2001 Cage Scope/High Potential "Blue-Chip" Basketball Camp

June 24-28  July 8-12   July 22-26
Georgetown, KY

©2001 by Ron Harrison


The 22nd Annual Cage Scope/High Potential "Blue-Chip" Basketball Camp was held on the campus of Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky.

The camp directors for this camp are Dave Bones (Cage Scope) and Rick Bolus (High Potential).  These two gentlemen have a total of 72 years experience in the business between them.  Dave Bones introduced Cage Scope to the world in 1957 and Rick Bolus started the Rick Bolus High Potential Basketball Recruiting Service in 1973.

There are three sessions this year:  June 24-28,  July 8-12, and  July 22-26.  The first session includes a Junior division.  Each session also features speakers on recruiting, academics, and basketball.  Some NBA alumni of this camp include Jimmy Jackson, Allen Houston, Rex Chapman, Felton Spencer, and Darren Hancock.  All players also receive mini-clinics.

Each player also plays a minimum of ten league games and receives work at fundamental stations.  There are also competition contests and all league games are played full-court.  All players receive equal playing time as substitutions are done by the clock.  Certified trainers are on duty at all times.

Session One  June 24 - June 28, 2001

I was able to attend several league games as well as the final four and the All-Star games.  The championship of the final four Junior division was won by a team designated "Tennessee" over team "West Virginia".  "Tennessee" was led by 6-0 8th Grader Shadoe Joyner from Columbus, Ohio.  The runner-up MVP from the "West Virginia" squad was 5-0 Fr. Scott Scaggs from Michigan.  The High School Division final four was won by team "Kansas" over "Montana".  "Kansas" was led by MVP Nathan Aaron, a 6-3 sharpshooter from Tennessee.  The runner-up MVP from the "Montana" squad was 6-6 Bobby Bossman from Strongsville, Ohio.

The Junior "Blue Chip" All-Star rosters are as follows:

Cage Scope All-Stars (Gold)  Coach Mark Jefferson (Cypress, California)
Charles Strowbridge   5-8 8th  Madison Discovery AL
Javante Clanton   5-5 8th  Columbus OH
Ricky Johnson   5-7 Fr. Groveport Madison OH
Cameron Thoroughman   5-10  8th South Shore McKell  KY
Jared Key   6-2 Fr. Paducah  KY
Walt Rader   6-1 Fr. McKee Jackson Co. KY
Julian Young   6-4 8th Columbus Barrett OH
Mark Rosenberg   6-0 Fr. Allen Lowery Center TX
Cody Fannin   6-3 Fr. Ashland Rose Hill Christian  KY
T. J. Sisler   6-0 8th  Lexington Jessie Clark KY
Kyler Blevins   6-2 Fr. Crothersville IN

High Potential All-Stars (Purple)  Coach Andy Zureick (Boone County, KY)
Jeremy Anderson   5-10  7th  Burns WY
Jamar Greene   5-5   8th  Columbus Yorktown OH
Chase Futrell   5-5  8th  Murray Calloway Co  . KY
Jarrell Jordan   5-11  Fr.  Columbus Hamilton  OH
Daniel McNeely   6-4   Fr.  Xenia Christian OH
Steve Hollins   6-1  8th  Zanesville Cleveland OH
Brandon Pharis   6-1   Fr.  Albany Clinton Co. KY
Charlie Stearns   6-2  Fr.  Albany Clinton Co. KY
Jim Tucker   6-1  Fr.  Greenfield TN
Justin Ford   5-7  8th  Zanesville Cleveland OH
Jared Comer 5-10 8th Scottsburg English IN

The Cage Scope All-Stars defeated the High Potential All-Stars by a score of 64-54.  The victors were led by Walt Rader with 14 points.  MVP Julian Young added 10 points and was a force on the boards.  The High Potential All-Stars were led by Jared Comer with 11 points.  Runner-up MVP Chase Futrell added 9 points.

This camp gives out several awards over the week session.  Some selected awards for the Junior Division are:
Most Improved Andrew Gore Lanham St. Matthias Apostle MD
Best Ballhandler Bryan Hatton Lexington Beaumont KY
Best Passer Nne James Lewis  Cleveland Heights Monticello OH
Best Defender Vincent Brown Lancaster TX
Best Rebounder Julian Young  Columbus Barrett OH
Best Hustler Scott Hoffman Cincinnati Our Lady of Lourdes  OH
Best Station Worker Chuck McCoy Woodstock E. T. Booth GA
Final Four MVP  Shadoe Joyner Columbus Linmore OH
Final Four Runner Up MVP Scott Scaggs Southfield Lathrup MI
League MVP Javante Clanton Columbus Finland OH
League Runner Up MVP Walt Rader McKee Jackson County  KY
All-Star Game MVP Julian Young Columbus Barrett  OH
All-Star Game Runner Up MVP  Chase Futrell Murray Calloway Co.  KY

Junior Division Summary
6-4 8th grade Julian Young from Columbus, Ohio won the top rebounder award as well as being named the All-Star Game MVP.  5-5 8th grader Chase Futrell from Murray, Kentucky added the All-Star Game Runner-up MVP to his 3-point Shooting Champ award for guards.  5-5 8th grader Javante Clanton from Columbus, Ohio was named the League MVP.

The Second 20 "Blue-Chip" All-Star rosters are as follows:

Cage Scope All-Stars (Gold)  Coach Craig Anderson (Burns WY)
Ryan Anderson   6-0 So.  Burns  WY
Lonnell DeWalt   6-6 So. Bowling Green Warren Central KY
Aaron Williams   5-11 Sr. Clarksville Kenwood  TN
Brandon Forrest    5-10  Sr. Bowling Green Warren Central KY
Jay Morelock   6-0 Sr. Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy  OH
Antwon Harris   6-2 So. Clarksville Kenwood  TN
Marques Osborne    6-0 Sr. Louisville Doss KY
Stephen Gabbard   6-4  So. McKee Jackson Co.  KY
Jarius Sykes   6-4 Sr. Radcliffe North Hardin KY
Josh Swain   6-7  CF Dayton Carroll OH
Nathan Aaron   6-3 Sr. Byrdstown Pickett Co. TN
Robert Daniels   6-4 Sr. Shelbyville Shelby Co. KY

High Potential All-Stars (Purple)  Coach Rodney Martin (Toledo Libbey, OH)
Jay Williams   6-0   Sr.  Paducah Lone Oak  KY
Torstens Skujins   6-4  Jr.  Beavercreek OH
Tyrone Hurt   5-8  Jr.  Louisville Western KY
Colin Pitcock   6-3  Sr.  Tulsa Memorial OK
Michael McKean   6-5  Sr.  Cissna Park IL
Ryan Atwell   6-3  Sr.  Campbellsville  KY
Daniel Varnes   6-5  Sr.  Cloverdale IN
Everett Jacks   6-5  Sr.  Louisville Atherton  KY
Allan Martinez   6-3  Jr.  Houston Furr TX
Stephen Hall    6-4  So.  DeSoto TX
Isaiah Perry    5-10   Jr. Spring Klein Oak TX
Ronnie Powell    6-5  Sr.  Memphis Christian Brothers  TN

The High Potential All-Stars won this game by a score of 87-65.  MVP Isaiah Perry led the victors with 14 points.  Michael McKean chipped in with 10 points.  The Cage Scope All-Stars were led in scoring by Nathan Aaron with four three-pointers for 12 points. Brandon Forrest, who was named Cage Scope MVP added 7 points.

The Top 20 All-Star Game Rosters are as follows:

High Potential All-Stars (Purple)  Coach Larry Berkman (Marble Falls, TX)
Bobby Bossman   6-6 Sr.  Strongsville OH
Curtis Hendricks   6-5 Sr. Tulsa Memorial OK
Blake Powers   6-5 Jr. Brandenburg Meade Co. KY
Robert Summers   6-11  Sr. Gahanna Gahannah-Lincoln  OH
Bryan Ellis   5-8  Sr. Detroit Denby Tech  MI
Kelvin Sango   6-2 So. Tulsa Memorial OK
Marcus Flynn   6-1 Sr. New Albany IN
Jason Meyer   6-5 Sr. Covington OH
Adam Stone   6-8 Sr. Bucyrus  OH
Todd Capes    6-4 Sr.  North Vernon Jennings Co. IN

Cage Scope All-Stars (Gold)  Coach David Zuberer  (Louisville Manual, KY)
Tray Ballenger   6-3  Sr.  Duncan James Byrnes  SC
Russ Gibson   6-7  Jr.  Henderson Henderson Co.  KY
Peter Dunbar   6-2   Sr.  St. John Lake Central IN
David Bryant    5-11  Sr.  Louisville Ballard KY
Kenneth Fox   6-7   Sr.  Lexington Dunbar KY
Sean Booker   6-1  Jr.  Louisville Ballard KY
Ty Rogers   6-2  So.  Eddyville Lyon Co. KY
Johnny Mathies   5-11   Sr.  Louisville Male KY
Ross Neltner   6-8  Jr.  Ft. Thomas Highlands KY
Johnny Hammons   6-3   Jr.  Corbin  KY
Jarius Sykes   6-4  Sr.  Radcliffe North Hardin KY
Marques Osborne   6-0  Sr.  Louisville Doss KY

Honorary All-Stars (had to leave camp early)
Ethan Banks   6-2  Sr.  Warren Harding  OH
Shelby Chaney   6-7 Sr. Warren Harding  OH
Prescott Burgess   6-5 Jr. Warren Harding  OH
Joe Harden   6-1 Jr. Lexington Henry Clay  KY

The High Potential All-Stars won this game by a score of 72-67.  They were led in scoring by Adam Stone, MVP Todd Capes, Jason Meyer, and Robert Summers with 13, 12, 11, and 10 points respectively.  Cage Scope MVP Johnny Mathies and Marques Osborne led their team in scoring with 12 points each.

Some selected awards for this division are:
Slam Dunk Champ Roderick Adams  DeSoto TX
Most Improved Russell Miller  Louisville Eastern KY
Best Ballhandler Billy Campbell Atlanta Paideia GA
Best Passer Bryan Ellis Detroit Denby Tech MI
Best Defender Jamey Case Cleveland TN
Best Rebounder Ross Neltner Ft. Thomas Highlands KY
Best Hustler Jeremy Roth Sarasota Riverview  FL
Best Station Worker Nick Dyer Cincinnati Summit C.D. OH
Best Underclassman Ross Neltner Ft. Thomas Highlands KY
League MVP Robert Summers Gahanna Gahanna-Lincoln OH
League Runner Up MVP Bobby Bossman Strongsville OH
Final Four MVP  Nathan Aaron Byrdstown Pickett Co. TN
Final Four Runner Up MVP Bobby Bossman Strongsville  OH
Top All-Star Game MVP Todd Capes North Vernon Jennings Co. IN
Top All-Star Game Runner Up MVP Johnny Mathies  Louisville Male KY
Second All-Star Game MVP Isaiah Perry Spring Klein Oak TX
Second All-Star Game Runner Up MVP  Brandon Forrest  Bowling Green Warren Central  KY


Session One Summary

6-11 Sr. Robert Summers was named the league MVP.  Summers is a raw talent with a lot of potential and his best basketball is ahead of him.  Ross Neltner, a 6-8 Jr. from Ft. Thomas Highlands, should continue to climb the ranks of the nations top juniors.  Neltner has a nice all-around game.  Bobby Bossman, a 6-6 Sr. from Strongville, OH, had a good camp and can shoot the ball.  6-3 Sr. Nathan Aaron from Byrdstown Pickett County, Tennessee, is a deadly outside shooter.  6-7 Sr. Kenneth Fox from Lexington Dunbar is not spectacular but he is a steady inside player who rebounds well and gets the job done in the paint -- a very solid performer.  5-11 Sr. Johnny Mathies from Louisville Male is a streaky shooter at this point but he is a magician with the ball and gets to the hoop in a hurry.  6-2 Ty Rogers from Lyon County can flat-out shoot and is only a soph.  There were several outstanding players in camp that I did not get the opportunity to see, but it is obvious that several of these young men will play ball at the collegiate level.

Session Two  July 8-12,  2001

The camp final four consisted of teams designated "Connecticut", "Georgia", "Tennessee", and "North Carolina".  "Georgia" defeated "Connecticut" in one semi-final and "Tennessee" advanced to the title game with a victory over "North Carolina".   "Georgia" claimed the title with a victory over "Tennessee".  "Georgia" was led by MVP Jose J. Barea, a 5-10 Sr. from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.   The runner-up final four MVP was "Tennessee's" Michael Jenkins, a 6-1 Sr. from Goose Creek, South Carolina.

The Second 20 All-Star Game rosters are as follows:

Cage Scope All-Stars (Gold)  Coach Michael Music (Louisville Christian Academy, KY)
David Adcock   6-2 Sr.  Tiger Rabun Co.  GA
Marcus Lyons   6-1 Sr. Tecumseh MI
Chris Reed   6-2 Sr. Sidney OH
Keondre Grigsby   6-0 Sr. Flint Carman Ainsworth  MI
Travis Meeks   6-7 Jr. Batavia IL
Jimmy Corum   6-4 Sr. Pineville Bell Co.  KY
Adam Bellar   6-10  Sr. Alexandria IN
Travis Liedtke   6-6 Sr. Buckner Oldham Co. KY
Evan Dick   6-3 Sr. Monticello Wayne Co. KY
Scott Parrish   6-6 Sr. Charlevoix MI
Bobby Fisher   6-0 CF  Clinton Union NC
Kyle Martin   6-8 So. Elizabethtown KY
Jimmy Hackett   6-5 Jr. Downington  PA

High Potential All-Stars (Purple)  Coach Andre Howell (Hinesville Bradwell Institute, GA)
Sean Jackson   6-6  Sr.  Hinesville Bradwell Institute  GA
Jay Selmer   5-9  Jr.  Bolevar Central TN
Joel Brockman   5-10   Sr.  Sunbury Big Walnut OH
Rade Kozomara   6-3  CF  Limassol Heritage Private  Cypress
Adam Grant   6-7  Sr.  Bertnold Public ND
Antwaun Hathcock   6-3   Sr.  Dayton Belmont OH
Curtis Allen   6-3  Jr.  Hinesville Bradwell Institute GA
Nick Feagan   6-6  Sr.  Union Ryle KY
Shon Sheffield   6-0  Sr.  Germantown Houston TN
Eric Geroing   6-3  Jr.  La Porte  IN
Skyler McKinley   6-6  Fr.  Carthage IL
Robert White   5-7  So.  Louisville Central KY
Antwaun Peggins   5-11  Jr.  Hinesville Bradwell Institute GA

The High Potential All-Stars won this high scoring affair by a score of 112-101.  They were led by Curtis Allen, Antwaun Hathcock, and Nick Feagan with 13, 12, and 10 points respectively.  MVP Joel Brockman, Rade Kozomara, and Eric Geroing added 9 points each.  Sean Jackson, who is 6-6 and in the 280 pound range, added 7 points and 11 rebounds.  The Cage Scope All-Stars were led by Jimmy Corum with 17 points.  Runner-up MVP Travis Meeks added 12 points.

The Top 20 All-Star Game Rosters are as follows:

High Potential All-Stars (Purple) Coach Michael Stokes (Covington Holmes, Kentucky)
Michael Bean   6-6 Sr.  Columbus Bishop Hartley  OH
Terrence Jones   6-2  Jr.  Fremont Ross  OH
Trey Shields   6-7 Sr. Panama City Bay  FL
Matthew Del Valle   6-4 Sr. Elyria Catholic OH
Peter Maxwell   6-6 Jr. Beaverton MI
Mario McGrady   6-3 Sr. Trinity West Morgan AL
Arius Young   6-2 Jr. Decatur McArthur IL
Shane Sowden   6-7 Sr. Wilmington St. Elizabeth DE
Jason Stonebreaker   6-7 Sr. Bowling Green KY
Rhett Finley   6-6  Sr. Rapid City St. Thomas More  SD

Cage Scope All-Stars (Gold)  Coach Jason Schwarz (Minot, North Dakota)
Antjuan Koger   6-5   Jr.  LaVergne TN
Anthony Wallace   6-2  Sr.  Batavia IL
Michael Rembert   6-7  Jr.  Chicago St. Rita IL
Eric Ely   6-8  Sr.  Pineville Bell Co. KY
Mark Surgalski   6-8  Sr.  Ashland Blazer  KY
James Helton   6-3   Jr.  Columbus Eastmoor Academy  OH
Obie Trotter   6-2  Sr.  Robertsdale AL
Jerrah Young   6-8  Jr.  Chicago St. Rita  IL
Rob Lewis   6-3  Jr.  Castalia Margaretta OH
Lucius Sullivan   6-3  Sr. Columbus Mifflin OH

The Cage Scope All-Stars nipped the High Potential All-Stars by a score of 83-81.  The victors were led by MVP Lucius Sullivan with 14 points and Antjuan Koger added 12 points.  The High Potential All-Stars were led by Runner-up MVP Trey Shields with 13 points.  Mario McGrady, Arius Young, and Shane Sowden added 12, 11, and 10 points respectively.

Some of the selected camp awards given out were:
Slam Dunk Champ Mike Green Hinesville Bradwell Institute GA
Most Improved Mark Belkofer Genoa OH
Best Ballhandler Mikel Key Baton Rouge Glen Oaks  LA
Best Passer Mike McCollum Groveport Madison  OH
Best Defensive Player Ryan Olson S.L. City Rowland Hall UT
Best Rebounder Sean Jackson Hinesville Bradwell Institute GA
Best Hustler Ross Rybarczyk Elyria Catholic OH
Best Station Worker Jared Ronai Erie Cathedral Prep  PA
Best Underclassman Michael Rembert Chicago St. Rita IL
Final Four MVP Jose J. Barea  Mayaguez Immaculate Conception  PR
Final Four Runner Up MVP Michael Jenkins Goose Creek  SC
League MVP Mark Surgalski Ashland Blazer KY
League Runner Up MVP Matthew Del Valle  Elyria Catholic OH
Top All-Star Game MVP Lucius Sullivan Columbus Mifflin OH
Top All-Star Game Runner Up MVP Trey Shields Panama City Bay FL
Second All-Star Game MVP Joel Brockman Walnut OH
Second All-Star Game Runner Up MVP  Travis Meeks Batavia OH


Session Two Summary

6-8 Sr. Mark Surgalski from Ashland Blazer KY was named the league MVP.  Surgalski is an excellent low post player and had an excellent week at camp.  6-4 Sr. Matthew Del Valle from Elyria Catholic in Ohio can shoot the ball.  6-10 Sr. Adam Bellar (Alexandria, IN) has the size and nice range on his jump shot; also boards well; can be very good.  I have seen 6-7 Sr. Eric Ely (Pineville Bell Co. KY) play several times this summer and have been very impressed with his inside game.  Look for 6-7 Sr. Jason Stonebreaker (Bowling Green, KY) to blossom now that he will get more touches with some of his more heralded teammates graduated.  6-6 Sr. Sean Jackson (Hinesville Bradwell Institute, GA) big body, nice inside player, rebounds well.  6-8 So. Kyle Martin (Elizabethtown, KY) and 6-6 Fr. Skyler McKinley (Carthage, IL) -- remember these two -- nice young big men with futures.  6-8 Jr. Michael Rembert (Chicago St. Rita, IL) named best underclassman in camp.  Evan Dick, a 6-3 Sr. from Wayne Co. KY, is a nice all-around player who should play at the next level.  Jimmy Hackett, a 6-5 Jr. from Downington PA, big body, scorer's mentality, can get it done from inside or out.  There were several nice players at this camp, far too many unfortunately to mention them all here.

Session Three  July 22-26, 2001

The final four consisted of teams designated "Georgia", "California", "Wisconsin", and "Utah".  "Georgia" defeated "California" in one semifinal and "Wisconsin" advanced to the championship game with a victory over "Utah".  "Georgia" claimed the championship with a victory over "Wisconsin".  "Georgia" was led by final four MVP Ray Jendra, a 6-3 Sr. from Chicago Brother Rice IL.  "The runner-up MVP from the "Wisconsin" squad was 6-5 Sr. Brandon Thomann from Georgetown Ridge Farm, IL.

The Second 20 "Blue-Chip" All-Star Game rosters are as follows:

Cage Scope All-Stars (Gold)  Coach Rich Ward (Maine at Presque Isle, ME)
Jeremy Kresge   6-3 Sr.  Whiteland IN
Ari R'mand Paschal    6-2  Jr. Virginia Beach Princess Anne  VA
David Townsend   6-3 Jr. Country Club Hills Hillcrest IL
Jonathon Jordan   6-3 Sr. Chesterland Marquette MO
J.D. Clampitt    6-4 Sr. Speedway  IN
Steven Combest    6-6 Sr. Crestwood South Oldham KY
Emmanuel Harris   6-2 Sr. Hazard Perry Co. KY
Zachary Tilbury   6-4  Sr. Anchorage Service AK
Jason Fisher   6-2 Sr. Delavan IL
Ronnae Smiley   6-1 Sr. Grand Blanc  MI
Jay Kingston   6-5 CF Kissimmee Heritage Christian  FL
Andy Burakiewz   6-4 Sr. Greenwood IN
Jamie Jackson   6-3 So. Morgantown Butler Co.  KY

High Potential All-Stars (Purple)  Coach Tim Hatch (Fenton MI)
Mark Johnigan   6-3  Sr.  Dayton Chaminade Julienne  OH
Phillip Peake   6-1   Sr.  Temperance Bradford MI
Lartavious Banks   5-8  Jr.  Hopkinsville KY
Joe Bramlage   6-6  Sr.  Edgewood Dixie Heights KY
Victor Mansure   6-4  Sr.  Chattanooga Notre Dame TN
Ricky Willis   6-7  Sr.  Cedarville OH
Andy Haney   5-10   Sr.  Morristown East TN
Steven Kidd   5-9  Jr.  Sandy Hook Elliott Co.  KY
Brandon Thomann    6-5  Sr.  Georgetown Ridge Farm IL
Jeff Hart   6-0  Sr.  Albuquerque Sandia NM
Reid Sakel   6-1   Jr.  Huntingburg Southridge IN

The High Potential All-Stars captured a close 71-68 decision over the Cage Scope All-Stars.  The victors were led by ultra-quick Lartavious Banks with 19 points.  MVP Joe Bramlage added 8 points and had a good all-around game.  The Cage Scope All-Stars were led by runner-up MVP David Townsend with 12 points.

The Top 20 All-Star Game rosters are as follows:

High Potential All-Stars (Purple)  Coach Dennis Frisco (Miami Columbus, FL)
Rusty Tackett   6-1  Sr.  Hi Hat South Floyd KY
Marc Curry   6-4 Sr. Knoxville Farragut  TN
Robert Pendleton   6-1  Sr. Dixon Webster Co. KY
Keenan Jordan   6-3 Sr. Columbus Township TWP OH
Steven Goff   6-8 Sr. San Antonio John Jay TX
B.J. Almon   6-2 Sr. Columbus Eastmoor Academy  OH
Nick Trimbach   6-5 CF Cedarville OH
Michael Sampson   6-3 Jr. Clarksville Kenwood TN
Chris Miller-Anderson    6-7  Sr. Salt Lake Christian Academy  UT
Kyle Young   6-9 Sr. Lewisburg Marshall TN
Christian Moody   6-5 Sr. Ashville T.C. Roberson NC
Aaron Creasman   6-8 Sr. Ashville T.C. Roberson NC

Cage Scope All-Stars (Gold)  Coach James Hurley (Shepherdsville Bullitt Central KY)
David Inabnit   6-3  Sr.  Whiteland IN
Brandon Ross   6-6  Jr.  Columbus Northland OH
Lance Secrest   6-3   Sr.  Park Hills Central  MO
Brandon Jennings    6-5  Jr.  Carroll Bloom Carroll OH
Mario Brown   6-5   Sr.  Memphis Whitehaven TN
Todd Spencer   6-7  Sr.  Shepherdsville Bullitt Central  KY
Van Crafton   6-2  Sr.  Hanover Southwestern IN
Sam Hurrle   5-11   Sr.  Beech Grove  IN
Josh Porter   6-2  Jr. Shreveport Southwood  LA
Chad Stivers   5-8  Jr.  Shepherdsville Bullitt Central KY

The High Potential All-Stars defeated the Cage Scope All-Stars by a score of 74-70 and were led by MVP Michael Sampson with 23 points.  Cage Scope was led by Brandon Ross with 19 points and Runner-up MVP Todd Spencer added 12 points and had an excellent overall game.

Some selected  awards for this camp are:
Slam Dunk Champ Marc Curry Knoxville Farragut  TN
Most Improved Bradley Kline Nevis  NM
Best Ballhandler Byron Glaspy Basking Ridge Ridge  NJ
Best Passer Shane Simkins Paintsville KY
Best Defensive Player James Longworth  North Judson-San Pierre  IN
Best Rebounder Brandon Jennings Carroll Bloom OH
Best Hustler Patrick Kuhlman St. Augustine Nease FL
Best Station Worker Matt Augustine Layton Christian Academy UT
Best Underclassman Brandon Ross Columbus Northland OH
Final Four MVP Ray Jendra Chicago Brother Rice  IL
Final Four Runner Up MVP Brandon Thomann Georgetown Ridge Farm  IL
League MVP David Inabnit  Whiteland  IN
League Runner Up MVP Steven Goff San Antonio John Jay  TX
Top All-Star Game MVP Michael Sampson  Clarksville Kenwood TN
Top All-Star Game Runner Up MVP Todd Spencer Shepherdsville Bullitt Central  KY
Second All-Star Game MVP Joe Bramlage Edgewood Dixie Heights KY
Second All-Star Game Runner Up MVP  David Townsend Country Club Hills Hillcrest  IL


Session Three Summary

6-3 Sr. David Inabnit, from Whiteland Indiana, was named the league MVP.  6-8 Sr. Steven Goff from San Antonio John Jay Texas was selected the league runner-up MVP and looks like the could be a good one.    6-6 Jr. Brandon Ross from Columbus Northland Ohio was named best underclassman -- look out!!! -- Brandon is very athletic and camp directors Bones and Bolus have a knack for spotting young talent.  6-7 Sr. Todd Spencer from Shepherdsville Bullitt Central KY had a good week and is a very sound post player.  This was a good experience for 6-4 8th grader Patrick Elliott from McKee Jackson Co. Kentucky.  I saw him play earlier this summer on the AAU circuit and was impressed. Patrick banged inside against upperclassmen and should have a bright future.  6-6 Sr. Joe Bramlage from Edgewood Dixie Heights Kentucky had a nice week and is very solid.  There were several other good players in this camp that should make a contribution at the next level.


This was the third year I attended this camp and I still feel that the strengths of this camp are the organization and the opportunity afforded each player.  The camp directors make everyone welcome and provide the official camp programs, all-star game rosters, and the list of award winners.  While running this camp can be exhausting, the same dedication and enthusiasm is shown the final day of session three as the opening day of session one.  The logistics of running this camp can be staggering, especially on the final day of each camp.  The All-Star games are always entertaining due to the work of the camp directors who often have to juggle the lineups to accommodate early player departures due to travel arrangements.  Another, and I believe a very important strength of this camp, is the presence of certified trainers.  Injuries are evaluated and treated immediately

This camp also has a tremendous up-side for players who have either not had the exposure or are late bloomers.  While there are many summer camps and leagues, I will continue to make the Cage Scope/High Potential "Blue-Chip" Basketball Camp an annual "must visit" for myself.