets finished 15-10 last season and moves from Region 6 to Region 7.  The Yellowjackets suffered a loss when 6-4 So. D’Angelo Russell transferred to Montverde (FL) Academy.  The top returnees include 6-0 Jr. Dominique Chandler (8 ppg), 5-8 So. Jamie Johnson, 6-4 Jr. Stuart Jackson (8 ppg), 5-10 Sr. Jalen Maxey, 6-0 Sr. Jordan Logan, and 5-10 Jr. Deiontre Knox.


Fayette County (GA) Coach Andre Flynn’s Tigers finished 30-3 last season and made the Final Four AAAA Playoffs.  The Tigers are expected to be led by 6-9 Sr. Ekene Anachebe, 6-4 Sr. Kellen Sanford, and 5-11 Sr. Brandon Grant.


Fleming County (Region 16) Coach Brian Kelly’s Panthers finished 16-15 and have a lot of firepower returning this season.  5-9 So. Darrion Burns (20.2 ppg) has the ability to score at will.  5-10 Sr. Travis Taylor (13.8 ppg) teams with Burns to give the Panthers a potent 1-2 punch.  6-3 So. Troy Steward is an outstanding perimeter shooter.


Franklin County (Region 11) Coach Scott Chalk’s Flyers finished 13-15 last season and have the talent returning to be greatly improved this season.  The Flyers will be led by lightning-quick point guard 5-11 Jr. Ryan Timmons (15 ppg) and 6-5 Sr. Garrett Hamilton (12 ppg).  Other key player include 5-10 Jr. Casey Tabor, 6-3 Sr. Eric Meyer, and 6-3 Jr. Logan Woodside.


Glasgow (Region 4) Coach Jeff Hall’s Scotties finished 18-8 last season and are favored to capture the regional crown this season.  The Scotties are expected to be led by explosive scorer 5-9 Sr. Quentin Ellis and 6-0 Sr. Parker Cash.  Other key returnees include 6-3 Sr. Jalen Sublett, 6-6 Sr. Hunter Bowles, 6-4 Sr. LaJuan Smith, and 5-11 Fr. Steely Harris.


Henry Clay (Region 11) Coach Daniel Brown’s Blue Devils finished 20-11 last season and have the potential to be one of the top teams in the region.  The Blue Devils graduated several key players but have a lot of young talent returning.  5-8 Sr. Wes Kimball (11 ppg) will be expected to provide leadership this season.  6-5 Jr. Darrien Tichenor and 6-2 Sr. Alex Blackburn will also be key returnees.  The soph class is loaded with athletic wing players 6-6 Trey Grundy and 6-4 Jordan Green, savvy point guard 5-11 Christen Cunningham, and three point marksman 5-10 Teddy Ware.


John Hardin (Region 5)Coach Mark Wells’ Bulldogs finished 22-4 last season, graduated four of their top six players, but could still compete for the regional championship.  John Hardin has a strong guard duo in 5-7 Jr. Brandon Price (10.4 ppg) and 5-10 Sr. Jeremy Harness (9.2 ppg).  6-6 Sr. Hunter Holloway is expected to have a break-out season.  5-10 Sr. A.J. Smith, 6-4 Sr. Eli Mitchell, 6-1 Sr. Patrick Crowe, and 5-10 So. Patrick Anderson are also expected to be key contributors.


Houston (TN) Coach William Buford’s mustangs finished 10-19 last season.  6-6 So. Jake Greer can score in the paint and hit the outside jumper.  5-10 So. Josh Davis can both score and dish the ball.  6-4 Jr. Keith Collins Jr. is a multi-talented performer who can score.  6-4 So. Connor Tipsord has the ability to score inside or out.


Lafayette (Region 11) – The Generals finished 9-19 last season and Mike Mendenhall III takes over as head coach.  The Generals have talent and size but are young with no seniors on the roster.  6-8 So. Jackson Davis (14.9 ppg and 9.2 rpg) has the ability to dominate.  Other key performers include 6-8 Jr. Nick Trisko, 6-3 Jr. Tranard Chester, 6-7 Jr. Ethan Burlingham, 6-7 Jr. Charles Sweat-Washington, 6-0 So. Lance Blakely, and 6-5 Fr. Shon Wright.


Lakota West (OH) Coach Sean Van Winkle’s Firebirds finished 9-13 last season.  This year’s team will be led by point guard 5-11 Jr. Ali Barnes (8.4 ppg), 6-4 Sr. Jackson Blue, and 6-4 Jr. combo guard Monty Boykins.


Lexington Catholic (Region 11) Coach Brandon Salsman’s Knights finished 27-8 last season and captured the regional title.  The Knights graduated three key players but have a talented group returning this season.  6-9 Jr. Jack Whitman should have a break-out season this year.  Other key players include 6-5 Sr. Craig Floyd, 6-6 Sr. Patrick Keller, 5-10 Sr. Bryan Woomer, 5-10 Sr. Ross Muncy, 6-6 Jr. Tom Banahan, 5-10 Jr. Dillon Avare, and 5-10 Sr. Rashad Bennett.  LexCath has a talented freshman class including 5-10 Michael Talbott, 6-4 Tanner Johnson, 6-4 Reese Ryan, 6-1 Jarod Griffin, and 6-6 Jordan Hatton.


Moore (Region 6) Coach Shedrick Jones’ Mustangs finished 23-7 last season and should compete for the regional crown this year.  6-6 Sr. MeKale McKay (14.5 ppg and 7 rpg) is one of the elite players in the region and state.  Other key players include 6-4 Sr. William Bryant (8.5 ppg and 9.9 rpg), 6-0 Sr. Daquan Boyd (9.7 ppg), and 5-10 Jr. Jamon Sanford (6.2 ppg).  Other players expected to contribute include 6-5 Sr. Mark Hoff, 5-10 So. Jaelin Sanford, 5-10 Sr. Jeremetrius Latham, 6-1 Jr. Izajah Armstrong (transfer from Southern), and 6-5 Jr. James Yates (transfer from Central).


North Hardin (Region 5)Coach Ron Bevars’ Trojans finished 17-12 last season and 6-4 Sr. guard Jermaine Rutley returns after missing last year with an injury.  Other key players include 6-6 Sr. Adam Hendrix, 6-6 Sr. Jauan Akins, 5-11 Sr. Darrin Martin, and 6-2 Jr. Scotty Sterusky.


North Oldham (Region 8)Coach David Henley’s Mustangs finished 15-17 last season and should compete for the regional title this season.  6-8 Sr. Devon Rowan (12 ppg and 10 rpg) and 6-2 Jr. David Levitch (13 ppg) provide the Mustangs with a potent inside-outside combination.  Athletic 6-0 Sr. Jacob Clark, 6-5 Sr. Kyle Kozak, and 5-11 Sr. Kameron Shams are also key returnees.


Pulaski County (Region 12) Coach Al Gover’s Maroons finished 26-7 last season and is a chief contender for the regional crown this season.  The Maroons have an excellent 1-2 punch in 6-2 Jr. Kody Johnson (20 ppg) and 6-1 Jr. Taylor Gover (18 ppg).  6-2 Jr. Tyler Goins (8 ppg and 6 rpg) is also a key returnee for Coach Gover.


Scott (Region 10)Coach Brad Carr’s Eagles finished 19-10 last season but graduated all five starters.  Experienced returnees include defensive specialist 5-11 Sr. Blake Daugherty, 6-3 Jr. Nick Jackson, and versatile scorer 6-2 Sr. Brad Morrison.


Simon Kenton (Region 8)Coach Trent Steiner’s Pioneers finished 16-14 last season.  6-1 Sr. Cody Chambers (13 ppg) gets to the rim at will.  5-11 Jr. Andrew Sampson, 6-1 Sr. Ryan Mullen, 5-6 Jr. Jared Swanson, and 6-2 Jr. Nick Ayers are also key returnees.


St. Xavier (Region 7)Coach Kevin Klein’s Tigers finished 16-11 last season but graduated five seniors..  However the Tigers return a solid nucleus of players.  5-10 So. point guard Robert Shaw is expected to have an excellent season.  6-5 Sr. Chris Mitchell is a versatile scorer and 6-9 Jr. Brock Kiesler rebounds well and has a nice mid-range shot.  Other key returnees include 6-2 Sr. Nathan Smith, 5-11 Jr. Justin Moody, and 5-9 Jr. Will Glasford.


Trinity (Region 7) – Coach Mike Szabo’s Shamrocks finished 21-8 last season and entered the season ranked No. 1 in the state.  6-7 Sr. Nathan Dieudonne (11.6 ppg and 5.8 rpg) signed with Boston University.  6-1 Sr. Charles Foster (11.4 ppg) signed with Morehead State and 6-3 Sr. Troy Saxton (9.9 ppg) signed with University of Alabama-Huntsville.  6-4 Jr. guard Darryl Hicks will finally make his debut with the Shamrocks after sitting out last season after transferring from Shelby County.  6-1 Jr. James Quick (10 ppg) is one of the nation’s elite wide receivers in football and is also talented on the hardwood.  Other players expected to contribute include 6-0 Jr. Miles Rice, 6-1 Sr. Andrew Perito, and 6-2 So. Craig Owens.  The Shamrocks are lacking in size but their speed and athleticism will allow them to control the tempo of the game.