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Girls ~ November 2006 Edition
Additional Newcomers January 1, 2007

Additional Newcomers February 1, 2007

Additional Newcomers March 1, 2007

Introducing Tennessee’s Top Players For 2006-2007

Top 12
Glory Johnson 6-3   Jr. F-C Knoxville Webb
Caitlin Hollifield 6-0   Sr. C-F Powell
Victoria Dunlap 6-0   Sr. C Brentwood Academy
Kayla Christopher 5-9   So. G Oliver Springs
*Faith Dupree 6-3   So. C Clinton Anderson Co.
Kerri Simpson 5-7   Sr. SM Cleveland
Michelle Davis 6-1   Jr. F-C Cleveland
Anne Marie Lanning 5-10   Sr. SM Murfreesboro Riverdale
Tierney Jenkins 6-1   Sr. C-F Lebanon Wilson Central
Courtney Jones 5-9   So. PG Oak Ridge
Angela Puleo 5-10   Sr. PG Maryville William Blount
Kayla Holloway 6-4   Sr. C Dyersburg
Top Sleeper
Andrea Holmes 5-7   Jr. G Memphis Mitchell
Second 12
Alex Jarrell 6-4   Jr. C Shelbyville Central
Jasmine Hassell 6-2   So. C Lebanon Wilson Central
Dawn Evans 5-8   Sr. PG Clarksville Northeast
Abby Andrews 5-10   Jr. G Collinwood
Kesley Hamilton 5-7   Jr. SM Dickson Dickson County
Savannah Hill 6-1½   Sr. F-C Fayetteville Lincoln County
Nicole Dickson 6-0   So. C Greeneville
Ndidi Madu 6-1   Sr. C-F Nashville McGavock
Lateria Owens 6-1   Jr. F-C Columbia Central
Valarie Bronson 5-10   Sr. G Clarksville
Rachael Isom 5-6   Jr. PG Cleveland
Ashley Herring 5-8   Sr. SM Bartlett
Second Sleeper
Patricia Watts 5-10   Jr. F Nashville Hillwood
The Next Best Grouping of Players
(Listed mostly alphabetically)
Laurel Avant 5-8   Fr. SM Memphis Lausanne
Marlee Beal 5-9   Jr. SM Erin Houston County
Hannah Dawson 5-10   So. G Shelbyville Central
Gwen Delk 6-1   Sr. C Jackson North Side
Deanna Fuqua 5-8   Jr. SM Whites Creek
Deja Marie Foster 6-0   Sr. F Memphis Wooddale
Centhia Heart 6-1   Sr. F-C Memphis Treadwell
Dana Jackson 5-10   Jr. G Winchester Franklin County
Sharita Jones 6-1   Sr. F Memphis Westside
Kristin Majors 5-8   So. PG Clarksville
Melissa Martinez 5-7   Sr. G Nashville McGavock
Amy McNear 5-9   Sr. F Memphis East
Mandy Mendehall 5-9   Sr. SM Kingston Springs Harpeth
Carolyn Mills 5-8   Sr. G Nashville McGavock
Rakeshia Perry 6-0   Jr. C Trenton Peabody
Ceny Phelps 5-6   So. F Shelbyville Central
Vanessa Pincheon 5-5   Jr. PG Lynchburg Moore County
Chantel Poston 6-0½   Jr. F-C Milan
Jasmine Robinson 6-1   Jr. C Knoxville Austin-East
Jana Roney 5-11   Jr. F Troy Obion County
Rebecca Thompson 6-4   Sr. C Pleasant View Sycamore
Valencia Tucker 5-8   Sr. SM Memphis B. T. Washington
Miko Williams 5-10   So. SM Clarksville Northeast
Katie Brooks 5-8   Jr. G Maryville Heritage
Dee Dee Houston 6-2   Jr. F-C Nashville Hillsboro
Annie Kelly 6-1   Sr. F-C Franklin Centennial
Carol Lampley 5-11   Sr. F Columbia Central
Katie LeMarr 5-5   Sr. PG Morristown Hamblen West
Kurstin Meade 5-7   Jr. G Memphis Ridgeway
Danielle Montgomery 5-7   So. G Bristol
The Next Best Grouping of Players
(Listed mostly alphabetically)
Raquel Barlow 5-10   Jr. F-C Clarksville Northeast
Andrea Bennett 5-10   Sr. F Lawrenceburg Lawrence County
Portia Bishop 5-7   Sr. G Knoxville Fulton
Cacy Burtnett 6-0   Jr. F Cleveland
Sequoyah Cliff 6-1   Sr. F-C Jackson North Side
Caroline Crozier 5-11   So. G Clarksville
Tara Davis 5-6   Sr. SM Murfreesboro Oakland
Tiffany Geerdes 6-0   Sr. C Lynchburg Moore County
Rachel Glidden 5-9   Jr. G Lynnville Richland
Kayla Hudson 5-6   Sr. PG Gleason
Tiffanie Isom 5-11   Sr. F Knoxville Austin-East
Mikia Jackson 5-10   Jr. F Clarksville Northeast
"Shy" Marsh 5-5   Jr. PG Knoxville Austin-East
Leah McAlister 5-9   Jr. F Antioch Ezell-Harding Christian
Keirra McCleary 5-7   Sr. G Murfreesboro Oakland
Simona Newman 5-9   Sr. C Dickson Dickson County
Danielle Rector 6-2   Sr. C Chattanooga Tennessee Temple
Carley Rhyne 6-0   Sr. F-C Powell
Lavanda Ross 5-7   Jr. G Jackson North Side
Deanna Rouse 5-8   So. SM Whites Creek
Laura Solomon 6-0   Sr. F Nashville Hillsboro
Ashley Thayer 5-11   Sr. SM Morristown Hamblen West
Anna Trull 5-9   Sr. SM McKenzie
Brianna Tubbs 6-0   So. F-C Bradford
Alicia Walker 6-0   Sr. F-C Alamo Crockett County
Jennifer Wilson 5-10   Sr. SM Seymour
Kayla Woodlee 5-8   Sr. PG Coalmont Grundy County
The Next Best Grouping of Players
(Listed mostly alphabetically)
Larrisha Bell 5-8   Jr. G Memphis Manassas
Anisha Buchanan 5-10   Sr. F Shelbyville Central
Gaby Bussell 5-9   Jr. C Chapel Hill Forrest
Sheretha Butler 5-5   Jr. PG Memphis Manassas
Shanae Cockrill 5-7   So. G Nashville Hillwood
Jasmine Coffield 6-3   Fr. C-F Memphis Mitchell
Courtney Collins 5-9   Jr. F-C Memphis Harding
Denae Dorris 5-8   Jr. W Portland
Jaleta Grissom 5-8   So. G Spencer Van Buren
Anna Harbison 5-7   Sr. PG McEwen
Tukeea Hicks 5-9   Sr. G Murfreesboro Blackman
Brittany Martin 5-4   Sr. G Springfield
Kendra Prewitt 5-6   Sr. PG Middleton
Isabel Solomon 6-0   Sr. SM Nashville Hillsboro
Angela Spann 5-9   Jr. G Lawrenceburg Lawrence County
Linsie Wiesman 5-11   Jr. F Nashville Father Ryan
Sara Williams 6-0   Sr. C Lebanon Wilson Central

*It is rumored that Dupree may transfer to Knoxville Webb

PREPHOOPS Note:  I have not listed Mr. Bolus' Best of the Rest Players due to space constraints. 

Additional Tennessee Newcomers to the 2006-2007 Newsletters (January 1, 2007)

Samantha Adams    6-1   Sr. C Charlotte Creek Wood
Taylor Fayette 5-7   Sr. G Charlotte Creek Wood

Additional Tennessee Newcomers to the 2006-2007 Newsletters (February 1, 2007)

Alex Bivens 5-7   Sr. G Murfreesboro Riverdale
Taylor Hall 5-9   Sr. G Mt. Juliet
Mandy Mendehall    5-7   Sr. G Kingston Springs Harpeth
Carly Morriw 5-11   Sr. G Chattanooga Girls Preparatory
K. C. VanAtta 6-0   Sr. F Mt. Juliet

Additional Tennessee Newcomers to the 2006-2007 Newsletters (March 1, 2007)

Carrie Bledsole    5-8   Sr. G Alcoa
Lakyn Ledford 6-2   So. C Dunlap Sequotchie Co.

PREPHOOPS Note:  Rick Bolus player rankings are based on college potential and are a result of personal observations and communications with the coaches.  Since the rankings are based on college potential, they are not meant to be indicators for Miss Basketball and other honors.  Players can move up or down in rankings over a period of time. 

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