Fifth Third Bank Classic
Participating Teams

2004-2005 by Ron Harrison

Bishop Brossart – The Mustangs finished 23-6 last season and new coach Mike Code has the talent returning to challenge for 10th Region supremacy.  6-6 Sr. Evan McDole averaged 10.7 ppg and 7.0 rpg last season.  6-6 Sr. Kevin Smith (7.3 ppg), 6-2 Sr. forward Ryan Anderson (6.8 ppg), and 6-1 Sr. guard Jason Cooper (6.3 ppg) are other key returnees.  The Mustangs’ strengths should be defense and rebounding.

Bourbon County – Coach Brandon Salsman’s Colonels finished 15-15 last season but have the talent and uptempo style to improve upon that record this season.  5-10 Sr. Deron Brown averaged 18.6 ppg last season and is an excellent point guard.  5-11 Sr. Quinn Hawkins (11.6 ppg) is a capable scorer and 5-10 Sr. Cody Swords (16 ppg) is an excellent three point threat.  Coach Salsman should also get key contributions from several players including 6-8 Jr. Russell Allen, 6-1 Sr. Jay Hilander, 5-9 Sr. Latyron Fields, and 6-2 Jr. Scooter Robinson.

Cawood – Coach Anthony Nolan’s Trojans finished 20-8 last season and should compete for the 13th Region title this season.  Cawood returns all five starters and a deeper bench this season.  6-3 Sr. Blake Hubbs averaged 26.6 ppg last season and is capable of lighting up the scoreboard.  6-0 Sr. guard Shawn Ely averaged 18 ppg last season and 6-4 Sr. Andrew Brock (9 ppg, 8 rpg) is the school leader in blocked shots.   6-1 Sr. forward Travis Clem is a versatile performer and rugged rebounder while 5-10 Jr. Derrick Watkins is an excellent shooter and good passer.  5-11 Jr. Joe Brock and 6-1 Jr. Billy Shelton are key contributors this season.

Clark County  – Coach Scott Humphrey’s Cardinals finished 22-8 last season and must count on their outside shooting to carry them through the 10th Region wars this season.  6-0 Sr. Matthew Martin and 6-0 So. Preston Knowles should form a solid guard combo.  Other players expected to make an impact include 6-5 Sr. Will Meurer, 6-1 Sr. Josh Barnes, 6-3 Sr. Kiefer Clarke, 6-3 Jr. Jesse Ginter,and 5-9 Jr. Henry Hudson

Clay County – Coach Mike Jones’ Tigers finished 24-6 last season and should remain a contender for the 13th Region crown this season.  6-6 Sr. Rodney Mitchell averaged 18.8 ppg last season and can score from both inside and out.  6-3 Jr. William Jones averaged 11.4 ppg and led the team in rebounding (8.1 rpg).  6-1 Jr. Robert Smith transferred from Owsley County and can shoot as well as dish the ball.  Other players to watch this season are 6-2 Jr. Dylan Sizemore, 6-4 Jr. Desmond Swafford, 6-0 Sr. James Patterson, 5-9 Jr. Anthony Hibbard, 6-2 Jr. Darren Mathis, and 6-0 Fr. Justin Hobbs.

DeSales – Coach Tom Crews’ Colts finished 28-6 last season and should have enough talent to be a contender in the 6th Region again this season.  This team should be able to score in transition and will be solid on the defensive end.  Players expected to be key contributors this season include 6-2 Sr. Beau Braden, 6-0 Sr. Ryan Crowdis, 6-3 Jr. Nathan McCauley, 6-3 Sr. Joe Mattingly, 6-3 Jr. Ronnie Combs, 5-11 Jr. Corey Mattingly, 5-10 Sr. Antionio Dishman, 5-7 Jr. Nathan Reid and 5-10 So. Aaron Tandy.

Frankfort – The Panthers finished 16-12 last season but suffered a loss when standout 6-2 Jr. Aaron Dunaway transferred to Henry Clay.  However, Coach Deron Norman has enough talent returning to be a contender for the 11th Region crown.   6-4 Sr. Tory Robertson averaged 16 ppg and 10 rpg last season and is considered one of the top seniors in the state.  6-1 Sr. Will Current is a steady point guard who can score and 6-2 Sr. Joe Hyatt is a solid performer.  5-11 Jr. Matt Anderson is a threat from beyond the arc.  Frankfort expects contributions from 5-11 Sr. Josh Oliver, 6-3 Sr. Ryan Cash, and 5-11 Sr. Grant Mills.

Graves County – Coach Allan Hatcher’s Eagles finished 23-6 last season and should be one of the top contenders for the 1st Region title this season.  6-6 Jr. Randon Cavette is strong in the paint area and 5-11 Jr. Zach Sims can create his own shot as well as nail the outside jumper.  Other players expected to help include 5-11 Jr. Zach Adkins, 5-10 Sr. Drew Collins and 5-9 Jr. Ryan Ray.  6-3 Jr. Matt Colley, 6-2 So. Matt Kimbler, and 6-2 Jr. Jamie King are expected to help up front. 

Henderson County – The Colonels finished 25-5 last season and Coach Phil Gibson’s squad should be a top contender for the 2nd Region crown.  5-10 Sr. Zack Davis (12 ppg), 6-2 Sr. Lucas Burton (11 ppg), and 6-2 Sr. Jeremy Keye (9 ppg) are returning starters from last season.  Other key players are 5-10 So. Darius Haygan and 6-5 Sr. Olajide Hay.  6-4 Jr. football standout Chris LaMar averaged 12 ppg but decided not to return.

Highlands – The Bluebirds finished 8-16 last season and Coach John Messmer retired after 14 years at the helm.  Willie Schlarman takes over after a successful seven year stint at Bishop Brossart to guide Highlands in the 9th Region wars.  Several players are expected to contribute including 6-5 Jr. Tanner Johnson, 6-1 Jr. Jeff Vories, 6-2 Jr. Greg Eaton, 6-2 Jr. Ben Guidugli, 6-0 Jr. Chad Hudepohl, 6-2 So. Jared Stewart, 6-4 Jr. Michael Smith, and 5-11 Fr. Nick Simpson.

Lexington Catholic – The Knights finished 29-4 last season but was defeated by Lafayette in the 11th Region title game.  The Knights graduated six key players including Demetrius Green, William Graham, and Harrison Morton.  Curtis Turley replaces Bart Flener as head coach and will be in a rebuilding mode this season.  However, the Knights have some talent returning and could be a regional contender come tourney time.  Some players expected to contribute include 6-2 Sr. Joe Boneau, 6-2 Sr. P. J. Wilson, 6-2 Jr. Brian Hewitt, 6-5 Sr. Rob Riddell, 6-6 Jr. Reid Brown, 5-10 Sr. Chad Buchignani, 6-3 Sr. Kevin Vogelsang, and 6-0 Jr. Cornell Burbage.   Coach Turley has other players who should log quality minutes including 6-3 Jr. Mike Heissenbuttel, 5-9 Sr. Lance Snowden, 6-3 Jr. Justin Burke, 6-4 Fr. Nathan Novosel, 6-3 Fr. Jordan Smart, 6-4 Fr. Taylor Stewart, 6-1 So. Zach Newton, and 5-10 Jr. Arian Green.

Lincoln County – Coach Jeff Jackson’s Patriots finished 18-12 last season but enter the 12th Region battles this season minus six graduated seniors.  This is a young team with no seniors on the roster.  Although the Patriots are young, they are talented and the future appears bright.  6-5 Jr. Jared Long is a good shooter and rebounder.  5-6 So. Kelly Reed is a good floor leader and 6-1 Jr. Matt Reynolds adds leadership, rebounding, and defense.  Coach Jackson has some promising freshmen including 6-0 Daniel Ralston, 5-11 Ryan Young, 5-9 Noah Keeton, and 6-1. Devin Denson.

Madison Central – Coach Alan Feldhaus Jr.’s team finished 18-10 last season playing in the very competitive 11th Region.  They lost several seniors from last season including four starters.  Coach Feldhaus believes this team’s assets will be quickness and mental toughness.  Several talented newcomers should get a lot of playing time this season.  5-8 Jr. point guard Andrew Mathis is the only returning starter and he brings quickness and toughness to the mix.  5-10 Sr. Buddy Stone is an excellent three point shooter who performs well in the clutch.  Other players expected to contribute this season include 6-0 Jr. Will Reynolds, 6-2 So. Duane Fields, 6-0 Sr. Steven Ballew, 6-2 Jr. Junior Skepple, 6-3 So. Rob Newman, 6-5 Fr. Aaron Morris, and 6-0 Jr. Matt Lowery.  Although this team is lacking in overall experience, the talent is there and this team could be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Marshall County – Marshall County finished 20-8 last season and should challenge for the 1st Region crown.  Gus Gillespie takes over as head coach this year.  6-6 Jr. Daniel Ard (17.4 ppg) has the ability to score in the paint as well as nailing the mid-range shot.    Other players expected to provide quality minutes this season include 5-11 Jr. Sawyer Donohoo, 5-11 Sr. Nick Newcomb, 5-10 Sr. Rayne Crouse, 6-3 Jr. Landon Smith, 6-4 Jr. Lucas Williams, and 6-2 Sr. Jacob Matlock.  Coach Gillespie should also get help from their sophomore class including 6-2 Anthony Albritton

Mason County – The Royals finished 33-3 last season but graduated three star players in 2004: Mr. Basketball Chris Lofton, Dustin Grutza, and Jarrod Litzinger.  Coach Kelly Wells resigned to take an assistant slot at Hawaii Pacific University.  Chris O’Hearn takes over as head coach and has the talent returning to be one of the top teams in the 10th Region.  6-0 Sr. Wes Jones (17 ppg) and 5-11 Sr. Andrew Tibbs (11 ppg) are returning starters.  6-2 Sr. Casey Pfeffer and 5-11 Sr. Chris Schumacher are expected to move into the starting lineup.  6-4 Fr. Darius Miller appears destined for stardom and 6-3 Jr. Micah Turner should be a key contributor.

Montgomery County – The Indians finished 23-6 last season and Coach Bart Rison has an experienced squad returning to compete in a very balanced 10th Region this season.  Coach Rison enters the season with a 361-180 record at Montgomery County.  6-0 Sr. Chas Sargent (13 ppg) is an excellent all-around player with a good outside shot.  Other experienced returnees include 6-3 Sr. Timmy Thacker, 6-0 Sr. Dustin High, and 5-8 Sr. Brett Kelley.  Other returning lettermen include 6-1 Sr. Darren Carty, 6-2 Sr. Matt Overstreet, and 6-1 Jr. Cameron Ryals.

Muhlenberg North – The Stars finished 22-9 last season and Coach Steve Sparks’ squad should contend for the 3rd Region title this season.  6-5 Sr. Derek Adams averaged 18 ppg last season and has excellent range on his shot.  6-5 Sr. Kevin Johnson averaged 12 ppg and eight rpg last season and is strong in the paint area.  5-10 Sr. Buddy Jarvis is an excellent “on ball” defender.  5-9 Sr. Blake Campbell, 6-2 Sr. Daniel Mercer, and 6-2 Sr. Josh Grace are also expected to be a key performers.

Owensboro Catholic – The Aces finished 23-6 last season and Coach Mike Orr’s team should challenge for the 3rd Region title this season.  6-8 Jr. Jay Ivey is a presence in the paint on both ends of the court.  6-2 Jr. Andrew Howard is expected to be one of the premier guards in the region.  5-11 Jr. Travis Owsley is also counted on to be a key performer for the Aces.

Pendleton County – Coach Buddy Biggs’ Wildcats finished 20-11 last season and many feel they are favored to capture the 10th Region crown this season.  6-4 Sr. Joey Verax (15.1 ppg) and 6-8 Sr. Keaton Belcher (13.5 ppg) are the two leading scorers among the returnees.  6-6 Jr. Pat Elliott transferred from Jackson County and will add a presence in the paint area.  6-2 Sr. Mason O’Hara averaged eight ppg last season and is a consistent three point threat.  6-2 Jr. Jon Elrod and 6-0 Jr. Tyler Mains are also expected to log quality minutes.  This is a strong team with a solid bench who should continue their uptempo style of play.

Perry County Central – Coach Al Holland’s Commodores finished 25-6 last season and captured the 14th Region championship.  Perry County Central lost three starters from last season but may have enough talent returning to repeat as region champion. 6-2 Sr. Daniel Combs (18 ppg) is the top offensive player in the region and 6-4 Sr. Chris Chaney (12 ppg) adds athleticism and is an excellent offensive performer.  Other players expected to contribute include 6-1 Sr. Derrick Bowling, 6-1 Jr. Robert Paul Amis, and talented newcomer 6-3 Fr. Jason Kelly.

Scott County – The Cardinals finished 28-7 last season and captured the 8th Region title.  Coach Bill Hicks graduated several key performers but the Cardinals are expected to be one of the top teams in the state.  7-2 Sr. Jared Carter is an intimidating shot blocker in the paint.  6-6 Sr. Anthony Coote is very athletic and could have a breakout season this year.  5-9 Jr. Jesse Thompson and 5-8 Jr. Joe Siler are experienced guards and Coach Hicks has some of the top underclassmen in the state at his disposal.  The Cardinals have two of the most talented sophs in the state in 6-3 Rodney Haddix and 6-3 Matt Walls.  Scott County’s opponents don’t get a break anytime soon as they have an excellent freshman class including 6-3 Bud Mackey, 6-6 Jordan Lee, 6-4 Tyler Portwood, and 6-2 Cam Hundley.  Coach Hicks has the talent and numbers to maintain his uptempo style of play.

South Laurel – The Cardinals finished 22-10 last season and capped off an impressive summer by capturing the Kentucky High School AAU championship.  Coach Steve Wright’s squad, although young, is talented and should be one of the best teams in the state this season.  6-4 Jr. Walt Allen and 6-8 Sr. Eric Fields anchor a powerful inside game and the Cardinals have an excellent guard duo in sophs 6-4 Jordan Hammonds and 6-3 Ty Proffitt.  South Laurel should get quality minutes from several players including 6-2 Sr. Warren Gross, 5-10 Jr. Zach Marcum, 6-0 Sr. D. J. Perkins, and 6-8 So. Trey Smith.

Trinity – The Shamrocks finished 19-13 last season and coach Mike Szabo’s squad captured the 7th Region title.  Brian Brohm and Blake Nix provided inside play last season but they have graduated and other players must step up to add rebounding, inside scoring, and defense in the paint.   Trinity is an excellent defensive team and cannot be overlooked this season.  6-1 Sr. Zach Berry (9.9 ppg) is a cerebral point guard who prefers substance over style and is a polished floor leader.  6-3 Sr. Kyle Saxton (13.8 ppg) and 6-3 Sr. Bret Saxton (9.0 ppg) provide both offense and defensive intensity.  The Shamrocks need to get key contributions from several players including 6-4 Sr. Matt Tierney, 6-9 Sr. Charlie Gonzalez, 6-2 Sr. Michael Dockter, and 5-11 Jr. Chad Byron.

Wayne County – The Cardinals finished 28-5 last season and captured the 12th Region crown.  However, Coach Rodney Woods must replace four starters this season.  6-1 Sr. Steven Sexton is a deadly outside shooter who will be heavily counted on this year.  Coach Woods will need a big season from 6-10 Sr. Drew Guffey.  Other players expected to help include 6-2 So. Wesley Dick, 6-2 Fr. Jacob Gregory, 6-6 Fr. Cody Decker, and 5-11 Fr. Dustin Wells.