2007 Lexington Catholic Holiday Classic (Boys)
Lexington Catholic High School
Lexington, Kentucky
December 26-30, 2007

© 2007 Ron Harrison

Lexington Catholic basketball coach Brandon Salsman has put together another excellent event.  Two of the top three teams in the state, #1 Mason County and #3 Lexington Catholic are scheduled to participate in this event.  Other participating teams ranked in the top twenty-five teams in the Lexington Herald-Leader pre-season preview are #14 Elliott County, #18 June Buchanan, #19 Christian County, #21 Covington Catholic, and #24 Paintsville.

Several of the top players in the state are scheduled to play in this star-studded event.  Six of the top twenty-five players in the Lexington Herald-Leader pre-season preview are featured in this tournament.  The players are #1 Darius Miller (Mason County), #8 Clark Stepp (June Buchanan), #9 Nathan Novosel (Lexington Catholic), #13 Taylor Stewart (Lexington Catholic), #19 Ethan Faulkner (Elliott County), and #23 Jordan Smart (Lexington Catholic).

The Lexington Herald-Leader preview also listed the best players in each region, and the number one player in four of the 16 regions is scheduled to play in this tournament.  The regionally ranked number one players in this event are Darius Miller (Region 10), Clark Stepp (Region 14), Landon Slone (Region 15), and Ethan Faulkner (Region 16).

Please note that players' heights vary from program to program and even the teams' records actually vary from source to source. Please excuse any unintentional inaccuracies.