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Girls ~ September 2006 Edition
Additional Newcomers January 1, 2007

Introducing Kentucky’s Top Players For 2006-2007

Top 12
Rebecca Gray 5-10   Sr. G Scott County
Emily Queen 6-0   Sr. F Rose Hill Christian
Laura Terry 6-0   Sr. F Rose Hill Christian
Hope Brown 5-6   Sr. PG North Hardin
Janae Howard 6-2   Jr. F Owensboro
Elizabeth Campbell   6-2   Sr. C Sacred Heart Academy
Gwen Rucker 6-0   Jr. C Henry Clay
Tia Gibbs 5-8   Jr. F Louisville Butler
Ashley Rainey 6-2   So. F Warren East
Ceira Ricketts 5-8   Jr. PG Fairdale
Monique Reid 6-1   Jr. SM Fern Creek
Keyla Snowden 5-7   Sr. G Lexington Catholic
Top Sleeper
Lindsey Waters 6-1   Sr. C-F McCreary Central
Second 12
Thia Gholson 6-1   Sr. F Louisville Assumption
Brittany Wilson 5-11   Jr. F Louisville Manual
Whitney Hanley 5-9   Jr. G Bullitt East
Katy Cooke1 5-7   So. G Woodford County
Adia Mathies 5-8   So. F Louisville Iroquois
Natalie Novosel 5-10   Jr. F Lexington Catholic
Tacarra Hayes2 5-8   Jr. G Caverna
Whitney Odom 5-8   Sr. G Apollo
Tamara Sneed 5-9   Sr. PG Newport
Brittany Young3 5-6   Jr. PG Graves County
T. J. Thomas 5-5   Sr. PG Barren County
Megan Isaacs 5-10   Jr. SM Hart County
Second Sleeper
Kristen Madden 6-0   Sr. F-C Perry County Central
The Next Best Grouping of Players
(Listed mostly alphabetically)
Diondra Anthony 5-6   Sr. G Warren Central
Whitney Ballinger 6-1   Sr. SM Carroll County
Kylie Brady 5-7   Jr. G Central Hardin
De'Sarae Chambers 5-9   Jr. SM Mason County
Kellesha Cook 5-8   Jr. PG Franklin-Simpson
Whitney Cundiff 5-10     Jr. F Newport Central Catholic
Kayla Cunningham 6-1   So. SM Calloway County
Millie Deason 6-1   Sr. F Todd County Central
Chloe Elam 5-7   Sr. PG Russellville
Tedra Elliott 5-5   Sr. PG Louisville Ballard
Chiquita Evans 5-7   Sr. F Louisville Moore
Jessica Fortman 6-0   Sr. F Russell
Brittany Harris6 5-8   Jr. F Louisville Butler
Lindsay Highbaugh 5-7   So. G Hart County
Jessica Holder 6-1   So. C-F Marshall County
Tiara Hopper 5-11   So. F Louisville Butler
Elizabeth Horn 5-11   So. SM Berea
Clarissa Houston 5-8   Sr. F Union County
Nikki Jeck 5-2   Jr. PG Madison Southern
Alex Jones 5-11   So. C-F Elizabethtown
Lauren Jones 5-9   Jr. G South Oldham
Shannon Klei 5-8   Sr. G Newport Central Catholic
Amy Kurtz 6-0   Sr. F Nelson County
Erika Letanosky 5-11   Sr. F-C Cumberland
Emily London 5-7   Sr. PG Lexington Christian Academy
Wendi Messer 6-0   Sr. G Knox Central
Maggie Prewitt 5-7   Jr. G Montgomery County
Ashley Prince 6-0   Sr. C Owensboro
Haley Ratliff 5-8   Sr. G Pike County Central
Mikkah Rogers 5-8   Jr. G Corbin
Kristen Rowe 5-10   Jr. SM Cumberland County
Samantha Sheeran 5-6   Jr. G Central Hardin
Antonita Slaughter4    6-0   Fr. G Christian Academy of Louisville
Rinesha Soaper 5-6   Jr. G Henderson County
Malik Stevenson7 6-1   So. F Lexington Catholic
Presley Doom 5-10   Sr. SM Marshall County
Briana Green 5-7   Jr. G Lexington Catholic
Sara Hammond 5-10   8th F Rockcastle County
Kendra Carroll 5-9   Sr. G Paintsville
Raechele Gray 5-4   Jr. G Shelby County
The Next Best Grouping of Players
(Listed mostly alphabetically)
Jessica Adkins5 5-7   Jr. PG Hancock County
Brittany Bird 5-2   Sr. PG Grayson County
Whitley Briggs 5-8   Sr. SM Fairdale
Amanda Brimm 6-2   Jr. C Whitley County
Erin Carmack 5-9   Jr. C Deming
Caiti Cowan 5-8   Sr. PG Somerset
Shayna Crowley 5-11   Sr. C-F Highlands
Courtney Danis 5-9   Sr. F Montgomery County
Nicole Dickman 6-0   Sr. C-F Notre Dame Academy
Emily Drees 6-2   Sr. C Notre Dame Academy
Esther Fleming 5-8   Sr. PG Shelby Valley
Devin Fothergill 5-9   So. G Southwestern Pulsaki
Kari Jo Harris 5-9˝   Jr. F-C Hopkins County Central
Heather Hassloch 6-1   Sr. C Heritage Academy
Ashley Howard 5-5   Sr. G Magoffin County
Casey Jackson 5-8   So. G Notre Dame Academy
Brittany Jordan 6-1   So. SM Knox Central
Caroline Klein 6-1   Sr. SM Sacred Heart Academy
Allison Long 5-5   So. PG Conner
Kayla Lowe 6-0   Jr. SM Pike County Central
Paige Lowe 5-4   Jr. PG Pike County Central
Nicole Lutes 5-9   Sr. F Breathitt County
Jesse Mattingly 5-11   Sr. F-C Bullitt Central
Erin McKee 5-10   Jr. SM Anderson County
Amanda Moon 5-4   Sr. G Belfry
Allison Mussato 6-1   Sr. F-C Lyon County
Jamie Noble 5-5   Sr. G Cordia
Kat O'Neill 5-8   Sr. PG Conner
Chinwe Okoro 6-0   Sr. C Russell
Brittany Payne 5-8   So. F Franklin-Simpson
Elizabeth Schuler 5-11   Jr. F Louisville Holy Cross
Bethany Spillman 6-0   Sr. F Barren County
Rachel Swisher 6-2   Sr. F-C Franklin-Simpson
Kathleen Thompson 5-5   Sr. G Bullitt East
Angela Tronzo 5-7   Sr. G Bethlehem
LaDonna Turley 5-5   Sr. PG Harrison County
Kourtney Tyra 5-4   So. PG Jackson County
Laura Walker 5-7   Sr. F Adair County
Christina Weaver 5-9   Jr. SM Covington Holmes
Alexia Williams 5-9   Sr. SM Taylor County
Chelsea Williams 5-4   So. G Menifee County
Lauren Wombles 5-10˝   Jr. SM South Laurel
Keshia Woods 5-5   Sr. PG Deming
Ashley Word 5-11   Sr. F-C Union County
Sam Butts 5-5   Jr. PG Calloway County
Shawna Culver 5-8   Sr. G Louisville Mercy
Sherrice Gaines 5-7   Jr. SM Fern Creek
Jarobia Hill 5-11   Jr. F Paducah Tilghman
Molly Norton 5-10   Jr. C Bourbon County
Asia Mathies 5-4   So. G Louisville Iroquois
Tasha Milby 5-6   Jr. G Danville
Kayla Moses 5-5   Jr. G Scott County
Tiffany Simmons 5-11   Sr. C Louisville Iroquois
Xerces Simpson 5-4   Jr. PG Danville

1It has been reported that Katy Cooke has transferred to a school in Texas

2November Newsletter Update:  Tacarra Hayes is now at Lebanon Marion County.

3November Newsletter Update:  It has been reported that Brittany Young will not be playing this season but may return next season

4October Newsletter Update:  Antonita Slaughter has transferred to Christian Academy of Louisville

5January Newsletter Update:  Jessica Adkins relocates to Owensboro Catholic

6January Newsletter Update:  Brittany Harris is no longer on team

7January Newsletter Update:  Malik Stevenson has transferred to Bryan Station


Additional Kentucky Newcomers to the 2006-2007 Newsletters (January 1, 2007)

Ra'Nisha Cason 6-1   Jr. C Apollo
Que' Christian 6-4   Jr. C Lafayette
Ebonie Graham 5-7   Sr. SM Dunbar
Gemma Gray 5-8   Jr. SM Clay County
Shelby Harper 5-4˝   So. PG Scottsville-Allen County
Caitie Jackson 5-6   So. PG North Laurel
Page Jackson 5-6   Sr. G Clay County
Stephanie McCullah    5-9   Sr. F Whitley County
Morgan McLeish 5-7   Jr. PG Ryle
Chelsea Mills 5-9˝   Jr. F Dawson Springs
Alyse Poindexter 6-0   So. C-F Henderson County
Whitney Seals 5-10   Sr. G Raceland
Ashley Sexton 5-6   Sr. G Letcher County Central
Ali Watson 5-8   Jr. SM Paducah Tilghman
Erica Webb 5-8   Sr. SM West Carter
Danielle Woodmore 5-6   Jr. PG Louisville Manual
Whitney Jackson 6-1   8th F-C Clay County
Lenae Shouse 6-2   Jr. C Breathitt County

PREPHOOPS Note:  These rankings are provided by Rick Bolus, who may be reached at bolus@insightbb.com.  Mr. Bolus' rankings are based on college potential and are a result of personal observations and communications with the coaches.  Since the rankings are based on college potential, they are not meant to be indicators for Miss Basketball and other honors.  Players can move up or down in rankings over a period of time.

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