Rick Bolus' High Potential® and Allgood Hoops®
Fall Preview Showcase
October 2-3, 2009
duPont Manual High School, Louisville, KY

The 2nd Annual Rick Bolus' High Potential® and Allgood Hoops® Fall Preview Showcase was held October 2-3, 2009 at duPont Manual High School in Louisville, KY.  This event will be for Girls' Basketball traveling team and individual players.  The event will be directed by Rick Bolus of High Potential® Basketball Recruiting Service and Jeff Allgood, Director of Allgood Hoops®.

53 players were divided among six teams designated Duke (Coach Larry Bruner), Syracuse (Coach James LaPointe), Indiana (Coach Steve Bishop), Queens of the Court (Coach Tony Tedder), Michigan (Coach Steve Woods), and UCLA (Coach Dan Nicely).

**designates no-show
#6  Demetria Rose-Todd County Central#3  Kerstin Hayes-Webster County
**  Chelsea Craig- Franklin Co.#7  Lyndi Tedder-Madisonville N.H.
#9  Kalisha Rose-Todd County Central#8  Dede McReynolds-Madisonville N.H.
#5  Leanne Mullins-Menifee County#1  Brittany Elliott-Madisonville N.H.
#7  Chelsea Walker-Menifee County#4  Lynette Harris-Webster County
**  Ashli Mayes-Franklin County#2  Stephanie Householder-Webster County
#8  Lauren Addison-Todd County Central#5  Kenyatta Drake-Madisonville N.H.
#10 Samantha Burr-Williamsburg Independent   #6  Tayla Foster-Madisonville N.H.
#4  Kendra Lambert-North Harrison -Ind. 
#6  Megan Phipps-Shakamak, Ind.#5  Lindsey Woods-Louisville Eastern
#1  Lydia Bredeweg-Shakamak, Ind.#2  Olivia Raffli- North Oldham
#3  Cassandra Holdaway-Shakamak, Ind.#9  Shardai Embry- Caverna
#5  Casey Fougerousse-Shakamak, Ind.#7  Christessica Priddy- Caverna
#9  Mika Turner-Owsley County#10 Shelby Lawson- Bowling Green
#7  Jade Gambill-Shakamak, Ind.#8  Kelsey Mitchell- Barren County
#10 Jordan Parsons-East Carter, Ky.#8  Brittany Leach- Whitley County
#4  Kristen Perry-West Carter, Ky.#3  Kelsie Jacobs- Knott County Central
#2  Kaylyn Emmons-Fleming County#4  Macy Clontz- South Laurel
#8  Robbie Allex-Fleming County#6  Marah Rice- Allen County
#7  Brittany Hearn-Grant County#10 Carrington Caise- Bryan Station
#1  Billie Hearn-Grant County**  Mikyla Mosby- Bryan Station
#8  Joscelyn Davis-Boone County#5  Lizza Jonas- Lexington Tates Creek
#3  Cortney Sellers-Boone County#6  Peyton Hisel- Lexington Tates Creek
#5  Stacie Shrout-Boone County#3  Hannah Mountjoy- Danville
#10 Heather Sandlin-Boone County#9  Sierra Shepherd- Lynn Camp
#9  Ashley Cheesman-Ryle#8  Carrie Burnett- Lynn Camp
#6  Tori Wilhoit-Williamstown#7  Chelsea Grubb- Lynn Camp
#4  Brooklyn Massingill- Harlan Ind. Middle#4  Tish Walker- South Laurel
#2  Miranda Davenport-Harlan High 

Friday October 2nd

Pool Play

Syracuse 70 Duke 36
Michigan 57 Indiana 37
Syracuse 55 UCLA 46
Duke 50 Indiana 33

Saturday October 3rd

Pool Play

Queens of the Court 71 UCLA 61
Syracuse 59 Michigan 48
Queens of the Court 44 Duke 41
UCLA 65 Indiana 49
Queens of the Court 65 Michigan 49

Tournament Play

UCLA 64 Indiana 41
Michigan 49 Duke 46
Syracuse 64 UCLA 44
Queens of the Court 51 Michigan 35
Indiana 48 Duke 45 (5th Place)
UCLA 61 Michigan 54 (3rd Place)
Syracuse 72 Queens of the Court 57 (Championship)

Event Records

Division A

Team Pool Play Tourney Combined
Syracuse 3-0 2-0 5-0
Indiana 0-3 1-1 1-4
Duke 1-2 0-2 1-4


Division B

Team Pool Play Tourney Combined
Queens of the Court 3-0 1-1 4-1
UCLA 1-2 2-1 3-3
Michigan 1-2 1-2 2-4


Heather Sandlin (Boone County) Team Syracuse was named Tournament MVP and Tayla Foster (Madisonville North Hopkins) Team Queens of the Court was named Tournament Runner-Up MVP.

All Tournament Team

Samantha Burr (Williamsburg Independent) Team Duke
Kristen Perry (West Carter) Team Indiana
Heather Sandlin (Boone County) Team Syracuse
Brooklyn Massingill (Harlan Ind. Middle) Team Syracuse
Lyndi Tedder (Madisonville North Hopkins) Queens of the Court
Lynette Harris (Webster County) Queens of the Court
Kenyatta Drake (Madisonville North Hopkins) Queens of the Court
Tayla Foster (Madisonville North Hopkins) Queens of the Court
Kelsey Mitchell (Barren County) Team Michigan
Macy Clontz (South Laurel) Team Michigan
Carrington Caise (Bryan Station) Team UCLA
Lizza Jonas (Tates Creek) Team UCLA


Rick Bolus conveyed to me that several other girls also had excellent performances during this event. 


Information on this event was provided by Rick Bolus and Jeff Allgood. 

For more information about Jeff Allgood and his events, go to http://www.allgoodhoops.com, or email allgoodhoops@hotmail.com.

For more information about Rick Bolus camps, go to http://www.basketball-camp.net, or email bolus@insightbb.com.

Ron Harrison’s reports on this and other basketball events appear on http://www.kyprephoops.com.