Sports Connection 2008 Preseason Hoopfest

Hosted by: Scott County Lady Cardinals

Georgetown, KY
November 14-15, 2008

2008 by Ron Harrison

This pre-season event, hosted by the Scott County Lady Cardinals and sponsored by Scott County Sheriff Bobby Hammons, MCKNZ Customz, Toyota Tsusho, Mary Meade-McKenzie Attorney at Law, and Sports Connection, features 17 games over a two-day period. The 34 teams participating in this event are Sayre, St. Henry, Randall K. Cooper, Williamstown, Berea, Whitefield Academy, Assumption, Dunbar, Scott County, Sacred Heart Academy, Conner, Bryan Station, Holmes, Carroll County, Beechwood, Owen County, South Laurel, Covington Holy Cross, Casey County, Eastern, Whitley County, Butler, Hart County, Pike County Central, Clay County, Nelson County, Southwestern, Ironton (OH), Knox Central, Shelby County, Fern Creek, Harrison County, Madison Central, and Simon Kenton. This event features some of the top teams in the state. Players scheduled to compete include 25 players listed in Top 10 players of the 16 Regions by The Cats’ Pause Basketball Magazine.

These scrimmages will consist of two 20-minute halves with a running clock. The score will be reset at halftime. I will, for the sake of clarity, give scores for each half plus a combined score. Any stats included are not official but recorded or collected by me personally. Please understand that these are merely scrimmages, and coaches will be experimenting with substitution rotations and using this event as a teaching tool and to prepare for the upcoming season.

Friday November 14

St. Henry vs. Sayre

St. Henry Coach Brian Coburn started the following lineup: 5-10 So. Abby Janszen, 5-10 Sr. Maya Pillai, 5-10 Sr. Whitney Rolf, 5-8 So. Taylor Gamm, and 5-7 Sr. Lauren Kolkmeier. Sayre Coach Scotty Sutton countered with 5-9 So. Bea Cameron, 5-9 Fr. Maddie Mitchell, 5-10 6th Gabby Bowie, 5-6 Sr. Karly Mitchell, and 5-7 Jr. Channel Minnifield.

St. Henry held a combined score advantage of 38-26.

Lauren Kolkmeier led St. Henry with 13 points. Abby Janszen added eight points. Channel Minnifield led Sayre with 12 points.

St. Henry 38 Sayre 26

School H1H2 Total
St. Henry 25 13 38
Sayre 10 16 26

St. Henry (38)- Janszen 8, Pillai 6, Rolf 2, Gamm 2, Kolkmeier 13, Hasken 2, McArtor 5.
Sayre (26)- Cameron 6, M. Mitchell 5, Bowie 2, K. Mitchell 1, Minnifield 12.

Williamstown vs. Randall K. Cooper

Williamstown Coach Mark Wilhoit started the following lineup: 5-8 Sr. Mellissa Snow, 5-6 So. Tori Wilhoit, 5-7 Sr. Jaclyn Stith, 5-3 So. Chelsea West, and 5-3 Sr. Amber Vance. Cooper Coach Shannon Turner countered with 5-9 Jr. Allison Setser, 5-7 So. Kendall Sebald, 5-9 So. Carly Smith, 5-6 So. Katlyn Sams, and 5-5 So. Brandy Deaton.

Williamstown held a combined score advantage of 55-22.

Jaclyn Stith and Tori Wilhoit led Williamstown with 18 and 17 points respectively. Stith recorded two three point baskets. Katlyn Sams and Carly Smith led Cooper with eight and six points respectively.

Williamstown 55 Randall K. Cooper 22

School H1H2 Total
Williamstown 28 27 55
Randall K. Cooper 14 8 22

Williamstown (55)- Snow 8, Wilhoit 17, Stith 18, West 4, Vance 5, Rothwell 1, Eldridge 2.
Randall K. Cooper (22)- Setser 0, Sebald 2, Smith 6, Sams 8, Deaton 2, Overstreet 4.

Whitefield Academy vs. Berea

Whitefield Academy Coach Nathan Crawford started the following lineup: 5-8 Jr. Brooke Willet, 5-9 Sr. Lindsey Parrish, 5-9 Jr. Abigail Halleron, 5-6 Sr. Becca Franke, and 5-7 Jr. Shelbie Jackson. Berea Coach Jerry Bingham countered with 5-10 Sr. Chelsea Saylor, 5-8 Sr. Brittany Harris, 5-11 Sr. Elizabeth Horn, 5-7 Sr. Haley Webb, and 5-6 Jr. Brooke Hazelwood.

Whitefield Academy held the combined score advantage of 38-29.

Becca Franke and 5-11 7th grader Tabitha Mitchell paced the victors with 10 and seven points respectively. Elizabeth Horn led Berea with 14 points.

Whitefield Academy 38 Berea 29

School H1H2 Total
Whitefield Academy 18 20 38
Berea 14 15 29

Whitefield Academy (38)- Willet 2, Parrish 5, Halleron 3, Franke 10, Jackson 6, Gregory 3, White 2, Mitchell 7.
Berea (29)- Saylor 2, Harris 3, Horn 14, Webb 3, Hazelwood 4, Coccari 2.

Paul Dunbar vs. Assumption

Dunbar Coach Mike Sowers started the following lineup: 6-1 Jr. Ebony Rowe, 5-9 Jr. Courtney Haney, 6-2 So. Shomari Kendrick, 5-5 Jr. Erin Lucas, and 5-4 So. Christin Haney. Assumption Coach Ron Ferch countered with 6-0 Jr. Molly Ernst, 5-7 Jr. Kayla McMahon, 5-10 Sr. Amy Brutscher, 5-6 Sr. Kelsey Oliver, and 5-7 Jr. Paige Mullen.

Paul Dunbar held the combined score advantage of 39-37.

Ebony Rowe, Christin Haney, and Shomari Kendrick led Dunbar with 11, 10, and eight points respectively. Molly Ernst led Assumption with 16 points including three three point baskets. 5-9 Jr. Sara Minogue added nine points.

Paul Dunbar 39 Assumption 37

School H1H2 Total
Paul Dunbar 16 23 39
Assumption 18 19 37

Paul Dunbar (39)- Rowe 11, Co. Haney 0, Kendrick 8, E. Lucas 4, Ch. Haney 10, Mitchell 3, McIntosh 3.
Assumption (37)- Ernst 16, McMahon 2, Brutscher 4, Oliver 4, Mullen 0, Delahanty 2, Minogue 9.

Sacred Heart Academy vs. Scott County

Sacred Heart Coach Donna Moir started the following lineup: 5-9 Jr. Mary Gordon Stough, 5-10 So. Monica McGreal, 5-11 So. Morgan Clemons, 5-4 So. Maddie Peabody, and 5-6 Jr. Autumn Miller. Scott County Coach Steve Helton countered with 5-10 7th Tereka Guyn, 5-11 Jr. Madisen Webb, 5-9 So. Alex McKenzie, 5-9 So. Kristen Stainback, and 5-8 Jr. Sachi Howard.

Sacred Heart Academy held a combined score advantage of 81-73.

Autumn Miller led the victors with 17 points including three three point baskets. Morgan Clemons added 16 points and 16 rebounds. Mary Gordon Stough and Maddie Peabody recorded 13 points each.Stough pulled down nine rebounds. Madisen Webb led Scott County with 28 points. Alex McKenzie added 17 points and 20 rebounds. Kristen Stainback chipped in with 13 points.

Sacred Heart Academy 81 Scott County 73

School Q1Q2Q3Q4 Total
Sacred Heart Academy 26 20 19 16 81
Scott County 14 14 23 22 73

Sacred Heart Academy (81)- Stough 13, McGreal 9, Clemons 16, Peabody 13, Miller 17, Campbell 8, Washle 3, Katzman 2.
Scott County (73)- Guyn 2, Webb 28, McKenzie 17, Stainback 13, Howard 3, Tevis 2, Logsdon 2, Jackson 6.

Saturday November 15

Bryan Station vs. Conner

Bryan Station Coach Karra Jackson started the following lineup: 5-10 Sr. Jeannay Washington, 5-9 Jr. Nealy Williams, 6-1 Sr. Amber Crumbie, 5-7 Jr. Mikyla Mosby, and 5-5 So. Carrington Caise. Conner Coach Kim Warfield countered with 5-8 So. Toria Fischer, 5-7 Fr. Ellory Kring, 5-10 Sr. Gela Haynes, 5-7 Jr. Devin Beasley, and 5-6 Sr. Allison Long.

Bryan Station's 5-5 8th grader Serena Sandusky hit a shot at the buzzer to give her team a combined score advantage of 43-42.

Mikyla Mosby led Bryan Station with 17 points. Allison Long led Conner with 16 points.

Bryan Station 43 Conner 42

School H1H2 Total
Bryan Station 23 20 43
Conner 22 20 42

Bryan Station (43)- Washington 4, Williams 2, Crumbie 5, Mosby 17, Caise 0, Blackwell 3, Starke 2, A. Prince 6, M. Prince 2, Sandusky 2.
Conner (42)- Fischer 8, Kring 7, Haynes 6, Beasley 0, Long 16, Malone 5.

Holmes vs. Carroll County

Holmes Coach Travece Turner started the following lineup: 5-11 Fr. Zuri Hill, 5-8 So. Dionna Wear, 6-0 Jr. Bianca Eggleston, 5-5 Jr. DaShon Holder, and 5-4 So. Sylk Housley. Carroll County Coach Randy Mefford countered with 5-8 So. Kyndal Curry, 5-8 Fr. Hannah Devine, 5-8 Sr. Lakeshia Henderson, 5-6 Jr. Sarah Osborne, and 5-5 Sr. Lindsay Wallace.

The combined halves scoring in this game resulted in a 35-35 tie.

5-6 Jr. guard Bessea Hughes led Holmes with 15 points including three three point baskets. Dionna Wear added 12 points. Lindsay Wallace and Lakeshia Henderson led Carroll County with nine points each.Henderson recorded three three point baskets.

School H1H2 Total
Holmes 17 18 35
Carroll County 20 15 35

Holmes (35)- Hill 0, Wear 12, Eggleston 2, Holder 2, S. Housley 2, Williams 2, Hughes 15.
Carroll County (35)- Curry 3, Devine 1, Henderson 9, Osborne 5, Wallace 10, Butcher 5, Hunter 2.

Owen County vs. Beechwood

Owen County Coach Robert Osborne started the following lineup: 5-7 Jr. Eko Kemper, 5-7 Fr. Rianna Gayheart, 5-10 So. Samantha Toole , 5-0 Jr. Jensen Wainscott, and 5-5 Jr. Lauren Lowe. Beechwood Coach Alison McCarthy countered with 5-7 So. Brittany Del Barba, 5-7 7th Elly Ogle, 5-10 So. Brianna McCarthy, 5-3 Sr. Taylor Cox, and 5-4 Jr. Alexis Feltner.

Owen County held the combined score advantage of 48-19.

Rianna Gayheart and Eko Kemper led Owen County with 12 and 10 points respectively. Gayheart added two three point baskets. Brianna McCarthy led Beechwood with 10 points.

Owen County 48 Beechwood 19

School H1H2 Total
Owen County 20 28 48
Beechwood 8 11 19

Owen County (48)- Kemper 10, Gayheart 12, Toole 4, Wainscott 3, Lowe 5, Hutchinson 7, Davis 2, Fitzgerald 5.
Beechwood (19)- Del Barba 2, Ogle 5, McCarthy 10, Cox 0, Feltner 0, Schilling 2.

South Laurel vs. Covington Holy Cross

South Laurel Coach Konnie Snyder started the following lineup: 5-9 Jr. Chelsea Anders, 5-8 So. Morgan Johnson, 6-1 So. Erika Burchett, 5-8 Sr. Porsha Justice, and 5-3 Jr. Jessica Dean. Covington Holy Cross Coach Shannon Minor countered with 5-10 Sr. Stephanie Howard, 5-10 Sr. Anna Noll, 5-5 Sr. Stacey Flesch, 5-5 Sr. Emily Buckingham, and 5-4 Sr. Kiara Jacks.

South Laurel nailed 13 three point baskets in a combined score advantage of 58-17.

Jessica Dean paced the victors with 19 points including five three point baskets. Porsha Justice added 16 points including four three point baskets. Erika Burchett chipped in with 11 points including three three point baskets. Stacey Flesch led Covington Holy Cross with nine points.

South Laurel 58 Covington Holy Cross 17

School H1H2 Total
South Laurel 34 24 58
Covington Holy Cross 4 13 17

South Laurel (58)- Anders 3, Johnson 8, Burchett 11, Justice 16, Dean 19, House 3.
Covington Holy Cross (17)- Howard 3, Noll 2, Flesch 9, Buckingham 3, Jacks 0.

Casey County vs. Eastern

Casey County Coach Randy Salyers started the following lineup: 5-9 So. Nicole Coffman, 5-6 Sr. Natalie Wesley, 5-11 Fr. Megan Pittman, 5-7 Sr. Lauren Hatter, and 5-6 Sr. Kayla McFarland. Eastern Coach Zena Heckstall countered with 5-8 Sr. Alexis Biddix, 5-6 Sr. Danee Trowell, 5-10 Jr. Joy Finner, 5-6 Sr. Shelby Taylor, and 5-6 Jr. Lauren Murphy.

Casey County held a combined score advantage of 46-25.

Kayla McFarland, Lauren Hatter, and Megan Pittman led Casey County with 15, 12, and 10 points respectively. Hatter and McFarland recorded three and two three point baskets respectively. Danee Trowell led Eastern with seven points.

Casey County 46 Eastern 25

School H1H2 Total
Casey County 23 23 46
Eastern 11 14 25

Casey County (46)- Coffman 6, Wesley 0, Pittman 10, Hatter 12, McFarland 15, Hogue 1, J. Wesley 2.
Eastern (25)- Biddix 1, Trowell 7, Finner 0, Taylor 4, Murphy 0, Sublett 4, McKivens 2, Nichols 3, C. Taylor 3, Holland 1.

Butler vs. Whitley County

Butler Coach Eddy Wilson started the following lineup: 5-7 Jr. Whitney Reed, 5-6 So. Megan Cuerton, 5-11 Jr. Moriah Corey, 5-5 So. Heather Wheat, and 5-5 Sr. Shontel Bates. Whitley County Coach Larry Anderson countered with 5-8 So. Leeanna Moses, 5-7 Jr. Brittany Leach, 5-10 Jr. Kendra Bolton, 5-6 Sr. Kayla Osborne, and 5-6 Sr. Holly Jones.

Butler held a combined score advantage of 40-32.

5-11 Sr. Tiara Hopper and Whitney Reed led Butler with 10 and nine points respectively. Holly Jones led Whitley County with 12 points including three three point baskets.

Butler 40 Whitley County 32

School H1H2 Total
Butler 10 30 40
Whitley County 11 21 32

Butler (40)- Reed 9, Cureton 6, Corey 1, Wheat 5, Bates 4, Hopper 10, Schmidt 3, Adams 2.
Whitley County (32)- Moses 7, Leach 0, Bolton 2, Osborne 2, H. Jones 12, Lawson 5, J. Jones 4.

Hart County vs. Pike County Central

Hart County Coach Tommy Adams started the following lineup: 5-9 Sr. Lindsay Highbaugh, 5-5 Jr. Katara Reynolds, 5-11 Fr. Lindsey Burd, 5-5 Jr. Savannah Trent, and 5-7 Fr. Lexee Wilson. Pike County Central Coach Stephen Butcher countered with 6-0 Sr. A. D. Sloan, 5-7 Sr. Kayla Pennington, 5-11 Sr. Bri Hatmaker, 5-7 Jr. Hannah Thompson, and 5-6 Jr. Holly Harris.

Hart County held a combined score advantage of 41-37.

Lindsay Highbaugh led the victors with 15 points including two three point baskets. Lindsey Burd and Lexee Wilson added 11 and nine points respectively. Holly Harris and A. D. Sloan led Pike County Central with 12 and 11 points respectively.

Hart County 41 Pike County Central 37

School H1H2 Total
Hart County 19 22 41
Pike County Central 23 14 37

Hart County (41)- Highbaugh 15, Reynolds 0, Lindsey Burd 11, Trent 0, Wilson 9, Leah Burd 2, Proctor 2, Butler 2.
Pike County Central (37)- Sloan 11, Pennington 5, Hatmaker 2, Thompson 7, Harris 12.

Nelson County vs. Clay County

Nelson County Coach Kelly Wood started the following lineup: 5-9 Jr. Charity Watson, 5-7 Jr. Lacy Hagan, 6-3 Jr. Samantha Drake, 5-5 Jr. Emily Hogan, and 5-5 Sr. Sarah Beth Gillis. Clay County Coach James Burchell countered with 5-9 Jr. Danielle Fox, 5-7 So. Blake Smith, 6-1 So. Whitney Belle Jackson, 5-7 So. Kayla Smith, and 5-5 Fr. Alisha Mitchell.

Nelson County held a combined score advantage of 28-15.

Lacy Hagan and Sarah Beth Gillis led Nelson County with eight and seven points respectively. Samantha Drake added three points and 12 rebounds. Danielle Fox led Clay County with six points.

Nelson County 28 Clay County 15

School H1H2 Total
Nelson County 10 18 28
Clay County 11 4 15

Nelson County (28)- Watson 2, L. Hagan 8, Drake 3, E. Hogan 2, Gillis 7, Stine 2, Lewis 2, Hutchins 2.
Clay County (15)- Fox 6, B. Smith 0, Jackson 4, K. Smith 3, A. Mitchell 0, A. Hinkle 2.

Southwestern vs. Ironton (OH)

Southwestern Coach Tim Rice started the following lineup: 6-1 Sr. Whitney Roots, 5-8 Sr. Ashley Fowler, 6-1 Sr. Stephanie Salyers, 5-9 Sr. Devin Fothergill, and 5-7 So. Danay Fothergill. Ironton Coach Doug Graham countered with 5-11 Jr. Lorna Ceaser, 5-8 Jr. Janie Morris, 5-11 Sr. Mercedes Cockrell, 5-7 So. Alex Taylor, and 5-2 Jr. Brea Tackett.

Southwestern held a combined score advantage of 43-23.

Danay Fothergill led the victors with 20 points including four three point baskets. Stephanie Salyers and Devin Fothergill added 10 and nine points respectively. Mercedes Cockrell and Brea Tackett led Ironton with six and five points respectively.

Southwestern 43 Ironton (OH) 23

School H1H2 Total
Southwestern 21 22 43
Ironton (OH) 13 10 23

Southwestern (43)- Roots 0, Devin Fothergill 9, Salyers 10, Fowler 4, Danay Fothergill 20.
Ironton (OH) (23)- Ceaser 3, Morris 3, Cockrell 6, Taylor 2, Tackett 5, Elswick 4.

Shelby County vs. Knox Central

Shelby County Coach Sally Zimmerman started the following lineup: 5-9 Sr. Paige Radcliff, 5-5 Jr. Taylor Shaw, 5-8 Sr. Haleigh LeCompte, 5-5 Jr. Hannah Stucker, and 5-6 Jr. Dee Dee Davis. Knox Central Coach Darrin Miller countered with 6-0 Sr. Brittany Jordan, 5-7 Jr. Rachel Scalf, 6-0 So. Cassie Tye, 5-5 Sr. Jenny Gray, and 5-7 So. Bridget Young.

Shelby County held a combined score advantage of 45-31.

Haleigh LeCompte and Hannah Stucker led Shelby County with 10 points each.Stucker recorded two three point baskets. Bridget Young, Cassie Tye, and Shakira Gregory led Knox Central with eight, six, and six points respectively.

Shelby County 45 Knox Central 31

School H1H2 Total
Shelby County 18 27 45
Knox Central 20 11 31

Shelby County (45)- Radcliff 4, Shaw 7, LeCompte 10, Stucker 10, Davis 0, Raisor 5, Cardwell 4, Hinkle 4.
Knox Central (31)- Jordan 4, Scalf 3, Tye 6, Gray 2, Young 8, Shelton 2, Gregory 6.

Harrison County vs. Fern Creek

Harrison County Coach Jason Crisp started the following lineup: 5-9 Sr. Brittany Murphy, 5-8 So. Tiffany Snider, 5-10 Jr. Kaitlyn Shepherd, 5-8 Sr. Charley Hatfield, and 5-5 Jr. Kaitlyn Johnson. Fern Creek Coach Michelle Fries countered with 6-0 Sr. Samantha Reid, 5-10 Jr. Kristin Baker, 5-3 Jr. Kierra Moore, 5-4 So. Asia Grigsby, and 5-9 So. Holly Bernard.

Harrison County held a combined score advantage of 40-24.

Brittany Murphy and Kaitlyn Johnson led Harrison County with 11 and nine points respectively. Holly Bernard led Fern Creek with 11 points including three three point baskets.

Harrison County 40 Fern Creek 24

School H1H2 Total
Harrison County 20 20 40
Fern Creek 17 7 24

Harrison County (40)- Murphy 11, Hatfield 2, Shepherd 4, Johnson 9, Snider 6, Nichols 2, Dennie 6.
Fern Creek (24)- Reid 0, Baker 0, Moore 0, Grigsby 5, Bernard 11, Fife 2, Bongo 2, Fries 1.

Simon Kenton vs. Madison Central

Simon Kenton Coach Jeff Stowers started the following lineup: 5-11 Sr. Kayla Smith, 5-11 Sr. Caitlyn Figgins, 5-11 Sr. Lyndsey Figgins, 5-5 Sr. Chelsea Tolliver, and 5-2 So. Sydni Wainscott. Madison Central Coach Robert Cooksey countered with 5-11 8th Ashton Feldhaus, 5-9 So. Jenna Cornelison, 5-10 Jr. Brislyn Sizemore, 5-6 Sr. Lyndsay Jones, and 5-5 Jr. Christina Ciolek.

Simon Kenton held a combined score advantage of 39-32.

Chelsea Tolliver led the victors with 15 points including three three point baskets. Sydni Wainscott added 10 points. Brislyn Sizemore and Christina Ciolek led Madison Central with 10 and seven points respectively.

Simon Kenton 39 Madison Central 32

School H1H2 Total
Simon Kenton 16 23 39
Madison Central 9 23 32

Simon Kenton (39)- Smith 7, C. Figgins 7, L. Figgins 0, Tolliver 15, S. Wainscott 10.
Madison Central (32)- Feldhaus 0, Cornelison 5, Sizemore 10, Jones 4, Ciolek 7, Busch 3, Sharp 2.


This was an excellent well-run event with attention given to every detail. It was an excellent opportunity to see 34 teams perform over a two day period. Scores really don't mean much in scrimmages as coaches did an excellent job of instructing and experimenting with various rotations. There was also some excellent play here and some teams looked like they were in mid-season form.

There was also a lot if individual talent on display here this weekend. 5-7 Jr. Channel Minnifield (Sayre), 5-7 Sr. Lauren Kolkmeier (St. Henry), 5-6 Sr. Becca Franke (Whitefield Academy), 5-6 So. Tori Wilhoit and 5-7 Sr. Jaclyn Stith (Williamstown), 5-11 Sr. Elizabeth Horn (Berea), 6-0 Jr. Molly Ernst (Assumption), and 6-0 Jr. Ebony Rowe (Paul Dunbar), all had good first night games.

5-9 So. Alex McKenzie and 5-11 Jr. Madisen Webb played well for Scott County. Sacred Heart got excellent performances from 5-6 Jr. Autumn Miller and 5-11 So. Morgan Clemons .

5-6 Sr. Allison Long (Conner), 5-7 Jr. Mikyla Mosby (Bryan Station), 5-6 Jr. Bessea Hughes , (Holmes) and 5-7 Fr. Rianna Gayheart (Owen County) had good early round games on Saturday. 5-8 Sr. Porsha Justice and 5-3 Jr. Jessica Dean shot the lights out for South Laurel. Casey County got excellent outside shooting from 5-7 Sr. Lauren Hatter and 5-6 Sr. Kayla McFarland . 5-6 Sr. Holly Jones (Whitley County) is a deadly marksman from the arc and 5-11 Sr. Tiara Hopper (Butler) is extremely athletic in the paint.

5-8 Sr. Lindsay Highbaugh (Hart County) is a deadly spot-up shooter. 6-0 Sr. A. D. Sloan (Pike County Central) is an excellent front court player. 6-1 So. Whitney Belle Jackson (Clay County) and Nelson County's 6-3 Jr. Samantha Drake had a spirited battle in the paint. Southwestern 's veteran squad looked good today and 5-7 So. Danay Fothergill had an excellent game, connecting on four three point baskets. Knox Central has a good solid team and 5-8 Sr. Haleigh LeCompte was impressive for Shelby County.

5-9 Sr. Brittany Murphy and 5-5 Jr. Kaitlyn Johnson had nice games for Harrison County. 5-5 Sr. Chelsea Tolliver played well for Simon Kenton. Watch out for Madison Central as they are young and talented and adjusting to a new coach, but they have a lot of potential. Scott County is extremely young but clearly a team to watch.

These were, after all, scrimmages and there were several teams and many players who impressed this weekend. Several teams were missing key players and although some of the teams were soundly defeated this was a learning experience and teams make rapid improvements once the lights are turned on for real. Other players too numerous to mention here displayed a lot of potential and talent.


A special thanks to coaches Steve and Tara Helton for the hospitality extended me during my visit. Also, a special thanks to all the Scott County coaches and parents who worked tirelessly to make this event a success. I would also like to recognize all the team scorekeepers and computer operators who are always so helpful at these mega-game events.

Please feel free to send your comments and questions concerning the event, teams, or players to me at

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