Sports Connection Hoop Fest
November 15-16, 2002
Scott County High School
Georgetown, Kentucky

2002 Ron Harrison

This pre-season event, hosted by the Scott County Lady Cardinals, features 14 games over a two-day period.  The 28 teams participating in this event are Anderson County, Ballard, Berea, Butler, East Jessamine, Frankfort, Hart County, Holmes, Male, Montgomery County, Paris, Sacred Heart, Washington County, Western Hills, Bryan Station, Beechwood, Bourbon County, Casey County, Estill County, Franklin County, Henry Clay, Jackson County, Mercer County, Newport Central Catholic, Pleasure Ridge Park, Scott County, West Jessamine, and Williamstown.  This list includes Sweet 16 Champion 2002 (Sacred Heart), Class A Tourney Champion (Jackson County), and Summer Kentucky AAU Champion (Sacred Heart).  Players scheduled to compete include 29 players listed in Top 10 players of the 16 Regions by The Cats’ Pause Basketball Magazine.

These scrimmages will consist of four 10-minute quarters with a running clock.  The score will be reset at halftime per KHSAA rules.  I will, for the sake of clarity, give scores for both halves plus a combined score.  Any stats included are not official but recorded by me personally.  Please understand that these are scrimmages, and coaches will be experimenting with substitution rotations and using this event as a teaching tool and to prepare for the upcoming season.

Friday November 15th

Williamstown vs. Western Hills

Williamstown coach Mark Willhoit started the following lineup:  Jr. Brandi Cason, Sr. Rebecca Bowen, Sr. Laura Vinson, Sr. Angie Richardson, and Jr. Katie Brumback.  Western Hills coach Bryan Edwards countered with 6-0 Sr. Meredith Plant, 5-10 Jr. Melissa Simpson, 5-5 Jr. Rachel Mann, 5-7 Jr. Mollie Wade, and 5-3 So. Davin Caudill.  Williamstown took the first half 20-13 and Western Hills came back to win the second half 20-6.  The combined score was 33-26 in favor of Western Hills.  Western Hills was led tonight by Meredith Plant and Rachel Mann with 10 and nine points respectively.  Williamstown was led by Angie Richardson and Rebecca Bowen with 11 and 6 points respectively. 

Washington County vs. Paris

Washington County coach Bill Newton started the following lineup:  5-9 Sr. Kim Terrell, 5-5 Sr. Megan George, 5-10 Jr. Alison Bartley, 5-9 Fr. Brittany Edelen, and 5-6 So. Katie Filiatreau.  Paris coach Judy Cox countered with 5-9 Sr. Kay Yeiser, 5-9 Jr. Jessica Williams, 5-7 So. Natilie Tubbs, 5-3 Jr. Iona Caulder, and 5-5 Fr. Taylor Christman.  Washington County captured the first half 24-20 and Paris held an 8-7 margin in the second half.  The combined score was Washington County 31, Paris 28.  Washington County was led by Katie Filiatreau and Brittany Edelen with 12 and nine points respectively.  Paris was paced today by Taylor Christman and Iona Caulder with 10 and 9 points respectively. 

Pleasure Ridge Park vs. Bryan Station

Pleasure Ridge Park coach Craig Webb started the following lineup:  5-10 Sr. Natalie Neal, 5-7 So. Alisa Pierce, 6-0 Jr. Chelsea Bibelhauser, 5-8 Sr. Kellie Peyton, and 5-6 Jr. Anitha Williams.  Bryan Station coach Jackie Williams countered with 5-10 So. Brittney Clark, 5-5 So. Denetria Nichols, 5-6 Fr. Carley Blankenship, 6-0 Fr. Crystal Leach, and 5-7 Fr. Bradli Stinson.  Bryan Station captured the first half 17-14 and held a 15-12 second half advantage.  Bryan Station held a 32-26 margin on the combined score.  6-0 Sr. Tracy Harbut came off the bench to lead Bryan Station with 10 points.  Brittney Clark and Bradli Stinson added nine and eight points respectively.   Pleasure Ridge Park was led by their guard combination of Anitha Williams and Kellie Peyton with 11 and eight points respectively.   

Butler vs. Henry Clay

Butler coach Stephanie Greathouse started the following lineup:  5-4 Jr. Jenna Hedges, 5-8 Jr. Megan McGrath, 6-1 Jr. Ashley Lewallen, 5-7 Jr. Mandy Evans, and 5-2 Fr. Nicole Holman.  Henry Clay coach Scott Cromwell countered with 6-2 Jr. Abby Currens, 5-8 Sr. Rachel Wilson, 6-0 Jr. Mary Tobin, 5-6 Jr. Johnna Carlisle, and 5-7 Jr. Jessie Birdwhistell.  Butler took the first half 32-27 but Henry Clay came back strong to win the second half 30-21.  Henry Clay took a 57-53 decision based on the combined score.  Henry Clay was paced today by Johnna Carlisle, Mary Tobin, and Rachel Wilson with 20, 12, and 10 points respectively.  Butler was led by Ashley Lewallen who had an excellent game with 27 points. 

Saturday November 16th

East Jessamine vs. Anderson County

East Jessamine coach Paul Rohr started the following lineup:  5-11 Sr. Sophia Ciric, 5-9 Sr. Kayleigh Washburn, 6-0 So. Ruth Byrd, 5-7 Sr. Lindsey Horn, and 5-5 Sr. Erica Stegner.  Anderson County coach Tony Kays countered with 5-10 Jr. Santana McKee, 5-7 Sr. Summer Bolton, 5-10 Sr. Tammi Neurohr, 5-8 Jr. Kate Neurohr, and 5-6 Sr. Kristin Phillips.  Anderson County took the first half 17-14 but East Jessamine rallied to take the second half 18-11.  East Jessamine held a 32-28 advantage in the combined score.  East Jessamine was led today by Erica Stegner and 5-2 So. Latoya Richardson with 13 and nine points respectively.  Anderson County was led by Summer Bolton, Kristin Phillips, and Santana McKee with six points each.

Frankfort vs. Beechwood

Frankfort coach Joey Thacker started the following lineup:  Jr. Brittany Wilson, Jr. Brittni Wilhoite, Sr. Alex Oder, Fr. Megan Roberts, and Sr. Alisha Thomas.  Beechwood coach Flora Fields countered with Sr. Jessie Warman, Sr. Tracy Lierman, Jr. Tara Swift, Jr. Sara Kroger, and Jr. Amy VonHandorf.  Frankfort won the first half 24-12, eked out a 13-12 second half decision for a combined victory margin of 37-24.  6-0 Sr. Jackie Gordon came off the bench to lead Frankfort with 13 points.  Beechwood was paced today by Jessie Warman with 10 points. 

Berea vs. Montgomery County

Berea coach Jerry Bingham started the following lineup:  5-8 Sr. Bethany Robinson, 5-11 Sr. Kara Ratliff, 6-2 Jr. Desiray Palmer, 5-4 Jr. Jessica Engle, and 5-7 Jr. Stephanie Lewis.  Montgomery County coach John High countered with Sr. Sheena Lawson, Sr. Lisa Gessford, Sr. Dierdre Thomas, Jr. Mary Ratliff, and Sr. Amanda Stull.  Montgomery County won the first half 15-11 and outscored Berea 18-16 in the second half.  The combined score was Montgomery County 33, Berea 27.  Montgomery County was led today by Mary Ratliff, Lisa Gessford, and Sheena Lawson with nine, seven, and seven points respectively.  Berea was led today by Jessica Engle, Desiray Palmer, and Kara Ratliff with 10, seven, and six points respectively. 

Bourbon County vs. West Jessamine

Bourbon County coach Chad Rudd started the following lineup:  5-8 So. Ellen Livengood, 5-9 Jr. Joanna Cooper, 5-10 Sr. Heather White, 5-4 Jr. Hillary Ferrel, and 5-6 So. Dee Matherly.  West Jessamine coach Nikki Haverty-Smith countered with 5-11 Sr. Katie Ryavec, 5-11 Sr. Stephanie Keeley, 5-4 Sr. Krista Hisle, 5-6 So. Loren Bewely, and 5-4 So. Sara Gutenson.  Bourbon County took the first half 16-13 and outscored West Jessamine in the second half 15-11.  Bourbon County held a 31-24 edge in the combined score. Heather White led Bourbon County with 14 points.  West Jessamine was led today by Stephanie Keeley with 9 points. 

Franklin County vs. Ballard

Franklin County coach Lenore Sparks started the following lineup:  Sr. Candace Lightfoot, Jr. Katie Columbia, So. Carrie Bistline, So. Dequala Marshall, and Jr. Brittney Williams.  Ballard coach Ken Smith countered with 5-9 Sr. Tasha White, 5-6 Sr. Denasha Mondy, 6-1 Sr. Meagan McMillian, 5-7 Sr. India Chiles, and 5-4 Jr. Jessie Martin.  Ballard won the first half 16-14 also and outscored Franklin County 14-5 in the second half.  The combined score was Ballard 30, Franklin County 19.  Ballard was led today by Denasha Mondy and India Chiles with 10 and seven points respectively.  Candace Lightfoot led Franklin County with 12 points. 

Casey County vs. Holmes

Casey County coach Randy Salyers started the following lineup:  Sr. Amanda Wethington, Jr. Meagan Murphy, Jr. Beth Patterson, Jr. Kelli Warner, and Jr. Tabitha Yaden.  Holmes coach Casey Sparrow countered with 5-9 So. Patrice Fischer, 5-9 Jr. Ashley Wimzie, 5-6 Sr. Amrbia Jackson, 5-5 Sr. Deidra Moore, and 5-5 So. Deanna Jackson.  Casey County outscored Holmes 22-19 the first half and won the second half by a score of 20-10 making the combined score 42-29.  Casey County was led by Tabitha Yaden and Beth Patterson with 13 and 11 points respectively.  Ashley Wimzie led Holmes with 12 points. 

Mercer County vs. Hart County

Mercer County coach Chris Souder started the following lineup:  5-8 Sr. Ashley Webb, 5-8 Jr. Leslye Johnson, 6-0 So. Jillian Horn, 5-4 Sr. Nina Pike, and 5-5 Jr. Courtney Watts.  Hart County coach Tommy Adams countered with 5-10 Fr. Rachel Romance, 5-8 Jr. Kellie Childress, 5-10 Sr. Christina Priddy, 5-6 Sr. Jessica Smith, and 5-5 Fr. Jessica Baker.  Mercer County defeated Hart County by a combined score of 53-30. They won the first half 28-12 and claimed the second half by a score of 25-18.  Mercer County had a balanced attack today led by 5-3 Fr. Chrystal Claunch, Jillian Horn, 5-4 Jr. Chelsea Goodman, and Leslye Johnson with nine, nine, eight, and eight points respectively.  Kellie Childress led Hart County with 18 points. 

Male vs. Estill County

Male coach Leslie Scully started the following lineup:  5-10 Sr. Brandy Denning, 5-10 Jr. Megan Hix, 5-10 Fr. Whitney Hodges, 5-5 Sr. Stacey Gillette, and 5-4 Jr. Lacey Davis.  Estill County coach Kevin Turpin countered with Sr. Kara Newton, So. Whitney Barnes, Sr. Amber Birchfield, Jr. Casey Berryman, and Jr. Tiffany Neal.  Estill County took the first half by a score of 11-9 but Male stormed back to take the second half 20-10.  The combined score was Male 29, Estill County 21.  Male was led today by Stacey Gillette and Megan Hix with six points each.  Estill County was led by Amber Birchfield and Kara Newton with seven and six points respectively. 

Newport Central Catholic vs. Jackson County

Newport Central Catholic coach Christie McDonald started the following lineup:  5-8 Jr. Tricia Bertke, 5-11 Jr. Nicole Chiodi, 5-9 Sr. Heather Maudlin, 5-7 Jr. Jenny Prigge, and 5-7 So. Jayme Thiem.  Jackson County coach Greg Parrett countered with 5-8 Sr. Jenna Lakes, 5-8 So. Brittany Bingham, 6-6 Jr. Sarah Elliott, 5-3 Jr. Whitney Moore, and 5-4 Sr. Jeanenna Hignite.  Newport Central Catholic won the first half 27-22 and eked out a 21-20 decision in the second half decision.  Newport Central Catholic won the combined score 48-42.  Newport Central Catholic was led by Jayme Thiem with 22 points.  Thiem was deadly from three point range.  Jackson County was led by Sarah Elliott with 21 points, 16 rebounds, and six blocked shots. 

Sacred Heart vs. Scott County

Sacred Heart coach Donna Moir started the following lineup:  5-7 Sr. Krisha Byron, 5-7 Sr. Kristin Windchy, 6-3 Jr. Crystal Kelly, 5-6 Jr. Connie Ferch, and 5-7 So. Carly Ormerod.  Scott County coach Steve Helton countered with 5-10 Sr. Rachel Reliford, 6-0 Sr. Sarah Norman, 5-9 Sr. Lauren Farmer, 5-10 Sr. Anna Fraley, and 5-5 Fr. Chelsea Lymon.  Sacred Heart won the first half 33-22 and claimed a close 24-20 victory in the second half, making the combined score Sacred Heart 57, Scott County 42.  Sacred Heart was led by Crystal Kelly and Carly Ormerod with 16 and 15 points respectively.  Lauren Farmer led a balanced Scott County with 11 points.  Chelsea Lymon, Anna Fraley, and Sarah Norman added nine, eight, and eight points respectively. 



This was an excellent, well-run event with attention given to every detail.  It was an excellent opportunity to see 28 teams perform over a two-day period.  Scores really don’t mean much in scrimmages as coaches did an excellent job of instructing and experimenting with various rotations.  There was also some excellent play here and some teams looked like they were in mid season form.  Sacred Heart was, well, Sacred Heart.  The Kopple sisters, Taylor and Becca, did not play tonight but this team is so deep and talented.  Newport Central Catholic got a stellar performance from Jayme Thiem.  The Henry Clay-Butler game was excellent, with Henry Clay’s Johnna Carlisle and Butler’s Ashley Lewallen having sparkling performances.  Coach Jackie Williams’ Bryan Station team did an excellent job of slowing down PRP’s high flying backcourt of Kellie Peyton and Anitha Williams.

Jackson County missed Kasi Mullins who is battling mono but got the usual dominating performance from Sarah Elliott.  Washington County has some excellent young players including Katie Filiatreau and Brittany Edelen.  Fr. guard Taylor Christman played well for Paris.  Henry Clay has an excellent inside-outside combination in Mary Tobin and Johnna Carlisle.  Erica Stegner looks poised to have another fine year for East Jessamine.  Casey County played well in this event.  Mercer County has a deep, talented squad and should be a strong contender in the 12th Region.  Scott County should challenge for 8th Region supremacy.  They have an excellent blend of youth and experience.  The Lady Cardinals also got an excellent addition in 6-0 Sr. Sarah Norman, a physical inside player who transferred from Sayre.  Norman is a tireless worker who fills a void in the paint for Scott County.  There were too many teams and players to mention them all in this report, but there was a lot of established talent here as well as several youngsters that will make an impact this season.


A special thanks to Coach Steve Helton and the rest of the Scott County Lady Cardinals coaching staff for the hospitality extended me during my visit.  Also, a special thanks to Todd Gray, father of one of the promising young players in the Lady Cards program—5-5 8th grader Rebecca Gray.  Mr. Gray worked tirelessly to keep things moving and was instrumental in putting together the event program.  Many of the parents put in a lot of time and effort to make these events work.  I also enjoyed chatting with Louis Meadows, one of the most knowledgeable fans of girls’ basketball in the state and a person who has a true appreciation of the game.


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