2000 Cage Scope/High Potential "Blue-Chip" Basketball Camp

June 25-29  July 9-13   July 23-27
Georgetown, KY

©2000 by Ron Harrison


The 21st Annual Cage Scope/High Potential "Blue-Chip" Basketball Camp was held on the campus of Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky.

The camp directors for this camp are Dave Bones (Cage Scope) and Rick Bolus (High Potential).  These two gentlemen have a total of 70 years experience in the business between them.  Dave Bones introduced Cage Scope to the world in 1957 and Rick Bolus started the Rick Bolus High Potential Basketball Recruiting Service in 1973.

There are three sessions this year:  June 25-29,  July 9-13, and  July 23-27.  The first session includes a Junior division.  Each session also features speakers on recruiting, academics, and basketball.  Some NBA alumni of this camp include Jimmy Jackson, Allen Houston, Rex Chapman, Felton Spencer, and Darren Hancock.  All players also receive mini-clinics.

Each player also plays a minimum of ten league games and receives work at fundamental stations.  There are also competition contests and all league games are played full-court.  All players receive equal playing time as substitutions are done by the clock.  Certified trainers are on duty at all times.

Session One  June 25 - June 29, 2000

I was able to attend several league games as well as the final four and the All-Star games.  The championship of the final four Junior division was won by a team designated "Texas" over team "Utah".  "Texas" was led by 6-2 Christopher Carlton form Louisiana who was named MVP.  The runner-up MVP from the "Utah" squad was 6-2 Fr. David Hatton from Indiana. The High School Division final four was won by team "North Carolina" over "Kansas".  "North Carolina" was led by MVP 6-4 Jr. Phillip Johnson from Tell City, Indiana.  The runner-up MVP from the "Kansas" squad was 6-6 Sr. Ben Sage from Smyrna Tennessee.

The Junior "Blue Chip" All-Star rosters are as follows:

Cage Scope All-Stars (Gold)  Coach Bill Banks (St. Catharine College, KY)
Jake Hughes   5-9 Fr.  Ashland Boyd Co. KY
James (Mike) Webster   5-9 Fr. Ashland Boyd  Co. KY
Kelly Peterson   5-9 Fr. Bartonville Limestone IL
Clayton Owsley   5-10  Fr. Campbellsburg W. Washington  IN
Jeffrey Gunn   5-11 Fr. Campbellsville Taylor Co.  KY
Evan Hutchinson   6-0 Fr. Scottsburg IN
Marley Dudley   5-9 Fr. Rochester McQuaid NY
Zac Sanders   6-2 Fr. Shelbyville IN
Adam Burress   6-3 Fr. Campbellsville Taylor Co. KY
Brett Turson   6-3 8th  Shiloh Middle OH

High Potential All-Stars (Gray)  Coach Craig Anderson (Burns, WY)
Bryce New   5-8  Fr.  Shelbyville IN
Ryan Anderson   5-10   Fr.  Burns WY
Jeremy Baker   5-10  Fr.  Albion Central Noble IN
Tony Shingler   6-0  Fr.  South Charleston Miami View  OH
Cory Baker   5-10   Fr.  North Lewisburg Triad OH
Chris Carlton   6-2  Fr.  Slidell North Shore LA
Durand Wilson   5-10   8th  Horse Cave Caverna KY
Grant Saunders   6-0  Fr.  Upper Arlington OH
DeAaron Williams   6-2  Fr.  Bartonville Limestone IL
David Hatton   6-3  Fr.  Clarksville IN

DeAaron Williams hit a free throw after the buzzer to give the High Potential All-Stars the 56-55 victory.  They were led in scoring by MVP Ryan Anderson with 12 points on four three pointers. DeAaron Williams, a 6-2 leaper,  added 11 points including the game-winning free throw.  The Cage Scope team was led by their MVP Evan Hutchinson with 11 points. Brett Turson added 10 points.

This camp gives out several awards over the week session.  Some selected awards for the Junior Division are:
Most Improved Bryce New Shelbyville IN
Best Ballhandler Marley Dudley Rochester McQuaid NY
Best Passer Bryan  Hatton Lexington Beaumont KY
Best Defender Ryan Anderson Burns WY
Best Rebounder DeAaron Williams  Bartonville Limestone IL
Best Hustler Clayton Owsley Campbellsburg W. Washington  IN
Best Station Worker Brandon Mitchell Hilliard Darby OH
Final Four MVP  Chris Carlton Slidell North Shore LA
Final Four Runner Up MVP David Hatton Clarksville IN
League MVP DeAaron Williams Bartonville Limestone IL
League Runner Up MVP Ryan Anderson Burns  WY
All-Star Game MVP Ryan Anderson Burns  WY
All-Star Game Runner Up MVP  Evan Hutchinson Scottsburg  IN

Junior Division Summary
5-10 Ryan Anderson had quite a week.  The Fr. from Burns Wyoming won the free throw competition among guards, best defender award, League Runner Up MVP, and All Star game MVP.  6-2 Fr. DeAaron Williams from Bartonville, Illinois won the best rebounder award and the League MVP award.

The Second 20 "Blue-Chip" All-Star rosters are as follows:

Cage Scope All-Stars (Gold)  Coach Tim Hatch (Holly MI)
Greg Ballard   6-4 Jr.  Louisville Male  KY
P.J. Grace   6-1 Sr. Stuart Martin Co. FL
Anthony Grier   6-0 Sr. Huber Heights Wayne  OH
Anthony Dugarte    6-4 So. Cleveland VASJ OH
Cory Burns   6-8 Sr. Bunker Hill Maconaquah  IN
Nick Jones   6-1 Sr. Louisville Ballard KY
Cory Underwood   6-2 Sr. Milford Caroline  VA
Todd Capes   6-3  Jr. North Vernon Jennings Co.  IN
Drew Roy   6-5 Sr. Murfreesboro Oakland TN
Patrick Safford   6-5  So. Hopkinsville KY
Robert Boyle   6-2 Sr. Delton Kellogg MI
Ryan Yoder   5-10 So. Topeka West View IN

High Potential All-Stars (Gray)  Coach Demetrious Boyd (Milwaukee Bay View, WI)
Jason Messer   5-11   Jr.  Pineville Bell Co.  KY
Chris Cravens   6-6  CF  Muncie Central IN
Blake Powers   6-4  So.  Brandenburg Meade Co. KY
Russ Gibson   6-6  So.  Henderson Co. KY
Troy Sanders   6-3  Sr.  Morehead Rowan Co. KY
Matt Del Valle   6-3  Jr.  Elyria Catholic  OH
Jared Sabelhaus   6-4  Sr.  Tell City IN
Tim Summa   7-1  Sr.  Salyersville Magoffin Co.  KY
Blake Adams   6-5  So.  Houston Westfield TX
Jim Henry-Dempster    6-1  Sr.  Houston Cy-Creek TX
Jimmy Corum   6-3  Jr.  Pineville Bell Co. KY
Peter Maxwell   6-0  So  Beaverton  MI

MVP Drew Roy led the Cage Scope All-Stars to a 76-44 win with a team high 17 points.  High Potential All-Stars was led by Blake Powers with 9 points.  6-6 Chris Cravens, who was voted High Potential All-Stars MVP chipped in with 5 points.

The Top 20 All-Star Game Rosters are as follows:

High Potential All-Stars (Gray)  Coach Dave Zuberer (Louisville Manual, KY)
Ben Sage   6-6 Sr.  Smyrna TN
Andre Woodson   6-6 So. Radcliff North Hardin KY
Eric Fowlkes   6-3 Sr. Milwaukee Bay View WI
Antwuan Barber   5-11 Sr. Bowling Green Warren Central  KY
Lamont George   5-10  So. Tulsa Memorial  OK
Collin Pitcock   6-2 Jr. Tulsa Memorial OK
Shane Davis   6-6 Sr. Lexington TN
Brandon Flippins   6-0 Jr. Lincoln City Heritage Hills IN
Rusty Tackett   6-1 Jr. Hi Hat South Floyd  KY
Kenneth Merchant    6-7 Sr. Milwaukee Bay View WI
Troy Sanders   6-3 Sr. Morehead Rowan Co. KY
Matt Del Valle   6-3 Jr. Elyria Catholic OH

Cage Scope All-Stars (Gold)  Coach James Hurley  (Louisville Male, KY)
Marcus Brown   6-6  Sr.  College Park Banneker  GA
Austin Newton   5-9  Sr.  Campbellsville KY
Adam Burks   5-11   Jr.  Louisville Male KY
Larry O'Bannon    6-5  Sr.  Louisville Male KY
Phil Hoying   6-5   Sr.  Anna OH
Buddy Richardson   6-7  Sr.  Bunker Hill Moconquah  IN
Paul Walker   6-7  Sr.  Memphis Harding TN
Rich Lacy   6-6  Sr.  Greentown Eastern  IN
Jason Hicks   5-10  Sr.  Cleveland VASJ OH
Preston Johnson   6-8   Sr.  Murfreesboro Oakland  TN
Anthony Grier   6-0  Sr.  Huber Heights Wayne OK
Nick Jones   6-1  Sr. Louisville Ballard KY

The High Potential All-Stars won this contest 45-39.  MVP Eric Fowlkes led the scoring with 20 points.  Cage Scope was paced by their MVP Preston Johnson with 13 points. Larry O'Bannon added 8 points.

Some selected awards for this division are:
Slam Dunk Champ Eric Fowlkes Milwaukee Bay View WI
Most Improved Eddie Armstrong  Alexandria Hayfield VA
Best Ballhandler Austin Newton Campbellsville KY
Best Passer Brent Coburn Ft Worth Christian TX
Best Defender Nick Jones Louisville Ballard KY
Best Rebounder Marcus Brown College Park Banneker GA
Best Hustler Matt Stagg N. Little Rock Central Christian  AR
Best Underclassman Andre Woodson Radcliff North Hardin  KY
Final Four MVP  Phillip Johnson Tell City IN
Final Four Runner Up MVP Ben Sage Smyrna  TN
Top All-Star Game MVP Eric Fowlkes Milwaukee Bay View WI
Top All-Star Game Runner Up MVP Preston Johnson  Murfreesboro Oakland TN
Second All-Star Game MVP Drew Roy Murfreesboro Oakland TN
Second All-Star Game Runner Up MVP  Chris Cravens Muncie Central IN


Session One Summary

Larry O'Bannon, the 6-5 Sr. from Louisville Male, appears to be the best player in camp this year.  Georgia appears to have a mold for turning out 6-6 strong forwards and Marcus Brown fits the bill.  6-6 So. Andre Woodson shows a lot of potential.  Eric Fowlkes showed a lot of athletic ability and can really get off the floor.  There were several good players in this camp who will continue playing ball at the next level.

Session Two  July 9-13,  2000

The camp final four consisted of teams designated "Georgia", "California", "Michigan", and "Wisconsin".  "Georgia" defeated "California" 39-31 in one semi-final and "Wisconsin" advanced to the title game with a 38-35 victory over "Michigan".   "Georgia" claimed the title with a 26-23 victory over "Wisconsin".  "Georgia" was led by MVP Jarmorrow Moragne, a 6-3 Sr. from Pine Bluff, Arkansas.   The runner-up final four MVP was "Wisconsin's" 6-7 Jr. Rasmi Gamble from Greenville Christian Church, South Carolina.  Gamble looks like he could be a good one..

The Second 20 All-Star Game rosters are as follows:

Cage Scope All-Stars (Gold)  Coach Joe Cunningham (Owenton Owen Co., KY)
Matt Hagen   6-8 Fr.  Pekin  IL
Michael Walker   6-3 Sr. Yellow Springs OH
Nathan Aaron   6-3 Jr. Byrdtown Pickett Col TN
Terrell Orum   6-8 Jr. South Holland Thornwood IL
Wes Hatcher   5-11 Sr. Mayfield Graves Co. KY
Austin Trice   5-10 Sr. Lancenter Ballard Memorial  KY
Jimmy Corum   6-3 Jr. Pineville Bell Co. KY
Andre Ralston   6-0 Sr. Louisville Manual KY
Jamil Conley   6-5 Sr. Rockford Lutheran  IL
Ronald Jenkins   6-2 Sr. Hinesville Bradwell Inst GA
Matthew Obras   6-6 Sr. Pendleton Hts  IN
Sean Jackson   6-5 Jr. Hinesville Bradwell Inst GA
Jarmorrow Moragne   6-3 Sr. Pine Bluff  AR

High Potential All-Stars (Gray)  Coach Mike Reece (Australia)
John Gensic   6-1  Sr.  Ft Wayne Bishop Dwenger IN
Quinton Mudd   6-2  Sr.  Ft Wayne South Side IN
Drew Neitzel   5-10   Fr.  Wyoming Park  MI
David Inabnit   6-3  Jr.  Whiteland IN
Corey Myers   6-6  Sr.  Newport Central Catholic. KY
Marcuz Young   6-6   Sr.  Harper Woods Notre Dame MI
Adam Simpson   6-6  Sr.  Frankfort Western Hills KY
Akeem Scott   6-3  Sr.  Mt. Sterling Montgomery Co. KY
Will Smith   6-8  Sr.  Sturgis MI
Matt Williams   6-3  Sr.  Deltona Pine Ridge FL
Zac Collins   6-5  Sr.  Gleason  TN
Dani Wohl   6-0  Sr.  West Bloomfield MI
Hank Garrett   5-11  Sr.  Buckner Oldham Co. KY

The Cage Scope All-Stars won this game by a score of 73-67.  They were led in by 6-5 Sean Jackson and 6-2 Ronald Jenkins with 11 and 10 points respectively.  MVP Jimmy Corum, a 6-3 Jr. from Bell Co, chipped in with 6 points.  The High Potential All-Stars were led by runner-up MVP David Inabnit with 16 points.

The Top 20 All-Star Game Rosters are as follows:

High Potential All-Stars (Gray) Coach Jackson Dolar (Virgin Islands)
Gabe Miller   6-7 Sr.  Ft Wayne Carroll  IN
Brandon O'Leary   6-5  Sr.  Ft Wayne Bishop Dwenger  IN
Johnny Hammons   6-3 So. Corbin  KY
Tony Scheffler   6-5 Sr. Chelsea MI
Ryan Woodson   6-7 Sr. Rogers  AR
Issiah Mills   6-8 So. Corbin KY
Adam Sommer   6-6 Sr. Pickerington OH
Eric Johnson   6-2 Jr. Buckner Oldham Co. KY
Rasmi Gamble   6-7 Sr. Greenville Christian Church SC
Jimmy Kelly   6-0  Sr. Meridian Northeast MS
Marcuz Young   6-6 Sr. Harper Woods Notre Dame  MI

Cage Scope All-Stars (Gold)  Coaches Raymond Carter (Fairfax Paul VI, VA)
Chris Farrell   6-5   Sr.  Dover  OH
Scott Bushong   6-7  Sr.  Ft Wayne Carroll IN
Jim Cochran   6-0  Sr.  Sparta  MI
Andrew Lavender   5-5  So.  Columbus Brookhaven OH
Eric Broomfield   6-3  Sr.  Richmond Madison Central  KY
Nathan Burks   5-10   Jr.  Cookeville  TN
Sam Agee   6-7  Jr.  Sparta White Co. TN
Andrew Brown   6-0  Sr.  Pontiac Central  MI
Jerry Pegram   6-5  Sr.  Dumont  NJ
Todd Peterson   6-5  Jr. Pekin IL
Terrell Orum   6-2  Jr.  South Holland Thornwood  IL

The Cage Scope All-Stars won this game 93-73.  They were led by 6-0 Sr. Andrew Brown with 19 points and MVP Scott Bushong, a 6-7 Sr. from Ft. Wayne Carroll, IN, added 10 points.  6-0 Sr. Jimmy Kelly led High Potential  with 12 points while runner-up MVP Ryan Woodson chipped in with 8 points.

Some of the selected camp awards given out were:
Slam Dunk Champ Adam Sommer Pickerington  OH
Most Improved Stefan Zimmerman Orem Mountain View UT
Best Ballhandler Andrew Lavender Columbus Brookhaven  OH
Best Passer Eric Krueger Dayton Chaminade-Julienne  OH
Best Defensive Player DeMarcus Dixon Knoxville Central TN
Best Rebounder Sean Jackson Hinesville Bradwell Inst. GA
Best Hustler Brandon Williams Pleasant View Sycamore TN
Best Station Worker Tanner Martty Baton Rouge University  LA
Best Underclassman Johnny Hammons Corbin KY
Final Four  MVP Jarmorrow Moragne  Pine Bluff AR
Final Four  Runner Up MVP Rasmi Gamble Greenville Christian Church  SC
League MVP Adam Sommer Pickerington OH
League Runner Up MVP Gabe Miller Ft Wayne Carroll IN
Top All-Star Game MVP Scott Bushong Ft Wayne Carroll IN
Top All-Star Game Runner Up MVP Ryan Woodson Rogers AR
Second All-Star Game MVP Jimmy Corum Pineville Bell Co. KY
Second All-Star Game Runner Up MVP  David Inabnit Whiteland IN


Session Two Summary

6-6 Sr. Adam Sommer from Pickerington OH had a nice camp and was selected as league MVP as well as slam dunk champ.  Gabe Miller and Scott Bushong, both 6-7 Srs. from Ft. Wayne Carroll, IN, made a good showing this week.

There were several nice underclassmen at this camp.  Matt Hagen, a 6-8 Fr. from Pekin IL, shows promise.  6-3 So. Johnny Hammons and 6-8 So. Issiah Mills, both from Corbin, KY, should start to make waves this year. 5-5 So. Andrew Lavender from Columbus Brookhaven OH is an excellent ballhandler.

Session Three  July 23-27, 2000

The final four consisted of teams designated "Indiana", "Georgia", "Michigan", and "Utah".  "Indiana" defeated "Georgia" in one semifinal and "Utah" defeated "Michigan" in the other semifinal.  "Indiana"  defeated "Utah" to claim the final four championship.  "Indiana" was led by final four MVP 6-0 Jake Daughtry, a 6-2 Sr. from Portland, Indiana.  "The runner-up final four MVP was "Utah's" 6-0 Jr. Aaron Koehler from Frankfort Lincoln Way, IL.

The Second 20 "Blue-Chip" All-Star Game rosters are as follows:

Cage Scope All-Stars (Gold)  Coach Dennis Frisco (Miami Christopher Columbus, FL)
Jeff Colson   6-4 Sr.  Newport Central Catholic KY
Micah Hendrix   5-9  Jr. Franklin  NC
John May   6-6 Sr. Dallas Bishop Dunne TX
Chris Gray   6-3 Jr. Indianapolis Manual IN
Adam Huebner    6-4 Jr. St. John Lake Central  IN
Ben Witherspoon    6-3 Sr. Daytone Beach Seabreeze FL
Josh Schone   6-5 Sr. Ballwin Lafayette MO
Richie Riley   6-1  Sr. London South Laurel KY
Brian Roberts   5-6 Fr. Toledo St. Johns OH
Chadd Kelley   6-6 Sr. Ft. Wayne Blackhawk Christian  IN
Aaron Troutman   6-3 Sr. Shepherdsville Bullitt Central KY
Seth Haynes   6-4 Sr. Chillicothe Zane Trace OH
John Harris   6-0 Jr. Memphis Westside  TN

High Potential All-Stars (Gray)  Coach Derrick Lane (Memphis Westside, TN)
Willie Sanders   6-1  CF  Rochester Aquinas Institute  NY
LaMarr Winston   5-10   Sr.  Cecelia Central Hardin KY
Justin Stapert   6-2  Sr.  Wyoming Godwin MI
Adrian Higgs   6-2  Sr.  Greenfield TN
Derek Fillmore   6-5  Sr.  Sanford Meridian MI
David Hull   6-2  Jr.  Belen NM
Richey Young   6-8  Sr.  Germantown Houston TN
Brandon Thomann   6-5  Jr.  Georgetown Ridge Farm  IL
Marcus Hall   6-6  Sr.  Converse Oak Hill  IN
Zack Hess   6-3  Sr.  Clayton Northmont OH
Nick Love   6-3   Sr.  Erlanger St. Henry KY
Josh Clark   6-6  Sr.  Monticello IL
Steven Kidd   5-8  So. Sandy Hook Elliott Co. KY

The High Potential All-Stars dominated this game and won by a score of 109-66. 6-2 Sr. Justin Stapert and 6-2 Jr. David Hull led the victors with 17 and 16 points respectively. MVP LaMarr Winston, a 5-10 Sr., added 13 points. The runner-up MVP, 6-6 Sr. Chadd Kelley, had 8 points for Cage Scope while 6-3 Jr. Chris Gray led the scoring with 13 points.

The Top 20 All-Star Game rosters are as follows:

High Potential All-Stars (Gray)  Coach Rodney Martin (Toledo Libbey, OH)
Josh Summerfield   6-6  Sr.  Flushing  MI
Nick Trimbach   6-5 Sr. Cedarville  OH
Bobby Brown   6-1  Sr. Clearfield  UT
Beau Adair   6-5 Sr. Ligonier West Noble IN
Zach Bertke   6-3 Sr. Beavercreek OH
Chris Mullins   6-5 Sr. Mt Sterling Montgomery Co.  KY
Micah McCoy   6-6 Sr. Louisville Eastern KY
Brett Atherton   6-5 Sr. W. Milton Milton Union OH
Donzel Crenshaw   6-3 Sr. Memphis Ridgeway  TN
Jaime Brown   6-1 Sr. Wayland Wayland Union MI
Willie Sanders   6-1 CF Rochester Aquinas Institute NY

Cage Scope All-Stars (Gold)  Coach Kirby Oberman (Sebring FL)
Cedric Walker   6-7  Jr.  Memphis Westside TN
Graham Beatty   6-8  Sr.  Mundelein IL
Terry Tessary   6-1   Sr.  Collinsville  IL
Brandon Jennings   6-5  Jr.  Carroll Bloom Carroll OH
Michael McGregor   6-7   Sr.  Benton Marshall Co. KY
Paul McVey   6-4  Sr.  Casper Kelly Walsh WY
Ross Neltner   6-7  So.  Ft. Thomas Highlands KY
Brett Bowen   6-1  Sr.  Arcadia Hamilton Hts.  IN
Shae Blair   5-9  Sr. Cleveland Bradley Central  TN
Andrew Klein   6-7  Sr.  Louisville St. Xavier KY
Chris Gray   6-3   Jr.  Indianapolis Manual IN
Honorary All Star
Nathaniel Brown   6-5  Jr. Sarasota Riverview FL

The High Potential All-Stars defeated Cage Scope 62-56.  The victors were led by 6-5 Sr. Nick Trimbach with 17 points.  6-6 Sr. Josh Summerfield was named MVP and added 6 points.  The Cage Scope All-Stars were led by 6-8 Sr. Graham Beatty with 9 points. Runner-up MVP 5-9 Sr. Shae Blair added 8 points.

Some selected  awards for this camp are:
Slam Dunk Champ Adrian Higgs Greenfield TN
Most Improved John Donat Kodiak  AK
Best Ballhandler Noll Billings Kennett  MO
Best Passer Jeran Cox Chillicothe Zane Trace OH
Best Defender Jay Morelock Cincinnati Hills Christian Acad.  OH
Best Rebounder Kenneth Fox Lexington Dunbar KY
Best Hustler Brian Bibb Hoopeston Area IL
Best Station Worker Derek Smith Mt. Washington Bullitt East KY
Best Underclassman Ross Neltner Ft. Thomas Highlands KY
Final Four MVP Jake Daughtry Portland  IN
Final Four Runner Up MVP Aaron Koehler Frankfort Lincoln Way  IL
League MVP Graham Beatty  Mundelein  IL
League Runner Up MVP Cedric Walker Memphis Westside TN
Top All-Star Game MVP Josh Summerfield  Flushing  MI
Top All-Star Game Runner Up MVP Shae Blair Cleveland Bradley Central TN
Second All-Star Game MVP LaMarr Winston Cecelia Central Hardin KY
Second All-Star Game Runner Up MVP  Chadd Kelley Ft. Wayne Blackhawk Christian  IN


Session Three Summary

Graham Beatty, a 6-8 Sr. from Mundelein IL, was named league MVP and 6-7 Jr. Cedric Walker from Memphis Westside TN, was the league runner-up MVP.   6-6 Sr. Micah McCoy from Louisville Eastern had a very good camp.   6-7 So. Ross Neltner from Ft. Thomas Highlands KY, was named best underclassman and shows a lot of potential.  Kenneth Fox, a 6-6 Jr. from Lexington Paul Dunbar, was named best rebounder and should add a lot of inside strength to Eddie Oakley's team this year.


This was the second year I attended this camp and I am still impressed with the organization and the opportunity afforded each player.  The camp directors make everyone welcome and provide the official camp programs, all-star game rosters, and the list of award winners.  While running this camp can be exhausting, the same dedication and enthusiasm is shown the final day of session three as the opening day of session one.  This camp also has a tremendous up-side for players who have either not had the exposure or are late bloomers.

While there were some outstanding seniors such as 6-5 Sr. Larry O'Bannon from Louisville Male High School, this appeared to be the year of the underclassmen.  6-7 So. Ross Neltner (Ft. Thomas Highlands), 6-2 Fr. DeAaron Williams (Bartonville Limestone IL), 6-6 So. Andre Woodson (North Hardin), 6-3 So. Johnny Hammons (Corbin), 6-8 So. Issiah Mills (Corbin), 5-5 So. Andrew Lavender (Columbus Brookhaven OH), etc.  Also remember 6-8 Fr. Matt Hagen from Pekin IL.  Although there are many summer camps and leagues, I intend to make the Cage Scope/High Potential "Blue-Chip" Basketball Camp an annual "must visit" for myself.