2001 Bluegrass Festival Team Camp

Lexington Catholic High School
  Lexington Kentucky
June 6-9, 2001

©2001 by Ron Harrison

There were eighteen teams entered in this year's team camp:  Male, West Jessamine, Lexington Catholic 1, Bourbon County, PRP, Madison Central, Frankfort, Mercer County, Robinson (IL), Boyle County, Grant County, Danville, Casey County, Knox Central, Wolfe County, Powell County, Lexington Catholic 2, and Model.  Rosters will vary from game to game and day to day based on a variety of reasons -- conflicts due to baseball, football camps, ACT exams, etc.  However, we should still see some good players and teams perform.  The games will consist of four ten minute quarters with the clock running until the final minute.

Wednesday June 6
Male 49   West Jessamine 48   Danville 44   Grant County 38  
Lexington Catholic 1 62   Bourbon County 41   Knox Central 50   Casey County 37  
Male 58   PRP 42   Grant County 45   Boyle County 39  
Madison Central 64   West Jessamine 58   Danville 58   Wolfe County 32  
PRP 61   Bourbon County 50   Knox Central 64   Powell County 48  
Frankfort 55   Mercer County 42   Lexington Catholic 2 39   Model 34  
Robinson (IL) 50   Madison Central 45   Casey County 47   Wolfe County 38  
Lexington Catholic 1 58   Boyle County 29   Mercer County 53   Model 47  
Frankfort 52   Robinson (IL) 36   Lexington Catholic 2 66   Powell County 42  

Thursday June 7
Male 52   Boyle County 37   West Jessamine 55   Model 31  
Lexington Catholic 1 54   Robinson (IL) 44   Bourbon County 61   Danville 58 OT
Male 58   Madison Central 56   Knox Central 53   Lex. Catholic 2 49  
PRP 71   Model 20   Lexington Catholic 2 48   Casey County 33  
Danville 62   Mercer County 61   Boyle County 40   Powell County 39  
Bourbon County 49   West Jessamine 42   Knox Central 50   Wolfe County 47  
Madison Central 51   Frankfort 30   Grant County 68   Mercer County 36  
Lexington Catholic 1 46   PRP 32   Robinson (IL) 55   Casey County 32  
Grant County 62   Frankfort 61   Powell County 49   Wolfe County 38  

Friday June 8
West Jessamine 55   Mercer County 29   Grant County 57   Knox Central 48  
PRP 52   Robinson (IL) 40   Casey County 40   Lex. Catholic 2 38  
Madison Central 56   Mercer County 35   Danville 54   Lex. Catholic 2 40  
Lexington Catholic 1 76   Grant County 39   Model 47   Wolfe County 26  
Male 51   Robinson (IL) 48   Bourbon County 67   Powell County 49  
PRP 54   Madison Central 27   Boyle County 67   Knox Central 47  
West Jessamine 51   Wolfe County 28   Powell County 67   Casey County 31  
Lexington Catholic 1 64   Male 51   Danville 66   Model 39  
            Boyle County     Bourbon County    

Saturday June 9
Mercer County 54   Lexington Catholic 2 49   West Jessamine 45   Robinson (IL) 40  
Lexington Catholic 1 72   Madison Central 43   Knox Central 63   Bourbon County 44  
PRP 74   Mercer County 28   Robinson (IL) 44   Model 27  
Lexington Catholic 2 50   Wolfe County 43   Grant County 46   Casey County 21  
Madison Central 74   Danville 61   Powell County 47   Bourbon County 37  
Frankfort 46   Boyle County 43   PRP 77   Casey County 15  
Danville 62   Knox Central 56   Grant County 42   Wolfe County 38  
West Jessamine 73   Powell County 45   Boyle County 45   Model 26  
Lexington Catholic 1 53   Frankfort 33              

Lexington Catholic 1 finished the festival with an 8-0 mark, while PRP and Grant County went 6-2.  Male finished with a 5-1 mark.  Lexington Catholic 1 played extremely well during this period.

Lexington Catholic 1     46     PRP   32
Catholic pulled away from PRP in the second half to gain the victory.  Soph-to-be Demetrius Green led the way with 21 points.  6-7 Brad Lightle led PRP with 10 points.

Lexington Catholic 1     64     Male   51
Catholic defeated Male - minus Michael Bush in a battle of two projected basketball heavyweights for the 2001-2002 season.  Demetrius Green again led Catholic with 23 points.  LaVar Carter, Ronnie Todd, Johnny Mathies, and Adam Burks each tallied 10 for Male.  Male only dressed six players for the game.

Lexington Catholic 1     72     Madison Central   43
Catholic, led by a 14 point first quarter blitz by Harrison Morton, jumped to a 24-4 first quarter lead and defeated Madison Central.  Morton led Catholic with 22 points including five three-pointers.  Brian Smith added 20 points.  Central was led by 6-4 soph-to-be and a future star Shaun Ballard with 15 points.

Lexington Catholic 1     53     Frankfort   33
Catholic led 23-22 at halftime but pulled away in the second half for the victory.  Frankfort was missing sharp-shooter Chris Current who suffered a severe ankle sprain earlier in the festival.  Catholic was led by Ryan Morton with 14 points.  Soph-to-be William Graham added 13 points.  Frankfort was led by Kevin Hill with 10 points.

We all know how good Male will be this year.  They have all the ingredients for a championship team.  LaVar Carter, Adam Burks, Johnny Mathies, Michael Bush, etc. -- enough said.  Dale Mabrey has his normal complement of athletes at PRP, plus two big men in Brad Lightle and Terrance Farley (watch this guy -- he could develop into a good one).  Boyle County has a new coach and Tyler Pittman had some good shooting performances in this event.  Tyler Jones can light up the scoreboard for Grant County.  Bob Ward has a prolific scorer at Bourbon County in Preston LeMaster.  Madison Central will have another hard-nosed team this season -- Coach Feldhaus demands intensity and gets results -- Shaun Ballard will be a good one.  West Jessamine will have firepower with Scott Tarvin and Cameron Jackson.

Scott Chalk could make some noise at Frankfort this year.  He has a nice team which includes Chris Current, Kevin Gordon, Ricky Redden, Benjamin Hall, Kevin Hill, etc.  This team could challenge for regional honors if they have the depth.  I would hate to play them in the first game of a tourney -- they can play.  Lexington Catholic looks very strong -- Ryan Morton, Demetrius Green, Brian Smith, Harrison Morton, etc.  William Graham could be a big surprise this year -- he has gotten stronger, now dunks easily and is starting to stroke the three pointer.  Martiese Morones, a transfer from Bryan Station, showed good three point range in this event.  Dexter Davidson, a 6-2 8th grader-to-be showed a lot of potential.

While I didn't get to see all the teams and players perform, I saw enough to whet my appetite for the upcoming season.  I would like to  express my appreciation to Danny Haney an the Lexington Catholic coaching staff for their hospitality.  I also would like to thank Dale Mabrey and Larry Kihnley of PRP, Bob Ward (Bourbon County), ex Boyle County head coach Mike Pittman, and Grant County coach Ron Kinmon.  They were very helpful and provided me with a lot of useful info.