Scott County Lady Cardinals Hoopfest
November 12-13, 2004
Scott County High School
Georgetown, Kentucky

2004 Ron Harrison

This pre-season event, hosted by the Scott County Lady Cardinals, features 16 games over a two-day period.  The 32 teams participating in this event are Anderson County, Bryan Station, Bishop Brossart, Berea, Clark County, Oldham County, Tates Creek, Holmes, Harrison County, Pleasure Ridge Park, Paul Dunbar, Lincoln County, Beechwood, Trimble County, Newport Central Catholic, Butler, Corbin, Eastern, Conner, Jackson County, Washington County, Ballard, Betsy Layne, Greenwood, Hart County, Henry Clay, Sacred Heart, Elizabethtown, Scott County, Christian County, Lexington Catholic, and Mercer County.  This list includes Sweet 16 Champion 2002, 2003, and 2004 (Sacred Heart), and Summer Kentucky AAU Champion 2001, 2002, and 2003 (Sacred Heart) and 2004 (Lexington Catholic).  Players scheduled to compete include 32 players listed in Top 10 players of the 16 Regions by The Cats’ Pause Basketball Magazine.

These scrimmages will consist of four 10-minute quarters with a running clock.  The score will be reset at the end of each quarter.  I will, for the sake of clarity, give scores for each quarter plus a combined score.  Any stats included are not official but recorded by me personally.  Please understand that these are scrimmages, and coaches will be experimenting with substitution rotations and using this event as a teaching tool and to prepare for the upcoming season.

Friday November 12th

Anderson County vs. Bryan Station

Anderson County coach Tony Kays started the following lineup:  5-8 Sr. Chelsea Fitzpatrick, 5-4 Jr. Kelli Young, 5-5 Jr. Ashlyn Adams, 5-10 So. Erin McKee, and 5-10 So. Becca James.  Bryan Station coach Jackie Williams countered with 5-10 Sr. Brittney Clark, Fr. Ciera Jackson, 6-3 Jr. Crystal Leach, 5-6 Jr. Carley Blankenship, and 5-8 Jr. Bradli Stinson.  Bryan Station took the first quarter 10-5, the second quarter 18-9, the third 18-8, and lost the final period 13-12.  The combined score was 50-35 in favor of Bryan Station.  The victors had a decided size advantage in the paint in 5-10 Brittney Clark and 6-3 Crystal Leach.  Bryan Station was led by Brittney Clark with 16 points.  So. LaKrista Clark and Carley Blankenship added 10 points each, with Blankenship tallying three three-point baskets.  5-7 So. Beth Chilton led Anderson County with 11 points including three baskets from beyond the arc.  5-8 Fr. Caitlyn Royalty added six points.  

Bishop Brossart vs. Berea

Bishop Brossart coach Ray Kues started the following lineup:  5-7 So. Chelsea Harris, 5-8 So. Kaitlin Steffen, 6-0 So. Teresa Henke, 5-7 Jr. Stacey Woeste, and 5-5 So. Michelle Skinner.  Berea coach Jerry Bingham countered with 5-9 Jr. Samantha Sipple, 5-6 8th grader Brittany Harris, 5-9 Fr. Chelsea Atwater, 5-3 So. Amanda Thacher, and 5-10 8th grader Elizabeth Horn.  Bishop Brossart took the first quarter 11-2, the second 12-4, the third 15-2, the final quarter 11-4.  The combined score was 49-12.  The victors were led by Stacey Woeste with 15 points.  Teresa Henke, Kaitlin Steffen, and Michelle Skinner added six points each.  Elizabeth Horn and Chelsea Atwater led Berea with four points each.  Berea is extremely young with one junior, two sophs, one freshman, five eighth graders, two seventh graders, and two sixth graders.

Clark County vs. Oldham County

Clark County coach Scott True started the following lineup:  5-7 Sr. Brandy Grimes, 5-9 So. Austina McCaffery, 5-9 Jr. LaToya Clay, 5-6 Jr. Ashley Hewson, and 5-4 So. Ashley Knowles.  Oldham County coach Tony Simpson countered with 5-10 Sr. Simore Kettell, 5-7 Sr. Jevon Winburn, 6-1 Sr. Erin Menard, 5-6 Sr. Beth Lawrey, and 5-5 So. Sam Huerker.  Oldham County captured the first quarter 15-3 and the second quarter 8-5 while Clark County captured the third and fourth quarters by scores of 8-6 and 10-5.  Oldham County held a combined score advantage of 34-26.  Oldham County was led by Jevon Winburn and Erin Menard with nine and six points respectively.  LaToya Clay and Ashley Hewson paced Clark County with seven and six points respectively. 

Tates Creek vs. Covington Holmes

Tates Creek coach Jan Ulmer started the following lineup:  6-2 Sr. Kristen Pendleton, 5-8 Sr. Shaquita Dowlen, 6-2 Sr. Brittany Pittman, 5-6 Sr. Derrica Morton, and 5-7 Sr. Philnisha Lindsey.  Holmes coach Celeste Hill countered with 5-11 Fr. Christina Weaver, 5-8 Jr. Saquesha Hughes, 5-11 Sr. Arnett Hayes, 5-6 Sr. Octavia Brown, and 5-5 Jr. Tiffany Jackson.  Tates Creek captured the first quarter 13-0, the second 11-7, lost the third quarter 6-3, and won the final quarter 12-8.  The combined score was 39-21 in favor of Tates Creek.  Philnisha Lindsey led the victors with 11 points while Brittany Pittman chipped in with nine points.  Arnett Hayes led Holmes with nine points.  Holmes was hampered by the absence of 5-6 Sr. guard Deanna Jackson who is out with a knee injury.

Harrison County vs. Pleasure Ridge Park

Harrison County coach Mac Whitaker started the following lineup:  5-10 Jr. Brooke Faulkner, 5-8 Fr. Laura Kendall, 6-1 Jr. Garyn Price, 5-8 Jr. Katie Kendall, and 5-6 So. LaDonna Turley.  Pleasure Ridge Park coach Craig Webb countered with Sr. Randi Carroll, So. Jessica Manning, Jr. Bobbie Wilson, Jr. Janay Jones, and So. Kiara Thompson.  Harrison County won all four quarters by respective scores of 8-6, 14-12, 6-5, and 19-4.  Harrison County captured the combined score by 47-27.  Brooke Faulkner and LaDonna Turley led the victors with 14 points each.  Turley nailed three three-point baskets for the evening.  Janay Jones and Randi Carroll led Pleasure Ridge Park with seven points each.   


Saturday November 13th

Paul Dunbar vs. Lincoln County

Paul Dunbar coach Rick Griffith started the following lineup:  5-8 Sr. Beth Barr, 5-8 Jr. Tanisha Wilson, 5-10 Fr. Chantelle Pressley, 5-6 Jr. Ranthony Clark, and 5-6 So. Ebonie Graham.  Lincoln County coach John Kolasa countered with 5-8 Sr. Jessica Ryan, 5-8 Jr. Jenny Jones, 5-9 Jr. Shawna Nokes, 5-7 Jr. Megan Pitts, and 5-4 Sr. Jenny Ralston.  Dunbar captured the first quarter 6-5, the second 8-2, the third 8-5, and Lincoln County captured the final quarter 11-9.  The combined score was 31-23 in favor of Dunbar.  Ranthony Clark led Dunbar with 10 points while Tanisha Wilson added six points.  Jessica Ryan led Lincoln County with seven points. 

Beechwood vs. Trimble County

Beechwood coach Flora Fields started the following lineup:  Sr. Christy Lawson, Jr. Shaya Swift, Jr. Cassie Andress, Jr. Sarah McMath, and Fr. Stephanie Brennan.  Trimble County coach Kerrie Stewart countered with Jr. Emily Merrill, So. Carollana Jennings, Sr. Sara Corry, Jr. Amanda Greiner, and Jr. Faron Egerton.  Trimble County easily captured all four quarters today by respective scores of 17-0, 6-1, 20-2, and 20-0 for a combined margin of 63-3.  Beechwood only had six players available today as several players were missing for various reasons.  Trimble County was led by Amanda Greiner with 14.  Sara Corry and Carollana Jennings added 13 points each. Faron Egerton chipped in with 10 points.  Sarah McMath led Beechwood with two points. 

Newport Central Catholic vs. Butler

Newport Central Catholic coach Christie McDonald started the following lineup:  5-10 Sr. Stacey Smith, 5-8 So. Shannon Klei, 6-0 Fr. Whitney Cundiff, 5-5 Sr. Alex Litmer, and 5-7 Sr. Jayme Thiem.  Butler coach Terri Keown countered with 5-11 Fr. Kayla Douglas, 5-8 Fr. Brittany Harris, 5-8 Fr. Tia Gibbs, 5-7 Sr. Dana Price, and 5-3 Jr. Nicole Holman.  Butler won the first quarter 14-10, the second 12-6, the third 11-7, and Newport Central Catholic captured the final period 17-12.  The combined score was 49-40 in favor of Butler.  Tia Gibbs led Butler with 13 points, and ultra-quick guard Nicole Holman added 10 points.  Stacey Smith led Newport Central Catholic with 13 points.  Jayme Thiem and Whitney Cundiff added nine and eight points respectively. 

Corbin vs. Eastern

Corbin coach Jennifer Parsons started the following lineup:  5-8 Jr. Cristina Sutton, 5-10 Sr. Morgan Barley, 5-6 Jr. Heather Clouse, 5-7 Fr. Mikkah Rogers, and 5-8 So. Brittany Jackson.  Eastern coach Steve Ward countered with Jr. Dymon Rondo, Jr. Cierra Chisholm, Sr. Tiffani Slaughter, So. Sher’ri Jenkins, and So. Jamie Williams.  Corbin captured the first quarter 14-9, but Eastern captured the next three quarters by a respective scores of 12-8, 12-11, and 14-13.  The combined score was 47-46 in favor of Eastern.  Eastern was led by Tiffani Slaughter and Dymon Rondo with 13 and 10 points respectively.  Rondo connected on three three-point baskets.  Corbin was led by Mikkah Rogers with 18 points. 5-8 Jr. Katie Akins added 10 points. 

Conner vs. Jackson County

Conner coach Carmen Shannon started the following lineup:  5-7 So. Stevie Stellman, 5-6 Sr. Deborah Miniard, 5-8 Sr. Myra Shuffett, 5-6 So. Kathryn O’Neill, and 5-7 Sr. Lindsay Dickman.  Jackson County coach Robert Lakes countered with 5-5 Sr. Brittany Bingham, 5-4 Sr. Ashley Whitehead, 5-3 Fr. Beth Bays, 5-4 8th grader Kourtney Tyra, and 5-3 8th grader Ashley Bingham.  Conner won all four quarters by respective scores of 13-5, 10-7, 10-2, and 10-6, giving them a combined margin of 43-20.  Conner was led by Myra Shuffett and Kathryn O’Neill with 12 and nine points respectively.  Eleven Conner players cracked the scoring column.  Jackson County was led by Brittany Bingham and Ashley Bingham with five points each

Washington County vs. Louisville Ballard

Washington County coach J. T. Burton started the following lineup:  So. Stacy Tope, Jr. Brittany Edelen, Sr. Katie Filiatreau, Fr. Jane Goatley, and Fr. Lee Goatley.  Ballard coach Ken Smith countered with 5-10 Jr. Reena Haliburton, 5-5 So. Petre’ Freeman, 6-4 Jr. Alicia Bunton, 5-6 So. Teadra Elliott, and 5-7 Jr. Erin Rogers.  Ballard won the first quarter 11-10, tied the second 9-9, and won the third and fourth by scores of 14-4 and 13-4.  The combined score was 47-27 in favor of Ballard.  Ballard was led by 5-7 Jr. Aurilie Dernoncourt and Reena Haliburton with 11 and eight points respectively.  Jane Goatley and Brittany Edelen led Washington County with 11 and six points respectively.   

Betsy Layne vs. Greenwood

Betsy Layne coach Cassandra Akers started the following lineup:  5-9 Sr. Breann Akers, 5-6 Jr. Nicole Spurlock, 6-0 Sr. Kristal Daniels, 5-6 Sr. Kristen Smith, and 5-7 Sr. Kim Clark.  Greenwood coach Ken Waddell countered with Sr. Katie Sanderson, Jr. Ryanne Embry, So. Richi Njoku, Jr. Angela Kitchens, and So. Amanda Howard.  Greenwood won the first quarter 13-9, lost the second quarter 22-6, and captured the third and fourth by scores of 11-10 and 11-10.  The combined score was 51-41 in favor of Betsy Layne.  Kristal Daniels led Betsy Layne with 18 points.  Breann Akers and Kim Clark added 12 points each.  Angela Kitchens led Greenwood with 18 points, including four three-point baskets.   

Hart County vs. Henry Clay

Hart County coach Tommy Adams started the following lineup:  5-8 Fr. Megan Isaacs, 5-6 8th grader Lindsay Highbaugh, 5-8 Sr. Janaya Robbins, 5-7 Sr. LaShonda Haskins, and 5-5 Jr. Jessica Baker.  Henry Clay coach Scott Cromwell countered with Jr. Erica Coleman, Fr. Hannah Blankenship, So. Tabnie Dozier, Sr. Virginia Northcutt, and Fr. Raven Price.  Henry Clay won the first quarter 8-6, Hart County won the second quarter 14-4, and the score was tied 14-14 in the third quarter, and Hart County captured the final quarter 14-12.  The combined score was 48-38 in favor of Hart County.  Megan Isaacs led Hart County with 14 points.  LaShonda Haskins and Jessica Baker added 11 and 10 points respectively. Erica Coleman led Henry Clay with 14 points. 

Sacred Heart vs. Elizabethtown

Sacred Heart coach Donna Moir started the following lineup:  5-10 Sr. Taylor Kopple, 5-9 Sr. Jackie Distler, 6-1 So. Elizabeth Campbell, 5-4 Sr. Jordan Hess, and 5-8 Sr. Carly Ormerod.  Elizabethtown coach Tim Mudd countered with 6-0 Sr. Robin Jennings, 6-0 Sr. Sara Sexton, 6-1 Jr. Kabrenda Warfield, 5-6 Sr. Lara Donnelly, and 5-4 Jr. LaTasha Turner.  Sacred Heart won the first quarter 15-8 and the second quarter 12-10.  Elizabethtown captured the third and fourth by scores of 9-5 and 11-10.  The combined score was 42-38 in favor of Sacred Heart.  This was a very entertaining game with excellent effort on both sides.  Carly Ormerod led Sacred Heart with 17 points including a three point buzzer-beater at the end of the game.  Elizabethtown was led by Kabrenda Warfield, Sara Sexton, and Robin Jennings with 11, 10, and eight points respectively. 

Christian County vs. Scott County

Christian County coach Don Dillard started the following lineup:  6-1 Jr. Arnika Brown, 6-0 Jr. Lydia Watkins, 5-8 Fr. Yezmaine Smith, 5-11 Jr. Shermona Riley, and 5-5 Fr. Shana McCombs.  Scott County coach Steve Helton countered with 5-10 So. Rebecca Gray, 6-0 Jr. Suzie Owens, 5-4 Fr. Kayla Moses, 5-7 So. Brillia Garr, and 5-6 Jr. Chelsea Lymon.  Scott County took the first quarter by a score of 18-14 and held a 12-11 advantage in the second quarter.  Scott County broke open the game with a 20-4 advantage in the third quarter.  The fourth quarter ended in a 14-14 tie.  The combined score was 64-43 in favor of Scott County.  Scott County was led by Rebecca Gray with 21 points including three three-point baskets.  Chelsea Lymon and Kayla Moses added 15 and 13 points respectively.  Arnika Brown and Lydia Watkins led Christian County with 13 and 10 points respectively. 

Lexington Catholic vs. Mercer County

Lexington Catholic coach Gregg Todd started the following lineup:  6-0 Jr. Anaris Sickles, 5-10 Sr. Adaeze Azubuike, 6-1 Sr. Shannon Novosel, 5-8 Jr. Nikki Davis, and 5-7 So. Keyla Snowden.  Mercer County coach Chris Souder countered with 5-8 Sr. Jillian Horn, 5-10 Jr. Sabrina Manning, 6-0 Sr. Erica Lee, 5-3 Jr. Chrystal Claunch, and 5-7 Jr. Chelsea Goodman.  Lexington Catholic won all four quarters by scores of 18-4, 11-6, 12-7, and 20-16.  The combined score was 61-33 in favor of Lexington Catholic.  The victors were led today by Keyla Snowden with 16 points.  Anaris Sickles and 5-7 Fr. Briana Green added 12 points each.  Mercer County was led by Erica Lee and Chelsea Goodman with eight points each.    



This was an excellent, well-run event with attention given to every detail.  It was an excellent opportunity to see 32 teams perform over a two-day period.  Scores really don’t mean much in scrimmages as coaches did an excellent job of instructing and experimenting with various rotations.  There was also some excellent play here and some teams looked like they were in mid season form.  Sacred Heart did not shoot well but they have excellent leadership and Carly Ormerod knows how to get her team in a winning position.  This is a solid team that will not relinquish their crown without a battle.  Lexington Catholic is loaded this year and will be difficult to handle.

Scott County was very impressive on both ends of the court and they can put up a lot of points in a hurry.  Rebecca Gray is a deadly outside shooter and with Chelsea Lymon, Kayla Moses, Suzie Owens, etc. you don’t want to get into an uptempo game with the Lady Cardinals.  Elizabethtown was impressive today with a tall frontline and a solid backcourt.  6-0 Sr. Sara Sexton displayed a nice spin move in the paint, rebounds well, and will get on the floor after loose balls.  Tates Creek features the “Twin Towers” inside in Brittany Pittman and Kristen Pendleton plus a talented trio on the perimeter in Philnisha Lindsey, Derrica Morton, and Shaquita Dowlen.  Watch Ballard and Eastern as both teams are loaded with quickness and athleticism.

Bryan Station played well and although it appears this group of girls has been together forever, there are still only two seniors on the team.  Henry Clay and Dunbar are young but they have some talent.  Remember the name—Elizabeth Horn, a 5-10 8th grader from Berea.  This team will struggle early with an extremely young squad but they will improve game by game.  Stacey Woeste (Bishop Brossart) played well in this event.  Harrison County has a lot of offensive firepower in Brooke Faulkner and LaDonna Turley.   Newport Central Catholic returns 5-7 Sr. Jayme Thiem and they got good games from Stacey Smith and Whitney Cundiff.  Tia Gibbs and Nicole Holman  played well for Butler and the jet-quick Holman is worth the price of admission.

Corbin played well and 5-7 Fr. Mikkah Rogers can shoot the ball.  This team has a nice rotation and should be fun to watch this season.  Brittany Edelen (Washington County) is one of the most athletic players in the state and will not back down from larger opponents.  Betsy Layne played well and Kim Clark is the glue that holds this team together.  Angela Kitchens shot the ball extremely well for Greenwood.  Christian County lost a lot of talent from last season but imagine the luxury of rebuilding with Arnika Brown and Lydia Watkins as the focus of your offense.

These were, after all, scrimmages and there were several teams and many players who impressed this weekend.  I would like to see all these teams play again during the regular season.  Some of the teams were involved in blowouts and I have learned from experience that things can change in a hurry and teams make rapid improvements over a season.  Other players too numerous to mention here displayed a lot of potential.  


A special thanks to Coaches Steve and Tara Helton and the rest of the Scott County Lady Cardinals coaching staff for the hospitality extended me during my visit.  Also, a special thanks to Todd Gray, who worked tirelessly to keep things moving and was instrumental in putting together the very comprehensive event program.  Louis Meadows was in attendance and when you see this gentleman in the house you know you have chosen the correct event to attend.  Mr. Meadows tirelessly promotes the game and the players and the ladies game owes a debt of gratitude to him.


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