21st Annual Lady Defender Classic

Bryan Station High School
Lexington, KY
December 13, 2008

© 2009 by Ron Harrison

Rockcastle County (2-2) vs. Henry Clay (1-3)

Rockcastle County Coach Chrysti Noble started the following lineup:  5-10 Sr. Ashley Robinson, 5-10 Jr. Jackie Alexander, 6-2 So. Sarah Hammond, 5-3 Sr. Katy Mattingly, and 5-3 Sr. Mary Saylor.  Henry Clay Coach Scott Cromwell countered with 5-6 Jr. Eloise Fourie, 5-8 So. Candace Morton, 5-11 Sr. Brittany Coles, 5-7 So. Kayla Price, and 5-5 Jr. Pilar Morgan

Henry Clay tied the score 45-45 in the fourth quarter but Rockcastle County finished the game on an 11-2 run to earn a 56-47 victory.  Henry Clay trailed 20-9 in the second quarter but chipped away at the lead and actually took a 40-38 lead early in the final quarter.  Rockcastle County connected on 11 of 12 free throws in the final quarter. 

Rockcastle County shot 29.4% from the field including three of 14 from the three point line and connected on 23 of 27 free throws.  Henry Clay shot 41.5% from the field including three of 11 from beyond the arc and connected on 10 of 16 free throws. 

Ashley Robinson led Rockcastle County with 13 points including nine of nine free throws.  5-5 So. Angie Lawrence and Jackie Alexander added 12 and 11 points respectively.   Sarah Hammond was hampered by fouls today but managed to record six points and seven rebounds.  Brittany Coles led Henry Clay with 26 points including two three point baskets.  Candace Morton added nine points before fouling out with 3:37 left in the game. 

Rockcastle County 56   Henry Clay 47

School Q1Q2Q3Q4 Final
Rockcastle County 10 15 13 18 56
Henry Clay 7 12 18 10 47

Rockcastle County (56) - Robinson 13, Alexander 11, Hammond 6, Mattingly 2, Saylor 9, Lawrence 12, Abney 3.
Henry Clay (47) - Fourie 0, Morton 9, Coles 26, Price 3, Morgan 0, Decker 3, Aweimrin 2, Mitchell 4.

East Jessamine (2-1) vs. Lafayette (1-2)

East Jessamine Coaches Chris Begley and Crystal Dean started the following lineup:  5-7 Sr. McKenzie Katzman, 5-7 Jr. Liz Miller, 6-1 Sr. Clara Mitchell, 5-4 So. Emily Underwood, and 5-6 Sr. Ashley Willoughby.  Lafayette Coach Allison Denton countered with 5-8 Jr. Lisa Hack, 5-7 Jr. Ali Ross, 6-0 Jr. Morgan Walker, 5-5 Sr. Maya Hanatani, and 5-3 Jr. Jameka Gillespie

Lafayette raced out to a 10-0 lead and were never threatened in a convincing 53-36 victory over East Jessamine.   Lafayette shot 39% from the field including five of 16 from the three point line and six of 13 from the free throw line.    East Jessamine shot 35% from the field including one of six from beyond the arc and connected on seven of 17 free throws. 

Lisa Hack led Lafayette with 14 points and 10 rebounds.  Jameka Gillespie and Ali Ross added 12 points each.  Don't let Gillespie's size fool you as she will rebound and is not afraid to take the ball to the basket.  Maya Hanatani recorded five points and 10 rebounds.  Clara Mitchell led East Jessamine with 14 points and 13 rebounds.  Ashley Willoughby added 10 points. 

Lafayette 53   East Jessamine 36

School Q1Q2Q3Q4 Final
East Jessamine 8 5 9 14 36
Lafayette 17 18 7 11 53

East Jessamine (36) - Katzman 0, Miller 3, Mitchell 14, Underwood 7, Willoughby 10, Sieberkrob 2.
Lafayette (53) - Hack 14, Ross 12, M. Walker 3, Hanatani 5, Jam. Gillespie 12, J. Walker 3, Jar. Gillespie 2, Graham 2.

Fairdale (3-1) vs. Paul Dunbar (4-0)

Fairdale Coach Marco Price started the following lineup:  5-8 Sr. Kayla Thompson, 5-7 Jr. Nakharra Gaines, 5-6 Sr. Tanisha Peterson, 5-5 Jr. Wenisha Mack, and 5-6 So. LaKrista Toogood.  Dunbar Coach Mike Sowers countered with 5-4 So. Christin Haney, 5-3 Sr. Lauren Mitchell, 6-1 Jr. Ebony Rowe, 5-4 Sr. Ashley Lucas, and 5-4 Sr. Erin Lucas

Dunbar pulled away midway through the first quarter to defeat Fairdale 68-46.   Fairdale led 13-11 in the first quarter but Dunbar went on a 17-2 run to gain control of the game.   Dunbar shot 38% from the field including five of 13 from the three point line connected on 11 of 20 free throws.    Fairdale shot 33% from the field including five of 17 from beyond the arc and connected on three of seven free throws. 

Ebony Rowe led Paul Dunbar with 19 points and 15 rebounds.  Erin Lucas and 5-4 Jr. Kristi McIntosh added 15 and 12 points respectively.   Note: Dunbar's 6-2 So. center Shomari Kendrick missed today's game because of an injury.  Wenisha Mack led Fairdale with 20 points including three three point baskets.  Kayla Thompson added 15 points. 

Paul Dunbar 68   Fairdale 46

School Q1Q2Q3Q4 Final
Fairdale 15 8 10 13 46
Paul Dunbar 24 16 16 12 68

Fairdale (46) - Thompson 15, Gaines 0, Peterson 6, Mack 20, Toogood 2, Sleets 3.
Paul Dunbar (68) - Chr. Haney 8, Mitchell 4, Rowe 19, A. Lucas 3, E. Lucas 15, Co. Haney 7, McIntosh 12.

Middlesboro (1-1) vs. Bryan Station (3-2)

Middlesboro Coach Elgie Green started the following lineup:  5-8 Jr. Samantha Coleman, 5-5 Fr. Ashley Mason, 5-8 So. Carissa Overbay, 4-11 Jr. Shanice Gilbert, and 5-4 Sr. Shaleesha Coleman.  Bryan Station Coach Karra Jackson countered with 5-9 Jr. Nealy Williams, 5-6 So. Tori Clark, 5-11 Jr. Alesha Prince, 5-7 Jr. Mikyla Mosby, and 5-5 So. Carrington Caise

Bryan Station defeated Middlesboro by a score of 65-44.   Middlesboro's two primary scoring threats Samantha Coleman and Shaleesha Coleman got in early foul problems.   Samantha fouled out with 3:38 left in the third quarter and Shaleesha fouled out with 7:08 left in the final quarter.  

Bryan Station shot 38% from the field including one of 10 from the three point line and connected on 14 of 25 free throws.  Middlesboro shot 29% from the field including one of 12 from beyond the arc and connected on 15 of 21 free throws. 

Nealy Williams and Alesha Prince led Bryan Station with 14 points and 10 rebounds each.  5-10 Sr. Jeannay Washington added 10 points and 11 rebounds.  Samantha Coleman and Shaleesha Coleman led Middlesboro with 13 points each.  

Bryan Station 65   Middlesboro 44

School Q1Q2Q3Q4 Final
Middlesboro 10 13 12 9 44
Bryan Station 11 21 15 18 65

Middlesboro (44) - Sa. Coleman 13, Mason 4, Overbay 0, Gilbert 6, Sh. Coleman 13, Hatchell 2, Robinson 6.
Bryan Station (65) - Williams 14, Clark 6, A. Prince 14, Mosby 9, Caise 0, Crumbie 6, M. Prince 2, Collier 4, Washington 10.


The shooting percentages were compiled by me personally and are not official but should be fairly accurate.   However, the individual stats come from the official scorebook.  

This was a good day of basketball and a good opportunity to see eight teams play.   There was some talent here on display with several capable of playing at the college level.   6-2 So. Sara Hammond continues to impress although she was hampered today by foul problems.   5-11 Sr. Brittany Coles (Henry Clay) is a scoring threat both inside and out.   6-1 Sr. Clara Mitchell (East Jessamine) is very effective in the paint.   5-8 Jr. Lisa Hack and 5-7 Jr. Ali Ross continue to impress for Lafayette.   Hack has good shooting range and excellent elevation on her jump shot.   6-1 Jr. Ebony Rowe (Dunbar) is ferocious in the paint and a lock-down defender.   and 5-5 Jr. Wenisha Mack had an excellent game for Fairdale.   Samantha and Shaleesha Coleman are an exciting athletic duo for Middlesboro.   Coach Karra Jackson has done an excellent job with Bryan Station and she has a talented squad with only two seniors on the roster.   They have several girls capable of starting and contributing each game.  


A special thanks to Coach Karra Jackson and the rest of the Bryan Station staff for the hospitality extended me during the day.   Also thanks to the official scorekeepers who helped me throughout the day.  


Please feel free to send your comments and questions concerning the event, teams, or players to me at prephoops@yahoo.com.

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