Mr. Basketball Classic

Tates Creek High School
Lexington, KY
November 30-December 1, 2007

2007 by Ron Harrison

Former Tates Creek basketball coach Joe Pat Covington, present head coach Eric Williams, and athletic director Joe Ruddell have put together this showcase event. The idea was to invite the top seniors available who may be Mr. Basketball candidates to showcase their talents in this two day event. Two talented teams from outside the state were invited to attend.

Some of the top seniors scheduled to play in this event include Michael Sparks (Tates Creek), Scotty Hopson (University Heights Academy), Shelvin Mack (Bryan Station), Darius Miller (Mason County), Clark Stepp (June Buchanan), Wesley Witherspoon (Berkman GA), and Victor Moses (Henry Clay).

Friday November 30

University Heights Academy vs. Tates Creek

University Heights Academy Coach Randy McCoy started the following lineup: 6-6 Jr. Scotty Hopson, 6-4 Sr. Tyshawn Edmondson, 6-1 Sr. DaQuan Brown, 6-1 Sr. Marcus Reeves, and 6-3 Jr. Stephen Fitzpatrick. Tates Creek Coach Eric Williams countered with 6-3 Sr. Michael Stone, 6-3 Sr. Michael Sparks, 6-0 Sr. Carlos Parris, 6-0 Sr. Michael Spalding, and 6-0 Jr. Jordan Hagan.

Tates Creek trailed 45-43 with six minutes to go in the game but University Heights Academy went on a 27-12 run to earn a 72-55 victory. Scotty Hopson scored 16 of his game-high 32 points in the decisive fourth quarter. UHA jumped out to an early 8-2 lead but Tates Creek, behind eight first quarter points by 6-3 Fr. Marcellus Barksdale closed the deficit to one, 13-12, at the end of the quarter. The game remained close until the Blazers pulled away for the victory.

UHA shot 53.2% from the field including only one of nine from beyond the arc. The Blazers connected on five of seven free throws, pulled down 38 rebounds, and scored 25 points off 17 Tates Creek turnovers. Tates Creek shot 39.3% from the field including two of 14 from the three point line. The Commodores connected on nine of 13 free throws, grabbed 28 rebounds, and scored 11 points off 19 UHA turnovers. Tates Creek held a 23-4 advantage in bench scoring.

Scotty Hopson led University Heights Academy with 32 points and six rebounds. Tyshawn Edmondson added 16 points, seven rebounds, and seven assists. Marcus Reeves chipped in with 13 points. 6-3 Fr. Marcellus Barksdale came off the bench to lead Tates Creek with 18 points. Barksdale was eight of 10 from the field and two of two from the free throw line. Michael Spalding and Michael Stone added 13 and eight points respectively.

University Heights Academy 72 Tates Creek 55

School Q1Q2Q3Q4 Final
University Heights Academy 13 16 14 29 72
Tates Creek 12 15 12 16 55

University Heights Academy (72)- Hopson 32, Edmondson 16, Brown 7, Reeves 13, Fitzpatrick 0, Watkins 4.
Tates Creek (55)- Stone 8, Sparks 2, Parris 6, Spalding 13, Hagan 3, Fucci 5, Barksdale 18.

Bryan Station vs. Mason County

Bryan Station Coach Champ Ligon started the following lineup: 6-1 Jr. Charles Ashford, 6-3 Sr. Dacoby Burnett, 6-3 Sr. Terrell Combs, 5-10 Jr. Montell Morones, and 6-3 Sr. Shelvin Mack. Mason County Coach Chris O'Hearn countered with 6-7 Sr. Darius Miller, 6-3 Sr. Ethan King, 6-2 Jr. Keith Downing, 6-7 Sr. Trevor Setty, and 6-3 Jr. Russ Middleton.

Mason County scored the final 13 points of the first half to take a 40-34 lead on their way to a 84-71 victory over Bryan Station. The game remained close until the Royals finally pulled away in the final quarter.

Mason County shot 48.3% from the field including 12 of 28 from the three point line. The Royals connected on 14 of 26 free throws, pulled down 42 rebounds, and scored 14 points off 15 Bryan Station turnovers. Mason County held a 36-15 advantage in three point points. Bryan Station shot 36.1% from the field including five of 26 from beyond the arc. The Defenders connected on 14 of 23 free throws, grabbed 48 rebounds, and scored 13 points off 15 turnovers.

Darius Miller led Mason County with 31 points and seven rebounds. Russ Middleton added 22 points, seven rebounds, and five assists. Trevor Setty chipped in with 18 points and nine rebounds. Middleton and Setty connected on four three point baskets each.Shelvin Mack led Bryan Station with 29 points and 17 rebounds. Montel Morones added 19 points including three three point baskets. Charles Ashford chipped in with 10 points.

Mason County 84 Bryan Station 71

School Q1Q2Q3Q4 Final
Bryan Station 21 13 17 20 71
Mason County 20 20 17 27 84

Bryan Station (71)- Ashford 10, Burnett 6, Combs 6, Morones 19, Mack 29, Richardson 1.
Mason County (84)- Miller 31, King 9, Downing 0, Setty 18, Middleton 22, Tolle 2, Barner 2.

Saturday December 1

Berkmar (GA) vs. June Buchanan

Berkmar (GA) Coach Tommy McWhorter started the following lineup: 6-8 Sr. Wesley Witherspoon, 6-2 Jr. Carlos Powell, 6-3 Sr. Jerome Raymond, 6-2 Sr. Stavantae Rucker, and 5-9 Sr. Jeremy Hawkins. June Buchanan co-Coaches Gary and Jim Stepp countered with 6-6 Sr. Trey Short, 6-1 So. Clint Stepp, 6-9 Jr. Garrison Collins, 6-0 So. Tate Cox, and 6-4 Sr. Clark Stepp.

Wesley Witherspoon made the plays down the stretch to allow Berkmar to escape with a hard-earned 68-65 victory over June Buchanan. Witherspoon scored on a put-back to give Berkmar a 66-65 lead with 32 seconds left and two free throws with six seconds remaining on the clock to make the score 68-65. The Crusaders had one last chance to tie but a long three-pointer by Tate Cox was off the mark,

June Buchanan had control of the game after three quarters but was unable to close it out. The Crusaders took their last lead 65-64 on two free throws by Clark Stepp with 50 seconds remaining but Berkmar rallied for the win.

Carlos Powell and 6-0 Sr. Demarion Gordon led the victors with 17 points each.Wesley Witherspoon who had foul problems added 11 points and 11 rebounds. Stavantae Rucker and 6-0 Sr. T. J. Smith chipped in with eight points each.Clark Stepp led June Buchanan with 28 points. Tate Cox and Clark Stepp added 14 and 11 points respectively.

Berkmar (GA) 68 June Buchanan 65

School Q1Q2Q3Q4 Final
Berkmar (GA) 17 16 12 23 68
June Buchanan 14 24 13 14 65

Berkmar (GA) (68)- Witherspoon 11, Powell 17, Raymond 4, Rucker 8, Hawkins 0, Gordon 17, Hudgens 3, Smith 8.
June Buchanan (65)- Short 2, Clint Stepp 11, Collins 4, Cox 14, Clark Stepp 28, S. Hall 2, B. Hall 4.

Brentwood Academy (TN) vs. Henry Clay

Brentwood Academy (TN) Coach Lyle Husband started the following lineup: 6-4 Jr. Terrance Scott, 6-5 Sr. Jacob Stallings, 6-7 Sr. Robert Murphy, 6-2 So. Julian Reese, and 6-2 Jr. Robert Onyejiaka. Henry Clay acting head coach Robert Goodman countered with 6-3 Sr. Daquon Gordon, 5-11 Sr. Josh Oakley, 6-6 Sr. Victor Moses, 5-10 Sr. Brian Nichols, and 5-11 Jr. Prince Stewart.

Henry Clay held on down the stretch to defeat Brentwood 70-64. The Blue Devils led by 15 in the first half but Brentwood rallied to tie the score 55-55 midway through the final period. Henry Clay re-captured the momentum and finished strong to secure the victory.

Henry Clay shot 43.3% from the field including four of 15 from the three point line. The Blue Devils connected on 14 of 22 free throws, pulled down 37 rebounds, and scored 16 points off 22 Brentwood turnovers. Brentwood shot 40.7% from the field including 6 of 23 from beyond the arc. The Eagles connected on 14 of 25 free throws, grabbed 37 rebounds, and scored 15 points off 15 Henry Clay turnovers.

Victor Moses led the victors with 21 points and nine rebounds. Prince Stewart added 18 points. 6-4 Sr. Ryan Brightwell came off the bench to record eight points and seven rebounds. Josh Oakley chipped in with seven points and five steals. Rob Murphy led Brentwood Academy (TN) with 18 points. Jacob Stallings (son of Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings) recorded 14 points, seven rebounds, and five assists. 5-8 Fr. Weldon Garlington chipped in with 10 points.

Henry Clay 70 Brentwood Academy (TN) 64

School Q1Q2Q3Q4 Final
Brentwood Academy (TN) 11 18 16 19 64
Henry Clay 22 13 15 20 70

Brentwood Academy (TN) (64)- Scott 6, Stallings 14, Murphy 18, Reese 5, Onyejiaka 6, Luna 2, Garlington 10, McHaney 3.
Henry Clay (70)- Gordon 0, Oakley 7, Moses 21, Nichols 5, Stewart 18, Boyd 4, Barnett 3, Gardner 4, Brightwell 8.

Mason County vs. Tates Creek

Mason County Coach Chris O'Hearn started the following lineup: 6-7 Sr. Darius Miller, 6-3 Sr. Ethan King, 6-2 Jr. Keith Downing, 6-7 Sr. Trevor Setty, and 6-3 Jr. Russ Middleton. Tates Creek Coach Eric Williams countered with 6-3 Sr. Michael Stone, 6-3 Sr. Michael Sparks, 6-3 Fr. Marcellus Barksdale, 6-0 Sr. Michael Spalding, and 6-1 Fr. Ryan Fucci.

Mason County went on an 18-0 run in the fourth quarter to erase a 65-59 deficit on their way to an 85-73 victory over Tates Creek. While basketball is first and foremost a team game there was a great shootout today by Darius Miller and Michael Sparks . Darius Miller led Mason County with 34 points, eight rebounds, six assists, and four steals. Michael Sparks led Tates Creek with 44 points incuding 17 of 20 from the free throw line and recorded 13 rebounds and four steals.

Mason County shot 57.4% from the field including only one of 12 from the three point line. The Royals connected on 22 of 32 free throws, pulled down 33 rebounds, and scored 28 points off 17 Tates Creek turnovers. Tates Creek shot 43.1% from the field including five of 19 from beyond the arc. The Commodores connected on 18 of 25 free throws, grabbed 33 rebounds, and scored 26 points off 17 Mason County turnovers.

Darius Miller led Mason County with 34 points. Russ Middleton added 20 points including nine points in Mason County's 18-0 comeback surge. Trevor Setty added 14 points and six rebounds. Michael Sparks led Tates Creek with 44 pointsincluding 17 points in the third quarter. Michael Spalding and Ryan Fucci added nine and six points respectively.

Mason County 85 Tates Creek 73

School Q1Q2Q3Q4 Final
Mason County 13 18 26 28 85
Tates Creek 16 17 22 18 73

Mason County (85)- Miller 34, King 8, Downing 7, Setty 14, Middleton 20, Hamm 1, Tolle 1.
Tates Creek (73)- Stone 4, Sparks 44, Barksdale 4, Spalding 9, Fucci 6, Parris 3, Hagan 1, Wallace 2.


Congratulations to Tates Creek for hosting this event---it was a smashing success. It was well attended and the stars performed up to their considerable reputations. Michael Sparks (Tates Creek) only scored two points the first night but exploded for 44 points the second night. Scotty Hopson (University Heights Academy) scored 32 points in his appearance. Shelvin Mack (Bryan Station) recorded 29 points and 17 rebounds. Darius Miller (Mason County) tallied 31 and 34 points in his two appearances. Clark Stepp (June Buchanan) recorded 28 points in his game and Wesley Witherspoon (Berkman GA) had 11 points and 11 rebounds and came up big in the closing seconds. Victor Moses (Henry Clay) had 21 points and nine rebounds in his game.


A special thanks to the Tates Creek staff for the hospitality extended me during this event. Also a note of appreciation to WLStats, the Mason County stats crew, and the Tates Creek Stats Crew for the stats provided during this event.

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